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  1. According to Over the Cap the Colts are 2nd from the bottom in cap space. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
  2. With the little that Tua has showed... Brissett may be an improvement, for the Dolphins at this point? I would not be surprised if they finish with a decent record.
  3. It was a good game. The Dolphins played well. There were two pass interference no-calls, or Miami probably would have won. Brissett certainly was not to blame for the loss. In fact, he played a nice game. Was accurate in the pocket and at times scrambled, and completed passes out of the pocket. Also, gained a first down or two by running. It would be a joke if they let Gesicki be the player who kills us.
  4. I watched the entire Dolphins vs Raiders game. In my opinion, Brissett played really well. He threw with accuracy down the field. In the clutch he seemed to target Mike Gesicki, and for a big play he looks for Will Fuller
  5. Would Philadelphia trade us back our conditional pick we gave them for Wentz?
  6. Or paint... drying on the wall.
  7. Yes. that should indeed be interesting. The Colts have gone back on their stance as QB-Jacob Eason being the backup to QB-Carson Wentz. In Week 3, QB-Brett Hundley was the team’s backup. Frank Reich said it was Hundley’s experience that had him backing up a banged-up Wentz against the Titans. “We talked to each guy one-on-one, what I said to Jacob was, ‘Jacob, you are on the right track, you are doing the right thing. This is not about you. This is about Brett’s experience. He’s started 9 games. He’s led two fourth-quarter game-winning drives. He’s experienced and a very poised young man. We are going on the road playing a divisional game in a very difficult environment,’” Reich explained. “If Carson wouldn’t play, we just felt that would be the best option for us.” When asked why Hundley wasn’t the backup in Week 1 or Week 2, Reich offered this: “Because I felt Carson wasn’t 100 percent…having time to think it through and the reality that Carson might not be in this game and we are going on the road, and the challenges of that, playing a divisional moment, I guess given the moment is the answer more than anything.” Reich said the decision for Wentz’s backup remains something that the Colts will decide later this week. Rookie QB-Sam Ehlinger (knee) is eligible to come of IR list this week, so he’s a name to watch at quarterback. https://www.1075thefan.com/kevins-sports-news/colts/colts-monday-notebook-t-y-hilton-return-remains-on-hold/
  8. What will probably happen is... Wentz will play the in the required number of games (so that Philadelphia secures our number one draft pick)... and then, he will get hurt again, and miss the remaining games.
  9. I wish they had kept Andrew Brown as one of the DT's
  10. Tennessee Titans Inactives FB Khari Blasingame CB Caleb Farley TE Anthony Firkser DL Naquan Jones WR Josh Reynolds LB Derick Roberson Indianapolis Colts Inactives OL Will Fries DB BoPete Keyes RB Marlon Mack DL Isaac Rochell OL Braden Smith WR Mike Strachan DL Taylor Stallworth
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