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    Colts fan since the 1980 season watching Curtis Dickey galloping in our backfield.  Saw the last three seasons of the Baltimore Colts.   They will always be Baltimore in my heart because those were the Colts I first knew.  Cried when they left.  Stuck with the Shoe through the move to Indy. And have embraced their new home as well.  As long as they remain the Colts and sport that horse show on the helmet I’d follow them even if they moved to Timbuktu.

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  1. Thanks! I was only 8 when that happened so I wasn’t aware of all the political fallout and nuances around the Colts leaving. I just knew I wasn’t about to become a Skins fan. Lol.
  2. What did Jack Kent Cooke and Taglibue do? Tried to block Baltimore from getting another team?
  3. All heat directed towards Reich for this loss is well deserved. He cost us the game.
  4. Hopefully Rivers will call it a career. He did fine here but won’t ever take us to the top. We need a vet QB now because the team is built to win now. I wouldn’t mind if the Colts bought in Stafford next season. He could be dangerous with the Colts. Let Eason be the primary backup and cut ties with Jacoby.
  5. Frank Reich was horrible today and cost us the game. I lost a lot of confidence in him this season. Thought he was smarter.
  6. Rivers is not to blame today but there is a ceiling on him. I don’t see him leading Indy to the promised land. No slight intended to him as he exceeded my expectations and I am satisfied with what he gave us...but it’s not enough to reach the pinnacle. Reich on the other hand was a big disappointment this season. My confidence in him has decreased. I don’t think he is the right coach to lead us to a Super Bowl based on what so witnessed from him this season. I think he lost several football IQ points over the offseason. He is the biggest reason why the Colts lost to the Bills tod
  7. Reich didn’t really use Taylor enough. Especially when we got down by the goal line. I put the blame more so on Reich than Taylor. We fell behind and Reich pretty much abandoned the run game like he always does.
  8. Season over and honestly I am numb to it. Colts made too many mistakes and did not deserve to win. I'm proud of our players but disappointed in Reich. He cost us a win today. Rivers played well enough and Colts did not turn the ball over. Coach Reich let this team down.
  9. Exactly...no one here is blaming Rivers today. All heat has been on Reich.
  10. I'm proud of the players but not Reich. He hurt us today.
  11. And the missed FG by Blankenship in second half off the goal post. Colts should be up by 3 now.
  12. I wouldn't hold my breath. Ballard loves him. We will probably have to suffer through this kind foolishness for awhile.
  13. I knew Frank Reich would ultimately be the reason why our season ends. Disappointed because this game could have played out differently if we used a more conventional coaching strategy.
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