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  1. Oh yeah...Trent Richardson still sucks.
  2. The shaky QB thing is definitely an issue but it is nice to watch defenses be allowed to play defense. I think that alone will draw me in.
  3. What is the playoff system/championship like in this league?
  4. Enjoying it so far tbh. You can actually hit someone hard and not see a million flags thrown.
  5. Game on at 830 tonight. Gonna try to check it out.
  6. Aaron Holiday could be traded
  7. RockThatBlue

    2018-2019 NCAA Basketball thread

    I'm not sure honestly. They are the more talented than they've been in probably several years but just not playing well. Maybe coaching isn't good? Not an IU fan but maybe @dgambill can comment on it.
  8. RockThatBlue

    2018-2019 NCAA Basketball thread

    IU on a 5 game losing streak. Yikes.
  9. RockThatBlue

    2018-2019 NCAA Basketball thread

    Heck of a win by my Cats against Auburn. Herro was cold blooded today.
  10. RockThatBlue

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    Hope that helps. Kentucky may have 7-8 players drafted this year. Have any questions about any more of them let me know.
  11. RockThatBlue

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    A very good OG. Believe he was named a 1st Team All American. Especially a great run blocker. Heres a little info about him. The award for Stallings, a senior from McComb, Miss., follows first-team All-Southeastern Conference honors from The Associated Press and SEC coaches. Stallings was responsible for only one-half sack quarterback sack all year. He totaled 170 blocks at the point of attack and had 55 knockdown blocks. He blocked for first-team All-SEC running back Benny Snell, who has rushed for 1,305 yards and 14 touchdowns. Earlier this season, Stallings was SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week following wins over Florida and Mississippi State.
  12. Steve Spurrier will be coaching a team? Lol, that should be interesting.
  13. RockThatBlue

    2018-2019 NCAA Basketball thread

    Really is amazing what Coach Cal has done with Ashton Hagans. A totally different player and it has turned UK around big time. We play Auburn Saturday and that game will be a war.
  14. After watching today I hope hes a Colt next year. I was on the fence about it, but its obvious to a blind man that we need another playmaker opposite of TY.