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  1. We may have the left tackle on the roster already. Will Holden held his own in the game he played till he got hurt.
  2. Doug Pederson was fired in Philly today. Will Philly try to pry Frank Reich from the Colts to fix Carson Wentz. They invested a boat load of money in Wentz.
  3. Good linemen are herd to come by. They are off limits for any trades. How long was our d line a mess and still is week at pass rusher. Our o line almost got Andrew Luck killed and people are talking trade linemen. My what short memory we have. People it all starts in the trenches. Without good linemen our team will become an after thought for the playoffs.
  4. Frank is a good head coach. His only flaw is making bone head decisions at the most important time in a game. That can be fixed. Ballard said he does not like to watch the games due to nerves. It's time for him to watch the games in real time in the both with a radio directly to Frank's headset to tell him don't do it Frank. I know some people will say this will handcuff the coach but Frank has made a habit of making those bone head call. Time/4th downs not taking points. I understand being aggressive but hurting the team with those calls is not the right call. Those calls cost the team dearl
  5. It was his first playoff game. He may of had the jitters. The drops came when he looked up field to early. That comes from nerves being jittery.
  6. How many times does it take for Frank to learn from his mistakes. The definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing and expecting different results
  7. I will just say this. In the playoffs you always take the points. Every team are as good as you are.
  8. Jared may be a blessing in disguise. He played for the Packers in the frozen tundra and knows what it takes to play in the cold/ bad weather. He is a great source for telling players how to deal with the weather conditions that are thrown at them. Go Colts!!!
  9. I have seen Dodd and Morroco are linked to interviews with other teams. I'm sure Ballard has a little black book full of names to fill those positions. Only someone like Grigson would get caught with there pants down and Ballard is not even close to that clown.
  10. Beating the Bills will come by ball control. It's going to be the old playbook when facing Manning. Run the ball and run clock and give there offence as little possibilities to touch the ball. The old game of keep away.
  11. That was as a Charger. Hope he's 1 - 0 as a Colt
  12. If he get a head coaching gig good for him. However anywhere he goes if he has a trash general manager and crappy qb he more than likely doomed to fail. Bill Belichick failed with the Browns. I have said before if he goes no biggie. I do not like his defensive style. Without Buckner our d was week. Look at last year.
  13. Maybe he wanted to play on a good/nasty o line. A line with an attitude. Now for Taylor. Where are the posters who wanted to get rid of Taylor saying he was a bust earlier in the season. It take time to adjust to the pro game. The speed is different and all players are pro caliber unlike college. Taylor is a special player and the game has slowed down for him. Go Colts beat Buffalo
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