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  1. CMC, CEH, Chubb, Hunt, Carson, Barkley, All 49ers RBs, Dalvin Cook, are just a list of few marquee RBs that have missed games and many more. Ballard knows he doesn’t need to unload Mack unless he gets a 5th or better since he knows this team can’t afford a JT injury if Mack is gone.
  2. Maybe they’re promoting Darqueze Dennard or Josh Jones from the PS and paying them a little extra??? Or a trade happening before November 2nd??
  3. TY must have said “I’ll do TB12 therapy in the off season”, and they said, OK, we’ll push the money into the future like TB with you.
  4. RDT Malik McDowell (Browns) WR Christian Kirk (Cardinals) SS Jaquiski Tartt All of these will fit our offense and defense very well. Like Ballard brought in Trey Burton for a year, I am with @bertjones7 to get Njoku or Howard on a 1 year deal that Ballard likes to do. Most likely, it will be Howard because I don't see Njoku without the injury history of Howard, doing a 1 year deal. Maybe a 2 year deal like he did with Ebron would fit Njoku, IMO.
  5. For a backup, absolutely agree, Cam Newton would be far better than anyone you can find at this moment. We would have to tailor the offense for any backup anyways, IMO. Might as well be someone who has the big arm and can keep Ds honest with his legs. He gives more than SE with his legs and can throw much farther than SE, he might flourish with taller wideouts due to his inaccuracies but we have the tall guys to get the job done. Heck, both Luck and Wentz threw high and I'd be fine with Cam holding the fort for a few games because that is all he would be brought in for.
  6. Hey, Cam Newton is available, AND he just got vaccinated.
  7. If we lose our first rounder, the ROI will be great with a WR as it has been with WRs drafted in Day 1 and Day 2 of the drafts the last 2 years. We need a playmaker there badly. I don't think a quality LT will be available that late but the chances of a very good WR being there are greater and same with a corner too. Erik Ezukanma of Texas Tech, David Bell of Purdue, and Zay Flowers of Boston College, all excellent prospects for Round 2-3, IMO, that would boost the skill level of our pass catching corps. What do you folks think of Alec Pierce of Cincinnati for WR?
  8. If we don't win the division, I would like another shot at the Ravens in a #2 vs #7 matchup, or even better hope the Chargers win the division and are the #3 seed, we matchup really well with our running game against them as a #6 seed that we can hope for. Let us see if it happens.
  9. Ultimately it is up to the floor that our O, D and ST provide. IF we can rely on Wentz to give us 25 plus points against good Ds and 30 plus points against average Ds consistently AND our D to limit average offenses to less than 20 points and good/elite Os to less than 30 points, we will have a good floor. I know, a BIG IF. The problem is the inconsistency, they don't bring it across games, and heck even within the same game. That has to be attributed to coaching, IMO, since the personnel is mostly the same but the adjustments are not made well, that is what it tells me.
  10. 1 game at a time. If we lose to SF, my hopes will tank because it would leave no room for error whatsoever the rest of the way and that is when I will use the term "impossible".
  11. The Chiefs are not out of it yet, IMO, after seeing the Chargers lay an egg vs the Ravens. I see the Top 4 in the AFC as Bills, Ravens, Chargers/Chiefs, and Titans with the Chargers/Chiefs at #5, then the Steelers/Raiders/Colts/Patriots/Bengals fighting for the last 2 spots when it is all said and done.
  12. I didn't know they sat Basham and Epenesa this game, showed up in the pass rush or lack of for the Bills.
  13. It was not a co-incidence that we won more close games when we had AV for a kicker and/or Luck as a QB that could make plays with his legs and arm. Those guys were the last true "finishers" we had, IMO.
  14. You make your luck. Vrabel learned from Belichick you play the whole 60 minutes. Look how Belichick and the Patriots played the Cowboys, they make you play 60 minutes. Make the plays to win it at the end when you can. We blow a FG, lose vs the Ravens. They make a 4th down stop, beat the Bills.
  15. Just like last year. Bills lose a close one before the bye week. Last year on a Hopkins Hail Mary, this year on a failed 4th down.
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