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  1. jchandler7

    Colts draft spot

    Highest priorities for me are: 1. Rush DE 2. D-line 3. WR 4. CB
  2. jchandler7

    Swoop might be a Colt again

    I agree. Im a big fan of Ross Travis as a recieving TE (not sure how great his blocking is). If he can get healthy I'd like to see him a Colt again and see what he can do next yr. He's got excellent size, speed and hands for a TE.
  3. jchandler7

    Week 14 Playoff Scenarios and who to root for

    Why would we want to root for the Titans to beat the Jags when TN is in the race with us and Jacksonville is not?
  4. jchandler7


    I agree. Bell & Cobb are the only 2 on that list I'd be excited about.
  5. "Think of it like an audition"...I was going to post the same thing shastamasta. Same way I'd look at it.
  6. jchandler7

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Shouldn't even be a question...MARVIN!!! If TY played with Reggie and Marv he'd be the #3 WR.
  7. THIS! Home=all blue unis with white helmet. Away=all white unis with blue helmet. That's what I would like to see.
  8. jchandler7

    O-Line ID

    The Great Wall of Indy! You've got my vote.
  9. jchandler7

    HOPEFULLY Quincy Wilson Gets It. Good Read On Him

    Already a discussion on this my friend.
  10. jchandler7

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    Yeah, I personally don't think we need to break the bank for a WR. We only got a small sample size of Cain but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him as a solid #2 or #3 option for Luck next yr. I'd also like to see Inman as the #2 WR this yr. Grant/Rogers should not be out snapping him. They can both go next season or stay for cheap as backups but nothing more.
  11. jchandler7

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    Many of us on this board were wanting Inman. Nice to see we were right. He is playing really well and has gained good continuity with Luck.
  12. jchandler7

    Luck should be MVP

    Luck should get Come Back Player of the Year with Leonard receiving Defensive Rookie of the year. However, the MVP race is between Gurley, Brees & Mahomes IMO.
  13. jchandler7

    Bruce Irwin cut by Raiders

    Definitely need to atleast make a call to his agent and see what the asking price would be. I know he's 31 but he's still productive and solid pass rushers don't come along every day. I'd offer him a 2 yr deal.
  14. jchandler7

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    Just seen this on Bleacher Report. Not good for us. Another big body for our corners to try to cover. Was hoping the Colts would be in play. Definitely makes the Texans better.
  15. jchandler7

    Mike Mitchell Honored

    Vet minimum, he stated in an interview that he didn't sign for the money, he signed so he could play football this season and prove himself for next year.