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  1. I hope that the Jags get peer pressured by all the constantly delusional Tebow fans out there to utilize him at any spot, including QB and especially against the Colts Go for it Jaguars! Jesus Christ Jr is magical and will make things happen. LOL
  2. Hi. In case you only follow draft day the day off and not the comments Ballard and his teams pretty clearly indicate time and time again: They don't pick based on supposed need. Once again, they don't pick based on supposed need. You can still hate the pick (i.e for injury, better talent out there in your opinion etc.), but when people were 100 percent just expecting a LT to have been picked, it really just indicates you haven't been paying attention.
  3. Would love to see if we pull the trigger in trading up for Walker Little in the 2nd.
  4. Check out this video on his story. His resolve since his youth and his intelligence are sky high. I have no doubt he has the will to improve more on his pass rushing skills as well if that really is a weakness he currently has .
  5. Kwity Paye is a * winner in life. No doubt he's about to shine with the Colts. Let's get it.
  6. If the colts can get Little in the second round or late first from trading down, then that would be an absolute win.
  7. Getting Watkins and Hilton returning would solidify this corps pretty well, but hopefully we could get another weapon at the TE spot either in the draft or FA/trade
  8. I think I more or less get Ballard's tactics, but it also does require that he continues to hit almost every draft pick going forward. Irsay already came out and said he wanted a few things for the team and not all of those wants can be solved via the draft (we hopefully won't have a first rounders next year and don't have our third this year) The dude works in the shadows though and is probably gonna make a few moves, just probably not the moves we are thinking or that the media can track well of ala Buckner last year
  9. I hope he gets Villanueva. Makes too much sense not too.. I'd like for him to get Golladay but that ain't happening for sure.
  10. He would still be a good #2 option at this point of his career for a 2 year contract. If he is willing to be payed as such, then Ballard would be considering it.
  11. Colts fans are pretty good at that as far as I've been around compared to other sports teams I've followed. Let's just say if this same situation happened in another fanbase, they would've been far more toxic about it. I'm very much willing to bet nonsense like this is what Philly sports radio gobbled up and regurgitated to eventually make Carson out to be this 'horrible' teammate.
  12. Any fan who is making anything out of this just loves drama. MPJ just said Wentz didn't care and they are going to be practicing together this offseason. What else is there to discuss?
  13. Ah okay. Definitely would go with Houston then. Also, people seem to be riding of Turay as well it appears. He was out for a long while with his ankle injury, however, he still seemed pretty fast for the few games he was active last year. If he is completely healthy, I can really see him having a very solid year in 2021.
  14. Wouldn't Houston and Watt play different positions on the line in a 4-3? I dont think Watt would be a DE in our system. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If they play the same spot, and if we are going for an older DE then I'd stay with Houston. However, I can easily see Ballard going younger instead
  15. Ever since I've followed the NFL, a typical understanding is that Eagles fans are a bit 'reactionary', for a lack of better words. There are so many comments out there that Wentz was a locker room cancer and at that at it's core was the downfall of the team. I was worried about that issue the most with Wentz due to how well the Colts have built the team up in the last few years. However, the the more I dug into these reports, they all really just seemed to be a bunch of rumor hill crap. It feels like the Philly local sports media thrives off that stuff and for whatever * reason ESP
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