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  1. Anyone ever think no matter what happened last year Chad was not getting a start to test him. Maybe to see if he would revert back to his old ways or to see if he's grown up. We all did dumb stuff when we where going. That may have been the ultimate test to see how he would act. We have no idea what Ballard is going to do moving forward. Maybe he's saying he's going to keep Jacoby so he can get someone to bite on a trade maybe not. $21,000,000 for a back up qb is crazy. But if we can trade that bingo.
  2. There going with what's on the roster except for Brian Hoyer who will be cut and drafting Trevor Lawrence next year.
  3. The colts will start Jacoby and hope he plays as bad as he did down the stretch. Does suck for Luck sound familiar. This time it will be tank for Trevor as in Lawerance. Tua is injury prone and Burrow will be gone and Herbert has to many?. I read all the Jordon Love mess and thats what it is mess. Phillip Rivers is to old and no mobility.
  4. I read about all the free agent qbs available but i never see his name mentioned. When this guy is heathly he can play. He is no Patrick Mahomes by any means but he knows how to win. We can get him cheap coming off a major injury and the skins will be looking to dump his salary with a young qb being there starter. We also have to remember Ballard is familiar with him from his Kansas city days. Better than Jacoby and good short term answer while we groom a young qb. Thoughts?
  5. Tank for Trevor Lawrence. This guy is special. You don't win 29 strait games by being a slouch.
  6. I'll say two thing Tampa2. Bad defence
  7. Chris Ballard always says we are always looking to improve this roster. Is that just bunk Or is he really. If your trying to improve your roster and Jb isn't playing well (missing wide open receivers) actually regressing and you have a fairly young Chad Kelly who played well in the preseason. Why not play him and see if he has what it takes to be a starting Qb. The only way you find out is by playing the guy. I don't want to hear the coaches see him in practice. Remember Allen Iversons words practice are we talking about practice. Practice isn't live bullets. You think Bill Belichick would hesitate to yank Jb out. He would not worry about his feelings. Your paid to produce wins if not take a seat period.
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