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  1. coltsfan_canada

    Colts fans around the World

    Ontario Canada Rarely watch repeat but dont mind watching highlights.
  2. coltsfan_canada

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    But they are the best Apples and Oranges to have
  3. Collie or 04 Stokley
  4. coltsfan_canada

    Marlon Mack Highlights

    Love this kid he even had one good run against KC also which was missing in the video I think for 20 yards. As other poster said Him, Hines and Wilkins are not bad to have.
  5. coltsfan_canada

    As much as I love Vinny....

    Game over
  6. coltsfan_canada

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    I agree with previous poster and I think we are set for RB position and it is not a major need Mack, Wilkin, and Hines all are very good. I would not mind a service backup big back but I can live with what we got. Let them Monsters grow
  7. coltsfan_canada

    A Look Back at the Last Colts Playoff Team (2014)

    I thought Maniac break the record for most tackle set by D'Qwell Jackson I guess I was wrong Out of this list only player I really liked was Mike Adam
  8. coltsfan_canada

    Props to coach Reich

    He reminded the player where the media had ranked us in preseason. Great coach awesome team. Go Colts Maniac break the record for most tackles for colts in a season. I think should be DROY
  9. coltsfan_canada

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    Well if these coaches are chosen by McDummy, and CB supporting the hire even after * bail out who knows these coaches will not leave but like others said let them get their feet wet and prepare a playoff game to prove their value
  10. coltsfan_canada

    Why the penalty on Matt Adams Sunday?

    I think NFL is trying really hard to control the outcome of game, and make it like NBA. I mean you never know when there will be offensive holding which does not seem to be get called whenever we are putting pressure. Hooker call was totally bogus how the defender can twist his body to avoid "Contact" or Adam call when he hit the guy on shoulder it is not like either cases they force or push their helmet into the player.
  11. coltsfan_canada

    Enjoy it while it lasts

    I still think he got it we won by 3, and thanks to Mr. Vinatieri for 54 yarder
  12. coltsfan_canada

    Andrew Luck: AFC Offensive Player of the Month

    Congrats Mr. Luck
  13. You remember the year we won the super bowl. We had the worse run defense in the whole NFL and Jamal Charles I believe had the MVP type season yet we force them and all other teams to lowest running yard in post season and won the Super Bowl So who knows if that happen, and we meet offensive team like KC who knows what can happen
  14. coltsfan_canada

    All Colts PFF Grades

    Good is better than Above average? if so.. Tight End Jack Doyle 74.3 (#8 TE) Above Average Eric Ebron 68.7 (#23 TE) Above Average Mo Alie-Cox 80.0 (Unranked) Good <<<<<< Erik Swoope 84.3 (Unranked) Good <<<<< Ryan Hewitt 55.9 (Unranked) Average