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  1. Point blank, if you don't have either a gamechanger at QB or an a Top 5 defense and run game with a game manager QB, your team will not have a shot in the modern NFL. Rivers was a serviceable game manager who had his moments, but the next obvious upgrade the team needs is at the QB position if we want to go further than the first round of the playoffs. Good thing is it seems that Ballard has hit most of his draft picks these last two years. The Colts have talent everywhere else and they will improve, but they need the next franchise QB.
  2. Hope he does whatever is best for him. That being said, LT should be one of the absolute highest priorities this offseason regardless
  3. Lol okay man, definitely keep thinking that....
  4. Idk, the way this roster is setup and our key players ages and the way they play, I'm not surprised at all. I predicted 10-6/11-5 with a first round out at the beginning of the year and everything else is gravy for me. I feel that the majority of colts fans had the same thought process this year too.
  5. Pretty good. Our D can be inconsistent, but they are very young and promising. We dont need much more there besides maybe one more good CB and pass rusher and a bit more time playing. I really like that group. Our Offense is in the same boat minus for the QB position. Our Oline starters are very good and we have good RB, TE and WR corps. However, the long term QB plan needs to start sooner rather than later. We've been mostly lucky there thse last 2 decades, but it isn't an easy process at all.
  6. He's only been here a year. He only will be here at most a year most, so stop acting like you've suffered so much with him at the helm. A franchise QB like Luck leaving abruptly always has ripple effects, but PR has been an okay gap at this point before they make their actual move on that. I dont think 'giving the reigns' for PR to throw the ball the entire game will ever work, and whenever Reich does it, PR finds ways to lose. We could make a run if he would truly play more of a game manager role, but he is too much of a gunslinger for that so idk...
  7. I hope so. If we dont lose in the first round by PR throwing a pick in the 4th, I'll be out of 50 bucks
  8. I dont want year 2 of PR. The defense #ed up, but the key players there are young and can improve.
  9. Well PR did what he always does. Another one for the history books
  10. Buckner playing hurt and playing only in some pass scenarios hurt immensely. The defense goes from slightly above average to elite when he is fully in the game . What a great trade by Ballard.
  11. Luck was a few tiers above Watson. Luck was the best QB in the league not named Patrick Mahomes when he retired imo.. Watson has big play mentality and is always a threat and exciting to watch, but he has a lot of inconsistencies as well that kind of derive by his playstyle. He will be a top 10 QB for a few years and then probably fall down from there. Best player on the Texans Offense now though, lol.
  12. Oline depth and the future QB are more important imho.
  13. You're not getting that with Rivers at this point in his career, but I agree.
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