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  1. Stafford is rad. I'd gladly take 5 to 7 years of that.
  2. I know, I was joking, but after being a HC and a DC, DB coach seems like a nice retirement project....kinda like woodworking.
  3. Wonder if Mr. Irsay still has Pagano on speed dial.....
  4. I'm good with both. However, at this point one seems impossible and the other unlikely. Let's see what CB can do......
  5. In summary he should play that Ford commercial. In which a Colt raised by G.O.A.Ts becomes a Bronco......Peyton could sue over that one.......
  6. I dont entirely disagree until the last take. Colts won 11 games with Rivers and he was not the reason we lost to the Bill's. Colts were an AFC championship game quality team this year. Should have beat the Bill's, could have beaten KC. Resigning him shows a dedication to the status quo (which was an 11 win season and a playoff berth) but doesnt indicate a lack of desire to win. Personally I hope we can find a better option (either physical or financial) in 2021.
  7. 90% agree. Pretty solid take. Coaching is a big problem, and the difference in the Bill's game imo. Rivers limitations do factor in tho. If your qb cant physically roll out, scramble, or run for a gain......options are just limited. I wont bat an eye if they bring Rivers back. I expect it, dont hate it, but I'd like to see Reich be able to design plays with a less one dimensional qb. Someone closer to 30 than 40 and not coming off a foot surgery.....(Brissett is one dimensional imo, in case anyone suggests he Reich had that opportunity last year).
  8. Oh I know, I was joking too....thus the "soft cheddar". I thought as packers man it's a metaphor for you could get behind lol. I talked to you earlier this season. I know you're a class act.
  9. More than the bears, lions, and Vikings? Please....NFC north is soft cheddar.
  10. It's far fewer than you believe. Most people are live and let live. A vocal minority strive for division. It isnt day to day reality....dont fall for the hype. focus on what you have in common with others in your real life, not what media describes as a battleground. If that is your reality tho, pick better friends.
  11. Easy. I read earlier today that Rogers went from the Most Valuable Player in the league to being the Least Un-valuable Player overnight. The difference is clear.
  12. It came down to a razor thin margin on execution and/or coaching. Colts had every opportunity to win. I dont think Buffalo or the Ravens are unstoppable juggernauts. That's why it hurts so much. I'm pulling for the Browns now.
  13. I think there might be a touch more dysfunction philosophically. Our (overly?) aggressive offense doesnt sit well with our passive (pass) defense. We seem, in big games, to be giving up points at both ends. Colts are close as you say, but they need to reconsile those two and form a solid identity.
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