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  1. So does Joseph Addai, I don't have a quote like you do but I have heard him say he loves Irsay. JOSEPH ADDAI on the carry for 5, JOSEPH ADDAI!
  2. I have Philly over the Giants tonight. I will make the rest of my picks later.
  3. What the hell is he throwing at? I remember going to Kings Island and throwing 3 straight balls through a small circle at 10 years old. I was only 10 so I gave the huge teddy Bear to my mom . The people that seen that could not believe it, they were shaking my hand and calling me a mini Terry Bradshaw , yeah that was when Bradshaw was popular .
  4. I know you are one who doesn't pin wins and losses on QB's but I know several Pitt fans and at that time they were saying 1-0 Ben over Manning. It is just how it is.
  5. I figured you would get a kick out of that so I posted it. We won but everyone gets it was a team effort in reality. QB's always get credit for wins though no matter how they play. Big Ben was garbage in SB 40 but Pitt fans thought he walked on water that day, why - because he won. He is a 2-time SB winner, that is all people remember not the fact you or I could've played better that day
  6. Scoreboard! JB won, Mahomes lost
  7. If we had Jones, we could win it all then, JMO. Rivers would eat teams alive with him. He loves throwing deep to tall WR's/TE's as well with his history. Jones is what 6'4?
  8. I think Rivers is a HOFamer but I said that even before he was here so I have validity in saying that not making me a homer. He has the stats, durability not missing starts for 2 decades, and overall wins. He did at least play in 1 AFC Title Game too. If Joe Namath is in the HOFame based off 1 freaking game than Rivers belongs. I would take Rivers over Namath if I had to win a game. Namath won because dumb butt Earl played lousy IMO with the silliest turnovers I have ever seen. If the Jets don't win that game he wouldn't even be in.
  9. I had us 4-2 actually, so we are right where I thought. I had us losing to Vikings and Browns. We lost to the Jags instead but beat the Vikings. I think we beat Detroit. My 10-6 prediction is still alive.
  10. Yep. He stunk but nobody cares because he won, comical. That is why I always say winning is the #1 thing. If he throws for 500 yards but loses, most would say scoreboard.
  11. That's fair enough. I just wish Rivers got that one last chance.
  12. I do agree he is one reason why we lost but not getting that chance on the last drive sticks with me. We hold them on 3rd and 9, who knows but we didn't.
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