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  1. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Final draft order after randomization (Spoonfish and Broosters/Buccolts were present): Virtuoso80 God Hates Jags SteelCityColt Bluefire Squad Kanye East IndyD4U Virutas Spanish Team Broosters Out of Bounds AxelF Spoonfish VU Cru
  2. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Please don't forget - randomizing happens at 7 pm
  3. chad72

    Front Four Looks

    This would be deja vu, wouldn't it, from the Dungy days? Let us hope we don't relive that again. Ravens' power blocking schemes for their runs and our DL performance should give us an idea in pre-season game 2 as to how we do.
  4. chad72

    Denver-Minnesota (8-11-18)

    There is a case of taking Foles for granted after the Falcons kept the Eagles to a low scoring game the previous playoff game, I will give you that it could have been a case of a letdown with the Minnesota D, they thought they'd roll probably. However, something changed and the receivers kept getting open, the zones were more flooded, very much like what we saw in the SB. It was like Foles was more confident, the OL more confident, they controlled tempo and everything from that point onwards (NFCCG onwards) on offense. That is why I felt coaching was a big part in the efficiency of the offense improving with Foles at the helm. However, the margin getting lop sided probably was the D having a letdown and not taking the Eagles offense seriously at that point. Most of us fans did not till that point.
  5. chad72

    Stock Up, Stock Down - Kevin Bowen

    Happy to hear about Smith, we will see against a good Ravens front on Monday. Turay and Lewis, I hope they pick it up as the year goes on. We will badly need them at least on the depth front.
  6. Jaguars first. When was the last time we swept the Jaguars, even when Luck was healthy? 2014 was the last year. With Luck healthy, we lost to them in 2015, 2016 and got swept by them in 2017 without Luck. They are the most balanced team and we are not balanced enough to make Bortles matter enough, that is the sad part. On the contrary, he has played consistently well against us, more than other QBs in our division. These are not the Jaguars of 3 years ago, so the division goes through the Jaguars, IMO. Titans, actually might benefit from the change in coaching and might be a force to be reckoned with but until the "on paper" hype is proved on the field, they will be behind the Jaguars. Texans, as many TDs as Watson threw, he threw plenty of INTs too, and that cost them games. Ultimately, if it is about the Ws and Ls, the Texans are still learning to win, IMO.
  7. chad72

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    AFC South might be in the SB, I am thinking.
  8. chad72

    Denver-Minnesota (8-11-18)

    Perfect storm of Doug Pederson's play calling for Foles' strengths, less film on Foles' tendencies with the new schemes and OL of Eagles gelling real well took everyone by surprise. Much like when Jim Caldwell was made OC and the Ravens shuffled their OL big time and suddenly that wall gave Flacco all sorts of time for their SB run. That is why coaching shines the most in a one game playoff elimination system, whether it is the NCAA March Madness or NFL or any level that has such a system. Their ability to make remarkable adjustments to give their teams an advantage or nullify another great coach's strengths can be the small difference in games between elite teams that are mostly of similar talent. It matters more the further you go into the playoffs, especially conference championships and SB stages.
  9. It would be different if they filled just a void to get us over the hump or something. We just have too many voids that we are better off figuring which voids get closed up with player development as the year goes on. We are far from a division contender, let alone a SB contender and that plays into FA decisions as well, IMO.
  10. chad72

    Fantasy Football 2018 League

    Exactly!!! I just need a couple of folks to be there to ensure a transparent process and the draft order presented to the group indeed did happen due to randomization.
  11. I'd like to see more of Fountain showcased the next few games with the #1 offense. Oliver can get lost behind the OL at times, from what I have seen in the past, and that has helped him with making a few shoot-the-gap runs. Yes, he is a one cut runner, like others have alluded to.
  12. Hate to agree with this but I have to. The only way we can make ourselves a better destination is with us winning more games with Luck healthy, fingers crossed.
  13. chad72

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    I need to see what the starting DL does in pre-season games 2 and 3. Skai and Darius are going to need to be protected to an extent by the DL in run D. A lot of LBs can be drag down tacklers (cough Pat Angerer), folks that show up near the ball after most of the yardage is gained, but there are few that read the play fast enough to shoot gaps before the OL has had a chance to release from the DL or stop the RB as soon as he hits the gap. Since that can only come with time, the DL protecting the LBs has to happen to afford that luxury of time with this young D. Taking right gaps most of the time (no Clint Session or Gilbert Gardner memories, please), not easily sucked into play action by maintaining a level of depth and making the occasional shoot-the-gap play is what I will be looking forward to. It all starts with our big DL uglies in the front, and the LBs will benefit with the ripple effect. I am not ready to crown or disparage anyone yet.
  14. chad72

    Injury update: Marlon Mack

    Stinks, hamstring injury for a guy who relies on speed in space and bouncing outside cannot be a good thing. Turbin suspended, and if Mack is out for a regular season game or two, Luck is throwing a lot the first few games and Ballard is scouring cuts for an RB.
  15. chad72

    Yahoo Fantasy football

    The Joe's league should have spots open, from what I know. Colt92 should be able to hook you up, you guys are right on time for that.