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  1. Honestly, the dude just knows what its gonna take to win, on a game to game basis, with the team he has. Hes not afraid to lose trying either. The Colts, under Reich, play to win. Much different than under the previous administration (IMO). This is a man earning his spot as the leader of this franchise, not a guy afraid to lose it.
  2. Good game planning, without Andrew our head coach is probably our best asset. Another strong O line performance. Much sharper D, including continued QB pressure and solid tackling over big play attempts. Stop the run and extensions there of. Henry might kill us, but if they're going to beat us I say make Marcus do it. And last weeks flop "Weekend at Vinny's" cant get a sequel or, unfortunately, the week 3 feature might be "Weekend at Vinny's III: Vinny's Day Off....."
  3. Dang......It's so hard to get a good tomato nowadays.......mangia enjoy!
  4. Both, if done properly, equal a constant influx of talent. More importantly that talent wont have to be a cover for substandard coaching or drafting. Ballard said eventually we'd be the ones cutting talent that lesser teams would pick up. Making those kind roster decisions is an indication of organizational health. We're right there, couple more years maybe. This is gonna be a great franchise again.
  5. I agree I thought the o looked pretty impressive. I know the playcalling was conservative but I dont think it was too conservative. It was measured and controlled and it was more than "enough to win". Things just didnt break the colts way in week 1. Two key penalties (one of which apparently was worthy of official NFL apology), Ebrons drop, the kicking game, poor D in critical situations (which I'm confident will improve).......any one of those plays breaks for the colts this was a W. We were literally one play away and had several stabs at a W in regulation. I liked seeing a team with an balanced offensive identity forming. Without the need for one player to put up "star wars numbers" (ok maybe mack did). This is the vision Irsay had in '12 and people lost bladder control when he tried (maybe poorly) to articulate it. Idk about playoffs or superbowls but I do feel like the colts are in great hands post Luck era. A real foundation is being laid here, it something to be excited about, and it will lead to perennial greatness.
  6. Ok.......lol, you got me. Stone cold. My larger point was that the team came back from all of their mistakes, as I said before, "not just vinny's" to force overtime. And that the team is in good hands. My lesser point is that I doubt Adam himself would pass the buck and not accept responsility for his role in the loss. I'm not discounting the ebb and flow of the game. Seven points left on the field by one unit, divided between three separate occasions, was the glaring weakness today. All mistakes aside and all things being equal, that was likely the major contributing factor in the loss. I think it's a reasonable argument and one I'll stand by. On to Tennessee.
  7. Vinny cost the colts the game, pure and simple and I'm sure he'd be the first to admit it. But the truth is it's one game, and the first game to boot. The team was good enough to overcome all of it's mistakes, not just vinny's, and force overtime. I think there are alot of positives to be had, let's not overreact. Anything that becomes a chronic deficit to the team will be dealt with. The people running this organization have proven that a measured approach will win the day. McDaniels jilts them, they get reich. Luck retires, jacoby did pretty well today, if vinny cant produce anymore they'll address it. I guarantee a plan is already in the works that will pay adam the requisite respect and move on if need be. Lets have some faith, they're not panicking and neither should we. Would have been nice to steal one today but most of us had the chargers as an L anyway. Next Sunday is almost here, on to Tenn.
  8. It doesnt matter, if fg unit did its job we win by 7 in regulation. Colts put up one heck of a fight to overcome the self inflicted wounds but came up short. I still think theres plenty to be excited about. We could have stolen one today ladies and gents, but alas......on to tenn
  9. Theres nothing to panic about. Good showing, with a few obvious exceptions. Everyone but special teams played good enough to win. Brisket looked good, running game was productive, defense got pressure and a take away. Would have been nice to steal this one but its over. On to Tennessee
  10. He hits the extra point we win. Nevermind the fieldgoals.....good effort by the offense and that int was incredible. Still an L tho.
  11. Death by a thousand cuts in that first half.......jacoby looks to be in command. That's nice to see today. Vinny's killing me tho, lol, cmon!
  12. Chris Wessling of NFL network has some pretty powerful insight as to the reasons why luck chose to hang it up. Citing his own cancer battle as a basis for his speculation. Basically dissecting lucks statements from interviews given after the injuries started piling up. It's an interesting take, and one I believe in. As someone currently fighting cancer, it moved me greatly to hear the words Luck was using to describe his sense of self during his neverending cycle of pain and treatment. They're words I use all the time. It consumes your entire being until you dont even know who you are, with it or without it. It's a mental health issue and one I know all to well. I dont blame him at all for retiring from the thing kicking the s#*+ out of him daily. Not a day goes by that I dont wish I could do the same. Beyond my own disappointment about this season and my admitted momentary lapses in perspective I wish him the best. What hes going through eclipses contracts, money, fame and fans.......put simply, its just bigger. I just hope he heals, in every sense of the word.
  13. Seems pretty fair. Hard to get too upset about it....."its why they plat the games".
  14. I think they do. The qb situation is settled in the short term but until you can really evaluate Jacoby I think its foolish to let a young talent slip thru your grasp. I dont think he would clear waivers. Hes obviously talented, and recently a knucklehead, but who knows where the colts will be drafting next year? Who knows how jacoby will fill the role? all the current qb contracts are made to walk away from if need be......too many things yet to be revealed.......let him sit, learn, mature a little. Just my opinion.
  15. They might think Kelly's ceiling is higher but that doesn't mean he's "better" now. Jacoby deserves a chance to prove himself. It's not like the dude is devoid of talent. And they either believe in him (which I think its obvious that they do) or they will throw Kelly in after his suspension is served, dude couldn't play now they wanted him to. Hoyer is a veteran presence, ala Hasselbeck, brought in to help them both mature, what he lacks in talent he makes up for in knowledge and experience. It's a relatively simple process. None of these contracts are unsustainable either. It could all change next year and would be a hiccup. They've placed themselves in the best possible position they could have, given the circumstances. I appreciate the measured tone with which the front office has addressed what would have been cataclysm in a lesser organization. Imagine what grigson and pagano would have done...... It might be lost year but overreacting is far worse than what the new colts regime has done. As a fanbase we're in good hands.......it'll all play out.
  16. I think it's mostly Ballard & Reich hype filtering down. GM & coach of the year candidates, if not favorites, top 5 (imo) qb retiring, everything positive that jacoby is able to accomplish (which I suspect is plenty) will be magnified through those lenses. Plus jacoby is charismatic and likeable.......easy to root for. I can see the through line.
  17. It's nice to see they're "putting their money where their mouth is". I was wondering how much of their expressed confidence was "coach speak" or damage control in the wake of Lucks announcement, but if they're willing to extend him before the first snap of the regular season it indicates their faith in him is genuine. This is good news.
  18. I appreciate the sentiment and hope he can finally get over the physical and mental hurdles hes been struggling to clear these past few years. I have no doubt his gratitude is genuine, but I hope this is all we hear from him for awhile. Although most of the dust has settled and the fans here (on the forum atleast) seem to have moved on, I can easily see a scenario where constant reminders of the luck era could have a negative effect on the fan base and the upcoming season. In the end I do think this was a mental health issue for Andrew so I'm glad hes taking the steps to resolve it, but as his mind and body heal I could see him thinking about a comeback. While I dont think he will ultimately return to the Indianapolis Colts I recognize how difficult it will be for this franchise and fanbase to move on with periodic interjections from the Luck camp. To be clear though I do wish him the best and I am grateful for his time here. The past years were full of exciting and optimistic football in spite of all the deficiencies that surrounded the super star qb. Think about that for a second.....he was that good. His talent outpaced a substandard coaching staff and a dysfunctional gm. He took the colts beyond what they were capable of almost annually. Great work but we need to be allowed to move on.
  19. That's what Ballard has said he would/could do all along. I'm with you. "Tanking" is nonsense, let the man work. We can't know if Jacoby is the answer yet or not, we havent seen a single game out of him under this new regime. It's way too early to judge and I'd never call for the Colts lose on purpose. If they're not good enough they'll do that naturally.
  20. Well in addition to Brissett we were still bad enough to teade down and still net Quenton Nelson. If Jacoby has improved and can lead the Colts to a playoff berth, I'd say the Colts won. If he only manages 4 wins again Colts draft high and I'd say the Colts still come out on top......Brissett could bring us two top 5 draft picks! Twisted logic maybe, but I'll stand by it. Plus Campbell kindof negates the need for Dorsett. Ballard got the better of the deal.
  21. Jacoby deserves a full season I think. There is plenty of time to evaluate and decide what to do going forward. Hes not going to come out of the gate and blow the league away. Hes gonna make mistakes and grow. We get to see how this coaching staff and team competes without a super star QB. And while that kinda sucks, because we had one, it will prove to be a valuable experience. Ballard said from day one that it's not about one guy. Time to find out how far we can go without that guy. I'm still terribly disappointed Luck hung it up, but I'm also excited to ses jacoby and the rest of this young team take the field. Its here guys and gals. This is the real beginning of the ballard/reich era of colts football.
  22. Definitely dont think it's out of the question Coltsbest. If they overactive fans get a good ride and can feel positive about what they're building. If they underactive. Their draft position is better. Depending on a person's ability to accept disappointments and possibly swallow a lost season you might say the Colts are in a "no lose situation". The worst thing they can be is mediocre, at this point that's what I fear the most......For the record I dont "believe" in tanking......
  23. I've heard a couple national media personalities who still expect the Colts to compete for/win the division. I'm not sure it's all doom and gloom out there. I think the colts were probably a little overrated, given the youth of the team, before Luck's announcement. And are probably being slightly underrated after Lucks retiring. A conservative 10-6 probably became an optimistic 7-9 type of year......I'm still crushed 12 is not playing but is more of a personal devastation. I'm not sure internally (after the initial shock) that they feel like the sky fell. After the season starts. I think we all (colts, league, media, and fans) will be able to turn the page. I definitely feel my excitement coming back but my disappointment has not diminished at all.....
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