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  1. Only if we are good n not injured due to Covid etc like last year game against TN. All ur non colts friends then message n says ur team reallu sucks which we know ain't.
  2. Indy era Trent Richardson Robert Mathis vs Jeff Saturday hmmmm I think Mathis
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-jersey-numbers-odell-beckham-jr-stefon-diggs-among-20-big-names-who-could-make-switch-under-new-rule/ LB Darius Leonard (Colts) Current number: 53 Potential new number: 10 Before he became an NFL tackle machine, Leonard rocked 10 at South Carolina State and in high school. He's also early enough into his pro career that he could still build his legacy around his original number.
  4. Cosmi or Darisaw but if Wentz suck hopefully Arch Manning
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