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    Colts fan since the 1980 season watching Curtis Dickey galloping in our backfield.  Saw the last three seasons of the Baltimore Colts.   They will always be Baltimore in my heart because those were the Colts I first knew.  Cried when they left.  Stuck with the Shoe through the move to Indy. And have embraced their new home as well.  As long as they remain the Colts and sport that horse show on the helmet I’d follow them even if they moved to Timbuktu.

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  1. Hi NFLfan! Congrats on the walkoff win. The cupboard is pretty bare in Baltimore these days. Bunch of new unrecognizable faces to me to be honest after they jettisoned the last group of good players out of Baltimore (Machado, Schoop, Britton, etc.). Noteworthy current players are John Means who pitched well again tonight following the no hitter; and Trey Mancini, RF most notable as a Cancer survivor. Not too many stars these days. Birds haven’t won a game since the no hit win. SMH
  2. Nice breakdown EastStreet! Shows why Houston would be the better vet option between the two. I also liked the leadership presence that Houston had in the locker room. He often gave the pregame speeches to fire everyone up. We will miss that…not always easy to replace the intangibles.
  3. Kerrigan could come to the Colts right now and probably start over Turay and Banagou. Will we see that early 2019 Kemoko ever again? I hope so but can’t count on it.
  4. He said that. Maybe true now but won’t be if Dayo takes longer than expected or we get a few injuries along the line during the season.
  5. I’d rather have Houston but if Ballard isn’t going to bring him back then Kerrigan will be fine. He brings that veteran experience to a young group. He still can string a few sacks together. Can’t have enough pass rushers.
  6. Thanks NFLfan! I honestly had not heard till I read your post. Very excited to learn of this. It’s encouraging to have at least one young pitcher in the rotation with promise. That’s a break through performance by that young man. Been knocking on the door for awhile. Hopefully we hold on to him!
  7. My favorite pass rusher from our draft. He plays with violence. When healthy, he will be a problem. Here’s an excellent film room by Colts Law... https://youtu.be/z0S3LwuOqf8
  8. Good point. Jackson’s skill set as also very similar to Mack. If not this year then possibly next.
  9. To be honest...after watching some videos I am more excited about Dayo if healthy than Kwity. Dayo just plays with violence man. He snatches people when he tackles in the backfield. He brings a bully type of attitude which I like. I think a little infusion of that goes a long way towards getting this defense to play with an edge. The swag he brings with him is palpable. I can see why Ballard wanted to add him to the defensive front. https://youtu.be/sNGZ1_HJ1XA
  10. I doubt their plan A was to wait till the 7th round to take an OT. When responding to a question in the presser about not taking an OT in the second round, Ballard said that several went off the board before their pick. Cosmi went the pick right before. The draft broke favorably for us in the first round...not so much in the second but the Colts still believe they got a really good player in Dayo.
  11. Probably Deon Jackson out of Duke. He is a pretty good back. Will give Wilkins a run for his money.
  12. A little bit of heat is good for Ballard. He hasn’t gotten much yet. I’m sure he can handle it. When you preach building through the draft as much as he does yet are unable to fill what was perhaps the team’s biggest need then it can be expected. And yes...I know it just didn’t fall our way but that is the risk you take if you go draft heavy in your offseason approach. Nevertheless, I expect Ballard to adjust and find another solution to the problem. It is what he is good at.
  13. I feel like the Colts entered this offseason with a chance to add a few pieces at DE and WR that would help them take the next step towards becoming a Super Bowl contender. There were several proven free agents available. Just looking at edge for example, Ngokoue could have been had at a reasonable price. But Ballard opted to play the long game, sign some of his own and rely on the draft. While we appear to have drafted two good edge prospects in Kwity and Dayo, they will take time to develop and in the case of Dayo might not contribute immediately. While this may work out in the long run.
  14. I know you’re right. I was just voicing my feelings and frustrations as a fan observing from afar. I definitely see the potential with Granson after learning more about him and watching some videos. I’m not sure about Fries but we will see. I appreciate the added depth but what we really needed was a starter there. Tevi and Davenport can be the depth. But things just didn’t fall that way for us. I understand that. That’s how it goes sometimes. Thanks.
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