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  1. Look Zero, Exactly why I stopped getting on the forum. You put out a question that I assume you wanted feedback on and then criticize, not intelligently, but criticize responses. Find something else to do. Done with you
  2. Huh? Where did I say never? No not at all. How did the Chiefs beat us? Which is a team at the level we need to be and were obviously not last year. A combination of no pressure, not being able to cover, and not enough talented receivers - right?. Offensively no one could get open. So they addressed, hopefully, some of the cover issues this year and perhaps even mildly the lack of rushing issue..... and maybe added a bit of offensive talent to address some of those needs. I don't get your point. Mine is those two you listed don't fit our locker room. And maybe the org. sees more than we do with what we have ..... FOR NOW - not forever. I think it is pretty clear they are always going to try to create competition. But it is my feeling it won't be Suh.
  3. Yeah, I hear ya, but the character of either are just so misaligned with what the Colts are doing. And to add to that, you know the old saying .... One bad apple.... - right? Not saying the locker room couldnt overcome it with a wealth of character, but it is a problem that doesnt need tested.
  4. I thought Hunt did pretty well last year, but was playing more than his condition allowed .. in other words needs a solid speller at times. Not the end all but good enough to keep blockers off our LB's and create some push toward the QB. Next year will be the year we make big strides on the DL No, I did not mean to write Sue, lol
  5. And part of that "rest" group .... we have not seen the full potential of Turay or Lewis, could be very high level players for all we know. Time will tell, but I cant see Sue here - ever
  6. I see the need, but I dont see the fit. My guess is neither fit the locker room CB is building ... just a hunch and could easily be wrong.
  7. I know its been mentioned a few times, but what a mic drop when Reggie backed the Titan fans off ... he seemed a little torqued about it .. great move. I happen to like our first selection ... we all know we need better corners. Hopefully he develops quickly and works out well for us in rotation.... or whatever roll he ends up in.
  8. Hi Nadine .... spoiler alert .... I am back in town
  9. Probably go to the Jags and be with Moncrief. Both will burn us for a long TD, they will miss extra point tries and beat us 12- 3
  10. Question probably should have been why was he hired. Never was a big fan of the Jim Caldwell experiment. Not saying slobber or snot has to be flailing from your face to be a good football coach, but his demeanor seems off canter compared to a lot of the more successful coach's in the NFL. So quiet and meek personality ... one that just doesn't feel right from my point of view. Who knows, maybe the players respected that quality in him. I don't remember any of the players speaking out against him or his ways or anything like that. But I dont know that we would ever really hear that. So regardless of his mannerisms or style of coaching, what exactly was the reasoning behind promoting him to HC? Tony's recommendation? I mean other than his time with the Colts as associate head coach or whatever his title was, exactly what was so intriguing about his resume? I was just really surprised that they transitioned from Tony right into Jim. Maybe they thought it would be seamless, train is still on the tracks and no changes needed type thing, Idk. Whatever, but it didn't work and I feel like his lack of aggressiveness was one of the reasons they lost the SB to the Saints.
  11. They already played high school and college ball ... they are pros, and I dont care what Brian Bilick and Dan Dakich say
  12. Yeah, I dont see it happening and it sounds a bit strange to me. He was highly regarded prior to the draft, even though some said he took too many plays off. I think there is little to no merit to the rumor. Why would they? More misinformation
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