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  1. Was a heck of a game, I don't know if I would've trusted Blankenship on a 50 yarder to tie anyways lol. Lots of work to look forward to.
  2. Well...............as much as they shot themselves in the foot this game they're playing admirable lol. Extremely frustrating but very admirable.
  3. Right! Sometimes I feel he relies more on analytics than actually coaching and feeling out the game.
  4. That's true, when it comes to Franks mind boggling decisions, that's true. We shouldn't ever be stunned.
  5. I'm officially done with frank, his actions single handedly have left 4 points off the board lol.
  6. I feel this really kills us in the redzone when defenses clamp down.
  7. This is true, I don't think he's looked good of late at all. Didn't he shenk 2-3 vs Pitts?
  8. Colts left an easy 6 points off the board with that shenk and going for it on 4th down. They really needed those points now.
  9. That should've been a catch, Colts have definitely killed themselves with some bad passes and mis-catches, now a missed field goal.
  10. Is Buffalo's backfield and LB core really good? They're doing a fantastic job at flying in and stopping Taylor.
  11. Bills definitely don't seem fooled by the offense thus far lol.
  12. Alrighty only a 7 point game here, lets tie this one up please, maybe, potentially, possibly, technically..........
  13. That was a very Frank Reich play call by Buffalo, I could've seen the Colts slotting in Brissett and doing something like that lol.
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