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  1. Red Sox BURNED Kershaw, I almost "almost" felt sorry for him. I admit I have become a baseball fan and you may at times have a new person here to chime in from time to time. . Dare I say it......football is my third sport now? I have not been into football as much at all this year, barely. I might for the playoffs but I am just kinda bored. It's not even a Colts thing either, it's just I am having issues following all the teams or getting into it.
  2. Thanks, I am late to the party. And yes did my husband and I party. This might even be the best Red Sox team of all time?
  3. Oops nevermind, I had forgotten the Cubs had to come back from 3-1 to win it. It was sort of a reverse to me at the time with the Cavs getting the 3-1 comeback vs. the Warriors and the Indians blowing the 3-1 lead. Kinda odd. Yeah that was a crazy World Series with Cubs/Indians. I had honestly forgotten. I remember some sort of rain delay in game 7 and everything. And I remember the Cubs being a good pitching team but not as good with scoring? No I don't think Sox fans really feel the heat on this one right now since the Yankees/Astros were more intense. IMO
  4. Maybe they slip up in LA a bit? (it's a long trip) But I don't feel this Dodgers team is in the same realm as the Red Sox at all. I doubt they can win at Fenway. I think in baseball at times it's just often someone's year.......and it's often blatant when it happens lol. Red Sox had that win craziness all season and it just feels like it's their time but that doesn't mean they repeat at all. I am sure when the Cubs did it you felt it coming in a way too.
  5. I am no baseball expert lol, but it seems the Red Sox find ways to score no matter what even if it looks ugly for a while.
  6. It was over before it started, not to sound snobby. No matter what happens in LA I can't see the Red Sox blowing this. I went to Fenway last night with my husband for game 1. We almost froze to death but I never seen a team I felt this destined to win it all in a long time. Fenway is great btw but man SOOOOO old . And the fans, whoa........they go nuts. That was my first time there.
  7. Thanks. This has been pretty exciting. My other half is just on cloud nine and thinks I am bringing good luck since we got married in May. Honestly kinda amazing too, never thought I would be a baseball fan but this was fascinating. Sox lost game 1 and then ripped off FOUR in a row vs. a great Astros team including even Price getting a win. I said after the Yankees series I got the tingles. And after game 4.......can't tell me this isn't a sign it's your year. Just amazing. But really this Red Sox team had it all season. IMO they d
  8. Astros are going to be brutal though, this series feels almost like the real World Series to me. I will go look at your NBA picks.
  9. Thank God, anything after this is gravy now. For the sanity of my husband this had to happen. Now he can sleep better for the rest of the week. The Red Sox/Yankees rivarly is HUGE. Like enormous. This HAD to happen. I am starting to get positive tingles concerning the Red Sox though.....
  10. Yep that and the Red Sox also have a pretty good history of plenty of gag jobs. Maybe this year is different though? Time will tell and soon! I can safely say for most Red Sox fans the #1 goal is not to lose to the Yankees.
  11. Red Sox SMASHING the Yankees. My husband is on cloud nine. This is beyond his wildest imagination. Well they are a good team though right? Last game was a stinker but everyone I know who is a Sox fan complains about Price.
  12. Red Sox smashing up the Yankees=extremely happy husband. 

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah this is embarrassing for the Yankees and their fans. 16-1 :facepalm:

    2. Jules


      lmao the place emptied early.


      But it's not over yet sadly. I mean the series.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      The odds are with the Sox now big time though.

  13. Sorry about the Cubs. My husband is already in a panic due to the Yankees. I mentioned a month or two ago how he has been a Red Sox fan his whole life. I guess this rivalry brings up a lot of bad memories and yes bar fights in Boston/NYC.
  14. Going to Colts/Pats with my husband next month. LOL should I cover my eyes during the game or can an upset happen? Luck looks fine IMO, but Brady is some sort of freak ageless wonder that even makes Lebron James jealous.

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    2. teganslaw


      You mentioned that your husband is a Red Sox fan; is he also a Patriots fan? That would make for an interesting relationship if he were. haha Anyway, enjoy the game and I hope the Colts can pull out a victory. 

    3. Jules


      Yeah I try to hide he is a Boston sports fan here but I think the cat is out of the bag. haha My husband is from Worcester, MA. He's one of the nice ones though and actually likes Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.


      I had told some people a while ago here too I live in New England. We moved here when I was a very young. I was born and raised in Indy though.


      Only team I kept with me from moving was the Colts and I will never give up the Colts. He knows this. haha I kinda like the Pacers but never got hard into them. I only kept the Colts as my childhood team. I have not been to Indy since 2007.


      But with the Patriots, I think it's more like his third team or something. He is more into the Red Sox and Celtics.


      I adopted the Celtics with him last summer and it was real easy. I always was into Brad Stevens going back to his Butler days. We kinda do the Celtics thing together hardcore.


      The first picture he ever saw of me btw was me with a Colts scarf around my neck. It was a pic of me and my cousin Erin. Erin's husband Rich showed Mark (my husband) me and said "You should meet Erin's cousin."

    4. southwest1


      Your husband sounds pretty cool Jules. Did he just say he likes Peyton Manning & Andrew Luck as part of the courtship phase of your relationship though? No guy is completely honest in that phase as we tend to do a number of things to impress our partner or win brownie points vs truly believe what we say at that juncture.


      It's fine. I'm not here to make waves. If he makes you happy, nothing else matters in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the game regardless of the final score. I hope you have good seats.

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