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  1. I don’t care who the Titans play next week. They look like they’ll be in the SB. They’re playing really good football
  2. Defense setting up the offense again. Hopefully the same result as last time
  3. Why did they attempt a 55 yd FG? That’s not smart. It’d been easier to go for it
  4. Yeah Q is a monster. I love seeing a Colts team that can run the football. Great drive to finish the game. Reich’s aggressiveness is awesome. Good win today
  5. Good win on the road against a division rival
  6. I wouldn’t have booed him
  7. Andrew gave absolutely everything to the Colts. It’s not his fault Grigson and Pagano didn’t build an offensive line. This guy played through muliple injuries. The fact that he’s getting hate is ridiculous. He needs to do what’s best for him
  8. I have no idea if they would do a deal for that. As for Harper, it’d be absolutely embarrassing if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
  9. I agree with the starting lineup. That’s a really good bench unit as well. Lakers might be the favorite. That’s not good
  10. I don’t know why the Pelicans didn’t ask for Kuzma as well. He’s better than both Lonzo and Ingram. No way I would’ve done that deal without including Kuzma
  11. I’m thinking a split. White Sox tonight with Giolito. Cubs tomorrow with Hendricks
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