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  1. Texans be like TY is back ohh shiiii
  2. Then missed PAT n goes to overtime lol
  3. What do u think about Reich? Last year Rivers came with the baggage of most INT thrown but with Colts he played amazing. Similarly this year Wentz not sure what other has to say on this forum but I think he is the best Colts got in the offseason who is young also, and also has not thrown much INT except that shovel pass to INT. So Is Reich great coach for QB? Poor Play caller?
  4. Last year I remember someone called him Blankenship I wonder he was named that for missing FG well I guess this loss is on him and Defense
  5. Well streak ended for Indianapolis COLTS 120-0 after having 16 points points lead last time we lost was in Baltimore Colts and finally we have the pleasure to hold that loss in Indianapolis also
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