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  1. McConnell is like the white version of Lance. Just brings intense energy off the bench.
  2. He was basically clubbed in the head. Its probably a miracle he didn't get knocked out cold. If I were in a park playing with people and picked up a rock and slammed it on someones head I would've left in hand cuffs. They gotta make sure that type of thing never happens again.
  3. Yup exactly. We would all be facing charges (maybe even attempted murder) over doing that type of thing. I hope Rudolph considers pressing some cause he should IMO. That could have killed him or threw him into a coma.
  4. Hes been suspended the rest of the season. Truthfully he should go to jail for that. If I hit someone over the head with a brick I'd be facing assault charges. Whats the difference with what he did?
  5. I'm no Hoyer fan but Kaep is just not a good QB. I'm shocked after so many years that his name still pops up.
  6. Reich said after the game that Vinny will be evaluated (can't remember the exact quote but it was something like that)
  7. I'll be shocked if hes still on the team this time tomorrow. He just can't be. Love what hes done and he is the GOAT but leaving points off the board every week is a killer. Time to go home and stay with your family Vinny.
  8. Its time to raise some cain.
  9. Really nice win last night. Maxey is gonna be a star.
  10. Kentucky vs Michigan State only 2 days away! Can't wait!
  11. I agree he needs to play better. But hes coming off a terrible injury and this is pretty much his rookie year. He still has time to get it together. If he still looks like this by the end of this year I'll start to worry a bit. But as of now I'm cutting him a little slack.
  12. As of right now yes. But its still basically Cains rookie year so I won't go after him too much yet.
  13. How can you not LOVE how this guy plays? He deserves an appreciation thread.
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