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  1. It's always the same from the film I have watched. He gets himself in trouble when he holds the ball to long. That's when he throws the int's. Something to watch this up coming season. He way above average when he gets rid of it quickly. That's what Frank had him doing when he was his oc.
  2. Look for Jacoby to go to New England
  3. It will be Eason. The Colts just traded for Wentz with a large contract attached to him. They are not going to pay $8 - 10 -12 million for a backup QB. Eason is on a rookie contract and Ballard will save the $49 million of cap money left for other positions.
  4. I'll just say this about Wentz. He's hurt to much for me. Now the senario I see playing out. Colt trade for Wentz. Wentz gets #7. Brissett signs elsewhere and Eason is the backup. Wentz starts the season as our #1 an gets hurt and Eason gets the start and balls out and Wentz never sees the field again.
  5. Grigson's gaffes is a legend in his own mind. Lol
  6. I guess the poster Grigsons gaffes is a pro scout by all the football he watches on his sofa. Oh that's right he is no he isn't he is just a fan like us who knows more then us. No that right he doesn't know more then us he just wished he did. If he knew so much he would be getting paid for his knowledge.
  7. I keep seeing they know best as in Ballard and Reich. Ballard traded for Brissett and then paid him $ $20,000,000. That right there makes me skeptical. He is a seviceable back up at best. These 2 have a way of not letting backup qbs see the field. They did the same thing with Chad Kelly and Kelly showed promise in the preseason. I am not saying Chad Kelly was the answer at qb but you will never find out if you don't let them see the field in live action. Take Kurt Warner for instance. He would of never got a chance unless the injury didn't happen to the starting qb. Same thing with Brady. To m
  8. I hope the Colts offer coach Rathmans job to Burton Burns Alabama's running backs coach. When was the last time Alabama had a bad running back. He's been there running back coach for the past 11 years. We must strike while the irons hot. Thanks for your time coach Rathman. Enjoy your retirement.
  9. Let me put this out there. If say you owned the Colts. Would you let some politicians seize your team. My answer is heck no. They own the team and have the right to do as they see fit with there team. No one mentions memorial stadium were the Colts where playing in which was at dispute at the time. I have been to memorial stadium and it was horrible for players as well as fans. Seats right behind pillers that held up the upper deck. I'm talking about 2ft concrete pillers. The bathrooms had trofts for toilets to take a leak in and they didn't drain. Talk about gross. Baltimore city council did
  10. As of today it's official we know of 2 qbs available for trade. Matthew Stafford & Deshaun Watson.
  11. For a team that got knocked out the playoffs in the 1st round we sure are losing alot of coaches. What does that say about Reich's coaching staff. His staff is in high demand. Ballard and Reich are bringing in high character guys and good coaches. They will bring in guys to fill the rolls that are being taken. Yes it's a little disturbing that it's happening but not worried about the losses. Remember we where going to higher Josh what's his face and we got Reich. It's worked out pretty well with no true #1 qb to roll with. Ballard will fill these positions and we will be fine
  12. We may have the left tackle on the roster already. Will Holden held his own in the game he played till he got hurt.
  13. Doug Pederson was fired in Philly today. Will Philly try to pry Frank Reich from the Colts to fix Carson Wentz. They invested a boat load of money in Wentz.
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