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  1. Finally...a little bit of good news on the injury front. It’s a shame that Colts fans were deprived of seeing this team at full strength for virtually all of this season. One of our more talented rosters top to bottom (allegedly) and we never really got to see what it looked like at close to full strength.
  2. I believe you are most likely correct. Still...glad they made a move on a young kicker with potential. I remember him from the Monday nighter against Seattle. Hit a 45 yarder at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime but missed a chance to win it game in OT. The game commentator out right said that he choked under the game pressure. But I thought the young guy did alright all things considered.
  3. I fully expect the Colts to continue to try to win games. I also expect that they will not make the playoffs despite that. Despite their best efforts...just too many injuries on the offense to overcome. I also expect that I will console myself by the improved draft positioning that will result from that. So I’m pretty much emotionally insulated in regards to this team for this season.
  4. I’m becoming convinced that the Colts medical staff and trainers are among the worst in the league. This stuff has gone past ridiculous at this point.
  5. As far as Jacoby goes..his play has deteriorated from the first 7 weeks of the season. He doesn’t look to be the long term answer. But let’s not dismiss that his poor play has coincided with a knee injury and resultant brace...limiting his mobility, the absence of T.Y. Hilton and Mack for a significant stretch. As well as the loss of other offensive weapons of late...Ebron, Paris, etc. So while he is not playing well...it’s hard not to be affected by the decimation of our top line offensive options. I don’t think he is as bad as he has looked lately. He isn’t healthy and is missing key offensive weapons. It was going to be a uphill battle for anyone to lead this team to the playoffs with the amount of injuries sustained on the offensive side of the football. It has almost been unbelievable how bad our luck has been in this regard.
  6. Well...I certainly wouldn’t go as far as to call Luck a bust. However, I am very comfortable saying that he is overrated by most Colts fans and that his career was disappointing given the high hopes for Lombardis that accompanied his drafting. The premature ending to his career also lowers his legacy stock. No rings, injuries, short career.
  7. Until the Colts find the right franchise QB...the future is murky. Could be locked into a cycle of 6 to 9 win seasons for awhile. We have been blessed at the quarterback position for almost two decades. Now we are thrown into the lottery with everyone else. It will take great scouting and a fair amount of luck for us to draft and develop another star at the position anytime soon. On another note...the Colts organization has to have perhaps the worst medical & training staff in the league. Injuries decimate this franchise every season it seems. Doctors consistently get time tables wrong. Seemingly small injuries turn into extended time missed or even whole seasons lost. Any advantage that the Colts have from Ballard building a deep overall team roster is nullified by our subpar training and medical staffs and the continuing injury problems that plague this team. We have to have the deepest roster in the league to hopefully finish at .500 due to all the friggin injuries and poor assessments & treatment. Irsay needs to look long and hard into addressing this area before fans can be reasonably optimistic about this team’s chances in the future.
  8. Since Colts won’t make it... The Ravens because they rep Baltimore.
  9. Forgot about that. Bummer. Thanks!
  10. The lights been out bruh. After the loss to Pittsburgh I knew then what was up with these Colts for this season. Just too many key missing players and too many mistakes week after week to be a playoff team this year. We honestly don’t deserve it this season. Back to the drawing board. We need to find ourselves another franchise quarterback. Russell Wilson will hit free agency. Perhaps Ballard needs to come off the money and get him. Russell has accomplished more in his career than Luck and has proven that he can win a Super Bowl with a talented team around him. This team is built to win right now. No time to waste putting all our eggs on a rookie QB who may or may not pan out.
  11. Colts have New Orleans, Carolina and Jacksonville @ Jax left where they usually struggle. Not to mention an away divisional game at Tennessee who has been playing better of late and on the Colts heels. The only tough game left on the Texans schedule is New England. Houston usually fares well against other AFC South teams outside of Indy. Colts likely won’t catch them. 11-5 or 10-6 probably wins the division for Texans.
  12. Yes! I was excited to see Evansville knock off UK...for obvious reasons. Lol Go Devils!
  13. Pats usually let us down when we actually have a reason to root for them to win to help us out. They are good for nothing in the eyes of a Colts fan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose to Houston next week. To be honest...the Colts don’t deserve to make the playoffs with the way they have played.
  14. Hooker was bad today in my opinion. Had a blown coverage that led to an easy touchdown and was out of position and late getting over a lot tonight. Very disappointed in him.
  15. He is forgiven...by me at least. He wanted to be out there and gave it a go but wasn’t his usual self. I appreciate his want to and effort. He is still T.Y. and will be back to his old ways eventually as his health improves.
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