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  1. Anyone remember River to Antonio Gates. Mo is the same type of player Gates was.
  2. They say easiest projected schedule which means nothing. Teams that where 2 win teams last season are 11 win teams this year . Just using that as an example. So what does that mean. Now you have a tough schedule. It's all crapola.
  3. Colts will cut Brissett. They know what they have in Brissett. Kelly is the big ?. Kelly will not cost them $20,000,000 like Brissett Brissetts dead money won't hurt them anymore this year . Cut your losses now and see what the kid has in real game action if need be. Trade or cut Jacoby. Great teammate but falls off late in the year or should I say good back up but not a starter. After this year we will need a starter and I for one believe draft another qb next year. Let Kelly, Eason and draft pick battle it out in camp and may the best man win. The more compotition the better. How many teams
  4. In same show Peyton said Faulk help him so much in his rookie season reading coverages and helped him so much for his carrier. Peyton said he was the smartest back he ever played with. Kurt Warner said the same thing.
  5. Colts fans lost this hall of famer for being a couple minutes late for a team meeting. Jim Mora said he was a couple minutes late for a meeting and Marshall said his watch was fast. Mora didn't like Marshall would show up ( if meeting was 8:00 he would show up 3 minutes before) which Mora didn't like per Mora's own words. This cost us in my opinion at least 1 Superbowl if not more. We lost Marshall being 3 minutes late to a meeting. They should of fired Mora and kept Marshall. I was in disbelief.
  6. As Bill Engval would say. Here's your sign
  7. Rivalries are never over. It's between teams not players. Yes players are a part of a rivalry when they play for a rivals team but that is where it starts and stops. Cowboys vs Redskins. Packers vs Bears. Colts vs Pats.
  8. Why are you evaluating the past. This has nothing to do with anything. Those who dwell in the past stay there. Rivers never had a line like the one he's about to play behind. He will light it up this year. Enough said
  9. Anyone ever think no matter what happened last year Chad was not getting a start to test him. Maybe to see if he would revert back to his old ways or to see if he's grown up. We all did dumb stuff when we where going. That may have been the ultimate test to see how he would act. We have no idea what Ballard is going to do moving forward. Maybe he's saying he's going to keep Jacoby so he can get someone to bite on a trade maybe not. $21,000,000 for a back up qb is crazy. But if we can trade that bingo.
  10. There going with what's on the roster except for Brian Hoyer who will be cut and drafting Trevor Lawrence next year.
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