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  1. Ill start out by saying my wish list for top 3 rounds are QB, WR & DT. But, I have 2 options that I would like to see from the Colts. A. Draft a legit WR (tall, possession, crisp route runner type) to compliment TY and Campbell in the 1st round and draft a high upside QB to start training camp behind Brissett in the 2nd. And use our remaining 2nd rounder for a solid DT. OR B. Trade up using our two 2nd round picks to get our franchise (hopeful) QB. Then draft best available WR and DT in rounds 2-4.
  2. I really hope your right but I fear Reich will stick with Brissett and we will be stuck in mediocracy. The team and coaches overall have been doing a good job with what they have to work with but Brissett isn't the long term answer. If we had a QB of Watson's caliber we would be dangerous. I don't blame the coaches or front office bc they are doing the best they can with the hand they where delt when Luck decided to leave the team hanging. However, if we don't address our QB situation it's going to be a long road to another SB.
  3. Has anyone heard anything on Odum or Ya-Sin since the post game reports?
  4. Best game I have ever attended. The entire 4th quarter was electric and LOS was rocking. I doubt anybody had a voice left after that game.
  5. I can't say I hate them (hates a strong word lol) but I'm with you, they aren't much of a fan to leave games early and give up on the team like that. I went to the KC playoff game few yrs ago and seen ALOT of so-called Colts fans leaving at half time. Irked me seeing fans give up hope/support of the team. The 12th man can make a huge difference to close out a close game.
  6. I like the interior DL depth we have collected over the last couple weeks. Really glad they are trying to build up the DL to stop the run. However, I am not overly excited about our situation at DE as far as pass rushers. We now have 6 interior DL and only 4 DE's. Muhammad and Benagu are going to have to step up. Unless the coaches believe that Lewis is the answer on the outside, I'd really like to see them drop Franklin, Adam's or Milligan and grab someone like Shane Ray or trade for a situational pass rusher.
  7. I seen they also worked out Eli Harold. I wouldn't mind Ballard kicking the tires on Shane Ray. Ray is only 26 and has 14 sacks, 94 tackles & 15 TFL in 4 yrs with Denver. Not saying he'd be a stud but might be worth kicking the tires for a situational pass rush.
  8. In order to be a contender you eventually have to spend some $$!
  9. I was worried about our DL months ago and still am. We do not have any big run stuffers. I stated a couple months ago i was afraid if we didn't improve our DL we would have a hard time stopping the run and seemed to be in the minority then.
  10. Hands down, Frank is the biggest reason for our success. IMO
  11. Strategic, well coached, fast & tough.
  12. Dakich is a turd, can't stand listening to him!
  13. Before the fractured ribs Jonathon Williams looked like he could be that power back during training camp and early preseason.
  14. Yes, Pat's released Hoyer, he won't last long though. He'll be on a teams 53 man roster as a backup very soon.
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