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  1. coltsfan_canada

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    36 TD ~ 11 INT
  2. coltsfan_canada

    Top 10 Current Colts

    I like Castonzo but the guy had so many boooo moments last year but again hopefully with other better cast around him we see him the top 10 kind. Andrew Luck TY Hilton Adam Vinatieri Jabaal Sheard Clayton Geathers Quenton Nelson *R Rigoberto Sanchez Malik Hooker Al Woods Anthony Castonzo I really wanted Simon over Nelson but with scheme changed not sure how effective would he be? Also Kelly there but injury from last year hopefully is back Anyways GO COLTS!! Love from Canada Come on NFL starts the season already well not really let us enjoy FIFA
  3. coltsfan_canada

    Ed Dodds named Assistant General Manager

    CB job is in danger
  4. coltsfan_canada

    Top 11 Colts of All-Time (

    Robert Mathis Adam Vinatieri ??
  5. coltsfan_canada

    Harrison and Wayne make top 10 list for 2000s WRs

    Marvin is #1
  6. coltsfan_canada

    1 Offensive Player and 1 Defensive Player

  7. coltsfan_canada

    Quantity vs Quality

    Exactly quantity translates into quality unless you are J.R. Smith from Cavs team (then quantity can't help you). Lol !!!
  8. coltsfan_canada

    Polian/Dungy vs Ballard/Reich defense

    During Manusky era all we did was Blitz then we went from that to No Blitz to 2 ~ 3 Blitz a game. Let's hope we have some good pass rushers in those rookies that will be game changing.
  9. coltsfan_canada

    Realistic expectations for the 2018 Colts

    I don't know I have a positive feelings with going with even JB. I think last year he was not that bad even though he was thrown out there too quick. But with improved Line, Coaching staff (I hope so), I think we can be even 9 - 7 with JB. With healthy Andrew well 11 - 5 Remember a lot of the games we lost were in 2nd half. Pacers were last in ranking last year before season in the whole NBA, and ended it at 5th in the EAST. So, never know ANY GIVEN SUNDAY
  10. Lol exactly I thought which DL did what?
  11. coltsfan_canada

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    You never know another team of Indiana (Pacers) was marked as bottom feeders and were suppose to win max 30 games, and people mad at trade. Look what happen to that media ate their words. They gave run to LeBron and his cavs. So, I am very positive that this colts team can win more or less any given Sunday. Let's hope for the best
  12. coltsfan_canada

    Marlon Mack Underwent Shoulder Surgery on Torn Labrum

    Maybe he does not have to throw the ball just messing with u
  13. I am not a raptors fan after getting my team knocked out I will have to cheer for raptors now to beat Cavs. I really hope Derozan does not go cold like the way he usually does in playoffs he had a wonderful first round, and with van vleet back in rotation, hopefully they can pull out a winner but i highly doubt they will though. Boston & Phi is gonna be a great series and hopefully Phi makes it out really want to see how cavs does again that shooting team. West 2nd round is boring no competition, but conf finals is gonna be crazy HOU vs GSW wow...
  14. coltsfan_canada

    Grade the picks!

    Nelson - A+ Leonard - B- Smith - B+ Turay - B- Lewis - C I really love the CAIN pick. Amazing pick Overall not a bad draft cover all the needs except CB
  15. Thanks bro I had my old account but for some reason facebook login does not work so had to make new account. Boston is hard to beat but sixers is much better team overall