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  1. He's a vested vet, he will not go on the waiver wire. If released he'll be a free agent and free to choose between whichever teams want him.
  2. jchandler7

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    I bet he plays but if not this week he should be back next week forsure. He was Full participant today. It might be hard on that injured hammy sliding around in the wet grass though. Im worried Geathers will be out as well. He was a non-participant at practice today.
  3. jchandler7

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    FULL participation...but ok. My only point in this thread was that it seems the coaching staff may be down on Ridgeway. 100% speculation on my part. I may be wrong. You obviously disagree and that is perfectly fine your entitled to your opinion no biggie.
  4. jchandler7

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    That's not true. Read my reply again. We went into last week's game with 3 DT's = Woods, Autry & Stewart. Ridgeway was inactive. This week with Autry out we would still have 3 DT's = Woods, Ridgeway & Stewart. So....my point was the coaching staff must not have much faith in Ridgeway bc they were ok going into the game last week with only 3 but this week they are making sure they have 4. Like I already stated, I understand the logic though.
  5. jchandler7

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    Yeah, I know Ridgeway is healthy and Autry is banged up. However, last week we went into the game with only 3 DT's because Ridgeway being inactive. So if Autry missed this Sundays game and we didn't elevate Ward we would still be going into the game with same number of D-linemen as last week. Which tells me that they don't fully trust Ridgeway. I understand the reason behind the move, just don't think it looks good for Ridgeway. I hope he balls out against Washington though.
  6. jchandler7

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    Not a good sign for Ridgeway.
  7. jchandler7

    Le’Raven Clark: Healthy Scratch

    I agree with everything you stated 100%. I hope Clark comes around but definitely not counting on it. I feel the same as you about Ridgeway and Desir. I was excited to see what Ridgeway could do in our new 4-3. I like Quincy but I'm also a fan of Desir and believe he would've played better than ol Club hand. Overall though I'm happy with the teams direction.
  8. jchandler7

    Le’Raven Clark: Healthy Scratch

    No, Clark was drafted to play tackle and has only played tackle. He started a few games last year at RT but never guard. He's got the ideal build for the tackle position but doesn't have the strength he needs for the NFL.
  9. jchandler7

    Le’Raven Clark: Healthy Scratch

    Smith only played tackle on the last snap of the game. Webb got injured on the Doyle fumble. If you look at the snap count you'll see Webb played every snap at RT but 1 and Haeg played every snap at LT.
  10. jchandler7

    17 unanswered points is unacceptable

    On that particular play Smith was the extra 6th lineman, we where in our jumbo package. Haeg was right beside him. They should've never expected Smith to block Dunlap 1 on 1 like that. For being a patch work Oline they held their own pretty well. The Oline did NOT lose us the game today. The defensive penalties and Doyle fumble lost us the game.
  11. jchandler7

    Colts Inactives vs Bengals

    This has a chance to get real ugly. As if it's not bad enough already... If Haeg and/or Webb go down we're left with Braden Smith and Glowinski! I was also looking forward to seeing Ridgeway, I hope we get an explanation for that one later.
  12. jchandler7

    Anthony Zettel

    Just happened today. Thanks. Dang Browns!
  13. The lions release of DE Anthony Zettel intrigues me. Drafted in the 6th round by Detroit in 2016. He's 26 yrs old, 6'4" 270 lbs. He started all 16 games last yr and logged the most snaps on the team. He had 31 tackles, 6.5 sacks & 1 forced fumble. Matt Patricia is converting the team over to a 3-4 hybrid and doesn't feel Zettel is a good fit to play OLB. I think he'd be a nice addition, anybody else feel the same?
  14. jchandler7

    Pat McAffee Story in IndyStar

    Not a good look for Pat or Grigson IMO.
  15. jchandler7

    Any update on the starting oline

    Dear God....I feel for Andrew!