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  1. name a player next poster predicts where they go then names new player LeVeon Bell
  2. Nelson destroying Church
  3. danlhart87

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Rams 20 Patriots 17 Same ending as 01 but Rams win it
  4. Rams 20 Saints 31 Patriots 27 Chiefs 22
  5. danlhart87

    you 18-19 playoff bracket prediction

    it wouldn't surprise me if Texans won. they always play us tough.
  6. danlhart87

    you 18-19 playoff bracket prediction

    Colts at Texans Seahawks at Cowboys Chargers at Ravens Eagles at Bears Colts at Chiefs Chargers at Patriots Cowboys at Saints Bears at Rams Colts at Chargers Cowboys at Rams Chargers vs Rams Chargers SB Champions Rivers SB MVP
  7. danlhart87

    TY Texans killer

    in 14 games against Houston 76 catches 1445 yards 9 touchdowns
  8. danlhart87

    What do these teams have in common?

    what is it
  9. danlhart87

    What do these teams have in common?

    they are all NFL teams but seriously I have no idea
  10. danlhart87

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    that's from the craft
  11. danlhart87

    Patrick Mahomes is gonna be good

    This guy is UNREAL 13 TD 0 INT that's in 2.5 games
  12. danlhart87

    Darius Leonard

    he's an absolute beast
  13. danlhart87

    Darius Leonard

    didn't he have 18?