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  1. The play calling and execution in the red zone lost the game. That’s the most disappointing thing about today. The game was there to be won against a quality opponent. Can’t have those gaffes as a professional football team
  2. The OL is supposed to be a strong suit of this team. It has been anything but that to begin this season. Carson is going to end up like Andrew at this rate
  3. This is so incredibly stupid. I’m watching a mirror image of the Cincinnati vs IU game yesterday
  4. Need to capitalize on that INT. TD would do wonders here
  5. This might get worse than the Seahawks game. Stafford is going to shred that defense today
  6. Just an awful game all around. A lot to work on with the Rams coming to town next week
  7. I mean I don’t understand allowing Tyler Lockett to get behind the secondary. That feeds into his specialty with Wilson dropping dimes. No bueno
  8. Like me some Zach Pascal. Great response from Wentz. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him. Defense needs to step up now
  9. Not encouraging thus far. Wentz and the offense need to respond
  10. It’s an incredible run by the Buccaneers. They won three road playoff games to get a home SB. They didn’t choke away the opportunity. Brady brings an aura to his team. No way Buccaneers are SB champions today without Tom Brady at QB. Dude is ageless. On the flip side, Mahomes and the Chiefs came back to earth. It’ll be interesting to see how they bounce back from this horrendous affair. We’ve seen it before that all it takes is one game to change the direction of a franchise
  11. I’ve never thought SB or bust for the Buccaneers this season. It’s completely new territory for most of that team
  12. They actually somehow lost last year at home to the Vikings lol. I agree with your overall point though. It’s tough to win at the Superdome. We’ll see come Sunday. My money is on the Buccaneers
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