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  1. The name that I haven't seen on this thread is Matt Eberflus. I think Ballard listens to him, and I suspect he's a big reason Hooker didn't get the 5th yr, as Ballard is filling the D with sound-tackling, effort guys that Eberflus loves, like Buckner. "I think he (DeForest Buckner) played with the best effort on the D-line, which really shows on tape when you see somebody that big sprinting to the ball every play and making those tackles downfield"- Nick Bosa on how much he'll miss DB. Buckner epitomizes what Eberflus wants, no "loafs." Hooker has range and can make jaw-dropping interceptions, (traits Pagano wanted) but IMO, ME has different desires for his safeties (and actually all his players): hustling, physical guys who consistently take good angles/make open-field tackles and makes the interceptions that come from being in the right position.
  2. I find this quote of his very cool (from Colts.com): "That's basically what my dad (former NFL running back Michael Pittman) talks about. He talks about Keyshawn Johnson being his favorite guy because he would throw the best blocks for him," Pittman Jr. said about being a receiver that likes to block. "It's always good to block." Watching episode 4 its clear Reich is nuts about Pittman and I bet MP's blocking was part of the appeal. The guy played special teams so he's clearly not averse to doing dirty work. Total package. I'm amped up too, kinda like Baldinger gets while breaking down Big Q's wanton violence
  3. Best of luck to Pierre Desir! Sorry he got hurt and sorry to see him go; he seemed like one of the really good guys, all class.
  4. Ed Dodds is the man and his rep will afford him the ability to wait for a good, stable situation, assuming he even wants a GM job. The Browns are a mess. I just hope Mr Irsay is generous with him so he can afford to wait for the perfect opportunity.
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