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  1. This makes me like him less Kidding, but barely
  2. I think edge was a bigger need than ot. He may not be a super elite prospect but we will never find an edge like that at the 21st pick.
  3. I like it, I think it was our biggest need We are lucky he fell this far, the Giants made a weird pick
  4. Cam and Mac are a weird qb duo. They might need two different playbooks
  5. I think Fields could be good, somebody is going to get him at a good value pick. Hopefully not the patriots
  6. Its probably the league making us all wait here, so they can promote stuff
  7. The obvious play is for him to threaten retirement if they don't want to trade him. He's 37, that would get their attention even after coming off a great year. Hes worth over 100 million so money is no real concern. He would get endorsements for sure and maybe broadcast offers as well.
  8. I see, I just saw it quickly on the news and nobody really talked about that part here. I have not followed the league very closely the last few weeks. I wish the Colts had made a move for him when we didnt have a QB
  9. What a twist on draft day though, it might be too late to get a trade done now? Im done with the watson talk for now though, that story will come back later Rogers made it hard for a trade to materialize by bringing this up today, really wish he said it last year when it was clear he was upset
  10. Its not like we are married to Wentz, he hasnt even practiced yet, and he has a contract we can get out of.
  11. Im am seeing a lot of this but i dont really get it. Winning a super bowl means you can ask to leave? Houston did plenty to upset him and many others. Heck look at what JJ watt said, that team is toxic as hell Foster, Johnson and Hopkins have all spoken out against them too, they don't treat their players right. Foster really went off on them
  12. Houston did a LOT to upset him and many others. You ignored all of it and made it about something its not.
  13. I'm sure some will say it. I've been reading on Facebook and reddit and so far there a lot less of the " he needs to honor his contract" posts like DW got
  14. Wonder if he will get the diva label
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