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  1. I don't agree with the idea of an alternative song proposed as well but then the other thread posts got either merged with the George Floyd thread or got closed where I had voiced the same. However, let us keep this thread about Washington. The rest can be lumped into the George Floyd thread, for moderation sake.
  2. The only thing I know is Redskinned mashed potatoes. Nothing offensive there.
  3. Isn't Ohio's state flower the Red Carnation? Just call it Cleveland Carnations and call it a day. Or use Drew Carey show "Cleveland Rocks" as the name? Cleveland Rocks coming to town to play the Yankees, haha!!!
  4. I’m looking at the rest of the month of July anxiously since the death count surge lags the case count surge by a few weeks. If the rest of July is OK, it might give us some hope for a semi-normal locker room and possibility of football, IMO
  5. Sammy Watkins, Chris Jones etc. bye bye after 2020. Those won't be killers, their OL that played with their head on a swivel during their SB run will not be intact sooner than later, IMO. THAT will be the killer.
  6. @Colt92 - please reach out to @Valpo2004 and @SteelCityColt for participation in the Joe's league and you can go from there. Thanks!!
  7. Assuming, we will have a 2020 NFL season, just wanted to find out who is in and who is not from this list: This was the final 12 carrying over to the 2020 NFL season, let me know if everyone on this list is still in for this year's Colts Elite League season: @Virtuoso80 @Rich Cannon @Juanjo @Bluefire4 @IndyD4U @spoonfish @chad72 (COMMISH and defending champ) @Chucklez @onebad150 @Btown_Colt @Korey (new to the league this year) @Statiik82 (new to the league this year) Thanks.
  8. Philip Rivers and the passing offense, and our pass rush are my 2 biggest question marks/key factors for this year. If either of them click, we are a division contender. If both click, we are an AFC contender.
  9. Man, I was hoping for some bulletin board material from the media with #21 ranking or something. We’ll have to win without it now.
  10. This is why I asked you to go to the GF thread but since you brought up this very topic, I had posted an article to typical questions brought up in relation to racial discrimination, one of which is the bolded one above. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/11/19/the-real-secret-to-asian-american-success-was-not-education/
  11. I am not sure what pre-dispositions people may have about you as a poster but this post of yours deserves a lot of likes!!!
  12. Yep, wasn’t there a movie where Brendan Fraser starred in about anti-Semitism? I am certain Anti-Semitic opinions still exist today. We’re all flawed and have to learn to overcome several biases in life as we grow older. 25 years ago, when I moved to this country, I had the same view of Blacks as some people here, as a person of color without knowing any better. I now know the truth is in the middle but am exhausted trying to convince people to meet in the middle, to be honest, it’s always a yeah but.., conversation with people stuck on the extremes with the narratives they grew up with or are unaware of the holes in them. When I became a US citizen, I remember my co-worker telling me you get the good with the bad history of the US as a new citizen and am realizing he is right.
  13. Oh yeah, Charles Barkley has talked about it, it’s a real thing too. It boils down to respect and trust being established with time, without divisive steps taken, one of which is this “alternative anthem”. If I’m calling out divisive words from the POTUS, it’s only fair I call this idea divisive as well, I’ll leave it at that.
  14. Not the right thread for it, go check out the numerous pages in the George Floyd thread. It’s not something that’s decided in one paragraph or one thread or even one day. But that thread should give you an idea at least of the reality that’s a divided America.
  15. To be honest, most people are inclined to be kind and friendly, I’d like to think that. However, there’s an ugly systemic side that still needs to be addressed. It just needs to be done with a common sense approach without every suggestion and idea being played out in public evoking unnecessary emotions. For all that we know, none of these might be the finally agreed upon idea.
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