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  1. I wasn't judging him... I was pointing out that Reggie Wayne did not light it up his rookie year at all. If anything I believe Pittman will do much better than Reggie did as a rook.
  2. In TYs prime Belichick doubled him. I am not seeing that now. Yes he has had mostly CB1 coverage but he played better when he was younger. That said Rivers has always favored possession receivers over speed guys.
  3. People probably said the same or worse about reggie wayne his rookie year
  4. He looks great but I have reservations about competition level and playing style. If he tries to run that often in the NFL he will have a shortened career most likely. Yes in today's game more QBs are duel threats than before but it remains to be seen how long of a career these new guys will have. Taking on punishment only advances the likelihood of retirement. See Andrew Luck...
  5. Whether or not Jacoby wants to be a starter, which obviously he does football players are very competitive... what else could he say? No one is going to say they are content riding the pine. He will go to who ever pays him the most, regardless of being promised a starting role. If the colts pay him competitively I'm sure he would gladly enter a 2 way quarterback battle with Eason.
  6. Start throwing the ball deep more often. Teams are covering everything short. The only way to get them to stop is being more aggressive down field. Either Rivers can or can't.... If he cant then it was a poor signing. I feel like he can still hit a 40-50 yd pass. Do what all quarterbacks with less than stellar arms do! Work the middle. Outside throws without a ton of zip are begging to get picked. Especially if you dont make them cover down field. JB had a similar downfall.
  7. What are the odds of a player getting infected and dying? 1 in a million? Less...? If something like that happened that would be nightmarish... Yet players have died playing this game before the pandemic and likely will after. If I played I would have a similar mentality as Kirk Cousins. I know how this forum views this whole subject but we are talking about athletes getting paid millions to play an inherently dangerous game.
  8. Does he have pre existing conditions? I thought his opt out was not due to medical issues.
  9. Half the people on Mt Rushmore were slave owners... Schools named after Washington and Jefferson have already had pressure to rename.
  10. Pretty sure this was not his first time trying to get traded. I may be wrong but thought I read this last year as well. Yeah that's pretty steep. I could see a two or possibly two 2nds, maybe a 1 and 3.
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