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  1. 66-21. This defense made Matt Ryan and Atlanta look like gang busters and they are horrendous. It's painful to watch how bad this Defense is.
  2. So after almost 2 weeks of disbelief and heart break I finally decided to accept reality and remove my Luck Desktop Wallpaper and add my new favorite QB, Jacoby Brissett. However, much to my dismay, there is no love for Jacoby in the Wallpaper section. Why? Please get us a Desktop Wallpaper for our new QB. Thanks,
  3. I am back and I will say this. The new website has now been up for 3 months. 3 months and this thing is still a steaming pile of dog crap. How in the world any sane person thinks this is normal business is beyond me. This is the worst implementation of a website I have ever seen. I used to come here daily. You can see I complained 6 weeks ago and still no desktops pics. No way to maneuver fluidly. No friendly drop downs for PC users just a mish mash of garbage and links designed to work with a tablet. It looks like someone who knows absolutely nothing about designing a website designed it and then went crap, a ton of stuff does not work. Let's just leave this big steaming pile on the internet and hope people don't find out we are as incompetent a development crew as there is. And trust me when I tell you I should know. I have only helped launch web based application for 15 years. Crap like this would never pass muster where I am from, but then again we do not use our clients as beta testers the way the Colts do. I will come back in 2 more months but I do not expect much. It is clear no one on the development staff has any clue how to design and implement a website. The sad part is you had an amazing website that actually functioned. This one is garbage. If it is the same pile in 2 moths I will never return to Colts.com. ESPN, sad as it is, is a far superior website. I guess I will get my Colts info there. At least it actually works.
  4. One last thing. There's a reason why we have Mobile versions of websites and we have desktop versions and the 2 shall not meet because when they do the desktop people always get the shaft. And we got the shaft once again at Colts.com.
  5. Why in the world would you even launch this? Beta is not even a good word. Half the stuff isn''t there or working. Oh yea. Just like Microsoft we are the testers. Unreal. I am done with the website. To put a piece of you know what out like this shows total incompetence on the part of the faculty at colts.com. You should be ashamed.
  6. Why yes it is. About the only thing functional or easy on the entire new design. Its awful.
  7. Just because it is happening doesn't make it a good design. It's actually a terrible design for tablets and desktops.
  8. First of all how do I get to the desktop wallpapers now? 2nd. Horrible minimal design. Things that were once at your fingertips and a click away are hidden or impossible to find or you have to drill through multiple menus. Absolutely awful. I have an idea. Let's send all web designers back to school. Somewhere along the line they forgot how to make a good looking and functional web site. The new colts.com is not functional, at least it doesn't function very well, actually it is awful at function, and the design is horrible. 1 first page just scrolls and scrolls. Menus are so poorly designed it is unreal. Fans menu used have a nice hover drop down and I could get to anything in a heartbeat. This site is pure garbage. My 10 year old could have designed a better looking more functional website. It's horrrid. I will stop now.
  9. We have a winner. More things that are bad. Top Menus used be a quick link to the Message Boards. No longer. Now you need to hit the 3 dots, Fans, and wait on a page to load and then Message Boards or scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. I will give it this. It uses the new modern basic look like all newer web pages. I hate it. Looks like a 3 year old designed it because they couldn't think of a better way. More clicks to do the same task, bulky design where the Home page seems to scroll forever until you reach the bottom. Looks awful, but then again I hate all new sites designed for Mobile. I think they all look awful. Sorry, but Colts.com is no exception. It is plane and ugly. Font is ugly all over the place. Sorry. It does not appeal to me. The previous site was nice. This is not, but it is what it is. It's the new style and I hate it but I cannot control it. So I will live with it.
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