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  1. yep. I don't get it. I do maintain with Leonard, Blackmon, and RYS, its seems like they were interested in making some sort of C2/T2 the base. But yeah. I don't know. Our D looks like a Jackson Pollock canvas to me.
  2. So you don't think you need a cover type safety in those schemes? Cover three begs for it, and usually C2 has a good one too. He wasn't bad in C2 he was well better than average and was improving.
  3. I couldn't believe they declined his option to draft a guy coming off an Achilles. It ended up being a good thing though because he lost his Achilles. Our D has suffered from a lack of a coverage safety since then.
  4. It's not a bad thing when your cover FS is not heard from man. That means he isn't giving up completions, which is his primary job. It's like a corner or a lineman. You don't want to hear your corners name. Not even knocking one down. That means they aren't throwing his way. You don't want to hear your OL being called in a game, usually means they got beat or a flag. What defense are we currently running?
  5. What makes you say Hooker wasn't good? Obviously he had injury issues. His PFF grades were 65 rookie year, better than JB, 79 sophomore year, budding star, and in his "oFF" year his 3rd year was 70. The dude was a really good coverage FS. He was way better than JB has been yet. He was a different style of FS all together, more of a coverage type and that is what we severely need IMO.
  6. East and I used to talk about this. It was difficult to see what the club had in mind with their drafts. I thought and still think that they would love to be an aggressive C2 type of team or a Tampa base type. Drafting Rock seemed like evidence of this. He seems like a hard C2 corner who is going to help close down the EDGE and beat up on releasing WRs. But then we had just gotten Hooker who was the classic single high C3, C1 centerfielder, So WTPH? We drafted Leonard who obviously wasn't and is probably never going to be a a great coverage LB. And we've never even tried to get after a coverage LB as far as I can tell. Then we get Blackmon which would make one think that we were going to have him come up and hit, but then we were dropping Hooker before the Achilles, because he was a budding star in the single high and then had a mediocre year in more of a 2 high scheme, then improved and we decided we didn't want him. But overdrafts at DE, have really ruined any plans. Hopefully Dayo and Paye pan out and we get the Front 4 pressure the D desperately needs. I am not convinced they will. I like Paye but the ole Undeveloped pass rusher thing hasn't been great lately. It's pretty hard to figure out, and I think we are a mess on D.
  7. Some of us were talking about maybe converting RYS to FS. I'd actually love to see it. I could see him being a Holy Terror at FS. Knocking the pizz out of guys in front and corner skills behind. I could see Rock being a perennial Pro Bowl type at FS if not All Pro. We obviously have Corner issues, but man I really think this kid might just be playing out of position in the NFL. Too slow for corner.
  8. Depending on who plays, assuming the guy is an NFL competent FS, we will likely be better in deep and intermediate coverage. But we will definitely lose something valuable on the way Blackmon comes up and makes plays in front. I bet we will barely notice his loss, again assuming we don't have a Sam Tevi/Curtis Painter type of replacement.
  9. Probably coincidence. One would assume that the Colts train within the basic latest scientific parameters like any other time likely does. But man. There's been enough of this crapola to make me get the Reynolds Wrap out and make a Fedora.
  10. I’ve often thought that. He’s a little too slow to be a great corner but seams like a great candidate to convert to FS. Wrestler mentality coming up to tackle and corner experience dropping in coverage.
  11. OK man. Like I said to each his own. JT would be an incredible kick returner IMO. Young guys like him used to do that back in the day.
  12. dude watch tape of Hines Sproles and Taylor. I think you’d see different. Sproles looks just like Taylor imo. Sproles was a big 5 6 lol, and looks loke taylor in the legs and bootay. Sproles played at 195 not 185. I mean too each his own but I think Sproles looks just like him on film,
  13. Don’t tell me any news. I assumed you watched the whole thing, it’s still going on? oMG the Donny thing was uhh, err surprising. the pack game was what made me think that the guy might be better than I thought. But I don’t see him as a bell cow, even if it were still in style. There are too many things he doesn’t do well. And I still don’t think overall he helps the team as much as people like to think he should simply because the individual RB is not a big difference maker anymore except for Henry. It’s just a rules thing and the change to smaller quicker defenders is probably has had an unintended consequence of actually being more effective v. The run. but man is he explosive in the open field.
  14. No I don’t necessarily think we need an alpha x. We just need a guy who can get his own and make chicken salad out of chicken feces sometimes, a guy we can just throw it kind Of up to and feel confident he might make a play, to help out the QB and we don’t have that guy IMo, and every other team who I would consider a contender does excluding BALT, but that is a completely different story and they still have yet to have any playoff success. I think receiver positions are redundant and muddy anyway. Most of these guys are hybrid types anyway.
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