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  1. I hope im wrong but I feel our biggest weakness is our depth at DT. We only have 1 DT over 300 lbs, that being Grover Stewart (315). The other 3 DT's (Autry, Hunt & Lewis) average 285 lbs. We should be set at putting pressure on QB's but I fear we may struggle stopping the run up front. I know weight isn't everything but its always nice to have a couple big uglies on the roster that can clog up the middle.
  2. That was my exact vote as well. My guess is 1 TD or 2 FG's (at the most) with the 1st string unit. 1 FG with Phillip Walker and the 2nd stringers. Then Chad Kelley and 3rd string with 1 TD and a FG. Browns 26 Colts19
  3. I live in southeast Indiana and my NFL network is playing Jets/Giants Thursday evening . I've got to wait until Saturday to watch it.
  4. They had Woods last yr (330 lbs) along with Stewart and Ridgeway (305 lbs) to help stuff the run. Right now the only true NT on the roster with any NFL experience is Stewart. I'd really like to see them pick up some depth/competition at the NT position.
  5. Thanks for reposting, it's hilarious looking back at alot of the comments from last year. "Huge reach on both, they couldve been picked later, Ballard sucks, our scouts suck......." lol!!
  6. I would rather wait until rounds 3-5 and grab Bennie Snell. He would be an excellent compliment to Mack IMO.
  7. He mostly played SS for Cleveland.
  8. I like the signing. He provides excellent depth at a position of need. He's got starting experience and contributes on special teams.
  9. Gersld McCoy would add a huge boost to our D-line. I'd be all for bringing him in if he's released or can be had for a late round pick.
  10. Nice! Grand Park will be packed.
  11. I'd love to see us pick up Zach Brown. He is a true prototypical MLB that tackles very well and is always around the ball. IMO we would have a very solid trio of LBers with Brown, Walker & Leonard! If/when healthy, Ajayi would be a nice addition to our RB stable as well.
  12. 89 tackles in 12 games last season. He's a run stuffing SS. INT's are not his game. I'm glad we're resigning him. However, I do agree that he's not elite by any means and hope we draft a SS to groom and eventually take over starting duties. I'd much rather see Geathers in a rotational role.
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