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  1. The last part. I'm an Oregon season ticket holder and follow the team closely. No mention of that from a legitimate source.
  2. Please show me the similarities aside from their college uniforms
  3. There are worse things than staying put right now. If JB improves things are great. If he does poorly, they'll be in the same position next year to get someone. That said if someone they covet is there, ho get him.
  4. There's no way around it now. He has to go.
  5. In a read and react run to the ball defense, you want guys taking risks with the assumption there are others behind to clean up if needed.
  6. For a team that was really good in run D last year, you're obsessed with NT. Especially for someone that admits to not actually watching games.
  7. It's not his ankle. It's 4 years of rehab every off season. He had doubts if he'd play again last year. Then an injury he can't figure out. From what he said I'm guessing he battled deep depression previously stemming from injury and found himself in the same dark place. His body breaking down led to his mind doing the same. It's incredibly sad. The same reasons we all saw the highs when he played are what likely led to the lows we didn't. Passion. He's an incredibly smart, unique, gifted human being. I just hope he finds a way to get the same happiness back that made us all love him.
  8. 1: Cedric Ogbuehi; Erik Kendricks; Landon Collins 2: Tevin Coleman; Carl Davis 3: Mike Davis; David Cobb 4: Cedric Poutasi; Louis Trinca-Pasat 5: Buck Allen; Mike Hull 6: Stefon Diggs; Clayton Geathers 6b: Justin Coleman; Bryce Hager 7: Nick Marshall; Randall Telfer 7b: Tyler Varga; Derek Lott
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