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  1. We have safety issues over the top too. We have all kinds of downhill type guys who lack coverage skills. I think they wanted to play a really fast t2 it’s no secret really, drafted guys they hoped could play it who haven’t yet panned out.
  2. I doubt anyone here was born when Sid Luckman played.
  3. B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, and BINGO was his NAME-O. This whole post is a BINGO. It's like the salad bar at Jason's Deli. I can't say enough good things about it.
  4. Well man, I think he needs to play a Tampa 2 hard corner. He should be good at that. It seems like this is why he was drafted.
  5. Dude I agree, but our base kinda concept is T2 with their personnel I think. They play a variety of zones and trade off a lot. They get lost in the secondary. It’s actually complex as hell. It’s possible Rock and Blackmon are gonna click as they learn the system, but it’s also possible IMO they continue to play replacement level foot ball. Rock has issues but on many of his plays he gets NO help from the safeties. they want these guys to play downhill like T2, but they have to show they can cover first. It might work and be exciting as hell.
  6. Not really. We are pretty much a Tampa 2 if not Tampa 2 like defense which is basically cover 3 when the Mike is covering the deep middle. You need certain personnel to be dominant with this concept. First and foremost you need Dline that can take care of the pass rush mostly itself. We don’t have that. A superstar sack threat 3tech is pretty much a staple here. We have that well covered. The other two positions we just don’t have. We definitely do not have the fast reading Superstar MIKE who can cover the deep middle like a cover 3 FS, come up and make tackles in the short p
  7. I think I remember AC saying he was going to drop weight.
  8. That would work if he doesn't take a raise if he is pro bowl caliber again. I can't imagine that we can afford 4 extremely highly paid linemen.
  9. Personnel. They’ve spent quite a bit of draft capital on secondary and Dends. Thus far the results of that outlay of capital is mediocre at best. With our weakness in coverage including our all pro Will, I think blitzing would be disastrous in the current scheme.
  10. If he’s good enough I think it’s insane not to.
  11. I’d say more like the love child of Emmitt and Earl Campbell.
  12. I don’t see the future at LT. Next year’s 2nd?
  13. Rookie LTs, even the highest drafted ones usually have a pretty rough learning curve. I bet Tevi can do a good enough job on this line. The Fisher signing could be an absolute bargain, but even if he can’t play, we should be OK. The oline will at the least be really good.
  14. Well they already have guys who should be passable. Not really too risky imo
  15. I defended RYS and really pull for him, but his problems are deeper than one game. He hasn't developed into a reliable NFL starter yet.
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