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  1. I completely forgot about Pathon in general, wow time flies. He was a pretty solid consistent player. Had a few decent years for the Saints also. With regards from Pittman I do like his personality, I think he likes the limelight but I don't get that diva/locker room distraction vibe from him.
  2. Trent was definitely an anomaly lol, I remember being stoked when we brought him in because I thought he was going to significantly improve upon his first year. He had around 1300 total yards 12 TDs, low average though at 3.6 for the Browns. I thought he was going to get WAY better. Then it appears he lacked major vision and seemed somewhat lazy. Then I felt he ran as slow as a penguin . To give him minor credit through I don't think our coaching staff did the best job utilizing him.
  3. So many variables have to fall into place. Hopefully the Colts can stay relatively healthy "knock on wood," that would be a huge factor. I feel like last year our whole receiving core was decimated. I do think their roster looks substantially better but we'll have to see how all the new additions play.
  4. Good breakdown, yeah I don't see his passing game being a knock but some analyst, critics do, ect. I think he can even get much better which is scary. Maybe not Zeke or Barkley level but who knows. I don't think he'll really need to pull that much weight with our system.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't really even consider it much of a knock after last year considering he had 26 rec, 252 yards and 5 TDs. I recall reading an article where one of the coaching staff was mentioning his improvement with regards to catching the ball last year. Definitely still plenty of room for even greater improvement though. Seems like his main knock fumbles and pass protection. Definitely areas the coaching staff can fix. I'm super pumped to see this guy on the Colts. LaDainian Tomlinson seemed to speak pretty highly of him as well.
  6. Yeah, seems like a sharp dude. Hope his ACL heals up great and we’ll all look forward to seeing him in action down the road.
  7. He’ll be fine, the guy was a track star, durable, smart, has just as much of a heart and work ethic as any RB in NCAA history. I doubt he’s worried about his professional capabilities lol.....
  8. The mileage is overstated, guys one of the most durable backs in all of college football lol. He’s more durable than Mack.
  9. Pittman will start for sure, Taylor will split with Mack.
  10. I don't see heavy trade value in Mack that would really be worth it but I don't know crap. JT also has some things he needs to fix as well, suring up his pass blocking and limiting fumbles. I see them both being great compliments to each other this year. Sides Mack does seem to get banged up periodically so having JT in there is a bonus. Regarding extensions or contract stuff I'm guessing that's all awhile away.
  11. Yeah I'm pretty pumped, Ballard ended up getting a premier defensive player with this first pick involving the trade for Buckner. Then managed to pick up two elite offensive talents in the 2nd, that in a lesser draft probably would've went in the first round.
  12. I’m stoked about this pick. I salivated at the idea of the Colts drafting JT but I just thought it would never even come close to happening. Wow, Hilton, Mack, Pittman and JT....... Omg Rivers has to be in high heaven.
  13. I was never really on the JB bandwagon. That being said I think they will ride him out for another year most likely. If there is a QB Ballard likes though it wouldn’t shock me if he still takes one and sits him a year. Honestly since they’re eliminated I would like to see what’s CK can do. Everything is a wash going forward so you have nothing to lose.
  14. Pacers cannot buy a triple vs the Hawks. Love this team though, they're pretty dynamic and young.
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