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  1. I would think Rd 1-4 you’re looking at starters or players that would make a significant contribution. Rd 5-7 you’re looking at projects or depth. Like anything else there may be fool’s gold and gems all around us. My opinion.
  2. I got a minor medical procedure tomorrow got to wear Colts apparel for my good luck

    1. Nadine


      Good Luck!

    2. alawai


      Thanks Nadine,

    3. NFLfan


      Hope all went well with your procedure. Stay safe!

  3. I remember running to the bathroom when the commercials came on but now I watch the commercials and use the bathroom during the game.

    1. Gramz


      Same here!

  4. Kung Hee Fat Choy!

  5. Bummers!  My boss lady, the queen of the house said it’s time for me to downsize.  No no not dieting but my Colts apparel.  I admit I have couple shirts that still have the sales tag and some I haven’t worn in years!  Bummers got to decide.  At least I get to keep my memorabilia.

  6. Indy here I am!  Luckily I brought my thermal swimwear!  It’s a little chilly.

  7. It’s gonna be a cold this weekend!

  8. Game on TV!  Got to get up bright and early!  Go Colts!

  9. Indy here I am!

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    2. southwest1


      You must be INDY's good :clover: charm because whenever you attend a game live the Colts win buddy. 


      I think Jim Irsay should fly in for every home game at a bare minimum. Works 4 me.

    3. alawai


      Yup love that idea!

    4. southwest1


      I'm telling ya man. If you would have been at LOS on Sunday, the Raiders would not have won alawai. 


      Not scientific proof of anything concrete I know, but I like that theory & I'm sticking to it. 

  10. Indy 500!  As a little kid I’d get up at 0 dark thirty to listen to the Indy 500.  Yes listen on my transitor radio with the black leather casing. No live TV but tape delay.  With a little luck got stationed at Ft. Knox and made it to the 500!  Good times!

    1. southwest1


      Cool trip down memory lane there. There's no other medium like radio; the 1 on 1 intimacy of it between broadcaster & listener. Okay, maybe modern day podcasts fit into that category as well I suppose. 


      It's the closest thing the world has to Fireside chats man. Nice. Thanks for sharing alawai. :hat:


  11. My favorite “F” words are FREEDOM 2. FOOD 3. FRIDAY 4.......

    1. alawai


      Lol!  Oops forgot football and fan forum!

  12. Had a great deal today.  Went on base for Valentines Day Luncheon Buffet.  Me and the boss lady.  Prime rib and chicken marsala and yes I ate my share of the cost.  In fact I ate my share and wife’s share of the cost!

  13. The good on Christmas/New Years is I get to eat all my goodies, the chocolates, the cookies and the candles!  The bad is I get to eat all my goodies the chocolates, the cookies and the candies!

    1. Nadine


      Yeah it's national back on the wagon day

    2. alawai


      Lucky for me that at Thanksgiving I set my scale back double digits so I’m doing ok.

  14. I’m not hurting today because I didn’t do the marathon.  The good I’m in no pain, the bad is I miss it.  Being doing it before many of you were born but health issues put a stop to it.  Nothing really bad but it was also time hang it up!

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