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    Avid fan of the Super Bowl XLI Champion Colts!! My goal is to meet ALL the players from that team - get a few autographs - and - a picture with each player!!

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  1. Which NFL stadiums have you seen an NFL football game played in (regardless of the opponents)?
  2. AFC: 1. Colts 2. Texans (multiple) 3. Titans (multiple) 4. Jaguars (multiple) 5. Bengals 6. Steelers 7. Ravens 8. Browns 9. Patriots 10. Dolphins (multiple - including Dan Marino's 343 TD record game & saw the Colts @ Joe Robbie Stadium) 11. Bills (multiple) 12. Jets (multiple) 13. Chiefs (multiple - including the playoff game) 14. Broncos (multiple) 15. Raiders (multiple) 16. Chargers (multiple - including Peyton Manning's 49th TD record game) NFC: 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Carolina Panthers 4. Atlanta Falcons (multiple) 5. Green Bay Packers 6. Minnesota Vikings 7. Detroit Lions (multiple) 8. Chicago Bears (multiple) 9. New York Giants (multiple) 10. Dallas Cowboys 11. Philadelphia Eagles 12. Washington Football Team (multiple) 13. St Louis Rams (multiple) 14. St Louis Cardinals 15. San Francisco 49er's ONLY NFL TEAM I HAVEN'T SEEN PLAY THE COLTS IS SEATTLE SEAHAWKS.
  3. How many different NFL opponents have you seen play the Colts - regardless of the stadium the game was played in?
  4. 1. Manning Super Bowl jersey with patch Manning Pro Bowl jersey Dallas Clark Super Bowl jersey with patch Dallas Clark Pro Bowl jersey 2. Manning (blue) Manning (white) Manning (blue Super Bowl with screened-on patch) Dallas Clark (blue) Jeff Saturday (blue) Anthony Castonzo blue)
  5. I'm sure that everyone here represents our team with at least one jersey. 1. Which Colts players "authentic" (sewn on letters & numbers) do you own? 2. Which Colts players replica (screened on letters and numbers) do you own?
  6. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll take it. Best wishes in your fantasy game this week.
  7. https://www.nfl.com/voting/air-and-ground/ Vote for RB Jonathan Taylor for FedEx Ground Player of the Week on NFL.com !!!
  8. 1. I am an avid fantasy football player on NFL.com. I'm a two-time league champion. 2. I wanted to draft both Jonathan Taylor and the Colts defense - but - someone snatched them just before it was my turn to draft. 3. I added Michael Pittman before this past weekend. I'm dropping him tomorrow. The Colts are distributing the ball to so many players this year - that no one other than Jonathan Taylor will help me win a third fantasy championship. Best wishes to everyone - unless you're playing in my league - then........well you know. LOL!!
  9. I have been to the Hall of Fame for multiple inductions featuring the 1972 - 1973 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins: Don Shula Paul Warfield Bob Griese Larry Csonka Larry Little Nick Buoniconti The Hall of Fame weekend is really special - wish I could have been there for Peyton & Edgerrin !!
  10. Have you ever attended an induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame? If so - which player or players were you there to honor?
  11. Are you playing fantasy football this season? If so - how many Colts players did you draft? If so - how many Colts players have you added to your team since your draft?
  12. My thought process was that I would (personally) rather see a HEALTHY player attempt FGs and PATs than one that was DEFINITELY injured. Rigo had plenty of time on the sidelines to "work the net". I think he was also a kicker for his college team. When he was suddenly thrust in to the game with next to zero notice - I can see anyone in that position not doing well.
  13. It's happened before in NFL history - not too often - but - I have seen it happen in a game or two before.

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