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    Colts fan since the 1980 season watching Curtis Dickey galloping in our backfield.  Saw the last three seasons of the Baltimore Colts.   They will always be Baltimore in my heart because those were the Colts I first knew.  Cried when they left.  Stuck with the Shoe through the move to Indy. And have embraced their new home as well.  As long as they remain the Colts and sport that horse show on the helmet I’d follow them even if they moved to Timbuktu.

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  1. It seems Eason had a very short rope with Ballard. His rookie season is a COVID one with no preseason so he is handcuffed right out the gate. Then he plays most of preseason this year…outplays Ehlinger but is cut after one poor series against the Rams defense. I hope there is more to this behind the scenes that we don’t know. Anyway…I hope Eason gets his break somewhere else if he is done as a Colt. He has talent but needs a franchise with the patience to properly invest in him.
  2. Colts had plenty of chances to beat Ravens but couldn’t get it done. Doyle got the benefit of a bad call on a cheap shot he gave late in the game but Colts couldn’t capitalize to win the game…kick was missed. If you get the refs to give you a break…still got to cash in. Gotta give Titans credit for doing what we didn’t do last week.
  3. That right there on Monday night football the past two weeks is the difference between the Titans and the Colts and why Tennessee will win the division. Titans can beat a good team while the Colts blow a game against a good team. Huge win for the Titans. Sucks for Indy. Saw this coming. SMH.
  4. I saw this too and was like wth?! Once that ball is intercepted Brady becomes fair game to be blocked and put on his butt if necessary. I believe that is the same ref who was accused of making a call to bail Brady out in a game a couple years ago after what appeared to be him telling Brady, “I got you” after Brady approached him. Regardless, that ref in the video is an embarrassment and should not be allowed to show such blatant partiality to a player.
  5. I really don't think the Titans will lose to both. They probably go one and one. And then lose the rematch to the Colts in Indy. I have a feeling that Tennesee beats Buffalo tomorrow. Bills are due for another loss in my opinion.
  6. First round exit at best. I don't think playoffs are in the cards for us this year though. Too many other teams that are simply better in the AFC and right now Colts finding ways to lose...not what playoff teams do.
  7. And we know the Colts somehow often lose down in Jax even when favored so it may only be five wins there instead of six. Smh
  8. Its funny but as soon as he lost the coin toss I knew the Ravens were going to go right down the field and win the game. As a Colts fan watching this game even going into OT at that point felt deflating.
  9. Rodrigo and Eberflus are the scapegoats of this one. Rodrigo for the misses and Eberflus for the 4th quarter meltdown which happened because of his refusal to make the necessary adjustments. How do you leave a practice squad corner on an island with no help over the top?
  10. This Colts team just finds ways to lose to the top teams of this league more often than not. Very deflating loss tonight. One of the worse in years. Disappointing that this is where we are almost five years into the Ballard regime. Eberflus did not switch up when it became apparent that the Ravens were chewing up that soft zone coverage. We let the same tightend catch both TDs and the 2 point conversions to send the game into OT. Inexcusable.
  11. Something like…“Solid team effort. We were able to fight through some adversity and pick up an important win on the road. We know those don’t come easy in this league. The games just get tougher from here. We got to get better and clean things up. Bring it in. Let’s pray…” lol
  12. Ugh…Frank lost me when he called Miami a good football team. Please. With Jacoby they are not good right now. Still a win on the road in the NFL is hard fought. Frank still have lots of stuff to clean up with his team.
  13. I hope so. Colts will need to capitalize.
  14. With another game against the Titans not too far down the road. Gotta handle our business from this point on.
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