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  1. Arm pumping after the jags win!
  2. Sounds like a negotiating tool. If retiring was #1 on his list he'd just retire, right? Plus he made it easy on the organization by starting implying he doesnt want to play anywhere else. Its having the desired effect on the fanbase though. I'd expect a bump in salary/signing bonus/incentives and we see him in a Colts uni next year with his replacement playing behind him (maybe next year?). Cant blame him for being frustrated tho. Luck set us back a few years (for the record, I don't blame luck for retiring either).
  3. He took every rep in the preseason, and it's a backups job to prepare as though he were the starter. I'm not saying he cant develop but we shouldnt ignore his body of work.
  4. Me too, but twas Hines pulling the sleigh. JB didn't deliver. Merry xmas to you too!
  5. I think Jacoby earned the saints game at least. Win or lose. We're a longshot for a playoff berth, but I think you play as though you intend to have a make that happen. If we're mathematically eliminated, which will probably (not definitely) be the case after N.O. playing Kelly wont cause any controversy. We'll be on a 4(?) game skid, out of playoff contention, and itll be seen as just taking a look at our guys predraft. And somebody needs to he really nice to Cam when hes in the building........
  6. I was thinking Cam on a front loaded 3 year. I think he's gonna be available. Crazy tho right?
  7. So sensitive. I just answered why I thought nobody was mentioning it. If we brought up every no call holding penalty across 32 teams every weekend (byes outstanding) we'd never cover anything else. And that obvious no call is unfortunately far from commonplace. Please, No need to check with me, I'm just a normal dude watching the same games you are. Post whatever youd like, i actually enjoy reading them. I actually enjoyed yours enough to respond. Getting in a twist if someone engages with your opinion is a recipe for frustration tho.
  8. It's not "turning it around" so much as I believe he deserves a chance to go up against a legit contender and have the opportunity to change the minds of those that doubt him and validate those that supported him throughout (myself included). Or prove the opposite. I'm not really that invested in him. I want the best possible player on the field. I wont make excuses for what the team refuses to (injuries) and I want to see him against better competition, not lesser. Hes earned his spot here, after this game, show me kelly. My feelings on it are pretty simple.
  9. After the Saints game. Jacoby deserves that one. Gives him a chance to go out on a great performance. Wont likely affect our playoff chances (win or lose). After that, yea, I'd want to take a look.
  10. Everyone saw it. It wasnt called, why bring it up? Spilt milk. Holding in the trenches is commonplace. Sometimes called, this case not. Incredibly obvious though, you're right about that. I'm more concerned there are mixed emotions about winning a professional sporting event.......
  11. Agreed. Plus 2 downs to gain two yards.......what happened to Run the dang ball? Some of the playcalling was odd today.
  12. This was a designed as a prove it game for Brissett. Been a couple weeks of "chunk play" talk. This game was schemed, called, and played with that in mind. They have internal metrics as to the success and failure parameters. Weve been told as much. I dont think W's or L's are that important organizationally anymore. Brissett is under heavy scrutiny though. That much I know. I think new Orleans is a big one for him to put it all together. After that I'm ready to see Kelly, then the big board. I expect its jacoby's job to lose this offseason, but (as an alternative) I dont think a huge fa acquisition and a high draft pick are outta the question either..... Such a weird year, I still think as a franchise were in good hands tho.
  13. Relax. It was tongue in cheek humor. Weve done it all year with vinny.........there are much bigger problems, clearly, than a replacement kicker in his first week.
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