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  1. No one showed up for the draft randomization GoToMeeting. Waited 10 minutes and decided to go ahead and do it myself. After randomizing 3 times, this is the draft order I ended with: @Btown_Colt @chad72 @Rich Cannon @IndyD4U @Juanjo @spoonfish @onebad150 @Chucklez @SteelCityColt @Virtuoso80 @Valpo2004 @Bluefire4 I have updated the draft order in the nfl.com league, you can verify that it matches what I posted above. Please make sure you show up for the actual live draft on August 31st, 2019 at 11 am ET. Happy mocking with this order in mind!!!
  2. He'll throw the pancakes, just need some syrup on it.
  3. Just sent a link for a GoToMeeting to all league members in case you are interested, to witness the 3 random sortings of team names to establish draft order at 11 am ET this Saturday, August 17th, 2019. You can join that link and see me there, it will take only about 2 minutes of your time once 11 am kicks in.
  4. I like the OL depth we have, and it can dwindle on a moment's notice if last year's injuries to Ryan Kelly and Castanzo are an indication, so I wouldn't personally deal any OL. Our WRs - we need every single one of them to get through pre-season. If we cut them and someone picks them up, so be it but we have to see their development through pre-season with a 2nd year in the system for most of them to retain the best among them because we will be playing some real good offensive teams and 3 former MVPs in one division (NFC South). Hairston was a Pagano era pick, Quincy Wilson - I can see that too if the price is right. CB seems to be the logical choice. Get a 3-technique or NT in exchange for a CB, I am fine with that.
  5. On my first day of missed practice, my true love gave to me... . . . . . . . . . . On my 12th day of missed practice....<fill in the blanks> So, does that mean I expect No.12 to miss 12 practices?
  6. With Luck's calf off to a rocky start, don't be surprised if we carry 3 QBs, and that 3rd QB will most definitely be Kelly, IMO.
  7. Yep. The checkdown RB will be a good outlet if the first line of defense, the OL, fails. If the OL fails too often, screens and checkdowns become less effective.
  8. Just saw this on Cleveland Browns twitter:
  9. Exactly!!! Any antenna should allow your TV mode on your TV to be tuned to the over the air channels. That is the mode I go to any time Brighthouse Networks (Spectrum now) or any other over the air channels have an issue with cable/satellite providers resulting in no channel televised for a brief period of time. Lots of the over-the-air channels you get via antenna transmit in HD, at least 720 p for the most part, there is that too.
  10. Jonathan Williams for RB4??? Will that be a surprise?
  11. I will send you a guys an invite for a GoToMeeting in the next week or so where I will randomly sort the team names 3 times to establish a draft order and let it known a couple of weeks prior to the draft. That should help you do mocks with that order in mind. Thanks.
  12. To accomodate the guys in Europe and the guys in the US, we will go with August 31st, 11 am ET on a Saturday. Have your hungry man breakfast and coffee, and be ready.
  13. I agree. If it is a mandatory TE league, Kelce is as good as a WR2 at worst and WR1 at best. Murray's legs could eat into DJ's running since he is more mobile than any other QBs they have had. He will have the same impact Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton have on their RBs, IMO. Plus, I have not seen any WOW from any of their off season O-line moves, so I feel like they will be playing from behind and Murray will be getting sacked or running around. Until I see the Cardinals improve their O-line, I cannot retain DJ over Kelce confidently in a keeper league.
  14. That is why Sony Michel is going to be squeezed out of whatever he can provide by Belichick, while in his rookie contract.
  15. Why on earth is Spain 6 hrs ahead of US ET, while London that is slightly in line with it, is only 5 hrs ahead? I never understood that. They never changed since the World War II days when they aligned with Nazi Germany, is that right?
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