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  1. Clearly you haven’t… But at least we’re beating the bad teams right?
  2. If that’s what you think then you haven’t actually been reading what those 10 posters have been posting…
  3. I’m just going to quote myself as a respons, because it’s already starting apparently smh.
  4. Fisher still has a ways to go before he’s anywhere near his original form. But I agree that the real problem is the defense. ST has been doing good for us but had a turd of a game against the ravens.
  5. Very much so. I think Wentz is doing very well and the Oline is improving with Reed and Pryor stepping in, but Fisher really needs to find his form withing the next few weeks.
  6. I am sure we will beat the Texans next week and most of remaining teams save the Bucs, Bills, Cardinals an possibly the Titans. The sunshine preachers will be crying hallelooya thinking we are an amazing team now. We will make the playoffs and be one and done having made no progress what so ever, even regressed, compared to last year. Still unable to beat the good to elite teams. Still in need of star players and difference makers, but now without any cap space. Still making the same playcalling mistakes. That’s my best guess.
  7. We have practised explicitly to beat the Ravens this offseason. The Ravens have 12 (!!) guys on IR plus the usual weekly injuries. … And we STILL couldn’t win. If there ever was a game we SHOULD have won this season it would be this one… The defense is trash. Not nearly enough pressure for the scheme we want to play. The secondary is atrocious. We gave up career days for an avg. QB and an admittedly good TE. And then there’s Eberflus’ playcalling… I’d be surprised if he isn’t gone after this season. I think the offense did alright tonight. Their best outing so far in my opinion. Pittman showed up strong and Taylor is a stud. Wentz is the best part of this team right now. Don’t really know how I feel about that yet.
  8. We definitely should win both games against the Texans, but we haven't beaten the Jags at @Jacksonville since 2014. I'm seeing this: 2 wins against the Texans 1 win against Jags 1 win against the Jets If the 49'ers are playing Lance we have a chance, but the 49'ers are a way more talented team than us. Even with an average QB like Garaptapollorollo (..) they are still 2-2 with close losses to the Packers and Seahawks. Belichick has had our number since forever. Even without Brady it's still going to be a close game. Even so we have to win some of these 50/50 games if we want to get to the playoffs and we definitely have to beat the Titans next time.
  9. Ravens 30-20. I don’t expect us to win. I just hope for improvement and that the Colts make it a game.
  10. I’m sure Frank is a phenomenal headcoach and the players play their hearts out for him, but he needs to hand off playcalling to Brady. I haven’t really thought too much about his playcalling these past few seasons but it has really stood out this year - it’s bad.
  11. Yes we can. I don’t expect then to win. I just hope they make it a game and show confidence and improvement.
  12. First off, yay a win!!! I’m a little hesitant to praise the defense too much. They did okay today but we played a team that’s (impossibly?) actually worse than us. There are still obvious short comings the Dolphins just weren’t good enough to expose them. The oline was once again horrible. Period. Let’s hope Kelly isn’t seriously hurt or it might get worse. Imagine that… Pittman had some flashes today and good for him. Loved they got Mo involved in the redzone! But whyyyyy is it Reich refuses to ride a hot Taylor?! 2nd game with 6+ ypc and he gets 16 carries… It’s 20-25 at least per game with that kind of production. It might actually take some pressure off Wentz. Did Hines get hurt, he was barely in the game? We got schooled by two playoff contenders in week 1-2 and lost a pretty important game against a division rival week 3. Us beating a bad team doesn’t make us a good team. Still, a win is a win! Hopefully it gives the guys some confidence and something to build off of.
  13. It's still a wonder to me with Taylor having 11 touches for 97 yards we still are throwing the ball 25 times...
  14. Still, Lewis needs to have a good SEASON at this point or at least string a few good games together before I regain any faith in him. I think DeFo has had a rough few games because noone else is a threat in the pass rush.
  15. The Oline really has to get it together. I know we have injuries, but every team has that. The Colts preach next man up. Someone didn’t get the memo though. Dline is down to bad players. DeFo and Grower a good, Kwity may get there and Muhammed is alright. The rest can walk. We badly need a stud DE.
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