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  1. CB talks about special/ unique traits. So I think Simmons (and Brian Burns) fit that bill and I can even imagine him trading up for one of them if he likes them enough. I'd love a day 2 WR to stretch the field (M Brown/Deebo/Campbell) as I still have nightmares about the first half at KC. I think Ballard's going to draft linemen until he's satisfied w both sides, then he will truly go BPA. After his epic draft achievement last year, I completely trust whatever he ends up doing.
  2. Darius Leonard is pretty much everything there is to love about football. I love the picture, I love the way he proposed to his girlfriend after senior day on the field https://www.flofootball.com/video/6039530-darius-leonard-caps-senior-day-win-with-proposal. I love that he went from HBCU to all pro in one year. Impressive young man. I look forward to him leading the defensive unit for years to come.
  3. Ebron putting his heart out there after losing in the playoffs is my favorite part. Hope we can find a way to keep that guy after next year. Great video!
  4. The fact that we are finding out after the fact, via an article in the Indy Star (and not Instagram or Twitter or FB) is so AL, I just love that guy. Congrats Andrew and Nicole!!! Enjoy the off season to the full.
  5. I'd love to see Manning involved with the organization whenever he's ready as long as Ballard is still steering the ship. Couldn't be happier with how the organization is running right now.
  6. This. Especially after telling St Louis that they didn't offer enough public funding to support a billionaire franchise owner's income stream. Goodell and the other owners focus on international expansion while turning their backs on uncalled helmet to helmet hits like last night. Having said that, I am nonetheless glad for international fans like Dave A1102!
  7. One of the prices of success is now the Colts need to view every position coach through the prism of possibly being the next man up coordinator, like the Patriots have had to do for years.
  8. Sigh. Do we have to make snarky posts and then self-righteously defend ourselves in every thread?
  9. Rappoport: "all the sudden your started playing great. What happened?" Wilson: "I think I just needed to grow up a little bit and figure things out" "Mike Mitchell really helped me get my mind set right and learn how to properly prepare for each opponent." This kid was 20 during his rookie preseason. He's growing up. He's starting to display what Ballard saw in him. Arrow pointing up.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-spt-bears-defensive-coordinator-chuck-pagano-interview-20190111-story,amp.html Wish Chuck the best in Chicago!! Great great guy
  11. Well he will still contibute as a leader and mentor. Wilson seems to be learning more from him than he ever did from Pagano and his staff.
  12. I just have limited brain space available to spend on the Colts at any one time and right now it's consumed w playoff football. I thonk a lot of folks are maybe thinking similar things..? Plus superstition can be as big a part of fandom as analysis! Scott Pennock, you are defimtely one of my favorite posters and thread starters, sorry if I came across snarky- I'm looking forward to thinking about personnel specifics after we're done watching what this group does in the playoffs!
  13. Sorry-right now the only Colts activities that can fit in my mind beyond the Kansas City game, is who we put on Edelman if we play in Foxboro if we go man in short yardage. As an aside, the mighty Chiefs are 2-4 this year against playoff teams...
  14. Yeah, I guess I forgot that. He was in a different stage of his career though. Eberflus is going to get a head coaching job, it's just a matter of when.
  15. Can you imagine what the football gods would do to a team that cut a healthy Adam Vinatieri??? It gives me shivers imagining what would happen. Lucas Oil stadium would probably just collapse, everything would be rubble except for AV's huge picture. Luv Pony, please, everything is going great, don't bring any hexes on this team with such talk!!
  16. I totally agree with the things you said about Hooker I worry most about middle-of-field coverage not deep balls. Leonard is a rookie, his coverage skills are still a work in progress, and I'm not sure he's totally healthy (thinking esp of the play Lamar Miller broke his ankles).
  17. I'm not too worried because I think right now, every team with a star QB, esp a young one, will prefer to hire a OC as their head coach to oversee the QB development, and it also ensures that even if the OC is hired away, the system stays in place. Maybe Dorsey wants to ask a few questions about McDaniels, who knows? Look at PM and Tom Brady- only one system. Fortunately, Tom Moore was never hired away. I'm expecting Andrew will never have to learn another system for the rest of his career and that is another reason the future is so bright.
  18. Here's two fun facts: the Chiefs have only won 2 playoff games in their 47 years at Arrowhead Stadium. the Colts have also won 2 playoff games at Arrowhead Stadium.
  19. I think this game hinges on Darius Leonard. If he can spy Mahomes and provide some good coverage in the middle of the field we win.
  20. Love it!! I've heard Mike Wells and Mike Chappel say similar things. Can we pin this video to reference for all this off-season's "why haven't we traded for brown/ signed suh/bell/thomas" threads?
  21. This is the kinda stuff that makes football fun. Oh, and the apple juice!
  22. As if we need another addition to the "In the Ballard We Trust" mindset, now there's this in Sports Illustrated. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/12/28/general-manager-candidates-chris-ballard-colts-model It is true, the Colts lucked into being able to draft Manning and Luck. But getting Ballard to agree to run the Colts after he turned many previous GM positions will go down as equally consequential and a credit to Jim Irsay. Beyond the fact that he and his guys like Dodds are hitting home runs in drafting and free agency, he is building an amazing culture that already has the Colts over-achieving (and obviously FR has been a huge part of this). To me the most surprising thing about this year's Colts is quality assistant coaching from top to bottom, and one of the quotes from the article comes from Colts COO Pete Ward: “To begin with, he knew our roster,” Ward says. “It was almost like he worked here. He knew the players as well as he would have if he’d worked here. He was able to review our roster with us right then and there. He knew coaches around the league, he was able to tell us his ideal candidates, because there were going to be some staff changes. And of course he’d have to collaborate, because Chuck Pagano was at the time our head coach, and we’re talking about assistant coaches now." It sure seems likely there's going to be more Lombardis down the road, but regardless, let's be patient and enjoy the ride! What's great is Irsay / Ballard / Reich are committed to doing it the right way and we won't have hold our noses while cheering for the Burficts of the world. I think the Colts win today but as we saw a month ago, anything can happen. Take away AV, and the Colts are the youngest team in the league. Let's just enjoy today and the next 10 years, and not turn into Patriot fans or Cowboy fans. Let's do this!!!!!!
  23. This morning I was thinking about the Colts record and remembered this thread and had to give it a bumpity bump. Personally, I was thinking 6 or 7 wins this year. OP, who knew that your bet might actually UNDERESTIMATE our record? What a year. Playoffs??! Playoffs!?! ....Yes Jim we're talking about the playoffs!!!
  24. Dear Frank, Thank you for instilling a killer attitude into a young team with an unproven roster, which is now one of the hottest teams in football. Thank you for hiring and retaining one of the best coaching staffs this town has ever seen. Thank you for keeping Andrew Luck upright a priority, and being the first coach to do so. Thank you for all of the thousands of right decisions you've made this season, and bringing us to the brink of the playoffs. Your fans might not have confidence in you, but it is clear your players have confidence in you and in themselves and that's what matters most. Sincerely, Appreciative Colts fans
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