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  1. This season isn’t about him. The team has moved on and forging their own identity. We are now the Colts not “Andrew Luck and the Colts“. No longer a one man show...this team just upset the team led by the latest one man show. I hope Luck doesn’t become a distraction and take away from this team’s shine. He quit and the team needs to be able to continue to move on without him. They are actually pretty good as they are and the season is in front of them.
  2. Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. It’s that simple. They are unbeatable in the AFC this year.
  3. Sunday was a great win. The Colts showed how well they can play when it all comes together. Problem is they have not played that well or that physically on both sides of the ball consistently enough...at least not yet.
  4. The game plan the Colts executed last night was the way I expected them to handle K.C. in last year’s playoff game. They didn’t come close to doing that then but executed the strategy perfectly last night. When on their game the Colts showed they can beat any team in the NFL on any given Sunday. Even without Luck.
  5. Exactly...the Raiders also beat a pretty good Bears team as well so that made the loss more palatable in hindsight. Plus the Colts win over the Chiefs makes up for the egg laid against Oakland. We are 3-2 at the bye and most of us would have signed up for that given the circumstances of Luck’s unexpected retirement.
  6. Crow always tastes good after a win and especially when eating with good company because few Colts fans had us winning this one. Lol. I’ll take my crow with some Texas Pete!
  7. I feel like Kemoko was well on his way towards establishing himself as a legit pass rushing threat in our defense. Unfortunate that his season was cut so short. I liked what little we saw. Hoping his recovery goes well and he can pick up next year where he left off.
  8. Bad loss to the lowly Raiders. These injury depleted Colts will likely get their lunch taken next week in Kansas City. Could get real ugly. Mahomes will laugh at our cover 2 zone coverage all day. We are looking dead at 2-3 entering the bye week with an important tough divisional game with Houston next.
  9. Exactly...good QBs pick this cover 2 defense apart pretty easily. Mat Ryan did as well in the second half. Colts fortunately did enough to hold on for the win. Game could have turned out different if our offense did not make plays in the 4th quarter.
  10. When have you ever known our Colts to do that? They like to make things close and as uncomfortable for their fans to watch as possible. Lol
  11. Great to see Vinny bounce back!
  12. Patience is a virtue. What a difference a week makes. Jacoby is doing just fine and Vinatieri can kick again.
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