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  1. Browns if they make it in and Colts do not.
  2. I just hope he re-signs for a price that's good for both he and the team.
  3. Rivers may not be the g.o.a.t but he is definitely one of the toughest QB's ever and has more fire than most. He's old school, no way he lets a toe keep him from playing.
  4. I love Frank as a person and head coach but NOT as a play caller. He definitely makes some bonehead decisions/calls. I think he is a leader of men and the team respects him. He is very intelligent and knows the game well. However, imo he needs to give the primary play calling over to Sirianni. Reich can still be there giving advice and opinion but it's time to give Nick a shot at calling some plays. Keep in mind though that even with all of his football experience he is still fairly green as a play caller and head coach. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Pitman Campbell Johnson In that order. I think we need to move on from TY after this season and find a reliable veteran in the off-season like Marvin Jones, A Robinson, Smith-Schuster, etc.
  6. I live in the same state and still only get the bengirls on local TV every Sunday.
  7. I'm not sure it's time to move on but I do believe it's time for him to move into the slot position on a more regular basis. Leave Pitman, Johnson & Pascal on the outside, slide TY inside. When Campbell comes back he and TY can trade around depending on play call. I was excited to see Patmon on the outside opposite Pittman. Hopefully he's working hard and progressing. Disappointing seeing him inactive every week.
  8. I live in Indiana (Southeastern) and don't even get to watch most Colts games without NFL Sunday ticket (which I canceled this yr). Everything I get locally comes out of Cincinnati. I was excited when they flexed week 4 to 4:30 thinking surely they will have Colts/Bears on local channels. Nope....Raiders vs Bills! Needless to say I've never been happy with local streaming.
  9. If Eberflus has any intention on changing up the coverage schemes such as switching to Man instead of zone? Seems our outside big bodied corners would be much better playing up on the receivers instead of 5-10 yards off the line on every play that's not on the goal line.
  10. I love Learnard as a player and person for what he has done on and off the field. However, unless there is ALOT more to the story that he didn't share this one sounds like a "look at me" attention getter with some truth stretching.
  11. I just hope he doesn't cut a finger off with the way he was handling that knife lol. Or, burn his house down with that flame thrower .
  12. I agree, Okereke is a good football player but Walker has definitely earned a pay day. He and Leornard are really close friends and that translates onto the football field with how well they work together and communicate with the defense. I really like our trio of LBers with Leornard, Walker & Okereke. I hope we can figure out a way to keep all 3 for years to come.
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