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  1. I think he had another year in him. If you look at stats and rankings he was around middle of the pack for starting QBs
  2. He was fine. Some people think we should be all in for the super bowl or tanking for a QB, but that's not how the team is run from the top. Phil was solid, he got us to 11-5 and a playoff game. He wasn't amazing against the Bills but wasn't the reason we lost either. I believe the team would have taken him back if he didn't retire.
  3. I don't think sos is perfect but i believe some merit is there. It might be better if they didn't go by pure record, but instead how many good, bad and average teams we played. A 1-32 ranking is probably too misleading, it should be tough, average and light That way it would not sink to last just by being in the division with a 1-15 team. The schedule wasn't a cake walk like you pointed out. As for next year the Jaguars are hard to predict, Houston is in the running for worst in the league right now
  4. It seems to me that one or more teams in this division are bottom feeders every year. I'm not sure if that is common around the league. I do think we played a below average schedule though, but dead last might be a bit misleading.
  5. The colts did rank 32nd in SOS. Two games against Jacksonville will do that, we were low on the list and that week 16 game dropped it to the bottom.
  6. He would be big for a 4-3 DE. Houston is pretty big himself and Watt is taller and heavier. JJ is between Houston and Buckner size wise. I don't think its clear to fans where he would play in a 4-3, but I'm sure the team has an idea
  7. He did do that here though. No matter when he asked for a trade people were going look down on it. I feel bad for anyone still stuck there
  8. It looks like he handled it badly because he gave the team more chances than he should have. They have been badly managed for a long time, it finally came to a boiling point this season. He should not have signed the contract in hindsight, he did that assuming the team would not turn into a total dumpster fire like it did.
  9. I would be fine with it though I know it would raise a lot of eyebrows. Carson has had trouble finishing seasons and we are not tied to him for all that long. He could be gone after two years if it doesn't go well. I don't think this will actually happen but I can see an argument for it. It would probably be the end of Eason though
  10. I'm surprised more people can't look at it that way. I would pick one of Watson or Lawrence and move on. Honestly I would not even consider Carson for this one, though I think he will be fine for us.
  11. I like the idea of penciling in Eason for now. If he doesn't actually earn the job in camp and pre season then bring in someone else. Fitzpatrick would be my next choice, but he will probably be signed by then. I wouldn't be opposed to Jacoby if he is still on the market.
  12. I think I would pass on JJ. He will have other suitors and won't come cheap. HIs pff grades are better than his stat line. Still a good player, but not sure an aging 34 DE is the right fit for us
  13. They have one of the worst defenses in the league, but I still think it would be smart to get Trevor some help on offense. They are obviously not in super bowl or bust mode, might as build around the franchise player before worrying too much about defense
  14. I dont see a problem with this, if I had to rank them all I would put Carson last too
  15. I think It would have been tough to compete with the Colts on this one. We had(almost) the most cap space, and Carson wanted to reunite with Reich. Someone could have offered more in a trade, but all Carson had to do was act like he wasnt excited about it to scare them off.
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