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  1. He pushed off to create the separation that allowed him to make the catch.
  2. Maybe. But they don’t have an average QB.
  3. Ty was hurt last year too. Ebron dropped plenty of passes last year too. JB had Doyle all year. A more developed Pascal. OK Dontrelle Inman.
  4. It's probable that the receivers regression was more because of inadequate QB play. There were the same drop problems last year with Luck. Of course the receiver regression is related to the Luck retirement. Friggin duh.
  5. I think he’s terrible and grading services generally agree. Bottom tier starter/back up caliber equals terrible IMO. he was below average the first half and terrible after the injury.
  6. I'm sure he's rejected numerous offers from numerous people. He's on his own on this until he decides not to be himself, becomes so bizarre he's committed, or goes to jail.
  7. Yeah. They've been too good for the good of the org.
  8. But it's not either or. They were decent and the great QB got them the ball. The upgrade was probably an attempt to try to keep up with KC Doug. And their recievers are way better than what we had. I don't think ours were terrible, but it was obvious that we needed more firepower. Doug, Ebron was signed to a two year deal before last year.
  9. We had essentially the same recievers as last year. Ebron caught like 14 TDs from Luck last year man. We dropped Ryan Grant and picked up Funchess for a little more money. Of course they wanted to upgrade the weapons man. I'm not sure what you are arguing. It its we need to follow SFs model or all the sudden the SF "plan" worked, then I'd say OK lets go 2-14 next year and draft better.
  10. agree on all counts. NE has really not often been elite on either line, but they've always had Bill Belechik as the coach. But I will say one thing. Many people have undestimated the prodigious offensive talent at skill positions that that team has had over the years.
  11. No one is saying they won the game because of JG. But he is a threat. You saw the same thing I saw. But about a month ago, I saw an amazing elite game by JG beating NO in an exceedingly important game that helped them win home field. It wouldn't have been so easy for them to go into Lambeau last week IMO.
  12. Well I am pretty sure that Reich wouldn't have passed the opportuniuty to draft Bosa had he had it last year. Parris was hurt, can't judge it. Both Bangonu and Rock would look a lot better with Bosa harrassing the QB for them. Everything one does on the internet is what if. If not, it's pure outcome bias. Did you notice that the other team in the Superbowl has a weak defense and a hero ball QB?
  13. I thought so too until I watched them the last two weeks. Their offense is 4th in the league in total yds. and scoring. Last year their D was worse than Indy. Bosa changed that around. Look at the last 4 games in the regular season. The offense carried them the last month just like they did Sunday. The Colts main issue is that their top tier QB retired and left them with a back up caliber QB. SF main issue last year is that their top 3rd QB was out for the season and they didn't have Nick Bosa. Give us Bosa and Garappolo. Good chance we are playing next Sunday IMO. THem with JB. They don't make the playoffs IMO>
  14. That sure seems to be what happened to them last year only they were 4-12 down the stretch. THen they got perhaps the most impactful edge guy as a bonus. They'd probably be more like 7-9 with JB, when teams realzed that there was absolutely no passing threat whatsoever.
  15. Last 10 games last year. Luck 2801 23 TDs Last 10 games this year. Garrapolo 2664 21 TDs Reich was trying to build the exact same kind of offense. Game manager doesn't mean the QB sucks. JB is a game manager who sucks.
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