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  1. I've been wanting a receiver like Campbell since the second quarter of the Chiefs game.
  2. To me, the point of acquiring a lot of picks is you can gamble on some and hope you hit a home run, like reaching on a kid from a HBCU school last year.
  3. CB talks about special/ unique traits. So I think Simmons (and Brian Burns) fit that bill and I can even imagine him trading up for one of them if he likes them enough. I'd love a day 2 WR to stretch the field (M Brown/Deebo/Campbell) as I still have nightmares about the first half at KC. I think Ballard's going to draft linemen until he's satisfied w both sides, then he will truly go BPA. After his epic draft achievement last year, I completely trust whatever he ends up doing.
  4. Darius Leonard is pretty much everything there is to love about football. I love the picture, I love the way he proposed to his girlfriend after senior day on the field https://www.flofootball.com/video/6039530-darius-leonard-caps-senior-day-win-with-proposal. I love that he went from HBCU to all pro in one year. Impressive young man. I look forward to him leading the defensive unit for years to come.
  5. Ebron putting his heart out there after losing in the playoffs is my favorite part. Hope we can find a way to keep that guy after next year. Great video!
  6. The fact that we are finding out after the fact, via an article in the Indy Star (and not Instagram or Twitter or FB) is so AL, I just love that guy. Congrats Andrew and Nicole!!! Enjoy the off season to the full.
  7. I'd love to see Manning involved with the organization whenever he's ready as long as Ballard is still steering the ship. Couldn't be happier with how the organization is running right now.
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