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  1. Would love to have Watson but will be happy with Stafford and should be set for next 5 to 6 years if no major injury to him. Also Carr is not bad of a choice but again rather than Carr I would rather roll with Eason for a year to see worse come worse with Eason we might end up having highest draft picks next year
  2. Thanks again Let's see what CB gets us in off season or do we ride with JB?
  3. We have Le'Raven Clark and Chaz Green, we will be OK not sure if QB will be
  4. Lol loved it specially PITTS resting their players, can enjoy more rest
  5. Yep then watch Nelson and Darius and Buckner getting traded for bag of peanuts.
  6. Lost to them and stop them from getting Lawrence
  7. If and only if Bills / Steelers / Bengals have anything to play for?
  8. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Colts nation in down south. Stay safe
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