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  1. @2006Coltsbestever Husband agrees with you, he thinks the Lakers can be A LOT better then I think. So I am being outnumbered here. Lakers might be good. That was actually our conversation this morning too during breakfast, Lakers analysis...... The thing is with Boston fans they hate the Lakers as much as they hate the Yankees. Okay maybe not as much, Yankees top everything. But Celtics/Lakers is a historical rivalry too. Oh and yeah Jimmy Butler went ape butt nuts at practice yesterday. Y'all don't want him.
  2. I wish I was as high on you with the Lakers. I just sometimes scratch my head Lebron went there unless it was for better weather and to make the family happy. It's a strange strange group there. I admit Ingram and Kuzma are good though. My feelings on the Warriors is this and I will talk about it with you later in June if it happens. IF we do get Warriors/Celtics.....and if the series goes 6/7. I am taking Boston to steal it. And then Durant I could even see joining up with Lebron since those two are close. I swear, I got this strange vision in my head of Durant on the Lakers that I keep thinking about. I literally can't get it out of my head that Kevin Durant is headed to the Lakers next year. Raptors scare me but who the hell is their new coach anyway. Nick Nurse? Okay....... I got to get to bed but I leave you all with this if you miss Lance.
  3. Regardless, I am still picking Celtics/Warriors too and been feeling it for a while. As long as they got Irving to make those big shots they need in the end. I can't trust those others at times to come through with their chucking. Just hope Hayward can become his old self again sometime this season. And that guy over thinks and is soooo serious. He needs to loosen up.
  4. DAMN, you got those Lakers doing better then I thought. I am truly not that high on that team around Lebron right now, but I think Lebron will as usual make them all better and go on a big MVP run. I just got to see more of the Lakers with Lebron to believe it? I can't doubt Lebron though. Pacers might be able to move up in standings but it's tough to say? The east is so confusing!!!!! It's going to be a blast though with Lebron finally gone. I think it will be a tough postseason, more teams will believe now. I will say this about Boston, Brad Stevens has literally lit up the Celtics in the last few weeks due to lousy showings in preseason and telling them they aren't as good as they think they are. And Marcus Smart and JR Smith almost killed each other in preseason. Most of this was not directed at Irving since he rested the final two preseason games and Hayward didn't play the last one either. I am going to Celtics/Sixers next week and I am still nervous over Gordon Hayward. He still is not completely there yet. He admits his mind is not there yet, so much to get comfortable with. He has not found his shot yet. Gordon is going to make me nervous for a while I think....... Kyrie though, Kyrie looks AMAZING. I mean that infection he had in his knee must have been serious since he even looks healthier in his face. He's got the mini fro going on now and committed long term to the Celtics recently in public, so he seems to be more mature this year and happier. I am expecting a big big year from Irving, just worried about Gordon...but it might take longer there. I am also worried about a sophomore slump for Jayson Tatum. Believe it or not, my husband has a Celtics friend who has the Pacers finishing second in the east. Raptors though will be fascinating since Kawhi Leonard if he gives a crap and tries hard is an absolute beast. Problem is, I still can't always trust Toronto. But I won't be suprised if the Celtics lose in Toronto next week in game 2. I think Boston wins over Philly. Kawhi Leonard though, he could be a potential problem....we'll see. Weird weird dude though. Philly remains to be seen too since Ben Simmons still can't shoot well. Will be interesting if Boston uses the same game postseason plan vs. them and tosses Baynes on Embiid and Smart on Simmons. As for the Warriors, they are golden as usual and perfect. But will FA distractions hit them? Durant has not committed.....I think Klay said he wants to stay.
  5. Astros are going to be brutal though, this series feels almost like the real World Series to me. I will go look at your NBA picks.
  6. Thank God, anything after this is gravy now. For the sanity of my husband this had to happen. Now he can sleep better for the rest of the week. The Red Sox/Yankees rivarly is HUGE. Like enormous. This HAD to happen. I am starting to get positive tingles concerning the Red Sox though.....
  7. Yep that and the Red Sox also have a pretty good history of plenty of gag jobs. Maybe this year is different though? Time will tell and soon! I can safely say for most Red Sox fans the #1 goal is not to lose to the Yankees.
  8. Red Sox SMASHING the Yankees. My husband is on cloud nine. This is beyond his wildest imagination. Well they are a good team though right? Last game was a stinker but everyone I know who is a Sox fan complains about Price.
  9. Red Sox smashing up the Yankees=extremely happy husband. 

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah this is embarrassing for the Yankees and their fans. 16-1 :facepalm:

    2. Jules


      lmao the place emptied early.


      But it's not over yet sadly. I mean the series.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      The odds are with the Sox now big time though.

  10. Sorry about the Cubs. My husband is already in a panic due to the Yankees. I mentioned a month or two ago how he has been a Red Sox fan his whole life. I guess this rivalry brings up a lot of bad memories and yes bar fights in Boston/NYC.
  11. Jules

    Final Play Call

    I am in the minority on this too, but I didn't like it. My gut said it was the wrong move at the time and still does. I get the logic of going for it but it was bad timing. I don't like handing a division rival a win, especially at home when fan interest likely isn't as high as it used to be either. Also, the Texans didn't even deserve a nice fat win after letting the Colts come back that way in the game. And the Colts IMO deserved to come out of the game with "something" after a big comeback and a big game by Luck. I don't know, it just felt a bit rushed and desperate to me at the time. If it was a team like the Pats you give them the benefit of the doubt, they have a history to fall back on. This Colts team does not get that benefit of the doubt yet. Lastly I also hate the OT rules too. And it is what it is now......we took the loss.
  12. Jules

    Pats vs Lions

    And who the heck thinks they can beat the Bills now? Good win today!
  13. Jules

    Pats vs Lions

    Pats got the Dolphins next. Then Colts.
  14. Jules

    Pats vs Lions

    I been watching casually, not really hardcore into it yet this year. The team who has the vibes and looks so far overall the most I like is the Rams.
  15. Jules

    Pats vs Lions

    Yeah we've had this on a bit and then going to bed. Man the Pats look BAD. The funny thing is, my husband and I had tickets for Pats/Colts but we sold them and we agreed instead to end up splurging for opening night Celtics/Sixers now instead. I NEED to see Gordon Hayward's first real intro in Boston..... I almost feel guilty for giving up those tickets, but I am not sure even what to expect from Pats and Colts anymore. I think the Pats lack play makers on both sides of the ball, period.