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  1. It could all start next week with a win vs a lowley Houston team, and a loss by Tenn who plays arguably the best team in the AFC. The week after could have huge ramifications at home against Tenn. There’s still some hope.
  2. I didn’t have a good feeling about once our backups, brothers, sisters, fathers cousins former roommates were playing in our secondary.
  3. Fortunately we're playing Miami, lol..........
  4. Kind of tough to predict pending on health. If Brett or Eason play probably 3 wins max lol. If the team gets healthy they can still maybe win 8 but that won't be good enough. I imagine even bad defenses salivate at the though of playing the Colts offense with a banged up OL, QB, and mediocre WR core. Just stack the box and stop Taylor. Frank will take him out when he's doing well anyways. I really thought both IU and the Colts were going to be formidable opponents this year. Still early but there's not really many positive signs.
  5. Well, at least I have Lockett in one of my fantasy leagues lol...............
  7. Nice LT play there by Carolina with another penalty.
  8. Unbelievable one handed grab by Vaughns, nice pass as well by Sam.
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