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  1. I am not sold on he could take us to a SB but he is still young and above average to good so with him we would consistently win 10 games every year IMO. With Ballard at GM keeping our team good in other area's and Kirk at QB we would 10 games every year, maybe a SB if we had a dominant D.
  2. I can't wait to see what Brady does in Tampa. I have them 10-6 and a wildcard, losing in the divisional round which isn't bad (it is a good season actually) but for Brady's standards he would think it was a loss season.
  3. I ultimately voted for Peyton eventhough Brady and Montana have more rings. I just think Peyton can carry a team more is why. Brady is the most accomplished QB ever though.
  4. I realize Case Keenum took you deep in 2017 but he was fools gold. Normally a journey man QB/backup doesn't do that. The end result was getting blown out by the Eagles in the NFC Title Game 38-7. Kirk Cousins is a top 15 QB in the league which means he is above average. He and his team beat the Saints at New Orleans in the playoffs. Keenum beat the Saints at home on a miracle in the playoffs. Be happy with Kirk.
  5. Yes he did, Blanda took it to the extreme . This season will show us if Rivers does indeed still have it. I put our overall wins at 9.5 on a bet. I say 9 or 10 with the roster we have. I would bet over and say 10 because I think Ballard will nail the draft.
  6. Trubisky would be like having JB. No thanks.
  7. Now days QB's can play until they are 40 and even older and be effective. See Brady and Brees. Peyton was almost 40 before he retired, turned 40 that March after he won the SB. Only reason why he retired was because of his neck. He couldn't throw anymore or he would be like Brady and Brees. Rivers is 100% healthy and only 38. When it comes to all other positions, I prefer players that are 28 or younger that I agree with you with exception of Kickers, Kickers can play into their 40's as well.
  8. I think Rivers will bounce back, his INT's will be down because we have a very good running game and a great O.Line. Many people don't realize that Rivers still threw for 4600 Yards last season and completed a high % of his passes. I can't stress this enough, his O.Line flat out stunk and for a QB that isn't mobile that is a disaster waiting to happen. He won't have that problem here. If a QB completes 66% of his passes and throws for 4600 yards, Umm his arm isn't shot. Some people in here apparently thinking he is done haven't watched any Chargers games. You are the 3rd Chargers fan on here that has said he is still good.
  9. I have already accepted Baseball won't happen. Not the way this is going.
  10. I voted the season will be shortened but not cancelled. That is an off the wall prediction because none of us know. I could live with a 12 game season. We have great doctors, people in science, and great technology to not get this figured out soon. I think Pro Basketball and Pro Baseball are screwed. This may go on until September or October.
  11. I have to admit I would roll with JB if my choices were between him and Trubisky. He knows our system better.
  12. Yep, Rivers is on a 1 year to 1 year bases right now. Rivers doesn't seem to mind which is cool. He knows if he plays good, another 25 Mill will roll his way. Who couldn't be happy about that.
  13. Depending on what kind of season Rivers has, we may re-sign him to another year. If we win the division I could see that.
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