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  1. It isn't the best D in the NFL for sure. Eberflus made good adjustments and the D made Mayfield the average QB that he is, but he needs to make whatever changes he did make a lot faster when he sees any QB getting the time to throw into the obvious zone locations
  2. He's here for the year. He will win a few more games than he loses, but he will have these moments.
  3. If you followed PR through the years, what he did this game emphasizes what his issues were his whole career. Smart guy, good arm and accurate, but he will make knucklehead plays that will lose you the game. He did this tonight. Our Offense as constructed must be a run first offense with Rivers managing in order to be at our best. Rivers cant make the comebacks from his mistakes like he did before...
  4. Colts 31 Vikings 27 Colts always lose the first game of the season which is usually against a division rival, regardless of how good/bad that team was. Reich never starts out hot or end the season well, but the team seems to pick up around game 2/3 until week 11 or so... The defense will be way more inspired and Rivers will probably only have one cruddy Interception instead of two. This team has talent, but they also have some crappy habits that they have to improve if they want a chance in the playoffs Taylor will have an 100 yard rushing performance
  5. Rookie Luck put out far better performances than Rivers did today lmaooo
  6. Rivers story has already been told. We should know what is coming from him. He will have a few decent games this season, but for every really good decision he makes, he will always do something stupid in turn. He throws picks like the 2 he tossed in coverage habitually, in the worst moments to do so as well. Hes most likely going to lead the colts to an 8-9 win seasons, and have a game just like this one in the playoffs, as he's always has. Thank God it was a 1 year contract.
  7. The o-Line and D-Line did decently today. The oline protected Rivers but Reich didn't run it enough to establish the run game like we should have. The Dline wasn't great at applying pressure, but their run game was just okay and Minshew mostly just threw quick passes. Our DBs, QB, and coaches were the worst part this week by far
  8. if they were going to go with a short year vetran contract, Brady easily was the best out there. Rivers is going to give you what he has given his whole NFL career, and this game was a perfect example of what that was.
  9. Rivers has always loved throwing to his RBs. He does check down, but he isnt afraid to toss the ball in there as we gloriously got reminded of twice today.
  10. Rivers is Rivers and I'd suggest that some of you take that reality check and realize he's been a choke artist for most of his career. He put up ok numbers besides the picks but he shouldn't be throwing the ball 40+ times if we want to win. That's probably changing next week. The defense was uninspired today, which is a norm for the first week in Indy. Our uninspired defense early in the season usually gets beat by the <insert mediocre Jags QB> . They gotta fix that soon, but they usually do. I'm glad that the Jags fans think Minshew will amount to a franchise QB. Good l
  11. Chiefs, Patriots, Ravens. Bill Belichick is still the HC of the Patriots. They might have a bit of a bumpy first year without Tom, but I doubt they'll be losing too much of a grip on the AFC West.
  12. I think we needed an upgrade for Jacoby this season, but the crap I read from other Colts fans online about him is getting really ridiculous and reminds me how much people pay attention to these games. Brissett had a tale of two seasons last year, the first half where he definitely had top 12 QB level of play, and the second half after his injury where he was definitely below average (also note other key players on the offense were injured as well, especially the WR corps). I don't think he is the player that can lead the Colts to the top, nor do the Colts it seems, but he can be a
  13. if Ballard hits on the 4th round QB pick, then that would be crazy. Excited to see how he develops.
  14. This guy can be special. Probably will be another Ballard 2nd round steal
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