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  1. chad72

    Adam Humphries

    Word is that Todd Monken, the Browns' new OC that called plays for the Bucs, likes and has a lot of familiarity with Adam Humphries and Humphries is predicted to go to the Browns by virtue of that connection. It is still about the money but I feel this is a likely spot.
  2. chad72

    Reich's offense

    Having that 2nd guy outside to stretch the D to allow Inman and the TEs to wreak havoc underneath will enable us to play against any style of secondary - man or zone, IMO. The screens will be better with better blocking from WRs and TEs too, IMO. The YAC does not necessarily have to come from screens, it can come from picks across the field too and a little up field blocking. The stretch play, and the ability to run it on 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 4 and not be predictable in those down and distances with passing primarily will also help.
  3. In the current NFL, OCs and head coaches are good at scheming against a basic front four rush that more than occasional blitzing is going to be a frequent occurrence to generate pressure with enough DBs/LBs being able to play man coverage. In other words, picking late in the first round, we will have to settle for someone very good in one trait instead of being a jack of all trades. If Margus Hunt could have a revival in his pass rush and be "good enough" on the run D front with his length, Tillery will give Eberflus more to work with from a base talent that can be coached up, IMO. A couple of good reads about defensive line play I read recently, thought I'd share since I know you like such stuff: Vic Fangio had the 49ers humming with Willis and Bowman, plus Justin Smith and Aldon Smith who were both Top 7 picks. Both the Smiths were 6'4" and so is Suh and Michael Bennett. It seems like if your only goal is to do 1-gap penetration over the course of a game, and not worry about anything else, power and short stature with quickness help like in the case of Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins, both 6'1", Warren Sapp was close to that too. OL guys hate powerful and quick guys like Donald and Atkins, over the course of a game because the taller guy will eventually play high as the game goes on and gets tired giving the advantage to the shorter quicker guy with leverage but then the taller guy's arms helps him through traffic with ball carriers, taller guy needs to be in a quality rotation it feels like. I am not sure what parameters Eberflus will assign for his DL w.r.t stunts, twists, length, run D and pass rush, we will have to wait and see, Tillery, Willis and Dre' Mont Jones all have pad level questions. Fun times speculating!!!
  4. The true question is how many of those teams will operate on a "win now" mode as opposed to wait a year for the right college QB. That reduces the need from a "desperate need" to "can wait a year need", IMO.
  5. chad72

    Adam Humphries

    I think we need a receiver like John Brown to stretch the field opposite to T.Y. and let Inman play underneath more along with the TEs making our offense more dangerous. Then, we can develop guys like Deon Cain and get a WR from the draft for contested catches with upside. However, he is like a T.Y. clone and if we need YAC, we need to go after Golden Tate or Humphries, who are more of the YAC wide outs.
  6. He is the best rated interior pass rusher in college, not overall DL but just on the pass rush front. I also like Gerald Willis III from Miami for the interior pass rush.
  7. If not Xavien Howard, I'd be OK with Robert Quinn too.
  9. His injury, the torn quad tendon, is a big reason why the Chargers are not picking up his option. Its not the guy from a few years ago we would be signing if we signed him after he passes his physical. His potential as a 3-technique was a big talking point when he was drafted, so I am sure he will fit in that role fine, just not sure how good he will be.
  10. chad72

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    A few things Flacco does do better is his TD-INT ratio, and he doesn't throw floaters, they have more zip, even on his back shoulder throws. He was truly not asked to stretch the field as much as a Raven even though he had the arm, IMO. Keenum does bring more on the QB legs aspect but Keenum throws picks that are field position flippers, something Flacco does not do nearly as much as Keenum does.
  11. chad72

    TE Group

    Yeah, Enron "shreds" defenses in the passing game. Sorry, had to bring up the "shredding of evidence" by Enron. I hate auto-correct too.
  12. chad72

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    At best, this is like moving a seat in coach class, not like moving from coach to first class.
  13. Thats why I said “if they felt Brissett could win as much as Keemun”, suggesting it’s a wash. The 2 extra picks - if the first one starts at a fourth and the second one is a fifth, we get 2 picks, Keenum’s contract and Keemun for Brissett, right? I still wouldn’t do it straight up without Keemun agreeing to extending it as a 3 year deal with salary reduction. Thats what any team acquiring Keenum would want to do first, word is Shurmur and Giants maybe interested if Keenum does such an extension, say 3 years at $5 mil. each. Then the picks and giving up Brissett would be worth it. Brissett actually stood in there vs pressure better than Keenum who had a tendency to throw more picks under pressure, from the limited I saw of Keenum. I’d take Brissett’s sacks over Keenum’s INTs.
  14. I definitely agree with your evaluation. That is why I always felt our LB corp is not as stout as people think it is, outside Leonard. Competition is a good thing. It does not mean we are giving up on Walker, just that if there are better options out there, we cannot hold ourselves back from exploring them.