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  1. I love Learnard as a player and person for what he has done on and off the field. However, unless there is ALOT more to the story that he didn't share this one sounds like a "look at me" attention getter with some truth stretching.
  2. I just hope he doesn't cut a finger off with the way he was handling that knife lol. Or, burn his house down with that flame thrower .
  3. I agree, Okereke is a good football player but Walker has definitely earned a pay day. He and Leornard are really close friends and that translates onto the football field with how well they work together and communicate with the defense. I really like our trio of LBers with Leornard, Walker & Okereke. I hope we can figure out a way to keep all 3 for years to come.
  4. If the price is right Warford would be an excellent pick up. He's started every game he's been active . In 970 snaps last yr he had 6 penalties and aloud 2 sacks. He was ranked the 26th best guard in the league per PFF.
  5. Just curious but why don't you think it's panned out having Hunt with Chubbs? Hunt had 464 total yards and 3 TD's in only 8 games with the Browns last season. That's decent backup numbers. The Browns also resigned him so he should have a full season (if he stays out of trouble) to show what he can do this year with Chubbs. I personally think Chubbs & Hunt is just as good of a combo as Taylor & Mack. Not trying to undermine your Taylor - Chubbs comparison, just don't understand your thoughts on Hunt with Cleveland.
  6. Rivers & Pittman Anxious to see Rivers wearing the shoe and throwing passes to Hilton & Pittman! Will also have Eason under the microscope during preseason.
  7. My top 3 are right there with those already mentioned: 1. K Hot Rod 2. OT O'Donnell 3. DE Coleman
  8. I agree EastStreet. Ballard is extremely smart and knows what he's doing and saying at all times. I definitely feel like he talks some players up so the fans will get on board and so the player will gain confidence in his chance on the team. Whereas others such as Eason he does the opposite to temper expectations from the fans & media while also sending out a message to the player that nothing will be handed to him and he is going to have to compete his "nuts" off.
  9. Eason's stats are actually impressive based on what he had to work with. His WR's dropped ALOT of passes and his O-line was allowing pressure on dang near every snap. He made some bad throws under pressure but also extended alot of plays and converted under pressure. Side note, I wish we would've drafted Bryant with our last 6th round pick. Him and Eason had good chemistry, and was definitely his go to receiver.
  10. Backup/competition for our current starters, he can play guard or RT and he's only 29 so he still has 4 or 5 good years in him. He wouldn't be an immediate upgrade over our starters but if one (not named Castonzo) went down he would fill in nicely as a swing backup.
  11. If the price is right my vote would be yes. Fluker would be great depth value for the team.
  12. Yeah, I am excited we got Hot Rod as well!
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