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  1. I don’t care who the Titans play next week. They look like they’ll be in the SB. They’re playing really good football
  2. I have no idea if they would do a deal for that. As for Harper, it’d be absolutely embarrassing if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
  3. I agree with the starting lineup. That’s a really good bench unit as well. Lakers might be the favorite. That’s not good
  4. I don’t know why the Pelicans didn’t ask for Kuzma as well. He’s better than both Lonzo and Ingram. No way I would’ve done that deal without including Kuzma
  5. I’m thinking a split. White Sox tonight with Giolito. Cubs tomorrow with Hendricks
  6. How embarrassing for Harper if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
  7. No I don’t remember that. I haven’t been on here for a bit. A person could tell the Braves were going to be good. Not over yet though
  8. He’s been good this year when given playing time. Came up with some timely hits last Sunday against Cubs. Made a really nice catch on Thursday to help seal a series win against Brewers. How about that NL East? Phillies have been a disappointment up to this point
  9. Reds looking good. That’s the team I grew up watching on a daily basis. Brian Price was terrible. I was glad when they got rid of him. David Bell has been alright. Frankly, I think Reds are winning in spite of him
  10. Clippers was his preferred destination the entire time. He requested for them to get PG as well. Didn’t see that one coming at all. Just reinforces the point that elite players don’t want to play with Westbrook. Can’t win a championship with him as a top 2 option
  11. If it's true, I have no problem saying it. Nationals have been in the playoffs four times since 2012. They've lost all 4 NLDS' and had home field in all of them. Choking dogs
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