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  1. Jack may not a future Hall of Famer but he is still one of my all time favorite Colts. Down to earth, great guy that works hard and is extremely reliable.
  2. I agree on stepping away from the Clowney sweepstakes. However, unless we roll the dice on an aging, often injured Delanie Walker, i don't see us upgrading our TE room in FA. I would like to see a TE taken in the draft between rounds 2-4. I would be really happy with Logan Ryan & Everson Griffen or Markus Golden though.
  3. That's a little unnecessary don't you think? Is he a Mike William's clone? No, but he is a big target with great hands that knows how to go up and get contested passes. I for one would be very happy if Higgins fell to us in the 2nd and believe Phillip Rivers would as well.
  4. Yes please.....if we could land Griffen and Logan Ryan our D would be nasty! We could probably sign both players for the price we'd have to give up for Clowney.
  5. I think Logan Ryan would be a huge upgrade for our secondary. He's only 28 yrs old, started all 16 games last season and ended up with 4 ints, 18 pass breakups, 4.5 sacks, 113 total tackles and 8 QB hits. Those are elite numbers. If I was Ballard I'd be trying my best to get him signed to a 2 or 3 yr deal.
  6. Sign a reliable veteran like Funchess or Emmanual Sanders in FA and draft Jalen Reagor in the 2nd.
  7. That one stings especially after seeing the price tag. I was really hoping we could re-sign him. However, I wish him the best, he was a valuable asset to our OL.
  8. I would be ecstatic if the draft fell the way you described in this mock. However, it is a pipe dream. No way Gallimore, Reagor and AJ Dillon are still there where you have them slotted IMO.
  9. I agree Moosejawcolt, I was getting tired of hearing about Love myself. I've been on the either/or Herbert or Carr (trade) bandwagon for last couple months myself. I'm still holding out hope Ballard can pull off a trade for Carr with one of our 2nd round picks. If not, I expect them to sign Rivers and mabey possibly draft Hurts or Fromm in the 2nd/3rd.
  10. Herbert Love ------------------------ Eason ------------------------ Fromm Hurts Gordon ---------------------- McDonald
  11. I agree with others that Reagor will be gone by the 3rd but overall very nice mock. Well done Sir.
  12. Herbert but I would rather stay put and see how the chips fall. IMO one of either Love or Herbert will be there at 13.
  13. If Herbert is still there at 13, Ballard should run to the podium within the 1st second we're on the clock. Herbert is going to be a very good pro QB IMO. He's my favorite QB in the draft behind Burrow (#1 pick) & Tua (top 5 pick with injury concerns). I really hope Love lives up to his hype but he is to risky for me in the top of the 1st round.
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