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  1. 1959Colts

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    Matt Slauson Passed on Chance to Join Colts Staff: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/02/10/matt-slauson-passed-on-chance-to-join-colts-staff/
  2. One of the leagues all time best assistant coaches. Great hire.
  3. 1959Colts

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    I remember reading how Glowinski is a very hard worker and one of the teams strongest players. Heavily committed to the weight room which carries over to his mauling style of play on the field.
  4. 1959Colts

    Colts Sign TE Gabe Holmes

    Colts have signed veteran TE Gabe Holmes: https://www.colts.com/news/roster-move-colts-sign-te-gabe-holmes-to-reserve-future-contract Played college football at Purdue.
  5. 1959Colts

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    We always seem to run out of the shotgun, which I believe hurts us a running team. Whereas NE used a power running approach, many times utilizing a FB, and had great success.
  6. Interesting read on Michael's coaching history: http://bluehqmedia.com/jason-michael-mariota/
  7. 1959Colts


  8. 1959Colts

    Hats off to Kenny Moore!

    Moore has quietly become one of the top corners in the league
  9. 1959Colts

    Quincy Wilson on "RapSheet"

    Ian Rapoport and friends podcast discussion with Colts Quincy Wilson. (Wilson can be found at 46:15 minute mark)
  10. 1959Colts


  11. 1959Colts

    Kenny Moore

  12. 1959Colts

    Geathers - Smith

    Great game by Geathers and Smith
  13. Colts whip the Texans, head to Kansas City https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/05/colts-whip-the-texans-head-to-kansas-city/ Some very good comments at bottom of article: