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  1. Blackmon is becoming the player many of us hoped a Hooker would be. The kid has been a stud.
  2. Harris was a nice surprise. Came in and contributed right away.
  3. He was deep threat the Colts needed today. Colts don’t win today without the plays he made.
  4. And the Bengals had one of the worst run defenses coming into today. It’s kind of disconcerting that the Colts with their much ballyhooed offensive line could get little going on the ground against them.
  5. Facts...especially if we need him to drop back to pass 40+ times on a regular basis. That usually means the Colts are playing from behind. Colts have got to find that proper run/pass play calling balance and get their running game on track to help Rivers out. They can’t put that much game pressure on his arm on a regular basis. Happy that Rivers was able to succeed today against the Bengals. Would have been embarrassing to lose that game and a tough loss to stomach given the tough stretch of opponents coming up on the schedule.
  6. I personally don’t think Luck accomplished enough to be considered great. He was possibly headed for greatness but he cut all that short. He was very good in my opinion but did not achieve the accolades MVP, records or championships, etc. that help establish legacy and greatness. I offer my opinion as an aside and not to diminish the point you were making.
  7. We beat the Bengals man...barely. Slow your roll. Lol
  8. Rivers did much better but the Colts won’t win too many games where we rely on Rivers to drop back and pass that much. We were fortunate today. Happy for the come back win.
  9. That cat is so cute it is down right ridiclous. Lol But yeah...it’s no surprise that teams are focusing on stopping the Colts run game first and daring Rivers to beat them. There is little deep threat to worry about from Rivers right now. And the more he drops back to throw chances increase that he eventually throws a pick or fumbles from a sack. Rivers gives opposing defenses 2-3 potential turnover opportunities per game. It further compounds the Colts’ problems when the offensive line is not performing as well run blocking as initially expected. It’s smart to defend against
  10. It was a matter of time unfortunately. Hopefully the organization is able to take the proper precautions to mitigate spread and allow affected players/personnel to recover safely.
  11. Rivers aside...Losing to the Browns even when they are talented just has a way of making you feel like your team sucks. Lol. It’s been a rough week y’all. But this too will pass. Hoping we get back on track against the Bengals.
  12. Barring injury...Reich will ride Rivers until his arm falls off. We might see more random plays inserted featuring Jacoby though if the Colts continue their struggles in the red zone. Eason will stay on the sidelines with clipboard in hand and head phones on.
  13. Some much needed good news. We need AC back on the line. While the Colts’ schedule gets considerably more formidable after the bye hopefully they will get healthier and have more of their weapons available to them for that stretch of games. This team has really been gutting it out with a roster that has been depleted by injuries at key positions. Getting Pittman and Turay back after the bye would be a huge boost.
  14. Turay if healthy could really give our pass rush a boost when he returns. He was coming on strong last year before his injury. I was high on Banagou when drafted but thus far he hasn’t developed into the pass rusher that I thought he would be. I was looking for him to be able to be moved around a lot and pressure the QB from both the linebacker and defensive end positions.
  15. Not going to happen this season barring season ending injuries to both Rivers and Jacoby. Not all rookie QB are meant to be thrown in the fire right away. Don’t rush Eason...he will get his opportunity in due time. I think he can be special if handled right. He needs time to develop. This is his season to sit back and learn from the veteran QBs and coaching staff around him.
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