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  1. so how did the off season spending did well for colts? 1. Funchess 2. Justin Houston <<< Guy is a beast 3. Hoyer the Destroyer 4. Jacoby Brissett. I am sure there are more so how did we do?
  2. Well going to be in Indy Dec 20 for Christmas and New Year from Canada. So, hopefully take my son to his first Colts game against Panthers. After that will turn the lights off since that will be last home game
  3. Well after Colts I want Saints and would love to see PATS vs SAINTS. Who dat?
  4. How can you not like J. Lo. Or a name with Jordan? Lol
  5. Also we need to keep losing to get better pick we cant risk that by giving Kelly a chance. What if he starting winning us the games not only it will make management bad but also risk us out from having top picks lol
  6. Is that adding in the W column or L column??
  7. Injury to JB and missed FG we could easily be UNDEFEATED team right now But we are not.
  8. You can't crumble the pancakes Nelson is cooking.
  9. 1. Brissett 2. Brissett 3. Brissett 4. Watson - Foles - Tannehill (3 way tie)
  10. I think you are wrong about future. We are 6-5 with missing FGs, and missing QB for 2 game, and WR missing a lot of games, and TE who is #1 in drops. We have the most cash available to spend in the FA, and good drafts don't forget WASHINGTON Rd 2. Based on CB draft track record, I am happy where we are given the situation where we could be with out QB retiring in preseason.
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