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  1. You crack me up with your negativity. When he plays on opening day, please laugh along with me
  2. Like I posted earlier. I think it is 50/50 at this point on who wins the division. IMO the Cards have the slightly better pitching, the Cubs bullpen is really bad at times. That is why I think the Cards will win the division if I had to decide. Lineup vs lineup is pretty even. Both teams on any given day can explode for 6 or 7 runs. The 2 teams play 7 times in the last week and a half of the season. 4 are at Wrigley which helps but the last 3 games of the season are at St Louis where the Cubs struggle on the road.
  3. It's 50/50 at this point on who wins the division IMO. It will come down to the head to head games these 2 teams play at the end of the season. I still lean toward the Cards winning the division because their pitching is slightly better and their lineup is just as good. Both lineup's are dangerous. Cubs at worse should get in as a Wildcard.
  4. We might be able to go out west and steal one. Beating them on opening day would be a huge win.
  5. Coming off last season, Inman was my 3rd favorite target only behind TY and Ebron. I hated to see him go. Who knows we may bring him back, I would be ok with it.
  6. Officially tied for 1st again in the NL Central, Cubs win, fly the flag Hozer. NL Central standings heading into August 19th: Cards 65-57 Cubs 66-58 Brewers 64-60 (2 back) Reds 58-65 (7.5 back) Pirates 51-72 (14.5 back) Cubs 10 game road trip over, thankfully. Cubs get a much needed rest tomorrow and do not play on Monday. Next 3 games are against the Giants at Wrigley. Hamels pitches Tuesday
  7. I remember Bob Lamey commenting on Ron Winter after that Chargers game in 2008 and it wasn't pretty. That was horribly officiated. We lost to a punter and a Ref that night basically. I am not sure we ever won a game when Ron Winter officiated and we were pretty unbeatable back then. I know everytime he reffed I cringed.
  8. Looks like Eli has a ton of weapons
  9. Rizzo with a huge blast! He put a light out . Cubs playing Cubs baseball, up 7-0 tonight. Go ahead and fly the flag Hozer, this baby is over already . I never call it this early but we are not blowing this lead. 7-0 to the bottom of the 5th. After the 10 game road trip we will be tied for 1st in the NL Central. That is really all I wanted because the Cards have had an easy schedule while have been on the road for nearly 2 weeks. We will now have 6 straight at home where we are a different animal baby!
  10. Bring him back. He can give us the whole Pats playbook
  11. Bill Leavy was another bad one. He was the main guy on that crew that officiated SB 40 (Pitt vs Seattle). Many still think that was the worst officiated SB of all-time.
  12. I couldn't stand that one referee, Ron Winter back in the day. He used to throw a ton of flags a game. It seemed like every time the Colts played in a game he reffed, we lost too. See the Chargers playoff game in the 2008 season. He was calling everything against us and nothing on them.
  13. Actually you are right, it wasn't minor as his injury has lingered for a while, so minor was the wrong word to use on my part. I just didn't see it as bad as his shoulder injury was in 2017 once they said no surgery would be needed and it wasn't his Achilles.
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