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  1. In a magical fairy tale land far far away I envisioned the Colts staying somewhat healthy with a healthy Andrew Luck....... The team would probably be much better than it was last year. The reality is they lost Luck and their WR core has been absolutely decimated. A complete turn of events that I wouldn’t really put on Ballard. The team has literally been competitive every game but finds ways to kill themselves.
  2. Well, I’m definitely starting Brees in my FF next week, lol. I made the mistake of not playing him today and started Rodgers but fortunately I still won my quarter finals match up. Brees put up astronomical numbers in a tough loss so I’m sure they’ll just go crazy on us. Hopefully the games competitive with the Colts having a chance in the fourth but I’m not feeling too confident.
  3. ^This, yeah I didn’t think they would take Mack out of the game and run a no back formation....
  4. Yeah overall that was one of the worst defensive performances I’ve seen from the Colts in awhile, sadly with 4 turnovers. Next week will be pretty rough also.
  5. Im not going to blame him for the loss by any means but you could reverse your statement as well. Who got the job done when it mattered, Winston and the Bucs offense, 10 pts in the 4th. The Colts offense was overall very offensive in the 4th. Coaching, QB play, running everything unfortunately lol.
  6. The loss today was definitely a team effort. Coverage looked atrocious. That being said JB plays very poorly in the 4th. I think they said he has 4TDs, 3 INTs in the 4th this year. Tack on today’s bad fourth quarter performance just shows lack of reliability to get the job done when it counts imo. Plenty of work to do, should be an interesting off season at least! Lol
  7. Yeah it really bugged me that they had a 3rd and 2 at midfield and they line up with a no back set? I believe Mack was out of the game.
  8. Takes a pretty special effort to lose this game, Bucs had 4 flipping turnovers. . . . This one was unfathomable.
  9. 4 turnovers and manage to take a dump, typical Colts this year.
  10. 3rd and 2, why didn't we just run the ball to try and pick up the first?
  11. That was a solid offensive series off a critical turnovers. . . . smh. Missed the field goal great, what a waste.
  12. Hooker to the rescue, perhaps tipped.
  13. You gotta be............................hopefully he was down. Nope, it was tipped out.
  14. Huge PI, yeah can't tackle him 50 yards down field like that!
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