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  1. The RCA dome had lots of bleacher seating while LOS has individual seats with cup holders. The bleachers made it a lot harder to sit down and were fantastic for banging on, to add to the crowd noise. Nowadays if anything most fans just clap instead of making as much noise as possible.
  2. Pretty sure in the first game against Houston we did not run the ball well anyways. Get well soon Marlon but we need TY healthy more imo.
  3. I went to over a decades worth of home games between RCA and Lucas oil stadiums and I have been saying this exact thing since the first game against the bears at LOS. People have denied it but it is validating to see several posters come out and agree. I've been told by fellow season ticket holders to not block their view or yell too loud many times.... I was told I was ruining their experience but my dad and I always took pride in standing and yelling on every single defensive play. It was not uncommon for the two of us to be the only ones doing so in our section.
  4. Yeah I enjoyed the video because I didnt know he was genuinely a good guy.... I had seen that he had changed someone's tire and was from a small town... he seems like a high character guy though. I really think he is the best linebacker we have had since Mike Peterson. Yet I agree he hasn't had the best year. He has been injured though and it's hard to follow an all pro year...
  5. As usual colts fans at home have no idea that yelling is louder than clapping or just sitting down watching on 3rd down... what a waste of money. They need to be yelling until they are hoarse!
  6. Seemed on topic to me but heard about it.... and I only did it for a few minutes.
  7. I felt the forum needed more cheering on for the team. Trust me it took little effort from me but in each post for each topic it felt appropriate.... Either way LETS GO COLTS!!!!!
  8. Is this an actual offense for the forum... just curious...?
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