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  1. Whatever happened with the backup qb situation in the offseason was wacky. He lost his job to the same two players he supposedly beat. Why did he have the backup role to start?
  2. Its crazy what happens when Taylor gets the ball in his hands huh. Id be interested to hear how people saw Paye play today. Seemed a little slow coming off his injury, but thats to be expected. He looked like he did well run defending though.
  3. Hopefully Paye is back this week. Seems like a good opportunity with their LT out.
  4. Let's hope! No one can objectively look at the Colts and say that they don't have promise in a lot of spots. I don't trust this coaching staff at all going forward however, despite us getting players back from injury.
  5. They are 4-1. They are most certainly a good team. You're right though you didn't say they suck. I'll correct my OP
  6. The Ravens are most certainly a good team. They are 4-1. Anyone in the NFL would scoff if you said a team wasn't good with a 4-1 record. Are they elite atm? Maybe not but they have that record despite ALOT of injuries this year. Lamar is a damn good qb. What he did in the 4th was something many quarterbacks lesser than him have done to us in that quarter however. Thats the one part people shouldn't forget about this game. We still had bright spots though. Our offense did quite well versus their top rated defense. We just have some glaring obvious issues on the scheming/coaching side of things that were on full display in the 4th quarter. We are consistently bad at a few spots, which does make us a bad team. Hopefully those things aren't ignored going forward or they'll continue to haunt us.
  7. I don't see Ballard benching him. If we sit him, we are obviosuly throwing and thats going to cause fans to not go to games and and a whole bunch of issues/ridicule. Add that Hard Knocks drama snd it will just look worse. We probably will be somewhat close to .500 by the end of the season so I'm fine giving up like the 15th pick for the guy. He played his * off today.
  8. Let's hope Stephen. I ain't betting on it.
  9. Frank admitted as much regarding that play. Both things can be true though.
  10. Does anyone have a screenshot of the starting CBs image they displayed in the 4th. I remember seeing that and knew that the end was near.
  11. I do admire people saying maybe this season isn't over. We never know given how awful division is. Its also not like the whole team was awful today either. However, something Pat Mcafee said today regarding bad teams (in particular he was talking about the Giants being picked as an upset over Dallas) really hit me, even if it was pretty basic. Most teams do some good things, even the garbage ones. What defines the good/great teams is doing good things the majority of the time. You can't tell me that this same defense scheme won't be giving up so many points in the 4th quarter going forward. Lamar is awesome, but what he did to this zone defense in the 4th wasn't something a more mediocre Qb can do similarly and that we haven't seen already happen a few times. We've consistently have been bad during the 4th and I doubt that will change going forward as long as Eberflus is around. I really hope our defensive scheme changes for these scenarios in the future. If not, its going to just be another thing we are NOT good at, even if we get some injured players back.
  12. Fair enough, I agree we should have let him go a year before when we did. But he was good for a long long time for us. Thinking about him in his prime to what we have now hurts
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