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  1. How is he still available? Very surprised nobody has signed him!
  2. MVP Drew Brees OPOY Kyler Murray DPOY Darius Leonard OROY Joe Burrow DROY Patrick Queen CPOY AJ Green COY Kliff Kingsbury
  3. I expect AJ Green to win CPOY. Burrow will turn the Bengals around. I'll say they win 8 games at least
  4. Burrow takes it IMO Any other guesses folks?
  5. I'm sure they will take that into consideration
  6. Rumors are the name will be Washington Sentinels
  7. I see what you did there. I also like DeForest Buckner
  8. My brother played a high school game against him
  9. Robert Kraft? I'll ask more questions later got to go to work
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