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  1. He is better off for doing so, I am not even famous and wouldn't touch Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a 10 foot pole
  2. They have been in the dumps since Barry Sanders punked them, by quitting in 1998. They are use to it
  3. Bucks still have HCA but I picked Raps in 7, I still may be wrong and you still may be right. I think it goes 7 for sure now.
  4. El Mago delivers, Cubs win. Fly the flag Hozer. This makes up for last night's nonsense.
  5. MVP just too fast, he scores/safe at home, 2-2 now. Still only 1 out and bases loaded still. El Mago is back, pinch hitting woo hoo.
  6. Brewers lost so that is good. Rizzo doubles, MVP is at 3rd, Rizzo at 2nd and no outs. Lets go baby!
  7. Another tough loss unless we rally in the 9th. Down 2-1. This series has been full of bad luck so far , then our announcers keep calling the Phillies player Fronco . It is spelled Franco. I guess Fronco Harris won 4 SB's with the Steelers and Chopman, not Chapman was the man in 2016 for the Cubs. Missing El Mago has hurt a bit.
  8. I have been banging the Suh drum as well but I would be happy if we signed McCoy instead. I like both. Why?
  9. Yeah in a 162 game season you are always going to have a handful of games where the UMPs are bad. I still think out of Baseball, Football, and Basketball, Baseball is the best officiated sport since out and safe calls became reviewable but last night the Cubs got jobbed. Hopefully they can put this in their rare view mirror and get a win tonight.
  10. Cubs lose. Nonsense Umps. When you are at home and a player check swings where it is close, you should get that call. Cubs got screwed but have to move on, it's only 1 game.
  11. This will be a nonsense loss, Cubs had a strike 3 call taken away from them in the 9th that would've ended the game. Now the Phillies hit a freakin 2 out HR in the 10th.
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