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  1. Good call. Hes the basis of the "dalton scale". The very definition of median. As long as your guy is above the dalton meridian. You have a chance.
  2. It's also Jalen Hurts number......I've heard Wentz's reasoning behind choosing it, but I wonder if theres not a little more competitive edge to the selection than hes letting on....... I cant wait for this season!
  3. At least I can just take the 1 off my Luck Jersey......save some money, and see how this plays out.....
  4. 2 seasons ago I recieved a signed AV mini helmet and a personalized card from Chris Ballard. As well as a Christmas Tree ornament. To this day I honestly I have no idea how.........Must have been a random drawing based on the forum(?). Although i never entered one it's the only thing I can figure. In any case I felt very lucky.
  5. He has the right to feel however he wants and hes welcome to test the market. None of that amounts to being disrespected though. If someone offered you a healthy salary, told you to go ahead and look for a better offer in the same field, and told you there was a chance theyd match that offer, would you be upset? I'd be like "thanks bro, talk to you next month and we'll get it sorted".
  6. I thought that went without saying. Alot of people work hard, alot of people work VERY. My whole life I've worked hard at everything i've done and I've done well for myself in my chosen fiield. That being said, I know that I'm only worth what the market will bear. I've never publicly denounced an offer as disrespectful especially since I'm always free to seek another employer (none of which has ever granted me the safety blanket of right of first refusal). And I've never had the perks and resources afforded to those in professional athletics. Tone deaf and entitled w
  7. I wish I lived a life where: getting paid 2 million dollars to work out in a premium facility, eat right, have access to the best trainers, the best coaches who were specifically assigned to help me hone my craft. Not to mention the best medical staff and referrals that other peoples money could buy. All designed to allow me to achieve fame playing a kid's game at reasonable level in a limited role. I wish I lived a life in which that was considered disrespectful........
  8. Nah, Griggs would be out of breath and sweating burger grease by the two minute mark. Ballard looks scrappy.
  9. I think Grigson was obsessed with finding "diamonds in the rough" that he could put his stamp on. "Griggy finds". He was more ego than analytical.
  10. Walked into a Hornets nest.....Nobody is buying this *......Stats be damned.
  11. Autocorrect got 'em......
  12. It was more likely the totality of the organization he had a problem with. Media likes drama but I doubt Hurts being a talented backup was the lone issue in his insecurity with the eagles.
  13. When there are 2 extremes (mvp caliber or total bust). The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. In Wentz's case, the two are literally seperated by three years with a major injury inbetween. I'm optimistic he can return to form. Ultimately, it's always wait and see though.
  14. Yep, onside kick and a pick 6. Major bummer. I couldnt even look at a wheaties box til well after the draft. The majority of that game was rad tho.
  15. Theres a documentary series called "futurama" that covers the specifics.
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