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  1. I hope we gave up on getting Simmons. Why in the world would anyone want the Pacers to have him? It's a shooting league. Having a guy who cant shoot would be stupid.
  2. Remember this insane game? And the game the Rosencopter was born
  3. I mean what are we even watching? I thought for the most part before this year (besides a game or 2 here and there) that he was a pretty good play caller and coach. But my god...I am stunned by the play calling this year. The play calling especially in the red zone is some of the worst I've ever seen. Has he regressed? Did Sirianni mean that much to the offense (albeit he was not play caller). Its almost hard to believe how bad the play calling has been. It's like it's not even the same person who has coached us the last several years.
  4. It's really stunning how bad they are. I know this isnt exactly the same line from a year ago, but it's mostly the same line. And they are bad. Cant run block. Cant pass block. Was Castanzo really that huge for the o line?
  5. Michigan State looks pretty good. Seems they actually found a good QB. They always have pretty good defenses but their offense is usually putrid. Not the case this year though.
  6. Sadly I did not. I was working. It sounds like very few got to actually watch it because it was on some stupid espn channel you can only get through the ESPN app or something.
  7. Dang, Florida almost took out Bama. What a great game that was. Was a bit disappointed with UK. Yes we won but we played absolutely horrible and probably only won because we played a very poor team. Better not play like that next week or we will get the doors blown off of us. Happy for a 3-0 start of course.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32204357/usc-trojans-fire-head-football-coach-clay-helton%3fplatform=amp
  9. I think Satterfield is a good coach, however he still recruits like hes still coaching App state. And that isnt gonna work in the ACC.
  10. This one is hard to predict. We still arent even sure who will or wont suit up for us Sunday. Also we dont know what we will get from Wentz. Could play good or be very rusty. Seattle 21 Colts 13 is my prediction. I hope I'm wrong and normally I try to be optimistic but I have a bad feeling about this game.
  11. Will Levis looks to be the real deal. Heck of a game.
  12. Dang, wasnt UNC supposedly gonna be the team to challenge Clemson? That looks dead already. Clemson is a great program but they have it easy peasy in that conference.
  13. Though no GM is perfect, I think I'd have a hard time wanting someone else over Ballard.
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