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  1. Chiefs do NOT want any of the AFC South.
  2. I was wondering about that myself. Lol, sheesh to come away with a win with as many injuries as they have was amazing. It does truly suck about KT though. He was having a good year.
  3. I know Devin was IR’d but I thought his clavicle injury was just supposed to be 6 weeks or so. I may be completely mistaken.
  4. What a heck of a game. D really stood up and I hope Turray didn’t shatter his ankle.
  5. 2nd and 2, they can’t stop you and they pull that stupid play out their rears?????
  6. I just don’t think our D has the capability to hold them under 30 points. I’m hoping they can just keep it close giving them an opportunity to win in the 4th but the Colts will need to put up 30+.
  7. My impressions of him today is that he was incredibly impressive. I was hoping he’d have a fairly high volume yardage game with at least a couple TDs.
  8. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll have some funny things to say especially about that play.
  9. Wow, now the Colts are screwing up with the penalties.
  10. uh-oh, third and long. Atlanta's D has been playing good this second half.
  11. I feel like Matty Ice is having all day to throw. We need to get some pressure and a sack.
  12. Too many third down conversions here given up by the D.
  13. Yep, gotta keep the foot on the gas pedal. Falcons can still put up 25-30 points this game.
  14. Yeah I saw that .... He was kind of hobbled going into the locker room.
  15. JB is killing it, injuries piling up are concerning though.
  16. That’s the first thing I thought. Late 70s, early 80s adult film star vibe. I started hearing music music in my head. Bowchickawowchickawowchickawow....
  17. The Colts after all did get shafted with two opening games on the road against very difficult opponents. To come out 1-1 is definitely a blessing in disguise. I just hope they can get JB to open up. I feel like when they spread the offense out he can make some good plays. Hopefully they get Campbell more involved.
  18. It was ugly but a win is a win. The Colts have to do something with regards to their special teams. They almost costed them that game, again lol. . . What a win, that has to be a huge lift for this team.
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