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  1. Chiefs, Patriots, Ravens. Bill Belichick is still the HC of the Patriots. They might have a bit of a bumpy first year without Tom, but I doubt they'll be losing too much of a grip on the AFC West.
  2. I think we needed an upgrade for Jacoby this season, but the crap I read from other Colts fans online about him is getting really ridiculous and reminds me how much people pay attention to these games. Brissett had a tale of two seasons last year, the first half where he definitely had top 12 QB level of play, and the second half after his injury where he was definitely below average (also note other key players on the offense were injured as well, especially the WR corps). I don't think he is the player that can lead the Colts to the top, nor do the Colts it seems, but he can be a decent starting QB in the league. Rivers will probably be better unless his age catches up to him even faster this year, but Brissett isn't nearly as bad as many people tend to frame him as. I'm completely fine with him being our backup QB this year..
  3. if Ballard hits on the 4th round QB pick, then that would be crazy. Excited to see how he develops.
  4. This guy can be special. Probably will be another Ballard 2nd round steal
  5. I hate the move too, but a one year deal is fantastic.
  6. It's a forum where people post opinions buddy. My projection is as useless as yours. I've been here long enough that yall will kick PR to the curb once he has first multiple interception game and there's no doubt Rivers will have at least a few of those. This is the first dumb move I think Ballard has made. If I'm wrong then I can't wait to see Phillip get us to the second round of the playoffs!
  7. Well this sucks. Itll be great going 8-8 or so the next two years. See yall then
  8. Brady currently is a far better option then Rivers even in his older age. If we do get a veteran QB, I hope it'd be Brady from a talent perspective. But it would be very strange seeing Brady as a Colt.
  9. Yeah no thanks. Rivers is better than Brissett sure, but he wont be good enough to win a SB in the next 2-3 years with our current roster. I'd rather let Brissett play next year while getting a QB early in the draft then be tied up in the cap and taking away time from young players to develop. If you think Rivers is the only step needed to win the SB soon, then I get your enthusiasm. I just highly doubt that would happen.
  10. Yeah he's pretty good. With our o-line and if we get a few more pieces in our D and WR corps, that is a pretty damn good team that can go far in the playoffs. And if it doesnt work at some point, it would be easy to seperate ways on a one year deal.
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