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  1. Susie Q

    What If Jimmy brings Chuck Back in 18?

    I think I remember when Ballard came in he told Jim that he would give Pagano a year and if it didn't work out Pagano had to go and he would bring his own coaching staff. I may be wrong but don't think so.
  2. Susie Q

    Watt injured

    ^^^ Agree ^^^
  3. Susie Q


    Great Pictures thanks for sharing and glad you had a great weekend.
  4. Susie Q

    Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Better get that stretcher ready.
  5. Susie Q

    Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread

    Maybe if they would get them off the field more quickly they wouldn't be tired. Sorry I feel no pity for this defense.
  6. Susie Q

    Colts Vs. Browns Game Day Thread

    I heard her on ESPN the other night and thought she would just be announcing on ESPN guess I was wrong.
  7. Susie Q

    Colts Vs. Browns Game Day Thread

    All I can say is that female announcer's voice drives me crazy.
  8. Susie Q

    Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    He was out to lunch.
  9. Susie Q

    Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    You sure about that statement Sorry disagree because if so Pagano would have been gone with Grigson.
  10. Susie Q

    Adam Vinatieri

    Well out of 900 kicks they said last night he has made 877 of them and I agree with csmopar about the new holder. I wish AV was the only problem this team had. JMO
  11. Susie Q

    Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Why after the game I felt that way after last season. IMO we should have let him go with Grigs and let the GM get the coach he wanted. Just sayin