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  1. Whoever wins the East better hope they don’t want more than that
  2. Yes they have the leeway to gamble. They’re clearly the best team in basketball and added an insurance policy. Lord oh mighty
  3. Cousins just signed with the Warriors. That starting lineup is death. He’s going to have to put his ego aside though to fit in with that team
  4. Aaron Holiday is a great pick. A great complement to VO. Now let’s see where FA leads this team
  5. The answer is no in regards to LeBron winning another championship
  6. With how well the Cavs played and to be up just 6 points at halftime, not good for them. Not to mention that Steph and Klay have a combined 7 points
  7. Curry is finally having a Finals performance up to his standards. Series was over before it began. Warriors can’t be beaten four times in 7 games. It’s impossible with the firepower that team possesses. Also, as we saw last night, if Steph plays up to his standards, Warriors are on a completely different level than they already are in the first place. He makes that team go from great to unbeatable. He’s unreal
  8. I don’t think so. I don’t think the Rockets are that good. I just think the Warriors have let them off the hook
  9. I know the media will portray it as losing Kevin Love. But the Cavs are better without him
  10. We have to hope the Warriors win tomorrow night. Because the Rockets wouldn’t beat the Cavs
  11. Pacers need to make a splash that is heard around the NBA. Go get Kawhi Leonard. And this East Finals, maybe the Celtics have a chance. And Jayson Tatum is the X Factor
  12. This series was over before it began
  13. What changed the game was Victor starting the 4th quarter on the bench. That should’ve never happened. Raptors won’t beat the Cavs
  14. I can’t believe they called LeQueen for that offensive foul. It clearly was though. Elbow to Sabonis
  15. LeQueen gets the goaltending call. Figures