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  1. Man, brutal loss. I almost think the Pacers came in a bit overconfident (7 game win streak plus the Cavs are terrible) and sleep walked through the game. And ended up losing. Can't do that against the Raptors.
  2. RockThatBlue

    Hello America...We Are the Indianapolis Colts!

    Not necessarily because even if we win out if the Ravens win out we won't get in. They gotta lose one.
  3. His draft looks amazing and though he didn't do a lot in FA he made huge hits in Autry and Ebron. Its nice to have a great GM again.
  4. RockThatBlue

    The Browns...

    Yup, hes looked very good with him.
  5. RockThatBlue

    Deon Cain

    None of them are really good though. A few are average or maybe a tad above average but not convinced any of them can be a good #2.
  6. RockThatBlue

    The Browns...

    They need to find a good creative OC as coach to pair with Mayfield.
  7. RockThatBlue

    The Browns...

    They actually look like they have the makings of a bright future. How Hue only managed 1 win is beyond me, Dorsey is putting together a real team for Cleveland. Baker looks like the real deal for them. Happy for Browns fans because god knows they've seen mostly horrible years recently.
  8. RockThatBlue

    Another First Quarter Flop By The Colts

    I still can't believe this thread is real. The Colts get a huge win but the OP complains about the 1st quarter. How about what happened in quarters 2 3 and 4?
  9. RockThatBlue

    Braden Smith

    He really may end up the steal of the draft. I think everyone knew Nelson would be very good, but I don't think anyone really expected this from Smith.
  10. RockThatBlue

    Matthew Adams Is Earning His Spot

    Might as well play flag football.
  11. RockThatBlue

    Kenny Moore

    Reminds me more of Jason David IMO.
  12. RockThatBlue

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    He actually broke the tie I think.
  13. RockThatBlue

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Hes done a good job this year.
  14. RockThatBlue


    The one on Adams was crap too. Neither one lowered their head.