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  1. First Colts game I've been able to watch this year! WooHoo.....it's a good one!
  2. He is fun to watch!
  3. Agree. I don't see how he keeps his job or his marriage. Stupid stupid stupid. Prêaches to his team to always watch yourself in public, caméras everywhere. Always do the right thing and don't put yourself in compromising position. He screwed up!
  4. Moot point. Because he is married (for now). And yes. Dumb dumb question. ..
  5. Not surprised. There were alot of people that were unaware of the show until reviews came out.
  6. They were fun once again! And I loved the 4th quarter with Pat McAfee. Seriously enjoy watching the game with them!
  7. I missed the first half of the game last night but very much enjoyed the parts I did watch. Pat McAfee was hilarious as guest last night!. Once again I enjoyed
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