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  1. Malakai432

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    He will look better having someone more capable to his left when AC comes back but yeah overall he looked good for his first action.
  2. Malakai432

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    More diverse play calling in one preseason drive of the first preseason game than anything I've seen all of last year.
  3. Malakai432

    Colts Training Camp 8/3/2018 (Birthday Edition)

    Man this birthday edition training camp bunker buster spectaular thread is rockin and practice hasn’t even started yet. Happy birthday to everyone, even if it’s not your birthday.
  4. Malakai432

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Wish the best for Jack, lots of talent there. There are definitely things in life more important than Football.
  5. This is great news that the general consensus is the Colts will be underdogs this year. I've always thought they seem to play better as underdogs. It's always nice to see a great surprise as well if they vastly exceed expectations. It would be nice if the Colts won 9-10 games and it just backfired in the national media's faces.
  6. Malakai432

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    Thanks very much for the updates everyone! Very informative, seems like a pretty productive 2nd day of camp for the Blue.
  7. Malakai432

    Edwin Jackson Case Update

    Yeah I don’t think it’s fair by any means but that’s our justice system. You can illegally come to this country, get wasted, unintentionally kill multiple people in an accident, flee the scene of the crime and get out in 4-5 years on good behavior.
  8. Malakai432

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    So an under/badly utilized Marlon Mack who still avg'd almost 4 ypc last doesn't count as a running game? I have a hard time believing Hines is going to be a bust as well. That guy has talent written all over him. So for the Colts to have no running game, Mack is going to have to regress and be poorly utilized, worse than last year, Hines is going to have to be a no show and Turbin when he comes back will be poor. THAT is no running game. That and none of the other RBs on the roster will have to pan out. I actually see the Colts getting very creative and not bland with the running game this year. It honestly should be average at worst with the potential of being pretty $!)#($* dynamic.
  9. Malakai432

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Yeah I had to google it but it apparently was Spain and Fitz ESPN radio. Who are these people you may ask? I have no idea because I had to google them, but it appears that many people in particular think Spain is garbage.
  10. Malakai432

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    I heard some dirpity derps on ESPN radio playing sports Tinder swipe left or swipe right and they were both complaining about how Luck didn't give him a better gift. I would be ecstatic he acknowledged and thanked me for it with a signed ball and letter. How many athletes wouldn't do a ####2)@#( thing if you gave them their Wallet back? Plenty of them wouldn't.
  11. It is a possibility!! A slight one but a possibility!!
  12. This is getting $@;”:& ridiculous. I’m only a Pacers fan as I can’t stand the NBA.
  13. Yeah I agree, Celtics will still be the dominate East team but I do feel the Pacers and Sixers as well should be up there. Yeah the Raptors lol! They'll win 50+ games and take a dump in the first or second round. Now the question is who else will the Lakers get to pair with LBJ?
  14. Yeah I heard about that, even though were plenty of entertaining times in the playoffs Pacers vs Heat/Cavs, ect I'm glad to get him out of the East. That being said, man the West is much more competitive. Rockets, Warriors, ect will still be hard teams for him to get past. On the other hand Pacers should be in contention for the East next year if they continue to progress.