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    Colts fan since the 1980 season watching Curtis Dickey galloping in our backfield.  Saw the last three seasons of the Baltimore Colts.   They will always be Baltimore in my heart because those were the Colts I first knew.  Cried when they left.  Stuck with the Shoe through the move to Indy. And have embraced their new home as well.  As long as they remain the Colts and sport that horse show on the helmet I’d follow them even if they moved to Timbuktu.

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  1. An ugly half of football from our Colts. 0-20. Defense needs to somehow pitch a shutout in the second half and we need our offense to muster up 3 TD drives. Put in Minshew. lol
  2. People pumped up AR too early. He still has a long way to go. For starters, I just want to see him start and finish his first complete game.
  3. Too early to tell but probably a little of both. Pierce can't catch. Pittman can make a big play down field if given the opportunity. Downs gets open as you say. Isaiah McKensie is not consistent in my opinion...drops too many.
  4. Yeah read the the last two sentences of my quoted post.
  5. All of Richardson's big plays come from his legs. Yet to see him make a big play with his arm. His one TD pass was a short screen to Pittman who did most of the work to get into the end zone. Hopefully, we see more big plays passing from him soon. As I type this he hits Downs down the field. That is a start.
  6. I'm not. He hasn't looked good in a long time. Looks like he is just out there right now. Hardly know he is even on the field.
  7. Downs has much better games when Minshew is the QB. His target rate and utilization is higher.
  8. Rams just picking up first downs at will. Colts secondary out there looking like they just chilling.
  9. Franklin is the enforcer on this defense now. Took Leonard's role.
  10. Feared this type of game from our Colts. Everyone thought AR return meant the offense would look better. Not so fast...he is still a rookie prone to rookie mistakes and learning moments. Minshew gives Colts best opportunity to win now...less flash but more consistency. But the Colts will continue to start Richardson for the future...as they should. We should just go easy on the playoff expectations that come with being most likely temporarily in 1st in the AFC South.
  11. Putting respect on it! Huge big boy catch…now THAT was wide receiver number 1 stuff right there.
  12. What a win today by our Colts! First place in the AFC South by ourselves right now.
  13. Gardner got blasted. Never saw it coming. Colts fortunate not to lose that fumble.
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