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  1. jchandler7

    Free Agent Visits

    I'd love to see us pick up Zach Brown. He is a true prototypical MLB that tackles very well and is always around the ball. IMO we would have a very solid trio of LBers with Brown, Walker & Leonard! If/when healthy, Ajayi would be a nice addition to our RB stable as well.
  2. 89 tackles in 12 games last season. He's a run stuffing SS. INT's are not his game. I'm glad we're resigning him. However, I do agree that he's not elite by any means and hope we draft a SS to groom and eventually take over starting duties. I'd much rather see Geathers in a rotational role.
  3. Good deal, glad he's back. He is not elite talent and has had injury concerns. However, he is a leader on our defense and an asset to the team especially when we play 3 safeties.
  4. Would be happy with a 1 yr prove it deal. Lynch has potential, he just needs to keep his head on straight and work hard.
  5. Please Ballard get Phillips, Geathers, Boston or Berry!! We don't need another JAG.
  6. I'd be very happy with it. Phillips is only 26, had 94 tackles, 9 pass defense, an interception, forced fumble, pro bowl & all pro selection all while only starting 7 games! I'm sure he's hungry for a more defined starting role and shouldn't break the bank. He's a true SS and also played some LBer like Geathers done for us last yr. I feel like he'd be a very good fit with Hooker & Farley.
  7. jchandler7

    Free Agent Visits

    IF he can pass a physical and stay healthy I would love to have Ajayi. However, that is a big IF.
  8. jchandler7

    Colts keeping Chris Milton on one-year deal

    Well that's exciting...
  9. jchandler7

    Malik Jackson Cut....

    Really hope Ballard is on the phone with Malik's agent right now. Big FA pick up for somebody.
  10. jchandler7

    Inman wants to end his career with the colts

    Sign the man! He loves Indy and Indy loves him. We should keep the guy around. He would make us a great #3 WR.
  11. jchandler7

    Ross Travis Signs One Year Deal

    Happy we re-signed Travis, he's got great size, speed and hands. He's a decent blocker but a good pass catcher and route runner. IF he can stay healthy I believe he has a legitimate shot at making the roster.
  12. jchandler7

    TE Group

    My opinion would be to keep 4. Ebron, Doyle, Allie-Cox & Travis. Im not ready to write off Ross Travis, he has excellent size, hands and speed.
  13. jchandler7

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    I'd wait and resign him before he hits free agency next year as long as he has another productive season and stays healthy.
  14. jchandler7

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    Ballard has talked alot about rewarding those that earn it on the field and locker room. Great deal for both sides.