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  1. Really hoping Funchess does well as WR#2. I know many doubted the signing but it sounds like hes had a good camp.
  2. Well Luck being out no doubt helps the defense look better. That said tho it looks like we could just have a good defense too.
  3. Thank you! I try my best.
  4. I have to say I thought he really held his own last night and played pretty well. Anyone else think so too?
  5. I'm outraged we didn't look like a SB contender in the 1st preseason game. Fire and trade everybody before its too late.
  6. I think they'll be tough too. I know they have no weapons (or at least mostly unproven ones on paper) but they are almost guaranteed to have improved QB play from Foles. If the Jags just have an average or slightly above average offense, they'll be tough to deal with because we know they will probably have a very good defense. I mean it can't be understated how awful Bortles was. Even a stacked offense would look bad with him being the QB. All Foles has to do pretty much is not suck and they could win 9-10 games.
  7. If TY keeps it up I feel good about his chances of making the team.
  8. Where the heck is TK at anyway? Thanks though OP.
  9. Its not that Luck will throw the ball, he actually CAN throw the ball too. I wouldn't be surprised if theres talk of Lamar being benched at some point next season. Lamar is a hell of an athlete but even Michael Vick was a somewhat decent passer. Lamar is just terrible. Once NFL defenses figure out hes a 1 trick pony and stack the box against him every game hes done.
  10. So can anybody tell me whats going on with the TJ McConnell deal? I was busy most of this week but heard the Pacers apparently never officially announced the signing or something like that?
  11. @NFLfan whats being said about Stanford this coming season?
  12. What Louisville is going through kind of reminds me of the situation Mark Stoops stepped into at UK. Just a total mess of a program basically at rock bottom. Could take 3-4 years to fix that mess.
  13. UK is really hard to predict. Lost a lot of great talent. But several high rated recruits replacing the ones who left. I'll go with 8-4. Obviously a little bit of a step back from 10 wins this past season but still think it'll be a pretty good year overall with a bowl game.
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