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  1. Gramz

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    I would be interested in an answer to this too. More often than not, the team that wins the coin toss, wins the game. It just seems wrong, that after an often hard fought game, for the outcome to be decided by a coin toss. I know there has to be some guidelines as I was just thinking about a game I watched Eli play at Ole Miss. It was the craziest game that went to something like 6 or 7 overtimes. The longest game I've ever watched, and it was crazy fun for the fans, but the players had to be out of gas.
  2. Gramz

    Concerning Super Bowl

    I think I addressed this earlier, but I have been thinking about it a little more, and yes, you were very gracious Peyton's final year when the Broncos beat the Pats and he and the Broncos went on and he got his 2nd SB . Aside from a select group, I think the majority of NFL fans, and fellow athletes and players were also very happy for him. It's a little different scenario. than watching Tom and the Pats in practically every AFC game and several Super Bowls for the better part of the past two decades. Years earlier it appeared that Peyton may have be done for good... after his surgery he could barely toss the football to his wife Ashley, let alone step foot on the field and be competitive. He worked Hard to get back to where he was. It was impressive, it was admirable, and pretty spectacular that he accomplished that. I still get emotional when I think of how hard he worked. You knew how much that SB win meant to me, and you did reach out with very kind comments. I remember well. If I said something this week that you thought was harsh, I meant no offense to you personally, and if I said something that gave you that impression, I apologize. I know you are happy to see your team return to the big stage once again. As a friend, I am happy for you, just not happy about the overall situation. The outcome of the Saints/Rams game and the drama involved with the non-call had left a sour taste with me regarding the NFL before the Pats/Chiefs game even started. At this point I have no interest in watching the game. That is in no way meant to be offensive to you. I understand your excitement. I've been there several times myself. Enjoy the game!
  3. Gramz

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    As much as I despise the constant comparisons of these 2, I miss the rivalry. I really do. Some of the most exciting games I ever watched was the matchup between these two greats.
  4. Gramz


    Well you can be sick and tired of whatever you want, I am sick and tired of our Hall of Fame worthy kicker being trashed. What is this "so called" you speak of? He is the best! He holds the all time scoring record, not only for kickers but ALL NFL players. Yeah, "so called" My *
  5. It's always Something! Not that I'm agreeing, disregarding or downplaying, but geez it really is always something. A childish and irresponsible thing to do, if it really did happen.
  6. Gramz

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    I don't think either would have this record without each other. They're a dynamic duo. I don't have to like it, or support it, but I can admit it.
  7. Yep. It's just disappointing. You know I love the game. This time of year is normally, especially exciting for anyone who loves the game. Maybe I'll change my mind by the time the big game rolls around, but as of today, I'm so disappointed in this past weekend's results, the questionable officiating, etc... to the point that I seriously have zero interest in the game. And that is disappointing to me on a personal level, from someone who has always planned her January around planning a SB party.
  8. While the bolded is true...…. To lose a game, or to have a trip to the SB ripped from you, by an incompetent officiating crew, is unacceptable, any way you look at it.
  9. A Big payoff from someone..?? Seriously, He is looking right at them, so he either needs his eyes checked, or his morals. One is definitely off.
  10. Gramz

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    Sure it would have.... by a Pats fan.
  11. For once you and I seem to be in agreement (that it was ignored) However, it has been one of the biggest media stories in the past two days now, and I don't know what the answer is, but it is clear to me that most of the viewing public, including other players, commentators, even the NFL itself, believe this "missed" or "ignored" play cost the Saints their trip to the SB.
  12. Gramz

    Will you be watching the SB?

    No. First time in a very long time, that I really have zero Interest.
  13. Gramz

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    No. Not a chance.