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  1. Brady currently is a far better option then Rivers even in his older age. If we do get a veteran QB, I hope it'd be Brady from a talent perspective. But it would be very strange seeing Brady as a Colt.
  2. Yeah no thanks. Rivers is better than Brissett sure, but he wont be good enough to win a SB in the next 2-3 years with our current roster. I'd rather let Brissett play next year while getting a QB early in the draft then be tied up in the cap and taking away time from young players to develop. If you think Rivers is the only step needed to win the SB soon, then I get your enthusiasm. I just highly doubt that would happen.
  3. Yeah he's pretty good. With our o-line and if we get a few more pieces in our D and WR corps, that is a pretty damn good team that can go far in the playoffs. And if it doesnt work at some point, it would be easy to seperate ways on a one year deal.
  4. Yeah, that was bad. But, considering the job he has been doing on our Oline, it feels more like an unfortunate cherry on top of the actual issue the Colts have with the QB and WRs
  5. He's most likely better than Rodgers and Pascal and provides an element to the WR corps we dont have atm. It's not as much hype surrounding him as it just wanting a general upgrade to our worst performing part of the team atm. Also, once he and Campbell come back, Jacoby will have zero excuses if he turns in a game like this one
  6. Also, I find the level of accolades Watson has received even from our fans to be a bit strange. The first Td he had was dumb, and the second was a great throw, but he wasn't much of a threat for most of the game. We almost beat them without a passing game to speak of. Not saying he didnt produce, but if hes the biggest QB threat the Colts have to face for the next decade in the AFC South, I'm good with it. Luck was 10x the QB that guy is and got a whole lot less praise by the media last year
  7. Once Funchess and Campbell come back, we need to rely more on our pass game and see what we got there the rest of the season. It could be that Hilton was injured and that Pascal/Rogers cant get open, but at a minimum, a super bowl caliber QB needs to at least be able to handle/punish the soft zone. Very concerning an awful Houston Pass D didnt get punished there even a bit
  8. Yeah Ebron isnt consistent, but Hoyer and especially our receivers not having the ability to get open are far worse issues for the colts currently
  9. That's the first thing I thought when I saw Adam's tweet. So bad, he hurts us years after he is fired in the worst way..
  10. I still cant wrap my mind around this. We need to hear from the man himself asap
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