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  1. I like how you both state Ballard values the front 4 more than anything, which he consistently states AND say there is zero chance at going after by far the best interior pass rusher that will be available.
  2. Walker is okay but there's a big opportunity to upgrade.
  3. I think I'm closer to the truth than you with 'zero chance'.
  4. Hicks is better today overall, I agree. But I think he'll be more expensive and don't think his ceiling is as high. Remember he is two years older even though they came out the same year. Great call on Amos. I'd love that pickup as well.
  5. If Ballard thinks Jarret could be the difference maker I do, yes, I think he would pay him. He fits the scheme perfectly and is at a position that CB holds on high regard. Kwon plays MLB in a similar scheme.
  6. I'm going to focus inside the hashes, improve the inside pass rush and coverage underneath. Grady Jarret - my number one want. I like the young talent that's im the edges and want to see how they develop. Autry and Jarret could get after it inside. Kwon Alexander - still extremely young but experienced. Great speed. would be a huge improvement in coverage. Landon Collins - playmaker that helps underneath and I think fits the scheme. Could play dime LB. Better than Geathers and stays healthier.
  7. N'Keal Harry with the Jets' pick is my want. Definitely agree with a DL in the first.
  8. wig

    Trust Ballard

    He drafted two all pros as rookies for the first time in the modern era. Assuming means opinion. Factually his decisions listed this team.
  9. wig

    MMQB NFL Awards

    Because the votes are weighted (looks like 1-5) so a single person voting him 2nd would make him 7th.
  10. Margus is 31 and doesn't have a long history of success. He'll get a modest 3 year deal with no guarantees after 2, I bet.
  11. wig

    Nelson Scream was edited.

    If you want to know why they did it: my wife saw it because it came across her twitter. The redaction will not.
  12. wig

    Albert Breer on Cowherd Talking about the Colts

    What team has depth on the o-line 'across the board'?
  13. wig

    Spotrac ranks Indy's free agency class...#1

    Curious if they take injuries into account. It can be a good signing based on performance over a third of the year AND less than great return based on injury luck.
  14. wig

    Colts have signed Rookie LB Darius Leonard

    I had exactly zero concern over the entire thing. There is no precedent of this being a concern since the latest CBA. Don't cite Bosa, we aren't talking about a top 5 pick. You got yourself worked up over nothing.
  15. wig

    Colts have signed Rookie LB Darius Leonard

    I think you were one of three people in the world concerned.