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  1. Brother, preach!! Thanks, one of my fave posts I've seen about our offense in a long time. I hate when we go to jumbo on 3rd and one. Spread it out! And put the ball in your playmakers hands to win the game.
  2. I love how much heart he puts into the game. If he can stand he will dress and play.
  3. Yes. I have two larger questions: why do we keep running for short yardage out of jumbo formation? Everyone on the field knows Rivers can't run a stretch or bootleg, so the middle is clogged, and we try and fail over and over. Why not spread the field? We are 31st in the league in 3rd and one. Why is Reich letting Rathman decide who plays at any given moment (as has been reported)? "We view all our running backs as interchangeable." What? I understand the desire for position versatility, and maybe that quote is a fancy way of covering for their concerns about Taylor
  4. East Street, I just want to say thank you for the effort, knowledge, and hysteria-free analysis you bring to this board on a near- daily basis. Appreciate you man.
  5. Yes, JT has mis-read some lanes/opportunities and lacked some decisiveness this season, but he's no Trent Richardson. IMO he's a talented rookie who's devoting a lot of his consciousness to Rathman's mentoring about not fumbling. He was thrust into carrying the whole load and wasn't ready. I still have high expectations for him settling in and everything clicking for him, including 4th Q of this season.
  6. Hooker is another example of how being a great athlete is only part of being a great football player.
  7. I think we can and I sure hope so. We are all surrounded, understandably, by news and discussion of the pandemic. Personally I come here for a respite from it all and to embrace Colts news, discussion, and a new hope after a great off season. OF COURSE the season might be cancelled. Until that moment (which I hope doesn't come unless the Patriots are on the verge of winning the Super Bowl ) All I gotta say is Go Colts!!!
  8. I think you are overthinking this. Rivers was brought in as a better starting option than Brisett, who the Colts still like and have faith in, especially as a backup. Ballard wants to win now, this year, which means Eason or Kelly ain't getting the keys if Rivers goes down for a game or two. A lot of people are done w Brisett and his lack of upside and I get that, but baring a trade he's definitely our #2 QB. If I'm wrong and Ballard cuts him I promise I'll change my avatar to a pic of Swag!
  9. True, he's got a better arm. But Rogers has always struck me as a real jerk so Ima be happy with Rivers' strange flick style.
  10. The name that I haven't seen on this thread is Matt Eberflus. I think Ballard listens to him, and I suspect he's a big reason Hooker didn't get the 5th yr, as Ballard is filling the D with sound-tackling, effort guys that Eberflus loves, like Buckner. "I think he (DeForest Buckner) played with the best effort on the D-line, which really shows on tape when you see somebody that big sprinting to the ball every play and making those tackles downfield"- Nick Bosa on how much he'll miss DB. Buckner epitomizes what Eberflus wants, no "loafs." Hooker has range and can make j
  11. I find this quote of his very cool (from Colts.com): "That's basically what my dad (former NFL running back Michael Pittman) talks about. He talks about Keyshawn Johnson being his favorite guy because he would throw the best blocks for him," Pittman Jr. said about being a receiver that likes to block. "It's always good to block." Watching episode 4 its clear Reich is nuts about Pittman and I bet MP's blocking was part of the appeal. The guy played special teams so he's clearly not averse to doing dirty work. Total package. I'm amped up too, kinda like Bald
  12. Best of luck to Pierre Desir! Sorry he got hurt and sorry to see him go; he seemed like one of the really good guys, all class.
  13. Ed Dodds is the man and his rep will afford him the ability to wait for a good, stable situation, assuming he even wants a GM job. The Browns are a mess. I just hope Mr Irsay is generous with him so he can afford to wait for the perfect opportunity.
  14. Agreed. Bobby Okereke gets something under the tree too!
  15. Ok wow good point I guess I should have simply said "properly trained" should have looked that up.
  16. After what the NFL has allowed refs to do to New Orleans- inc this weekend- anything is possible. I am constantly amazed by the competence. I blame the owners: the NFL is a $15B/yr business, but the owners are so cheap that even now most refs are doing a part time job and not performing a serious profession with proper training. Insecure people tend to make more mistakes. Personally, I think the continued incorrect usage of replay (trying to correct calls to be most perfect ie Ebrons catch) has made refs go from bad to worse. IMHO replay should only overturn calls w
  17. Mawwaggge... twooo waaaaav.... All time classic!
  18. The tomato was ripe... so perky!
  19. I had a really good mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich today. The mutton was nice and lean.
  20. I love this idea. As Julius Caesar once said, "fortune favors the bold, but Roger Goodell favors overly complicated yet poor officiating"
  21. I like Jim Irsay, I think he is a good guy who knows far more about football than most owners. I do not place Luck's retirement (one of the most shocking in pro sports history) entirely on his shoulders. But I think Irsay was cavalier in his handling of AL and should regret a number of things: - Publicly calling out "the space between his ears," effectively questioning out loud the mental toughness of a man who played football with a lacerated kidney - Publicly talking about Luck's most recent rehab and inviting the world to ponder what "small little bone" was stopping AL fr
  22. I've been wanting a receiver like Campbell since the second quarter of the Chiefs game.
  23. To me, the point of acquiring a lot of picks is you can gamble on some and hope you hit a home run, like reaching on a kid from a HBCU school last year.
  24. CB talks about special/ unique traits. So I think Simmons (and Brian Burns) fit that bill and I can even imagine him trading up for one of them if he likes them enough. I'd love a day 2 WR to stretch the field (M Brown/Deebo/Campbell) as I still have nightmares about the first half at KC. I think Ballard's going to draft linemen until he's satisfied w both sides, then he will truly go BPA. After his epic draft achievement last year, I completely trust whatever he ends up doing.
  25. Darius Leonard is pretty much everything there is to love about football. I love the picture, I love the way he proposed to his girlfriend after senior day on the field https://www.flofootball.com/video/6039530-darius-leonard-caps-senior-day-win-with-proposal. I love that he went from HBCU to all pro in one year. Impressive young man. I look forward to him leading the defensive unit for years to come.
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