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  1. Never say never, if a TE like Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri (6’5”, 260, 4.6 40 speed), that is a very good receiving prospect, drops to Day 3 (round 4 or later) or say you like him with your 3rd round pick, you obviously have to consider it. Given how much Reich uses his TEs, I don't think you can ignore talent if it is there staring at you on the board. Remember, Eagles had both Ertz and Burton on their roster, and now have Ertz and Dallas Goedert on their roster. Ebron may or may not produce at the same level next year, and receiving TEs are more of a premium than blocking TEs, that go undrafted all the time in the current NFL.
  2. I have a friend’s son, who I took to the Bengals game when I won tickets on the forum. He told me Colts have been 0-3 whenever he’s attended games. My only goal is to make sure he doesn’t make it to the game.
  3. chad72

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    Like Peyton said, alluding to Marino "you cannot defend the perfect throw ". In this case, you cannot defend the perfect throw and route.
  4. There is a reason Luck is not rushing too much this year. Not sustainable rushing for 50-100 yards every game as a QB if you want to play 10-15 years.
  5. Looks like Justin Jackson got decent production, thanks to that TD. Otherwise, I thought Newsome ran just as well.
  6. chad72

    1,000 Yards Passing KC vs. LAC Tonight ??

    True. But the Ravens are the type of blitzing team like the Rex Ryan days to give Rivers and the Chargers fits. I have a feeling Ravens will take down the Chargers. But what a game, regardless!!! Chiefs, if they beat the Seahawks, have the Raiders left on the board. It is always hard to beat Seattle in Seattle but if they pull it off, the #1 seed is theirs. The #6 seed in the AFC can beat the Texans, hopefully it is the Colts. I'd rather have the Chiefs stay at the #1 spot where the Colts match up well vs the Chiefs and let the Chargers and Patriots to duke it out. The AFC playoffs is ALWAYS better with the Ravens and Chargers in it. Here is to the Steelers for blowing it on Sunday. About the 1000 plus yards of passing, Rivers is the kind of QB who methodically drives down the field. Mahomes, after his initial success, teams are playing safeties deep, to force him to methodically drive down as well. Bosa and Ingram back forces teams to get rid of the ball quickly. So, I never expected anything close to 700 yards.
  7. We might need bigger LBs on hand for run downs vs this team. They do not do no huddle as much, hence we will have plenty of chances to swap players. Once we put them on a trail path, we can get back our lighter LBs across the board.
  8. chad72

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    Good observations!!! That is why we should keep them honest with the run. Running out of shotgun with/without draw plays may not be a bad idea for a few occasions, IMO. Having Ryan Kelly would be huge for us.
  9. chad72

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    I should remind folks that the Seahawks, in their 2013 SB winning year, at Lucas Oil Stadium, started off 12-0 and then Luck got going and we won 34-28. Siranni and Luck script their first 15 plays to see how the OL is doing, what their DL is doing etc. and sometimes, it leads to points and sometimes it does not. Matt Nagy does, lots of OCs do as well. Saints were 3-14 vs the Bucs on the road and ended up winning 28-14. The first quarter is typically a feel out period and there will always be a play or two in those scripted plays, that will lead to a good chunk of yardage that could result in a FG or TD. Regardless, nothing to get carried away by, success or failure in the first quarter.
  10. The biggest reason the Cowboys have been held back, more than Dak, is their play calling with Linehan, IMO. As long as he is OC, they are not the kind to take advantage of mismatches like with a Sean Payton or Josh McDaniels or Doug Pederson or Sean McVay (insert any good offensive mind including Reich). It is a big reason they do not hit their ceiling during games. Hopefully, this is not the game Linehan schemes out of his mind.
  11. I wouldn't trust Anthony Lynn, to be honest. I started Justin Jackson against the worst run D in the Bengals last week and I am out of the playoffs. He might end up giving enough carries to Newsome or someone else to mess up the RBC. Right now, Gordon is questionable but they say the field conditions in KC are not the greatest and makes you wonder if the Chargers are going to chance it. We know KC is sitting Ware and playing Damien Williams. You have to wait till a game-time decision is made, that is the update.
  12. Rams D vs Foles is a better option, IMO, as I doubt Rodgers will have his head in the sand like Goff, playing in cold weather. Plus, it is a 1 pm ET game in Chicago, unlike the colder night game for Goff. Other than that, everything looks good.
  13. chad72

    Colts might play in London 2019

    The Chargers did play the Saints in 2008 in London, if I remember right. But then, Mexico City was probably not in the plans. After this year's fiasco, maybe they get the field right so that they don't lose revenue again. However, that is a trip that might be better than a trip to London, if you ask me, in terms of jet lag etc. However, the home field advantage for the Chargers could be significant there, more so than their own home stadium.
  14. chad72

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    First time playing Dak though, right?