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  1. 11 wins AFC South Jags & Texans sweep 3rd seed Lose in AFC Title
  2. if they do with the squad including QB they have then they deserve to be in the prime time.
  3. Our top 2 picks Buckner & Taylor
  4. Love the trailer, hopefully movie is better than trailer. Let's go
  5. wow he is running for his life during all these highlights, and WR are not helping him either with so many drops. I feel behind our OL, and little coaching by Rivers and Reich he will be good.
  6. oh u did not get the memo just trying to find a reason to beat the PITS by the way
  7. By them you mean Steelers right because we got Chiefs even with Brissett and we got Steelers killer in Rivers so lets go for Superbowl Colts
  8. In canada they are strict with social distance n Ontario has a fine starting at $750
  9. Love this kid he might be #4 or #5 WR in the team, but I think he is very good run blocker. Check all the highlights of Marlon Mack 2019 highlights more than 60% of the time u hear Pascal name in the highlights video.
  10. Move to Indy ERA... When I moved to Indy from Dubai then learnt there is a game called football which is not played by foot well except kicking and punting. Friend of mine father used to work for city, and we used to get tickets for Pacers and Colts game, and well rest is history. Go On the other note I missed the games from DOME man were those games loud.
  11. All of them nice rookies. Bobby Ben Rock Khari Thanks for the video
  12. Added to Bucketlist. Wants the colts to win SB again is #1 in Bucketlist lets see what gets done first.
  13. Lol was born in Dubai and raised there move to Canada in last 10 years only. Never had PIGS in my life either
  14. Sorry but never had pancakes in my life
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