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  1. We already have obi-wan jacoby, why not add qui-gon jin.......(yes, I'm a nerd).
  2. I love being reminded of this every year. Just feels right somehow. Keeps me humble. Plus it honors the past while promoting the future.
  3. Agreed. I'd be happy to have a great "system qb" in a great system. All this QB worship is exhausting. I'm ready for an all around solid squad.
  4. Board, I am losing my frickin mind! I dont want to believe..5mins away .. .. wth!
  5. Nobody covered themselves in glory today. Poor showing all around, well beneath what should be expected.
  6. Best click bait thread topic! And no, not CK time.......
  7. Not sure the offensive production can be blamed on Reich. I thought he called a pretty good game. Players just didn't execute. In spite of a s#!+ performance we weren't totally out of it til the pick 6. Theres no excuse for the past 2 weeks of defense tho. That's where the vanilla is.
  8. Record doesn't matter much. We saw the floor of what the colts are today. Lost to the raiders at home.....not a good look for a potential "playoff team". Quite the opposite. It's the first time I've doubted Reich had our offense ready. And our d has been pathetic two weeks running.
  9. I predicted 1000 yards amongst friends earlier today and I was only half joking........lol
  10. Agreed. 500 yards? From what I watched today I don't think it's out of the question....
  11. Whole team was flat. Hard to judge an individual performance amid the sea of mediocrity (to be kind) we witnessed today. I think they were already thinking KC. It was a hard game to watch, our D scheme is pathetic, makes our offense need to be perfect to compete with the raiders at home and they were far from perfect. Cant wait for the pressers.
  12. Gotta be Grigson right? "Hate" is a bit strong tho, as a society we use that word too casually.
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