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  1. Buckner will be elite. He is elite. Take it from someone who has presumably followed him closely longer than anyone else on this board. 2011 for me. Him and Armstead came to Oregon in the same class, with Armstead being the 5* guy from Cali and Buckner the 4* from Hawaii. Buck outplayed him since the first game their freshman seasons. AA left a year early and Buckner had one last amazing season playing almost 90 snaps a game as a Sr. He's a workhorse. He's a leader. And a hell of a talent. He'll be a fan favorite.
  2. The opposite is true. He got hurt in the first week of December, the PAC 12 championship game
  3. Ballard said Chubb would have been really hard to pass on. I agree it likely would have been him.
  4. This exactly. Makes no difference to the team. But if picks from the trade resulted directly in two potential HOF guys and a potential pro bowl guy in Turay, there might not be a trade since Dallas in the 80s that brought in that kind of haul from a single pick or player.
  5. I know it doesn't matter, but I wish the Leonard and Smith picks were flipped. If so it might be viewed as one of the best trades in history.
  6. Miami hasn't had fewer than 3 losses in a season in 17 years. Averaged over 5 losses per year. Sure it's not bowl game or bust? Miami hasn't had fewer than 3 losses in a season in 17 years. Averaged over 5 losses per year. Sure it's not bowl game or bust?
  7. A lot of us were annoying at 18-19. He's also a great teammate and player who will get his name called in a couple years.
  8. He's gotta be concerned with making the team, not where his place is for the next 10 years
  9. May not be that bad of value. Although delayed, he'd likely be signed as an expensive backup and at QB that's a nice comp pick. They seriously couldn't be more different aside from arm strength. Eason is a great passer given time, Allen is plain inaccurate. Eason is a statue that crumbles with pressure, Allen excels under duress.
  10. Wish we would have signed Jacob Breeland. He was on his way to being an AA this year before he got hurt. Injuries were an issue throughout his career at Oregon but he's a good receiving TE when healthy. Ravens got him.
  11. Remember that was a September game and USC had probably the 3rd best receiving corps in the nation.
  12. Something I haven't seen mentioned is how little his injury is going to matter specifically for this year. What is he missing besides working out on Zoom?
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