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  1. Yeah at this point I do think the season will finish unless like 5 or 6 teams just start testing positive a lot for the Covid-19. Cards are the only team that haven't played several games but they are scheduled to play a lot of double headers coming up. The players love David Ross, when he got hired I had a good vibe but still wasn't sure how he would do. 13-3 so far is awesome.
  2. Mets are 9-11 and only 3 games out of 1st place. Every team has played a huge amount of games except for the Cards.
  3. Now if the Colts go 13-3 that would be the daily double . Cubs are a machine right now and look hungry again. Joe Buck just said the Cubs look unbeatable.
  4. 13-3 now on the season, Cubs win 4-2 over the Brewers. Another one Bites the Dust. Fly the flag Hozer. This division is already over with a only a 60 game season. . Brewers fall to 7-10
  5. Another question, how is JB taking it being the backup QB again after given the keys last year? He seems like a great locker room guy and a great leader but that has to be tough for any QB to handle.
  6. I think Jim Irsay is the best owner in football. I love him but Bob Sanders belongs in the ring of honor, JMO. What is taking so long?
  7. Damn I was hoping Yu would pitch a no hitter. He gave up a HR but has a 1 hitter through 7. 4-1 Cubs to the bottom of the 7th.
  8. Cubs lead 4-0 to the 7th. We are simply the best team in baseball right now. Yankees, Dodgers, Cards, and Brewers fans just have to deal with it and we have no player positive tests either. Without cheating the Astros stink so far at 8-10 just like I thought.
  9. Every team has played a decent amount of games except the Cards. The Cards won't stop the season IMO. 1 team won't stop it. If it was like 5 teams having a lot of positives tests that would be different. Just too much money involved if only 1 or 2 teams are having this problem to stop the season. I am not sure what is going in St Louis but they need to get their crap together. Even the Marlins have now played 12 games and playing well. I see the season finishing after what I have been hearing from ESPN and the MLB channel. Last night at work a Cards fan said they just need to cancel the season. I , I said yeah your team looks like they are trying to get it shut down and the Cubs are 12-3. Won't happen sorry, unless there are like 5 teams with a lot of positives tests.
  10. Yu no hitter through 5 innings. He just threw 97. This is 2012 Yu, great stuff. 2-0 Cubs to the bottom of the 5th. Watching this it sounds like fans in the stands even. Baseball may actually finish this season from what I have been hearing from ESPN and the MLB network.
  11. Nice to see this thread pop up again. I was at the 2009 4th and 2 game, oh the memories.
  12. This is a corny joke but I once heard a Mamba bit Bob Sanders and the Mamba died.
  13. We simply don't win the SB without him. The 3 most important players during that playoff run were Peyton, Bob, and Vinny (yes Vinny). Vinny was lights out vs Baltimore. Back to Bob, when he returned our defense looked like the Steel Curtain
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