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  1. Ty had a TD, and a solid rac erased by penalties as well as a questionable incompletion on a sideline toe drag. One bad drop admittedly, but not done-zo. Hes also gotten hidden yardage in pi calls and still draws coverage. He may be on the decline, not be a true #1, but I think he still contributes. He does have to solve the drops tho. I think that's as much mental as physical....
  2. I think Ballard makes a move for a qb in the draft. It's time, the roster is deep and young enough to allow it. The head coach is settled in, Luck's retirement is no longer "shocking". All of the surprises he's endured are in the rear view mirror. Selecting "his qb" is the only thing left for him to do. It will simultaneously define his tenure as the colts gm and determine the length said tenure. I believe he gets one shot at it and it will buy him a minimum of 3 more years in the gm seat. If The kid doesn't develop it'll be time for a new era in Indy. E
  3. I'd still take cam. I think Rivers gives us a chance to make a run, but I'd still take cam.
  4. I can respect that. Personally it just makes me shake my head and laugh a little........
  5. Lol yea as a fan it brings me great shame.
  6. Honestly for an organization that will hang an "AFC championship participant" banner, a ring in the season of covid would be a step up.....no shame my man.
  7. I have a feeling this team is going to get hot at the right time......homerism? Probably. But I do think a ring is possible this year with rivers under center.
  8. Reich was almost crying in his presser after the Bengals win. Dudes under more pressure than we think.
  9. I got a "personal attack" strike last year cuz I called the teens in Friday the 13th d-bags......its hard to know what will fly on the forum. Best be careful.
  10. Tanking is intentionally losing to better your draft position. You're describing sucking. Different spplication of incompetence.
  11. New blood can only help at this point! Get that spark.
  12. Aaron Rodgers. He'll come in angry. We need somebody with some damn fire! Wish it could have been this year the "Love/hate bowl" woulda been good watchin.
  13. Darnold may be broken mentally. I'd be wary of assuming hes the same player they drafted. Guy "sees ghosts"......
  14. Way to early. Its rivers show until we're eliminated from contention. He hasnt been as bad as it looks on paper. I'm confident the offense will start to gel soon. I thought it was gonna be vs the browns but that clearly wasnt the case.
  15. You're right to a degree. There is a b.s. meter though. It erodes credibility with fans and eventually players. Just look at Pagano/Grigson. They undeniably hurt the franchise. And had lost fans, locker room, and ownership by the bitter end. Same language is being used now. True unifing messages are all encompassing. you want to build a foundation for a "culture", mean every word you say no matter who you say it to. You dont gotta put people on blast, just be direct......anyway, just my opinion. Again tho, you're assessment accurately depicts the real
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