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  1. WFT on 3...1,2,3...wth, what were we supposed to say?
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jaguars-gardner-minshew-has-multiple-injuries-in-right-thumb-making-week-9-status-uncertain-per-report/
  3. Say it with me, Fireman Ed, J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets... In other words, if you fire Adam Gase, there is a chance I am willing to come to your team. Otherwise, all bets are off. I commend Joe Burrow for doing what he has been doing so far, same with Justin Herbert, going to a bad team but still producing even if they do not result in team Ws.
  4. Saints are up against the cap mortgaging picks trying to help an aging QB, why? They know their window is short. Elway and the Broncos pursued Talib, T J Ward, DeMarcus Ware during the home stretch of Peyton, why? The window they knew was short. They still kept their core like Von Miller re-signed but without elite QB play, they are either in purgatory or a non-factor. If our window with any aging QB (Rivers or even if we sign Rodgers) is short, you have to be more aggressive while the young elite ones in their prime (Nelson, Buckner, Leonard, Kelly) are still dominant. Just my tho
  5. You pay the elite players and make them part of your core but if the QB becomes part of your core, that affects the rest. It also means your window with those elite players might be the next 2-3 years like the Cowboys O-line, can't stay dominant and healthy while playing at that high level for long. So, you maximize the window with free agency additions while not losing sight of the fact that the franchise QB may not intersect with the prime of the OL, Buckner and Leonard.
  6. The question is, are draft picks valuable beyond a point when you are closer to knocking on the door of a SB? Look at what the Eagles and Rams gave up for Wentz and Goff. Ballard, the only time he involved a first rounder in a trade was for a proven commodity, obviously a no brainer since he knew the history and production of the player involved. But to get a QB that is not a proven commodity, you have to take risks. Would you then give up 2nd and/or 3rd rounders for other proven marquee players if you feel they can help your team? That is what the Seahawks did - give up a Frank C
  7. Should have kept Jimmy G. They wanted to make Brady happy and Kraft and BB obliged, I guess.
  8. I swear Brady voodoo is real , same thing happens to Raiders OL before Bucs game
  9. I'd rather get a pass rusher for the 2nd rounder. Then, with good pass rushers, you don't need an elite secondary, just a good one with good draft picks, IMO.
  10. Seahawks have a 2nd rounder to give, they might do that. Detroit Lions might jump in too with Matt Patricia's familiarity with the Patriots and having lot of ex-Patriots like Amendola etc. on their roster.
  11. Packers were seriously inquiring about Will Fuller, I heard. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/28/report-packers-among-teams-interested-in-trade-for-texans-wr-will-fuller/
  12. Then, the other question is, if Ballard gets all the groceries we need (say a WR, pass rusher and OT in the draft and/or free agency) and our offense still is not up to Top 10 in the league and the wins don't come, what is the point where you start thinking about other head coaches? I'd have to say 2021 is as far as Ballard will go with Reich if Reich does not at least have 1 division title to his name. Is that a fair thing to say? That would be 4 years out of his 5 year contract.
  13. I'd rather take Julian Edelman, who will thrive in this offense for a 6th rounder, a huge return on an undrafted wide out for them. He can at least separate in the slot. Can't hurt to ask, can it? He is a tough dude who plays through injuries, would love to have him here.
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