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  1. On paper we do. We will find out if they are legit or just being hyped up when it matters on the field. They will be facing better QBs this season.
  2. He won’t be ready and when he does play there will be lots of rust. It’s just the preseason but I’ve already seen enough things that lets me know that this team isn’t going to go all the way this season. We are already starting out behind the eight ball and will be trying to get up to speed all season long. That expends too much energy over time. Disappointing because this season looked so promising after the draft.
  3. Don’t know why Walker is still hanging around quite honestly. Chad Kelly might be the second most talented QB on this team. Jacoby hasn’t really impressed me that much either.
  4. I liking this Kelly kid. If he can keep this up and keep his nose clean then I wouldn't mind him eventually being the primary back up to Luck once Brisset is gone.
  5. Oh my gosh...nice throw by Kelly and an even better catch by Fountain!
  6. Energy level of this game is picking up. Let's see what else we can do.
  7. Bills players freaking out on the sidelines. lol
  8. There is 10 minutes left. Still a decent amount of time.
  9. Yeah tough to evaluate him on that tonight. Only thing I'll say is at least he has had the good sense to steer clear of the football. He was a disaster last preseason. So that's mental progress. lol
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