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  1. Agree .... I look at last year as a "red shirt" year for CB. I also think people are making way too much out of one pre-season game. We were in almost every game last year with the exception of getting our butts handed to us by a few really good teams, otherwise we lacked finishing games, but had the opportunity to win them (even with bad coaching). I have a hard time believing that we went backward this year .. doesn't add up. Sucks about losing a promising rookie receiver, but someone needs to step up, like someone drafted in front of him .... lets give these guys an opportunity to show us that they have in fact improved and we have a good core of young men in the locker room to build from
  2. ohhhh kay Are you saying it will always be a problem then? Just curious I guess I have "Edge" is that still exporer? Feels like it is. Im not so savvy these days with newer OS and browsers etc
  3. BR-549

    PFF: AFC South Win Projections

    I hated statistics in college. For that matter I hated statics too. Dynamics was much more enjoyable especially thermal dynamics. I didn't like Fortran though no matter how much I wanted to, probably due to the poor English speaking TA's in large lecture halls we had to deal with .... give you any idea of when I went to school? It probably didn't help that my statistics professor brought a bamboo bowl to class every day. No it didn't contain soup …. what is the probability that it would? No, it had water in it and he drank out of it like he was sipping the last bit of sugary milk left over after a bowl full of frosted flakes. He also had an annoying way of saying "little sigma tilde" I cant reproduce it with typed words … use your imagination. Long story short ... he ruined any enthusiasm I may have mustered up for statistics and these days I usually just ignore anything to do with the subject.
  4. Yes pretty much all the time. I first thought it was just heavy traffic, but it doesn't matter what time of day really. My Mac has a little older version of Safari and I always used it before without issue. If you remember I PM'd you for PW change so I could use my PC as I had forgotten my PW. I was hoping to solve the problem then. It is under 6 months old so whatever version of IE that came with it plus updates. I use it for everything else without any problems. I don't care for other browsers really especially Chrome, but I suppose I could try it.
  5. BR-549

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    I don't mind saying … I agree and I personally thought he played very well for a rookie but needs honing which = time on the field, and does not = bust. I think he will be fine particularly considering CB is arguably one of the hardest positions to refine and play consistently well at a high level.
  6. The site locks up with the dreaded spinning wheel whether I am using my Mac or my PC (brand new and well equipped). I get message "not responding due to long running script" very frustrating as I cant jump from topic to topic without a substantial waiting period if at all sometimes. Even going from say page one to page five might shut it down. I assume these are common, or known issues and you are still working out the bugs?
  7. Somehow, some way @shakedownstreet had to be involved or was lurking at a minimum.
  8. BR-549

    Colts Training Camp 8/5/2018

    well, why interfere with tradition?
  9. BR-549

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    His twitter activity would substantiate a lot of what you are saying
  10. BR-549

    You know what grinds my gears?

  11. BR-549

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    In the future it may be best to give a full explanation along with your comment. That way, everyone knows exactly what you mean and there is no confusion .. .... sorry, I had to
  12. BR-549

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Darn it, my pesky mouse is at it again. Whenever I hover over the emoji with the cursor a description balloon pops up with "High Five" …. no worries. I didn't believe it either. Doesn't really matter anyway ...
  13. BR-549

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Yep.. we have been somewhat acclimated to losing linemen. Seems like a given every single year. Too bad for the man, and for Colts of course. I think as others have said, they were pretty much predicting this move.
  14. BR-549

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    This sort of phenomenon tends to happen on open forums ... (that is a "high five" emoji by the way... not to be confused with the sarcasm emoji)
  15. BR-549

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    I was really excited when he was drafted... he pretty much lived up to his stock as far as I am concerned.... just unfortunate how things turned out. Definitely out of his control and when he was able to play he played well for the most part. Too bad for Jack