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  1. Do we know roster sizes with there being 17 games? I doubt it will be kept at 53...
  2. Yeah props to the writers and Cam. That was awesome!
  3. If the Texans are bottom 5, are there any top level Qbs coming out next year that could help them recover? IMO Watson doesn't play this year and they likely would take a top QB, given a chance and situation.
  4. Title speaks for itself. Anything could happen from Tyrod having his moment, to an utter dumpster fire. I say 3-6 wins and last place in the south. We should include our predictions for the AFCS I pick the Titans and Colts as 1 and 2 with both making the playoffs and jags close to a .500 record. Although with 17 games it will be hard to land on that record.
  5. This is why a dislike button is needed. The other emojis just don't cut it.
  6. There are plenty of late round guys that go on to great careers not just Tom Brady. I'm not writing off anyone. I like the pick because one thing is for sure, Sam will compete his heart out which will only benefit the room.
  7. Lol well I'd appreciate your talent at jinxing but I'm sure many here would not like it. That said, if you want a long lasting topic, I say do it!
  8. I'm waiting for Dan to post Buccaneers Paper Tigers Part Deux.
  9. https://www.bardown.com/tyreek-hill-was-trolled-about-his-height-after-not-making-most-rec-td-in-nfl-history-under-5-9-list-1.1565511 I'm not 100% sold that he is 5'10 BTW.
  10. My guess is with one of the two first picks Ballard takes a position not LT or DE. Could be Wr, TE, CB, S, etc. And in true Ballard fashion I expect a not flashy trade at some point.
  11. Well I will say this as a Colt fan, I personally witnessed Darren Sproles and while he was incredibly unique; I do think there will be great football players who outplay their measurements. IMO Moore has the potential to do so.
  12. Was Ballard still with KC when they took T. Hill?
  13. I absolutely love the player. I have followed him for years and I don't follow college ball. His character and work ethic are the selling points for me. Whoever picks him up is getting a great football player!
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