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  1. We can't not grade it either. We got 6 players from 7 picks - that's big detractor in my book. We don't know when he comes back. We don't know realistically IF he'll come back at all. We don't know if he'll be the same player. We don't know if he's lost a step and even if he hadn't had this injury at all we don't even know if he'd been able to perform in the NFL. You don't realistically know if a player is ever a boom or bust, or somewhere in between, and then add an achillies injury, of all things, on top of that... I mean, he's just a HUGE questionmark. I
  2. Avg. 8 drops/year with just over 100 targets/year... that's a lot.
  3. So, having slept on it, I have a few thoughts on this draft pick I think Dayo Odeyingbo has a lot of potential, and if these two draft picks pan out we might have one of the best D-lines in the league... in 2022. BUT, at this point Ballard is replacing his own draft picks; he's made 3 at this position in recent years and haven't had much success. I'm guessing Ballard didn't see any LTs worth taking at this point in the draft. That in mind I don't have a problem doubling down on DEs, honestly, but I would very much have prefered taking Freiermuth or Terrace Marshall at 5
  4. Somewhere Luck is shaking his head and Wentz is crying...
  5. Well, Cam is Mac spelled backwards... things go hand in hand.
  6. 17 career starts and he goes 3rd overall... this has boom or bust written all over it.
  7. They were reportedly taking a big interest in Tommy Tremble while there, so that might have been the draw. Eichenberg also. I think CB trades back from 21 to late 1st or early 2nd and getting an additional 3rd.
  8. I hope it's one of the following 1st round DE: Eichenberg in the 2nd. 1st round LT: Freiermuth or another high profile playmaker that dropped to the 2nd. 1st round trade back to late 1st/early 2nd for an additional early 3rd: DE 1st pick, Freiermuth or WR 2nd and Stone Forsyth/Brady Christensen early 3rd.
  9. I completely agree. Spending big on a CB is like admitting defeat in the trenches - at least in our system.
  10. I really like that and tried something similar in in PFF's simulator. I'd rather go WR or TE with the 3rd pick though and pick up a promising CB later, but, I confess, I don't value CB very much so that's probably just me.
  11. I know Rhodes very well could be gone next year, but drafting a CB in the 1st this year seems like a very roundabout way of dealing with our needs. We have a DE need NOW. Postponing dealing with it would feel like giving up in my opinion. CB is a need next year and we don't have the picks or the trade value to get away with drafting a CB in the first few rounds this year. Also, I know drafting for need isn't always an option, but this mock is like a last resort in my opinion. We have serious needs on DE and LT and if we can't get either met in the 1st, then we trade bac
  12. This, so much this! I really hope we're not taking a CB in the 1st OR 2nd round. Such a waste considering the needs we have. Hell, I'll take a WR any day and twice on sundays before taking a CB. We have nothing at LT and, with Wentz performance closely tied to OL performance, I seriously wouldn't take a CB even if Surtain or Horn were still on the board. Also, DE has precedence as well. Mike's above arguement says it all, really.
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