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  1. You can't pick your family...
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2019/12/12/21005035/fumble-pile-violence-nfl-stories I doubt there is as much violence as the old days but I promise you in a close game many of the same tactics are still used.... but think what you want.
  3. I don't expect people here to agree with my thoughts on how football is played. I know my take is more common in what actually happens, than what the casual choir boy fan would understand. What do you think happens in dog pile scrums? They aren't down there telling funny jokes or complimenting each other. Typically its bending fingers and eye gouging.
  4. He wasn't waived because he was struggling though. Kenny was just the odd man out on a defense stacked with DB talent.
  5. Its a violent game. What if Jack was merely retaliating? Is it disgusting to defend yourself as well? One way to get the bully to ease up is to hit him in the mouth....
  6. There a lots of people in the NFL with criminal histories. Gruden wasn't fired for a crime, he was fired over being a *. That said its common place in competitive sports for coaches and players to regularly use obscene and offensive language. The NFL is just trying to curb the reality of its business. Gruden is just the sacrificial lamb. Heck Tyreek Hill said on record his Fiance and child should fear him after an investigation into abuse, yet nothing. Obviously many people don't know how awful people can talk when they think they are in private.
  7. To the bolded... my question is how did they get top less photos of the cheerleaders to begin with?
  8. I remember posting before this current account, after that game against the jags when Fred Taylor and MJD destroyed us...where they ran for 250+ I believe. Luckily we went on to win the SB thanks to Bob.
  9. What a weak comment to match your weak mentality. It was a close game that the kicker cost us. If you want to take the rest of the season off, be my guest.
  10. Win or lose I'm proud of how the team has played.... except for the kicker.... win or lose i say we sign a new kicker... yes we invested in him a tad but he is the sacrificial lamb if we lose tonight!
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