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  1. Slightest difference between an RB and QB in regards to reps.
  2. This should be fun. Explain your prediction.
  3. Cain not making the roster is a silly prediction. Can't think of any reason to say that outside of 1he 1% chance to say I told you so.
  4. I think Hollywood is the better player today easily, but Campbell is healthier and in a better situation.
  5. You can do this with every draft. What annoys me is getting Fleener over Schwartz or Cordy Glenn. I wanted Glenn at the time of the pick.
  6. So out of this list: Willis retired before he had to Bowman had really nasty injuries that had nothing to do with age Mayo isn't in the same conversation Urlacher was an AP 4 years older than Wagner is now Lee has been injured a ton throughout his career Nobody else should be in the conversation in regards to Wagner at any point in their careers. On the other hand, Ray Lewis, Thomas Davis, Derrick Thomas, London Fletcher, and Urlacher were all pros 4 seasons from the age Wagner is now. Maybe I should have said 4 years of elite play?
  7. Awareness is one of the most important OL stats.
  8. I'll make it easy on you. Just list the best LBs to stop playing at a high level between 29 and 33.
  9. He isn't just an All Pro, it's 5 straight now and he's a future HOFer.
  10. Uh, why would I want to do something Ballard wouldn't? Because I have an opinion? Same reason there is debate in the scouting dept, different opinions are healthy. I don't know where you came up with someone saying something negative about anyone. Still waiting on that list you can't provide.
  11. Who are these guys that played at the level of Wagner, had no injury history and fell off before then? The question is what I would give, not what I think CB would do. Maybe you misread. I think there's a lot of good talent and depth on the team. If I could get a player of Wagner's level for a single pick I'd do it.
  12. Not sure why you're confused. He'd instantly give us the best LB corps in the league. He's entering his age 29 season and there's no reason to think he doesn't have 5 years of elite production left. Invested in Walker? He's a 5th rd pick. Speed? Another 5th. These are depth picks typically, not investments. Okereke was an investment in the future but he doesn't change your actions in regards to the best player in the league at his position. Wagner would instantly become one of the top 2-3 players on the team.
  13. I wouldn't bat an eye at giving a first for an all pro in the middle of the D.
  14. He also talked of best case. I'm guessing he didn't have a guy like Bosa or Quinnen in that list. I'm assuming it was by round (or the top 2-3 rounds) with people there was a chance at getting.
  15. You're using a team that just played in the SB for what not to do, while using a team that was dominated in the division round as what to do?
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