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  1. It’s rare for rookie WR to produce historically. Last year it wasn’t. Is that part of a trend or anomaly?
  2. I was in my brothers living room in downtown Evansville. After the pick, we jumped up screaming and scared the dickens out of my little Firstborn infant son. Junior turns 14 next month. Time flies.
  3. Only my wife can offend me these days man. I’m hoping to grow past that some day. You are a good sport.
  4. nicks a name bro. Kinda guy that won’t get mad when you puke in his car.
  5. agree. Steve Emtman would have been. Incredible talent.
  6. absolutely. The best ways to play D almost always involve the front 4 taking care of the pass rush.
  7. Man that’s a good one.
  8. I would be very surprised if he was used more than Mack. It seems more expedient to use Mack up in this contract year, and again Mack is excellent at pass pro and I still haven’t seen how Taylor projects there. Wisconsin runs a primitive offense compared to the NFL. I think Mack is the 2nd most underrated Colt by posters here next to AC.
  9. Clever post. I bow to your superior intellect.
  10. I just think it will be glaring how magnificent even league average QBing will look. The team is solid and made the QB look a lot better than it was. It sucked really really bad, so that is saying something.
  11. I think it will be obvious how inept the QB play was last year as soon as we start play this year.
  12. An inside LB can’t impact a game like and edge guy and the pool of people that can play effectively at non 3-4 OLB is larger than thE pool of 3-4 OLB that can rush the QB consistently. Same thing for G. Guard can’t impact a game as much as a tackle therefore is paid less on average. Same principal that makes top NFL RBs earn much less than Jacoby Brisset or Nick Foley’s, etc.
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