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  1. Houston literally needs to do something, anything productive lol.....
  2. Ok, 35 unanswered barring their kicker doesn't miss this pat. Ok I jinxed their kicker.
  3. 28 unanswered lol................... In the second quarter. Yeah I've never seen that before.
  4. Big time, it was looking bleak there for awhile. Then in a very short amount of time everything changed, fans are back in it. Houston keeps doing dumb stuff, almost turned it over there again on that toss from Hopkins to Watson.
  5. Not that I'm rooting for Houston, I'm pulling for the Chiefs but Houston needs a huge response here.
  6. Overall they’re fairly close but Tannehill, Brown and Derrick > JB, Hilton and Mack. With Luck it was a different story.
  7. Well, that definitely adds relief. I don’t see why the Colts wouldn’t want to keep him around for another few years atleast.
  8. In all honesty if you look at his numbers they aren’t bad considering he missed two games and has two games left. I thought he would be around 3500 26 TDS/10 INTs which is where he could be if be if he played all 16 games. I think it’s mainly his 4th quarter play that’s worrisome.
  9. Yeah, I’m not sure how he’s going to do it but I’m going to stand by those numbers.
  10. JB is going to dominate next year all. Just give him more time. 2020 Stats 36 TDs 8 INTs 66% comp 1789 yards passing
  11. Definitely not a fluke. He’s had more interceptions but has missed 3 games so his overall tackles are down. He still has two games remaining also. One of the very few bright spots of this D along with Houston and Moore.
  12. I was never really on the JB bandwagon. That being said I think they will ride him out for another year most likely. If there is a QB Ballard likes though it wouldn’t shock me if he still takes one and sits him a year. Honestly since they’re eliminated I would like to see what’s CK can do. Everything is a wash going forward so you have nothing to lose.
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