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  1. Inconsistent but there’s still plenty of ball left to be played. We’ll see how his body of work at the end of the season fairs. He does make some big mistakes that’s for sure.
  2. Hahaha, I was talking to a buddy about that today..... That would probably be a wise decision.
  3. He had a fantastic game and looked like the Rivers of old. That 4th Q INT really ticked me off but he got us back in the game. The first half was odd, the team just didn't even look like they wanted to play. The lack of preparation worries me. Overall, great comeback win though. A very nerve wrecking fun game to watch in the 4th.
  4. Hey at least we were all on the same page. . . . a very very obvious page .
  5. Do you know how long Leonard was ruled out for? I guess it's not a bad time to have a bye lol. I'm also curious to know about Turay, Pittman and Campbell.
  6. Doh, I was just texting my buddy this is prime time interception time for Rivers.
  7. Wow, what a play. Rivers is actually on fire this game lol. I thought we were toast .
  8. This reminds me of when the Colts play the Saints lol..........
  9. There's no reason not to be panicking. They have to play the Packers, Ravens, and Titans 3-4 out their next games. Heck, if they get blown out by the Bengals, the Lions should be able to beat them.
  10. No, I thought it could be a tough game. I never dreamed it would be a blowout though.
  11. Colts looking really sharp, now we have to rely on Rivers the rest of the game. . .
  12. They don't scare anyone that's for sure. Pretty much just game plan on stopping Taylor stacking the box and getting some pressure on Rivers to force him into errors seems to be the trick. Colts seem built on playing with a lead. We'll see how they do against the Bengals. Heck if they can pull out a win, which they should they'll still be 4-2. I would like to see some accurate passing downfield and no turnovers.
  13. No.................................................Just, n.......no!!!!!!!!!!
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