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  1. chad72

    Big Grover doin Work

    Neither was I. I would have liked to see him play that UT role as well.
  2. chad72

    Big Grover doin Work

    I agree. Until we can find that 3 down UT that plays the run well and pushes the pocket by beating 1-on-1s he will get from guards or centers most likely, we will have to play it situationally. Is it just me or do teams not do no-huddle as much as they used to before? You do find more passing on 1st and 2nd downs plus more passing from shotgun and spread formations nowadays but not as much no-huddle. This would allow us to substitute situationally at least. However, we do have to develop that 3 down UT for that 1 or 2 teams that may run the no huddle or adapt fast with A-gap blitzing from LBs to free up the DL from double teams, should we encounter much.
  3. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2018

    The biggest rules most may want to re-visit are: I. WAIVER RULES - My proposal is continuous rolling waivers till week 7 and then move it to reset weekly based on rankings the rest of the way once rankings shape up a little more defined. II. PLATFORM: I would like for a change. Any other rules we want to re-visit? Thoughts??? I would like to wrap the rules discussion by the end of July. Thanks.
  4. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Here were some rule changes suggested last year and the results of their voting: 1. There will be a one day waiting period for waivers (Change from 2 days) (Y/N) Y 2. There will be no waiting period after trade is finalized (Change from 1 day (i think)) (Y/N) Y 3. Choose one of these 3 drafting order options: B a. Team owners will get to pick their preferred draft spot starting with team #12 and working back to #1. b. The draft order will be randomized upon league creation and draft order will be visible to all owners. c. The draft order will be randomized 15min before the draft begins. 4. Choose one of these 3 platform's to play on this season (NFL.COM / ESPN / YAHOO) NFL.COM 5. Change the WR/RB flex position to WR/RB/TE. (Y/N) Y 6. Waivers will reset weekly based on ranking (Change from continuous rolling) (Y/N) Y 7. The standings tiebreaker will be points scored (Change from Head2Head) (Y/N) Y 8. Next season we will have keepers (the details can be hashed out later) (Y/N) N Below are the non-default settings for this league finalized last year: 1. IR spot on the roster 2. Passing TD are 6 points 3. #1 plays #6 in the playoffs (Manual Intervention Needed) 4. TE position is now WR/TE 5. WR/RB position is now WR/RB/TE 5. Playoffs Week 14/15 Champ 16 6. Trade Review - League Votes 7. D/ST gets 1 point for every 50 return yards 8. Waiting period for waivers is 1 day 9. The draft order is randomized upon league creation and draft order is visible to all owners 10. Waivers reset weekly based on ranking 11. The standings tiebreaker is points scored
  5. The participants (minus one non-confirmation) to the Colts Forum elite league currently are: 1. Broosters @buccolts (confirmed) 2. God Hates Jags @HOFClipboardHolder (confirmed) 3. Out of Bounds @crazycolt1 (confirmed) 4. Kanye East @Rich Cannon (champion) - not confirmed 5. AxeIF @chad72 - confirmed 6. VU Cru @Valpo2004 - confirmed 7. Bluefire4 @Bluefire4 - confirmed 8. IndyD4U @IndyD4U - confirmed 9. Spoonfish @spoonfish - confirmed 10. SteelCityColt @SteelCityColt - confirmed 11. @Virtuoso80 - confirmed 12. @Juanjo - confirmed Can you all PM me your e-mail ids so that I can send invites to all of you? But first, we might want to decide where we would do the league -, or Chime in your thoughts for rules we want to re-visit in this thread.
  6. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Other than @Rich Cannon, everyone else has responded with an affirmative. If we are talking about rules, I will start a new thread Fantasy Football 2018 soon for the same.
  7. Yeah, I don't think the temperatures will be an issue. The culture shock for the people of Qatar will be the issue (or) the culture shock for visitors will be the true issue. Women not wearing hijabs and people consuming alcohol will require "cordoned-off environments or areas" like they do for Americans in Saudi Arabia for reducing clashes that can boil tensions. That should be THE #1 concern, IMO.
  8. If Luck's arm falls off, we know where he will start as QB next. j/k
  9. chad72

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Not many have grown up seeing CaddyShack
  10. Plus, the guards are being required to be better athletes to pull faster and even move like tackles on screens, and paid as such. So, I can see why Ballard saw athleticism as a trait to key in on for our Round 2 guard pick, Braden Smith.
  11. chad72

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium
  12. France vs Croatia in the World Cup final, who would have thought? It is France's World Cup to lose, IMO. They had been touted as one of the favorites coming in, will be an interesting final. Lots of heart in Croatia. But then, Sepp Blatter took lots of money and colluded with UEFA chief Michele Platini (French star player in the past) to get the 2018 World Cup to Russia, and both have been banned for bribes they took for 6 years. Now, it is Russia's turn to pay back, World Cup champs France. I expect France to get calls or non-calls in their favor like they did vs Belgium, which was not a well officiated game, IMO, the first semi-final. The second semi-final, Croatia was supposed to be the more tired team after two OT and PK games in a row but they out hustled and beat England to the ball far more and that was eventually a factor. England's D was lackadaisical with its horrendous back passes and lack of hustle.
  13. Expectations are set up based on pre-tournament form that they have displayed. But then, one of the pre-tournament favorites Germany crashed and burned in the group stages. The 20 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight national teams. Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. The other World Cup winners are Germany and Italy, with four titles each; Argentina and inaugural winner Uruguay, with two titles each; and England, France, and Spain, with one title each. However, the last 8 World Cups have seen 6 different winners, with only Brazil and Germany winning twice. So the tide could be changing with quality depth, IMO. If England, Croatia or Belgium win, it would make 7 different winners in the last 9 World Cups.
  14. There is also a defender that missed Brazil's game that was a key part of their D doing well so far: Belgium just has more firepower with all their best players being one of the best in the English Premier League. That is why they are called the golden generation. It is now or never for Belgium, and that is how they are playing. Brazil does not have the quality depth that Belgium has, kind of like the Colts under Polian, an injury to a key player and they cannot go far in the playoffs.
  15. WC 2018 Quarter Finalist Amazing Facts: FRANCE has 6 letters & URUGUAY has 7 letters BRAZIL has 6 letters & BELGIUM has 7 letters SWEDEN has 6 letters & ENGLAND has 7 letters RUSSIA has 6 letters & CROATIA has 7 letters Dates : 6 & 7 July Does that mean the teams with 6 letters - France and Brazil win on the 6th and the teams with 7 letters - England and Croatia win on the 7th? Destiny???