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  1. Jordan Glasgow I'm assuming? Sorry. Had to
  2. 2 big targets added at WR. Not even sure the last time we had 2 6'4 WRs on the team. I like it though.
  3. Yeah...no. I love the pick but unless something crazy happens TY will need to come back. Hell he's usually the reason we win or lose most games.
  4. Ballard is definitely in win a Super Bowl now mode.
  5. Changed thread title. I like it so far. Was fun to watch last week.
  6. Just gut wrenching about Kobe. Hard to believe and take the news in.
  7. McConnell is like the white version of Lance. Just brings intense energy off the bench.
  8. On a positive note Brogdon has been pretty dang good. Him and Dipo should be fun to watch. Hopefully the rest of the team gets it figured out by then.
  9. I'd rather see Turner traded. I think Sabonis has a higher ceiling. We hear every offseason that Turner has done this and that, yet hes still the same player he was 3 years ago. A solid player (obviously a good defender) but that seems like all he will ever be. Hes almost like a shooting guard trapped in a big mans body.
  10. Lol, TT is one of the worst centers in the league yet smacks Turner around like hes a wet paper bag every time.
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