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  1. Malakai432

    Hypothetical Mega Trade

  2. Yep, we gave up cap room, that's it!
  3. Matthews the newcomer, WOW! Guy has poise his post game interview was awesome also. He has some leadership qualities.
  4. Malakai432

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Yeah while situations like this need to definitely be looked into, this kind of sounds a little sketch.
  5. Colts will be better but I don’t think KC will be as good. It’s incredibly difficult for a QB to throw 50 TDs and 5000 yards. So difficult I believe it’s never happened. That doesn’t mean Mahomes won’t be a 4000 yard 40 TD guy though but last year was very special. As teams start to figure them out they won’t be as dynamic next year. If they are they’re literally a new breed the likes the NFL has never seen before offensively. That being said I don’t know if our defense is capable of stopping them offensively unless we utilize a lot of man coverage. I don’t think zone D will shut them down.
  6. I would say the Manning brothers in general have been by far the biggest thorn in the Patriots side than anything. Peyton has taken them out in the AFC Championship 3 times I believe, and Eli has beat them twice in the Superbowl. That's 5 potential championships lost at the hands of the Manning's which is still insane being that the Patriots have still won so many championships.
  7. Malakai432

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    I would say he is but the Pats in general are. That Edelman miff where it went right over his arm on the punt was a big one also. They make special plays all the time though. Gronk and Edelman made some spectacular catches.
  8. Malakai432

    Concerning Super Bowl

    Hahaha!!!! I’m not sure they would allow those to be broadcasted. I think it should be a good one. At least I can root for the Rams.
  9. Yeah he quietly shuts down a large portion of the backfield. I feel like he was pretty dinged up as well in many games. He just needs to work a bit on his tackling, and hopefully he will be 100% next year and make it through all 16 games. Hopefully their safety core in general can stay healthy. It was a rough year with regards to injuries with Hooker being banged up and missing some games, Clayton missing multiple games and being banged up in others and Mitchell getting injured.
  10. Malakai432

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    I don't think the team played well in general. I could tell it was going to be rough for the offense when they ran a delayed draw right off the bat, then on third Ebron dropped the ball. You know it's a rough day when the goat misses a field goal and extra point. They just flat out didn't seem ready to play. That being said, they still had a whole heap of opportunities.
  11. I wouldn’t say they’re the Colts new nemesis. It should’ve been 17-24 in the 4th and that was with the Colts in a complete offensive funk. If the team progresses like they did last year for the upcoming season, the Colts should be very formidable. Teams will figure the Cheifs out imo and I don’t foresee Mahomes throwing for 5000+ yards and 50 TDs every year. We will see how they handle the Patriots.
  12. Yeah same I slept in a bit, woke up I’m thinking to myself crap I’m missing the Chargers/Pats game. I proceed to turn on the TV and realize I’m not missing much . I thought it was going to be a good game myself originally.
  13. Chargers game was over at halftime lol.
  14. Malakai432

    It all came down to this...

    Colts definitely had their opportunities. They held KC to 24 points in the 4th and lost 4 points. The game technically should’ve been 17-24 in the 4th. KCs D played very well but I feel the O was just in a funk. The WRs I feel could not get any separation also being blanketed primarily by man coverage. Luck looked off. Was just an ugly performance by the O. While I do think the Colts have a more balanced overall team KC definitely has better playmakers. Mahomes, Watkins, Hill, Kelce and Hunt (even though his season was done) are incredibly formidable.
  15. Malakai432

    We'll be back

    True, but they have the draft. They could definitely draft a WR if they lose AB. Doesn't mean he's going to be elite or good, but I feel confident they could be a championship caliber team with with Ben, Schu, Conner, (insert WR or FA), Tomlin (coach) and their D. I honestly think they'll retain Brown.