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  1. yeah easy to remember "Can you please call Mr. Nate in the office please?"
  2. He does get a lot of PI or holding calls which does not show in stat sheet but I do think he has regressed
  3. 2 years ago we are down by a score and Mr. Doyle fumbled against Cincy and we lost the game.
  4. With offense improves I think 17 - 2 (SUPERBOWL) and Rivers MVP
  5. Then what happen to such well coached teams? other team D adjust or we are slow in adjusting
  6. seems like we have no problem getting TD on opening drives after that I don't know what happens?
  7. oh boy what was the colts D doing here? chopping woods maybe but agree would love Taylor to be like this smasher
  8. Exactly with Blackmon coming off injury I thought he was probably not available till Week 6 or so. Same reaction was surprised to see him out. Great game by him stud player.
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