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  1. Looks good. I have one for you - Matt Breida vs Rams or Damien Williams vs Houston for flex in half PPR league?
  2. This is my biggest beef with the drafting too, lack of beef in the middle. I understand not everything can be addressed via the draft, so I hope we augment the middle a little more via FA or the draft the coming off season. As far as the OP, thanks for taking the effort. Most of us probably are worried only what the Colts did with our picks as to what the other teams did with our traded picks, but your research is appreciated.
  3. The 49ers lost their FB Kyle Juszczyk for 4-6 weeks. Their run game production always gets hurt when he’s out. Just like when Pats lose James Devlin for the year for between the tackles running. You can go ahead and check the numbers with and without him, it’s significant from what I saw on ESPN.
  4. My league let JuJu drop to his jersey spot no.19 in a 12 team league, so I got Thomas at No.6 in a half PPR league and JuJu at No.19 and got Carson, Ingram, Engram and Ekeler from rounds 3-6. They hate me already for scoring with Ekeler, if only Big Ben wasn’t done for the year, I’d have made out like a bandit with JuJu. I still feel he’ll turn it around. Now I got LeVeon Bell too for the stretch.
  5. I got LeVeon Bell now in my trade, Austin Ekeler is gone now. 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 FLEX (WR/RB/TE) - Half PPR Mark Ingram, Chris Carson, Michael Thomas, JuJu Smith Schuster, LeVeon Bell, Will Dissly, Evan Engram (will not play), Adrian Peterson, Darrell Williams I feel like this is the only game Adrian Peterson will be worth anything with 20 plus carries, IMO. 5-0, I am sinking or swimming with Adrian Peterson as my 2nd Flex with the thought process that he gives me the same at least as Will Dissly. @Narcosys @Jared Cisneros @CR91
  6. What about Chad Kelly, the swag? If he is on the roster, we don't need another QB given that Hoyer is signed for another 2 years.
  7. Sounds like a guy we knew, Pierre Garcon. :)
  8. Eric Ebron is like the boom or bust fantasy player who you don't know what you can get. Cox and Doyle are the steady high floor guys that will give you a better consistency, IMO. If Ebron is going to continue to be inconsistent, I think he becomes replaceable through the draft. I'd frankly dial up more passing plays for Cox and Doyle, to see how well we can do with Ebron on the field. I have a feeling we might be just fine.
  9. He does have a good schedule coming up. The true question is, will Josh Allen's QB ability limit him? They pretty much play 1-on-1 against his wide outs and he still throws picks with low accuracy.
  10. You can never have enough coverage backers, IMO. Okereke, Walker and Leonard, and after them, we could use Bucannon for healthy competition and might have a quality replacement for injuries too, IMO, if the coaches feel he is up to the task for our scheme.
  11. In that case, go with your gut and start him. No one is rolling double coverage to Ridley though, but they are towards Julio. That is what NFL.COM also says here, to start Gallup: http://www.nfl.com/fantasyfootball/story/0ap3000001063828/article/start-em-sit-em-week-6-wide-receivers?icampaign=fantasy_editorial-dropdown-startemsitem-widereceivers Like the Seahawks, where the primary passing options are Lockett and Dissly, Cooper and Gallup are the primary passing options, no doubt.
  12. He probably feels he can get an elite WR at this point in time after most rosters have stabilized and continue playing 3 RBs. But then, he might dig a hole he may not be able to climb out of. But hey, he would go down knowing he helped no one, even if he did not win. Some folks who are just happy to be there, they will live in fantasy purgatory forever.
  13. Deonne Bucannon was just cut by the Bucs. I think this guy can play a good role in certain packages for us at LB or as a safety. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27806069/bucs-cut-deone-bucannon-amid-youth-movement-lb Thoughts???
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