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  1. 2014 home playoff game vs KC Chiefs. Colts came back from a 28 pt deficit to defeat KC 45 - 44. The stadium was crazy loud!
  2. He can most definitely help us get a Lombardi AS LONG AS HE CAN STAY HEALTHY. The dudes a warrior. He's a very tough player with a winner mentality. He hates to lose. I liked the way he called out Reich lastnight without calling out Reich lol. "We can't let up, we can't let up! We've got to keep a killer instinct! We have to do better finishing games!" Aka... We should've kept trying to score in the 4th instead of settling for FG attempts. When given time in the pocket he can ball out! I'm glad to have him reping the Shoe. However, with all that said, due to his past injury history it is imperative to keep a solid backup QB on the roster.
  3. I really like all of our guards, with Q, Reed & Glow we've got a very solid lineup. Pryor played well lastnight and can slide into guard if needed as well. It might be a pipe dream but i hope we can retain them all without making the team go belly up on the O-line.
  4. Yea, i agree. I'm not saying he's been great, just stating that he has tried. He seems to have a better eye for O talent than he does for Defensive players. People are down on the O-line he's assembled this yr but imo, minus a couple games our O-line has played pretty well if you factor in all the injuries we've had (minus Davenport). His trade for Pryor seems to be working out and Chris Reed has been a very solid pickup. I'd really like to see Reich get his guy at DC after this season. I can't stand Eberflus' bend but don't break, cover 2 crap. It's ok if you have a pass rush BUT WE DON'T! Best games we've played has been when we've came out and played aggressive. Im holding out hopes that Paye, Dayo & Turay can start creating some rush mid to late season. But we still need to pickup, trade or draft a true #1 corner, another solid LB (i was * we let Walker leave for peanuts) and a stud SS before our D will be able to be legit.
  5. Fisher is NOT the reason we lost that game. He has had a few bad plays but overall hes played very well after his 1st game back.
  6. Ballard is trying ill give him that but... wow!!
  7. Get a kicker that can hit a FG from beyond 40 yards!!...not sure I'm buying the "he was hurt" talk. Blankenship has always had a noodle leg!..that is all
  8. We signed an ex basketball player (Michael Jacobson) to the practice squad today as an experimental TE.
  9. Will Holden was cut and signed with Detroit.
  10. Honestly as bad as Davenport is, I'd still have to go with Clark as one of the worst swing tackles I've seen. Davenport is bad but Clark was atrocious!
  11. Sounds like a solid pickup. DL room is crowded though. Wonder if they let one of the others go and try to get another OL in the building. IF/WHEN Wentz has time in the pocket he's a playmaker.
  12. "Likely" that Fisher is a probowler this year?? I hope you're right but that would be a tough order coming off a major injury, playing on our horrible O-line and for a small market team.
  13. -Frank needs to hand over the play calling duties!! -Fire the O-line coach. -Sign Richard Sherman -Sign 1 or 2 O-linemen (Okung, Schwartz, Wagner, Decastro, etc.) -Hire a legit pass rush specialist or DE coach. -RUN THE DANG BALL!!
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