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  1. Ed Dodds is the man and his rep will afford him the ability to wait for a good, stable situation, assuming he even wants a GM job. The Browns are a mess. I just hope Mr Irsay is generous with him so he can afford to wait for the perfect opportunity.
  2. Agreed. Bobby Okereke gets something under the tree too!
  3. Ok wow good point I guess I should have simply said "properly trained" should have looked that up.
  4. After what the NFL has allowed refs to do to New Orleans- inc this weekend- anything is possible. I am constantly amazed by the competence. I blame the owners: the NFL is a $15B/yr business, but the owners are so cheap that even now most refs are doing a part time job and not performing a serious profession with proper training. Insecure people tend to make more mistakes. Personally, I think the continued incorrect usage of replay (trying to correct calls to be most perfect ie Ebrons catch) has made refs go from bad to worse. IMHO replay should only overturn calls when there is clear undisputed evidence (like the PO in the championship game) and refs should be properly trained and paid. <rant off>
  5. Mawwaggge... twooo waaaaav.... All time classic!
  6. The tomato was ripe... so perky!
  7. I had a really good mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich today. The mutton was nice and lean.
  8. I love this idea. As Julius Caesar once said, "fortune favors the bold, but Roger Goodell favors overly complicated yet poor officiating"
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