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  1. Two teams that have two first round picks off the top of my head are Oakland (for Khalil Mack from Bears), and Packers (from Saints for drafting Davenport). So, our game vs Oakland could end up being some twisted tie-breaker of some sorts. If Oakland does slightly better than us and is in the Top 10, there is a chance if they pick behind us a couple of spots that we can move down and gain picks. I can see them wanting Nick Bosa badly enough.
  2. So do you like the line up I have?
  3. Any thoughts??? Only apprehension is playing 2 RBs on Thursday night. Btw, since I was going to drop Royce Freeman, I traded him and Goodwin for Kenyan Drake and Dede Westbrook (who I will drop anyways since I am deep at wide out). Do I play Hyde over Lindsay?
  4. Bears' run D is much better than KC's run D, as a sum of all games. Without Mack at 100%, Brady throws for more passing TDs than Dalton throws, I feel. Outside Fuller, Bears' secondary is very much beatable. Plus, I pointed this out before, teams coming off the bye week, you would think they would be better rested defensively and do better but it has been the opposite. Panthers let the "juggernaut" Giants put up 31 points, Redskins let the Saints put up 48 points, Bucs let the Falcons put up 34 points (they were bad as long as they had Mike Smith), and the Bears gave up 31 points. Then the Redskins and Panthers sorted things out defensively in a Redskins 23-17 win the next game. So I expect the Bears to limit Brady a bit at home but the Patriots to limit Trubisky as well. But since Mack is not 100% and the fact that Joe Mixon will help exploit the KC run D that is far more swiss cheese than the Bears' run D, I'd go with Brady. Dalton will throw for more yards and Brady will throw more passing TDs, that is what I expect. Similarly, I expect the Lions' and Saints' D to give up plenty of points coming off their bye week.
  5. chad72

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    Ryan Grant (former 5th rounder) did well enough with the Redskins with Kirk Cousins at the helm, I personally thought he'd do better. Eric Ebron was nearly not as productive with the Lions. Once on the Colts, Ebron and Grant have flipped the script. The Grant risk has backfired on Ballard clearly. There was probably a reason the Ravens jumped on the Crabtree bandwagon and backed out of the Ryan Grant contract.
  6. chad72

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    Tell me if you knew who Marques Valdez Scantling was, prior to this year. He was a late 5th round pick, and Geronimo Allison was an UDFA. Not that different from UDFAs Chester Rogers and Zach Pascal. The only difference is that they can catch. Whether it is WR coaching or the QB demanding much more, there is an underlying problem of accountability with the WRs that the drops keep happening game after game.
  7. In the above standard league, I need to start 5 from my RBs/WRs, I am leaning towards the following: RBs: David Johnson, Carlos Hyde, James White, Philip Lindsay, Royce Freeman WRs: Davante Adams (bye), Tyler Boyd, Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Doug Baldwin (bye), Marquise Goodwin Thoughts??
  8. chad72

    Top 5 draft Pick in 2019

    We don't need it in Round 1. There will be plenty of good skill position players on Day 2 that will be better than the non-TY guys we have.
  9. Actually, with stunts, communication with the center and blitzes all responsibilities by playing inside as guard, playing tackle might be easier at the pro level than guard if you have the athleticism and not NFL strength yet. There is a reason why experienced guards are paid well where they have seen more variations playing inside, communicate well and have NFL strength. I feel that is why Braden Smith is doing better at tackle. If this is a feel out period, let him play out the season at RT, and we can find out if he is our future at RT.
  10. Not sure why they kept insisting on playing Braden Smith at guard again. Sometimes, you go with the flow of how a player responds to a specific position until it doesn't work anymore.
  11. My first gut tells me to sit Landry mainly because Mayfield is banged up and that whole WR corps is banged up for the Browns that it might be easy to double team and take Landry out. Plus, Mike Smith is not DC of Bucs any more, and since you have options, you can feel out the new defense of the Bucs in the meanwhile.
  12. chad72

    Interesting Read About The Receivers

    They are not catching with their hands or coming back to the ball with their hands, and are letting it hit their bodies. Rogers is the biggest culprit, and Hines' drops are also attributed to the same. They don't seem to execute the difference between using the body for the shield while using your hands for the catch, and end up using the body for both the shield and the catch. Concentration lapses plus poor technique across the board is what I see. Who is our WRs coach? Edit: found it -
  13. Just saw that Bills are starting Derek Anderson and not Nathan Peterman. I guess they had enough of Nathan Peterman turning it over, I guess.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  14. I need to drop 1 player, who do I drop in this 10-team standard league at work? RBs: David Johnson, Carlos Hyde, James White, Philip Lindsay, Royce Freeman WRs: Davante Adams, Tyler Boyd, Kenny Golladay, Calvin Ridley, Doug Baldwin, Marquise Goodwin I am leaning towards the bolded.