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  1. Maybe "on paper" they have one of the best rosters?
  2. https://atozsports.com/indianapolis/colts-eagles-rare-swap-offensive-coordinators-jim-bob-cooter-brian-johnson-anthony-richardson-nick-sirianni/ Could the Colts and Eagles swap offensive coordinators? Destin Adams ...Brian Johnson's fit with the Colts: If the Eagles were to fire Johnson and hire Cooter, the Colts could be in need of a new offensive coordinator. And if Johnson becomes available, he could be a solid fit with the Colts. He worked closely with Steichen as the QB coach for two seasons and was mentioned as a key contributor in helping Jalen Hurts develop into the QB he is today. With the Colts, Johnson wouldn't be expected to call plays, and he could work with and help develop soon-to-be second-year QB Anthony Richardson. A QB that Johnson just so happens to have a past experience with. Before becoming the QB coach with the Eagles in 2021, Johnson spent three seasons with the University of Florida as their QBs coach, as well as one season as their offensive coordinator. His last season at Florida in 2020 was Richardson's freshman year. While Richardson only attempted two passes that season before redshirting, that season was crucial to his uptick in playing time over the following two years...
  3. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2024/1/17/24041292/this-might-be-the-end-of-the-line-for-former-colt-shaquille-leonard This might be the end of the line for former Colt Shaquille Leonard ...The final nail was the Eagles playoff game in which he did not see the field. Not for a snap. Essentially, being a healthy scratch is a horrible sign for one’s playing days...
  4. I really wonder, if the biggest reason is, that if Steichen and Ballard fired Bradley, they do not know who to replace him with?
  5. I was pleased to hear in Richardson say, in his press conference, that he learned from his mistake, when he slowed down before crossing the goalline. This was the first I have heard him admit to deliberately slowing down. which one can certainly view as him showing off. I do not want AR to change his aggressive style of play, but he needs to play smarter as a professional.
  6. Venturi really does make a good case against the scheme being very flawed.
  7. I cant find the podcast. Can someone please post a link?
  8. Question of retirement is at 5:22 minute mark
  9. I actually said this very thing to my dad this morning... How I thought Michigan defense was so creative. That perhaps, was the biggest reason for their decisive win.
  10. Here is comparison of all 17 Colts games. Kind of reinforces our need for a top tier receiver Colts top receiver / opponents top receiver Jacksonville (L) Pittman 97 Ridley 101 Houston (W) Pittman 56 Collins 146 Baltimore (W) Pittman 77 Flowers 48 LA Rams (L) Ogletree 48 Nacua 163 Tennessee (W) Downs 97 Hopkins 140 Jacksonville (L) Pittman 109 Kirk 49 Cleveland (L) Downs 125 Moore 59 New Orleans (L) Downs 72 Shaheed 153 Carolina (W) Pittman 64 Hurst 54 New England (W) Pittman 84 Douglas 84 Tampa Bay (W) Pittman 107 Evans 70 Tennessee (W) Pittman 105 Hopkins 75 Cincinnati (L) Pittman 95 Brown 80 Pittsburgh (W) Pittman 78 Johnson 62 Atlanta (L) Granson 62 Robinson 50 Las Vegas (W) Pierce 58 Adams 126 Houston (L) Downs 48 Collins 195
  11. Sure there was a blown coverage. You keep focusing on only the one long TD. I can excuse that play. They took our defense by surprise, with a long bomb, and it worked. My problem with Bradley, is more what happened after Collins lit us up on the first play of the game. Once you get torched by the guy, is now even more reason, to try your hardest to contain him. But of course, Collins goes on to make catch after catch, in critical situations, keeping their drives alive. Just like I knew he would. Gus is just too conservative. and vanilla. Never throws a wrinkle in. with him, it's the same predictable defense, game after game. like a tooth ache. You may either win or lose this way. but it won't be because of any gamble or risk Gus is willing to take.
  12. I was thinking of those old Colts vs Patriots matchups as well. Great example of the point I was trying to make. Prepare a game-plan, where you double cover the teams top wideout, block/chip/press him right off the line. Make them beat you with another player. I can't recall a game, where Gus Bradley has ever used double coverage, to take away a teams top receiver,
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