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  1. Irsay needs to stay out of it and let Ballard do his job that he was hired for. I have more faith in Ballard than Irsay. JMO I personally don't see Andrew coming back but who knows what the future holds.
  2. I agree Gramz I personally think that KC can beat the Pats especially since they play in KC. I don't think the Pats have that great of record on away games. (does that tell you any thing)
  3. I think I remember when Ballard came in he told Jim that he would give Pagano a year and if it didn't work out Pagano had to go and he would bring his own coaching staff. I may be wrong but don't think so.
  4. Susie Q


    Great Pictures thanks for sharing and glad you had a great weekend.
  5. Maybe if they would get them off the field more quickly they wouldn't be tired. Sorry I feel no pity for this defense.
  6. I heard her on ESPN the other night and thought she would just be announcing on ESPN guess I was wrong.
  7. All I can say is that female announcer's voice drives me crazy.
  8. You sure about that statement Sorry disagree because if so Pagano would have been gone with Grigson.
  9. Well out of 900 kicks they said last night he has made 877 of them and I agree with csmopar about the new holder. I wish AV was the only problem this team had. JMO
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