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  1. It’s an incredible run by the Buccaneers. They won three road playoff games to get a home SB. They didn’t choke away the opportunity. Brady brings an aura to his team. No way Buccaneers are SB champions today without Tom Brady at QB. Dude is ageless. On the flip side, Mahomes and the Chiefs came back to earth. It’ll be interesting to see how they bounce back from this horrendous affair. We’ve seen it before that all it takes is one game to change the direction of a franchise
  2. I’ve never thought SB or bust for the Buccaneers this season. It’s completely new territory for most of that team
  3. They actually somehow lost last year at home to the Vikings lol. I agree with your overall point though. It’s tough to win at the Superdome. We’ll see come Sunday. My money is on the Buccaneers
  4. Changing of the guard in the AFC. Patriots and Steelers have lost the stranglehold
  5. That’s true. Big difference in the QB position though. Newton isn’t too good I have Chiefs-Buccaneers SB
  6. I’m very much enjoying this opening quarter lol
  7. I can’t see it with Brady and the Buccaneers. That team is way more explosive than the Saints. Both of the Saints wins came when the Buccaneers didn’t have an offensive groove
  8. They’re still the Browns. We’re glad we’re playing them
  9. No way the Buccaneers lose a third time to the Saints
  10. Smith-Schuster’s words obviously fired up the Browns. That dude is nothing but a clown
  11. I’ve said this before on here but I’ll say it again. Mahomes is better at this age than both Peyton and Brady. It’s a completely different ballgame going against Mahomes
  12. Well no you shouldn’t change the pick. That’s what you predicted
  13. You think the Browns are going to win on the road against the Steelers? They barely won last week at home against the reserve team
  14. They conquered their demons against the Titans today. There are weird things that happen in football. That being said, I’d be shocked if the Chiefs don’t go to the SB
  15. Ravens are going to get shellacked at Chiefs next week
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