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  1. Fat Clemenza

    Autry AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Chris Ballard, man... wow. That's the second such award for one of the guys he picked up during the off season. Grigson only had two for guys he got in his 5 yrs, but that's becoming a Manning vs Leaf comparison lol
  2. Fat Clemenza

    How did Wilson look?

    Wilson's always had talent, the issue with him has always been maturity, and to a lesser extent, scheme fit. I'm all in on Ballard, but the Mitchell acquisition revealed how much is gained when solid vets are mixed into a position group. Hopefully Wilson keeps learning how to put on big boy pants, and back up his off season confidence with production during the week AND game day!
  3. Fat Clemenza

    What do you think Brissett meant by this tweet?

    Who knows? Trade deadline is past. I really appreciate Jacoby Brissett and I wish him the best, whatever happens in the offseason.
  4. Fat Clemenza

    Colts to face Leonard Fournette

    Awesome! Who knows, maybe after Leonard blows up a #4 overall with 8 solos and a forced fumble, The Maniac can crack PFF's top 3 rookie linebacker rankings....
  5. Fat Clemenza

    Holder on Lewis

    I know two things: 1. Ballard has been a straight shooter with pretty much everything he's said since day 1. Very little hype or misdirection or b.s. 2. After seeing the production and potential of the three picks before Lewis, ALL of whom were critiqued as being picked too high by various sources, I think most here will agree Ballard and the coaching staff has earned some benefit of the doubt. Lewis is getting more hype than Leonard did. Think about that. So yeah I'm pumped and I don't apologize for the optimism!
  6. So does this mean it's possible Ballard might be right and drafting a guard top 10 isn't always a mistake?
  7. From Mike Chappel twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/mchappell51 - First time Colts have had back to back 200 yard rushing games since 1985 - First time in history the team has had three different TEs w TD catches in a single game - First time a Colts QB has thrown TDs to 11 different players in a season ..and Reich & Co did it his first 8 games! Yeah, I'm glad we made a coaching change and that the jerk from NE decided we weren't good enough for him.
  8. Fat Clemenza

    Quenton Nelson or Darius Leonard

    Right now Leonard is having a much bigger impact than Nelson, and I think in the short term he is a more important player. But if I have to choose I'm going with Nelson bc I think, playing LG, he has a higher chance of still performing at an All-pro level in 10-12 years than Maniac at WILL. Also, if I had two pick two Colts with the highest chance of ending up in the HOF I'd go with AL and Big Q. I personally think at some point next season, Nelson will be the best at his position for many years to come. When's the last time we had a discussion like this over Colts rookies? Love it!!!!
  9. Fat Clemenza

    Luck's maturation

    Speaking on his maturation, I'm hoping that when he no longer feels the pressure of carrying the team on his shoulders, he will reduce the number of his "what the heck was he thinking?" plays.
  10. Fat Clemenza

    Luck's maturation

    I am a huge AL fan and think he's hugely underrated both nationally and on this forum. He's carried this team in his back with little help since day 1, far beyond what PM was asked to do (no disrespect to Manning) Having said that, every QB needs a complete team including a decent o-line and running game. AL in 2018: > 300 yds passing = 5 games, 0 wins < 200 yds passing = 3 games, 2 wins CB has preached a whole team approach, starting w the trenches. We saw in the PM era that you can't count on star wars numbers once the playoffs begin.
  11. Fat Clemenza

    Jihad Ward may go to IR

    "Jihad Ward will be one of the top DT's in the NFL" - Zack Martin who practiced against him in Dallas. https://247sports.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/Article/Zack-Martin-Jihad-Ward-will-be-one-of-the-top-DTs-in-the-NFL-119620500/ I don't know if that's true or not, but I've been pleased with Ward's hustle and instincts and have been following him since he signed here. Mike Phair, Colts d-line coach, was Ward's d-line coach at U of Illinois. Eberflus watched him when they were both in Dallas. Clearly the Colts coaches and front office believe in him. Ward is raw but I think he might be a sleeper. Let's hope he comes back healthy!
  12. Fat Clemenza

    The Official Ballard IS Impressing Me Thread

    Everything he's done, he told us he would do. You might disagree with him, but you don't have to wonder why he did something if you've actually been listening to him. He said there would be no instant coffee, and he was right. The Colts' future is very bright, I think. Trueman, thanks for taking the time for that post!
  13. Fat Clemenza

    Wed injury report

    Lawrence Owen, I don't want to get into politics either, but I cannot let your statement stand without responding, because I'm not sure you know the whole story. I attended a lecture by Guy Gruters, who was an American pilot POW in North Vietnam for 5 years. The stories he told were horrific and I'll not repeat them. Jane Fonda the anti-war activist visited the same camp where he was being tortured, but of course she was only showed what the North Vietnamese government wanted her to see. She said of men like Guy Gruters: "These were not men who had been tortured. These were not men who had been starved. These were not men who had been brainwashed. ... Pilots were saying it was the policy of the Vietnamese and that it was systematic. I believe that's a lie." When Guy Gruters came back to his country after 5 years of torture, he was shocked how many people followed the lead of Jane Fonda's lies and instead of offering support, shunned him and disrespected him. I accept she had every right to oppose the war. But Jane Fonda did a lot more than just pose for smiling pictures as she said on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. She advanced her anti-war agenda by promulgating lies and used her celebrity to help turn American soldiers into the bad guys.
  14. Fat Clemenza

    Le’Raven Clark is awful

    The one who took an offensive line into Foxboro featuring a rookie LG, a backup RT playing LT, and a backup rookie RG starting at RT, and gave up ONE SACK in 60 attempts? You're talking about that offensive line coach?
  15. Fat Clemenza

    Tarrell Basham Waived

    This year was the first year Ballard was in charge of scouting AND drafting. Every pick that didn't get hurt is contributing except Fountain. His second round "reach" leads the NFL in tackles. C'mon man.