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  1. I’d say we had great QB play when Luck was on the field yes. Now if you say the unavailability is what makes his greatness not constant then yes, obviously. He was not great the year he didn’t play. The best ability is availability.
  2. Mug security. I've really improved with age. Early in my career, I was pretty shaky.
  3. I'm not sure about that in general. There are times IMO when teams are not as prepared mentally as possible. Even pros. IT's just human nature. HOWEVER, this Colts team surely isn't overlooking ANYBODY. Haven't proven anything and have significant injuries. I can't imagine a Colts trap game this weekend. That would be disturbing.
  4. 0 career fumbles? Are you sure? I can tell you that I do not have that kind of record.
  5. It really hurts with the lid off of our Defense with Hooker out. He is probably the most important player on the team but is almost without question the most important player on our D. I think most of the posters here greatly undervalue what he accomplishes out there. The 3rd quarter reveals it quite a bit.
  6. The Saints didn't look good on offense. They only gained 250 yds. They had a punt return TD and fumble return TD that made a pretty pedestrian offensive day look good on the score page. And I can almost guarantee you a loss if we give up TD on a PR and a fumble.
  7. I don't ever recall hearing anything negative about Lucks leadership. He seemed to take some pretty untalented teams quite far before the injuries, and then they had apretty good 3 months last year.
  8. It's silly. It has nothing to do with it. You think Brady is out clubbing with his young talent or something? Are those guys coming over to his kids Chucky Cheese Birthday parties?
  9. Man Luck was pretty great. He threw bad INTs on occassion. But he covered up a lot of ugly. That's silly.
  10. It's the worst loss we could have on D. We weren't close to beating KC at Arrowhead anyway IMO. That will probably be a humbling expereience. But then we have a joke of a schedule after that.
  11. Huh? He had a Acl before the hip and a menisucs is torn because his leg bent back.
  12. He reads as quick as anyone and has a super quick release. He's very measured and takes what is there. Everyone avoids Hooker. There is no reason to test him.
  13. It's funny but that corner might have saved a TD by taking Q out. Q is going to get to the 3rd level if he doesn't go down and might spring Mack. That was hilarious to see though.
  14. Really. You don't think Mahomes like every other coach and QB who plays v. Colts would have "worried" about Malik Hooker. That's kinda wierd. I am not sure what you are watching. Teams just pretty much don't throw against Hooker.
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