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  1. Half the people on Mt Rushmore were slave owners... Schools named after Washington and Jefferson have already had pressure to rename.
  2. Pretty sure this was not his first time trying to get traded. I may be wrong but thought I read this last year as well. Yeah that's pretty steep. I could see a two or possibly two 2nds, maybe a 1 and 3.
  3. Beggars can't be choosers. That said I agree that the Colts should be considered a step up over the Jets. I'd love to have him, preferably for a 2nd or less. I don't know what seven teams he would welcome but him demanding a trade this often doesn't do much to raise his value.
  4. The 2013 Broncos had the best offense in history
  5. I hope one day people can leave color, race, and creed out of how they identify themselves and eachother. Travesty hits everyone no matter how you self identify. Obviously some cops are bad apples but saying we need to change without a solution is asinine. We know there are problems in the world. Let's focus on solutions rather than obsessing about our problems.
  6. Someone lock this thread... at the very least move it off of Colts football.... Police brutality = bad Racism= bad Riots and looting = bad Golden rule= good
  7. I'd say Kenny moore, jack doyle, Ryan kelly. All have been here for years and have produced without all the recognition. That said Walker is definitely on my list as well, same for Hines...
  8. Agreed both games were among the loudest ever in Indy in my experience. Probably depends on the section you are in. One thing though is that monday night game colts dominated the whole game, which kept the crowd in it. The championship game we gave them a big lead by halftime and had to fight our way back. After the Pat's game I didn't get my voice back for over a week. Imo the Pitt game was louder start to finish, and it did start the theory that they pumped in noise. I personally saw zero evidence of such nonsense.
  9. I was at the Pat's game that sent us to the super bowl as well. That monday night game vs Pitt was louder. For LOS that game was great but the Rca dome was built for more noise comparatively.
  10. Nice to hear of a another true 12th man. Who knows I may have seen you from a distance because I always took notice of most attendees sitting and could spot the lone soilders in their sections yelling like my father and I.
  11. Couldn't agree more... at Lucas oil my father and I have been asked several times by fans behind us to not stand up and yell. Admittedly we both did on pretty much every defensive snap. It was fairly typical for the majority of fans to only stand and yell on defense late in the game on a critical third down. In our opinion it was not being a real 12th man. Lucas oil is too comfy. The RCA dome was a lot of bleacher seating which people would also bang on for more noise than LOS could dream of.
  12. Yes and the crowd was loud the whole game after that. Probably the best I have ever heard the crowd. Too bad we lost to them later that year in the playoffs.... Honestly colts fans at the stadium are far too quiet except on the occasional crucial third down.
  13. I was at that game vs the steelers. Trust me no artificial noise was pumped in. The Rca dome is pressurized. It was a monday night game in an undefeated streak. Crowd was about as pumped as I had ever seen. This is coming from a former season ticket holder of 15 years btw...
  14. Reads more like a thread on prison reform and gun rights than about colts football. Not to say those aren't fun topics but I dont see much about the game here.
  15. This all sounds very political and not football related...
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