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  1. Roger Carr, Eddie Hinton, Bill Brooks to name a few.
  2. Chiefs didn’t get whooped by the Pats. They were an offsides penalty away from knocking them off. Still the Colts have a significant gap to close with respect to both teams.
  3. Coltsman1788

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    To the good Pats fans who frequent this forum (GoPats, Jim Jaime, etc.) congrats to you (yet again)....sincerely. But you will have to pardon my never ending vitriol for your team. Still I know that there are still some good people who root them on so yeah... Enjoy for as long as it lasts because when it’s’s gone.
  4. Coltsman1788

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    Me too . First Super Bowl that I have boycotted in my life and it felt liberating. Good call on our part! Glad that it seems that many others didn’t as well.
  5. Coltsman1788

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    No one cares about the Pats anymore outside of Boston. They are boring and their narrative is contrived and old. Lots of fans tuned this one out so I’m hoping the ratings dip gets the League’s attention. NFL will realize that America is over the Tom Brady & Pats story and come up with a new script. NFL is legally recognized for entertainment purposes only just like the WWE. So game fixing is technically legal for them and they can not be sued.
  6. Coltsman1788

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    I didn’t watch the game either. It was a snooze fest from what I hear. Hopefully the ratings took a big dive this year. NFL got exactly what it deserved with that stinker of a big game.
  7. That’s asking a lot to be honest. We are picking much lower now and it will be more difficult to find the kind of talent that we added to the roster last year. Last year for Ballard was like Griggson’s first draft when we had high picks every round. Ballard’s first draft when we were picking near the middle of every round will be more indicative of what we might expect. That one was just alright in my opinion...he actually missed on several guys and Malik Hooker hasn’t really fulfilled his promise yet due to injury. We are picking even lower this season so expecting Ballard to produce draft results similar to last year isn’t really realistic. He is going to have to nail free agency to significantly improve the Colts roster. This offseason will be a good litmus test for how good of a GM Ballard really is.
  8. Coltsman1788

    Andrew Luck Wins Comeback POTY

    Andrew Luck...Was there any question? He really showed me a lot of growth and maturity in his game this season and it’s great to see him win this award. He became elite in my eyes this season and with that comes even greater expectations. Congrats Andrew!
  9. Coltsman1788

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    Wow....we got a defensive rookie of the year on OUR defense...look at Ballard. Very well deserved Darius Leonard...congrats! Let’s keep building.
  10. Coltsman1788

    Quenton Nelson Played With 2 Bulging Disc

    Quick....Ballard we need you to find us another Quinton Nelson...just in case. If only it were that easy. Lol
  11. Coltsman1788

    We Thank Seahawks for Glow...

    This thread took a funny turn. You guys are nuts. Lol.
  12. Coltsman1788

    I missed the Pro Bowl

    Yeah...Luck didn’t look good at all. Also threw an interception. His throws didn’t look right. Looked like he did in Kansas City. Weird.
  13. Coltsman1788

    Why do you think the refs didnt make the call?

    Because it’s a crooked game. Sports rigging or game manipulation occurs more often than most would want to believe. Whenever there is gambling and big money to be made the potential for corruption exists.
  14. Shutting out the Cowboys and manhandling them in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Totally unexpected at the time.
  15. Coltsman1788

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Well...I won’t be watching. I’ve seen where a lot of other people online have indicated that they won’t be watching either. Also heard on one of the sports talk shows where they were speculating that this may be the lowest rated Super Bowl in some time. Maybe if ratings are low enough the NFL will finally get the message. The game manipulations and forced Brady/Pats narrative have run their course and people are tuning out.