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  1. Coltsman1788

    Observations and thoughts on the season so far.

    My thoughts on this season in a nutshell: too many injuries, too many mistakes, not enough wins.
  2. Coltsman1788

    Why we should destroy the Bills.

    If the Colts continue to play like they did Sunday then they won’t be beating anybody soon. I think they rebound and play just well enough to squeak out a win against the lowly Bills.
  3. Because Ballard has sold ownership and the fan base on a 3-5 year rebuild. Even though fans can’t even agree what year we are actually in now. Lol. In the NFL, teams typically can turn things around pretty quickly if they utilize both free agency and the draft effectively. It really doesn’t have to take that long. But Ballard is trying to apply Money Ball principals to the NFL. He wants to rebuild cheaply from the ground up...which means build through the draft. And he wants to sign cheap free agents. While it may work in baseball for some franchises the jury is out if he can replicate that success in the NFL realm. Baseball rebuilds typically take several years. The NFL is designed for teams to get better quickly...they want parity. Ballard has chosen a baseball like approach for the Colts. He is calling up prospects trying to see who can stick. Time will tell if it pays off.
  4. Colts front office and coaching sure haven’t done him any favors thats for sure. There is a strong argument that the Colts have mishandled this guy’s career. Getting him killed behind a substandard offensive line for so many years and now giving him these bargain basement receivers to throw to this season. It’s also ridiculous that he has to pass this much in the season right after his shoulder surgery recovery. All of this is true but Luck still bears some responsibility for his interception rate as well. He has to make better decisions and not turn the ball over so much in crucial situations or near our own goal line. Stuff like that helps to break our defense’s back.
  5. I agree that our receivers or lack thereof are a big part of the problem. Ballard has simply got to find us some guys who can actually catch a football. Still this is Luck’s team so he has to figure out a way to get these guys to play better and do their job. Or else he needs to start lighting into some of these guys. Right now he is too golly go lucky and giving the impression that all of this is ok. If it takes spending extra time in the offseason and practice going over route trees with these guys then so be it. He has been gone for awhile. Those who were here have to get used to him again and those playing with him for the first time need to learn him and vice versa.
  6. Coltsman1788

    Colts Need to Pull a Ravens in the Offseason

    We need talent. Sometimes you have to pay to get it. Ballard has to do better than bringing us another Ryan Grant type bargain bin special. That’s not going to get it. We need playmakers.
  7. Coltsman1788

    did anyone hear Polian ? chill people

    Lol. He was correcting your spelling. All this losing has us all a little bit edgy. Better times are coming...hopefully.
  8. Coltsman1788

    The Culture Of This Team

    Culture points to coaching. It is up to Reich to help change it to a positive one.
  9. Coltsman1788

    The Culture Of This Team

    Sounds like they might need to hire you. Lol
  10. Coltsman1788

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    Yes awesome to meet another Orioles-Colts fan here! Been a fan of both franchises since 1980 so I at least have 1983 to remember as an O’s fan. The Orioles problem to me has always been their inability to develop or acquire good starting pitching. They had basically everything else until the wheels fell off this year. Davis’s contract was a huge mistake and probably the main reason why they were unable to keep Machado. They should have locked Manny up a long time ago. Hurt my heart to see them have to blow up their nice young nucleus of talent. I’m exhausted with the O’s. Took them years to get as good as they got. Now we are back to square one again. I don’t feel like their leadership structure is competent. I have more confidence in Ballard and the Colts as it is quicker to return to respectability in NFL vs. MLB. Funny how we perceive that differently. Any way go O’s and Colts!
  11. He also helped keep the Jets in the game early before they could take it over. Got to find away to get us in the endzone after getting those turnovers. Settling for FGs doesn’t win in this league.
  12. First one not his fault. Second one kinda was because he threw that ball around 3 white jerseys...still Grant should have caught it. It was a risky decision to try to make that pass. Third was definitely all on a Luck. Stat sheet doesn’t care...3 picks for the day added to his season total.
  13. Coltsman1788

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    Can’t really argue with that. Especially on the free agent front. Hopefully he goes after better talent going forward. Thus far he has been bargain bin shopping and sitting on our cap money. As far as drafting Nelson this year...I do get Ballard there. After the beating Luck has been taking we had to do something to try to protect him. I just wish he would have also spent some of our free agent money on one of the top veteran Olineman to further solidify our line. As it stands right now it is still under construction.
  14. Coltsman1788

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    If you are a Colts and O’s fan then you definitely know what rebuilding looks like. Out of curiosity, what is your outlook on the current Orioles rebuild? As a fan of both teams myself, the O’s rebuild looks much more dismal than the Colts outlook. Tough times for us.
  15. Coltsman1788

    How much time does Ballard realistically have?

    I am not very impressed yet either. But I understand that he will be given several years to see if he can fix this mess. Hope his eye for talent is better than it has seemed to be thus far. We still need some friggin play makers at the skill positions.