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  1. Based on last season/postseason, the Jaguars. Which just feels unnatural to say out loud lol.
  2. Jules

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    Thanks! SB is in Atlanta, so maybe thats why I am thinking Atlanta? But seriously, I have zero feelings on anyone in the league but when I think "NFL" I keep thinking Falcons. It's odd. Falcons should have beat the Pats a few years ago. It seems every postseason Matt Ryan gets the worst luck. Will he ever get "the year"? Like the breaks finally go his way? Not even about MVP necessarily, but the playoffs..... Vikings are the popular pick though and Rodgers always is. I usually pick Green Bay but sometimes I just flat out want to give up on them. And no I am not feeling the Patriots, 41 year old QB give me a break.......
  3. Jules

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    I have a funny feeling on the Falcons too and I don't know why. I have not researched anything with football this summer or anything, but when I think about the NFL lately the team name that keeps popping up in my gut/mind is "Falcons". Weird, I know........
  4. Hey everyone!!! Been MIA for a while. The wedding was really great with everyone I know :heart:,  honeymoon was in Hawaii and was a blast. What took most of the summer was moving into the new house with my husband Mark, was A LOT of work, still doing stuff. Tons of fun this summer but man has it been HOT off and on, wow. We got two kittens named Buddy and Holly (don't ask lol).

    I hear Andrew Luck is still alive!!!!:rock:Whooo hoooo he lives!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and has had a good summer. Nice to check back in with you all.:kitty:

    The font and stuff here has changed? lol

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    2. Nadine


      Good to see you.  Post pics of the kittens. We had a full on site upgrade while you were gone.  So did colts.com

      Congrats and so glad everything is wonderful with you :)


    3. Jules


      Buddy (he never sits still a lot lol)




      Holly (she is less orange then her brother but more shy too and mommy's girl)








    4. Nadine
  5. Realized I have the same wedding date as the royals on the 19th. I don't pay attention them anymore, but some have told me this. Mine will be better. ;) Really have not watched or did much sports lately, sorry everyone. But I paid attention to who we drafted and score watch at times in basketball/baseball.

    1. southwest1


      Hey there Jules, 


      Nice to hear from you. I hope your wedding plans are progressing smoothly without too much stress. You've got a legitimate excuse for falling behind in NBA & MLB scores etc. 

    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Jules hope you been doing well, you are in a win/win situation regarding the East. Looks like Celtics vs LeBron. We gave LeBron a huge scare, Game 5 was really the main difference in our series. Take care.

    3. Nadine


      Idea for your wedding song 'You can call me queen bee and baby I'll RULE'


  6. I love it, have not paid any attention to the draft, but o line was a must.
  7. No idea on Toronto yet, they got a good home court though. Hell last night the Bruins (with home ice) beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 7 in Boston. But the Bruins (the second seed) struggled badly in Toronto all series long. Same with the Celtics, they always struggle to win IN Toronto and I think the Pacers do too. But in Boston and Indy they have a shot to beat the Raptors or do. Home court is really going to be what the Raptors have to hang their hats on this postseason. Kind of like the 2008 Celtics who sucked on the road but won all the home games. If Lebron does advance and plays Toronto, they call Lebron in Toronto "LeFather." The thing with Philly is the youth factor, this is the first real postseason for Embiid/Simmons. I think those guys are studs though lol. Celtics were 3-1 vs. Philly this season with Kyrie Irving. With Terry Rozier starting that one loss.
  8. If you take the Cavs to 7 do you really want to btw? I almost hope the series just ends to end the agony. With the C's. I know they can't beat Philly, which is why sometimes if they blow this it don't bug me either. I got no doubt if the Bucks don't get stupid they still have a shot. But with Giannis as great as he is, he has not been able to take over the series a la Lebron even though he is labeled as a young Lebron style of player at times. Stevens has done a good job rotating defensive looks at Giannis. Problem is, the Celtics don't have a star offensive player that can take over a series right now, Jaylen Brown has been the closest.
  9. Same thing in Celtics/Bucks though. In game 4, they admitted they didn't call a foul at the end on Jaylen Brown which may have tied the game and taken it to OT and given Boston a 3-1 lead. And in game 5, they ignored an obvious shot clock violation against the Celtics. People act like this is just a Lebron thing, it isn't. Stuff happens in every single series. It's more magnified with Lebron since he is Lebron and the face of the league.
  10. You would have the same anger if you had played Philly. Top 10 jersey sales for this season: CurryLebronKDGiannisKyrieWestbrookPorzingisEmbiidHardenSimmons Only reason Boston has a shot to survive one round is due to home court and the trio of Horford/Brown/Tatum is still pretty good. Pacers were in a rough spot playing Lebron OR Philly. The 5th seed spot is not very good. The league is going to push their biggest selling stars, period.......not much anyone can do about it. I don't get worked up about it all anymore. My C's were done as contenders anyway with both Hayward/Irving being out. They could survive without Hayward, but winning the east dreams were done without Kyrie.
  11. Love is not himself but the Pacers are a bad matchup for the Cavs. I think the Cavs match up better vs Toronto.
  12. This is the worst team I have seen Lebron on since before he left for Miami. The east this year is weaker then I have seen in a long time when Lebron by himself and the young Sixers are faves.
  13. Superstars win in the postseason. Lebron still has it.
  14. Also Lebron having an early exit this year could benefit his health and body for next season IMO. He's 33 years old and played every single game this year, he has never done this before. Good luck guys. IMO I won't really call this series over either until someone wins 4 games since I seen too much crazy stuff in sports until something is officially over.