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  1. Wow...I knew the Colts hadn’t really had much success with Ohio State players but didn’t realize the list was so extensive. I’m not willing to write off Paris just yet but my enthusiasm has waned considerably from when he was first drafted. I’m just hoping he can stay reasonably healthy and see the field this year. Didn’t play or do much last year.
  2. This. It’s put up or shut up time for Tyquan. I’d also give honorable mention to Malik Hooker. Hasn’t lived up to the ball magnet hype thus far. Show and tell time for him as well.
  3. Eason has the higher upside. But Brissett is better suited to play this season if he has to.
  4. Sorry to hear this. Praying for his recovery. I hope he stays off those things going forward.
  5. True stat. He also threw 20 picks and had a mediocre QBR. Also true stats. His QBR was actually on par with Brisette’s even though he threw for more yards. Turnovers bring a player rating down. I understand that not all fans care about QBR. However it shows more of the full picture than just pointing to passing yards. Some QBs rack up passing yards when constantly playing from behind. Rivers did a lot of that last season. Also explains the high interception total. He doesn’t have to try to do it all in Indy. We have horses. Better line and backs.
  6. I hear you. I’m just not confident in Rivers’ passing abilities at age 38. That tape doesn’t exactly get me excited. Lol. We will see though. Hopefully he has more left than I think he does. I’m glad we have a strong line and a talented backfield. That should be our bread and butter with Rivers throwing just enough downfield to keep defenses honest. But not trying to do too much.
  7. I really hope it’s not going to be gunslinger season as the Colts.com caption says. The Colts really need to be focused on running the ball this season. Play to our strengths. Rivers should be complimentary...not the focal point.
  8. Rivers and Brissett are locks barring injury or COVID. Colts have a better chance of stashing Kelly on practice squad and getting away with it than they do with Eason. Eason would likely be claimed by another team on the cheap. That kind of arm and raw talent will draw some attention. No one else really wants Kelly right now as he was hard pressed to get a shot with the Colts. So go with Rivers, Brissett, and Eason. Waive Kelly and roll the dice on signing him to the practice squad. Best chance at retaining all four for this season.
  9. I like the Washington Pigskins. That way they retain their nicknames of “the Skins” and “the Hogs”with a natural play on a nickname for a football.
  10. https://youtu.be/cAeWPpaftM0 I found this pretty funny. Looks like he has found his locker motivational material for the upcoming season.
  11. Yeah...I don’t mean to come off as saying Jackson isn’t worthy of respect until he wins a playoff game. I respect him as a very good and dynamic player in this league. But there is another level of respect that will come when he shows he can lead a team to a win in the playoffs. He doesn’t have that from me yet. I guess I could have worded it better. Lol
  12. I didn’t say win a super bowl...I said he needs to win a playoff game first before I start buying into all the hype around him. He is unproven in the playoffs at this point. He is a very good player. Can he win when it really matters though? So far the answer has been...no. I also expect Baltimore to be favored when they play the Colts. However, I expect that the Colts will win that one. It’s just one of those unexplainable things that we usually find a way to beat that team. I like our chances at home.
  13. Exactly! Peyton and those Colts had to show they could actually win in the playoffs before they could be given their proper respect. So the same standard applies to Lamar. Until then he is just a regular season wonder. I ain’t crowning him...let him earn it. Baltimore is loaded...no excuses.
  14. Why are so many afraid of the Ravens with Lamar Jackson? Colts usually beat the Ravens. This will be akin to our Kansas City win last year. Colts will handle the Ravens similar to how the Titans did in the playoffs last season. Until Jackson can win a playoff game I am not buying into all of their hype. I think the game we are most likely to lose is at Pittsburgh. We always lose there it seems.
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