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  1. Think it might be a better SB then people think though. Pats usually play close SBs. But you got to favor them to pull this out.
  2. Brady is seriously a bad man in the clutch. Mahomes though is unreal, really that kid is amazing.
  3. I had Pats/Rams all year. Proof is on this page lol. But I wasn't really following it closely. I thought the Saints might be taken by Philly instead, this was rather shocking. Pats got this IMO.
  4. My husband is a Pats fan but isn’t as into football as he is with his Red Sox (his big passion is baseball). He already told me to not be suprised if the Pats don’t make it this year.
  5. Won’t be surprised if Eagles dark magic takes down Saints.
  6. I had Rams/Pats most of the year but now I really do not know....it could be anyone.
  7. Never thought I would like a Philly team but I absolutely love Nick Foles....
  8. Thats what my husband said. Foles is bringing his own voodoo powers now to New Orleans. The NFC playoffs has been terrific.
  9. Nick Foles is crazy man....he's "that guy" in big games.
  10. This is fun, now I can start making dinner now while this is on in the background lol.
  11. Yeah got to say that didn't work out well for Houston on that 4th down lol
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