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  1. If we go 6-0 and lose to the jags in the playoffs I'll eat my oldest shoe.
  2. wig

    The QBs

    If the O line is healthy and can protect I like Eason back there. If it's in shambles then Sam might be able to succeed more when things break down right now.
  3. I googles 'revenue by NFL team' and clicked the first link.
  4. You really need to give this up. It was made up out of thin air and has no basis. Indy's revenue isn't bottom of the barrel, more like sandwiched between teams like KC and Tampa. If cash flow was an issue at all, you think he'd voluntarily give Luck 20M or whatever it was? Just gave Darius a 20M signing bonus and you'll see a similar one with Q. It's about the cap, not cash.
  5. The players are soft today. They're more worried about spending millions on their bodies to become as big and fast as possible that they don't have time to smoke on the sidelines and drink beer at halftime.
  6. Regardless of how you put it, do you have anything that says that is a concern or are you repeating a narrative with no backing?
  7. Didn't know he played OLB... the closest comp before this deal was Lavonte David who signed for $12.5 per. It'll just edge out Warner's
  8. That deal completely reset the OLB market for a 43.
  9. Kittle, Grover and Mack would have been an epic 4th rd.
  10. Definitely. This D as much as any is dependent on getting home with 4. Or at least disrupting.
  11. That was my biggest gripe with not getting someone in the draft, but they drafted a premium position still so it didn't really matter. I expect them to be able to re-sign every the next couple years. We'll start losing people if they keep drafting well but that's a good thing.
  12. Fair enough. I just didn't remember many flex games at all and certainly not early.
  13. Pretty positive you remember wrong.
  14. So you really wanted a LT which is still being addressed. Got it.
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