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  1. I agree totally. Luck was classless. Giving Brissett all that money was stupid and Hoyer? Really? Yes. The QB situation after Luck has been handled atrociously. Not poorly. But awful.
  2. I am sorry but I have to say this. Why are we moving a thread about the Colts draft to another thread? This forum name is Colts Football and it says "All things Colts football". It does not say "All things Colts football except Draft, Scouting, and Free Agency talk." Always amazes me when something like this is moved. It was where it belonged. Period. Quit messing with stuff. No reason to move. This whole website has went straight downhill since the change. No more desktop wallpapers unless you want them on a stupid phone or tablet. Horrible navigation. Awful desktop wallpapers. Basically I don't come here much since it has been ruined, but when I do and see this I wonder what the heck are you all thinking who work on this? Its an awful website and has been ruined.
  3. This is coaching. Period. When Luck retires we have no pressure to win. Coaches pull off 5-2 and beat KC. Now they are expected to win. They go 1-6. Today. No pressure. Can't make playoffs. Lo and behold. They look like they did at 5-2. Reich flat out can't coach at all. Has no clue how to manage. He's lost if there is any pressure or meaning to game. This game made me mad and it should every Colts fan. It should also worry u about the Colts future. This is it with Reich. Mediocre. Good when no pressure. As today. Butt cheeks clinched tight when something on the line. He's awful under pressure.
  4. 66-21. This defense made Matt Ryan and Atlanta look like gang busters and they are horrendous. It's painful to watch how bad this Defense is.
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