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  1. Jordan Glasgow I'm assuming? Sorry. Had to
  2. 2 big targets added at WR. Not even sure the last time we had 2 6'4 WRs on the team. I like it though.
  3. Yeah...no. I love the pick but unless something crazy happens TY will need to come back. Hell he's usually the reason we win or lose most games.
  4. Ballard is definitely in win a Super Bowl now mode.
  5. Changed thread title. I like it so far. Was fun to watch last week.
  6. Just gut wrenching about Kobe. Hard to believe and take the news in.
  7. Yeah Monday Night is a weird night but I kind of get why. Theres a pretty good amount of college basketball games on Friday Nights plus they obviously can't do it on Sat or Sun cause of the NFL playoffs. Monday probably really is the best night to do it.
  8. Kitchens seemed to be disliked by a lot of Browns players so they probably had to get rid of him for team morale if anything. And I usually think a firing after 1 year is stupid, but this one might've been justified. That said I'm not sure what to make of this hire. They had to go out and find a solid offensive mind and they did. We will see if he can be a good head coach though. That offense had way too much talent to be as bad as it was this season.
  9. Who is this "we'll" you speak of? O'Brien is an ok coach but even his best teams underperform.
  10. LSU vs Clemson. Who yall got? LSU wins IMO but it'll be a great game.
  11. Kentucky just flat out stinks this year. Tough to watch this year.
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