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  1. Not sure about 2022 but I think 2023 it will be Arch Manning
  2. I understand the OP concern but Brady I am sure has achieved something during his tenure with NE, and I believe is a HOF, and been solid for where he was drafted. Don't take it wrong I have no love for the guy, but not surprised that he is getting all the media attention vs River or Teddy or CAM or Mariota etc.
  3. Whats the cap space after DeForest? Around $48M so, QB and hopefully a WR or CB
  4. Good win I dont understand Nate earlier in the season when Myles was out Jakar played some great mins and energy I want to see more of him and Goga
  5. Nice way to honor Kobe on scoring 81 points on Raps what Kobe did on them.
  6. Played cricket all my life came to US and love the football which at first was confusing that why it is called football when they use hands to pass the ball around except PUNT or KICK which is very small part of the game unless JB is ur QB then ur using feet a lot to punt. ok ok just kidding. However I would not like the game to be more fast paced as XFL or CFL love the way it is.
  7. KC game 2013, Best memory of Luck with the best OL specially the center. Joke aside Luck was really in a beast mode that game just awesome.
  8. Nice inbound play by our coach? 2 seconds left, and we are giving an inbound pass to Sabonis.
  9. People are blaming Vic for messing the rythm guess what he did not even play? Poor I wonder if I have faith in McMillan
  10. We should have beaten the C-raptor team. Up by 10 points and lose the game. Pathetic
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