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  1. Colts need a LT and corner. Dont the saints have all pro types at those positions? Still i doubt we make any huge signings besides our own.
  2. Well since Marvin was a defensive guy, may I suggest Caldwell or McDaniels for OC?
  3. I think its more likely that Pedersen is the new OC then Reich leaving.
  4. 1.Some might say that missing games or playing hurt would hurt the team regardless. 2. He had a choice. One of the smartest plays a QB can make is to wait for the next play. 3. I will agree the NFL is moving towards a more mobile QB but Mahomes and Rodgers are the type I'd prefer over a Luck or Wentz.
  5. Yeah because they never got hurt...
  6. One may think the NYG would have been a better test....
  7. I don't watch a lot of CFB but the little I have seen Jones play he has looked pretty good. I see many here are not fans but realistically he is likely the best we can hope for coming out of the draft. Again I don't follow CFB like the NFL but I have seen a breakdown or two for Mac and thought he was rather polished as a college QB.
  8. No matter what happens this off-season, like the OP, I want to say thank you Phillip Rivers.
  9. Not quite free agents for Nelson or Leonard. We may extend them early or put 1 on a franchise tag next off-season.
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