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  1. if Ballard finds away to get Stafford without surrendering 1st he's the best GM
  2. The thing i remember most about that game is most of the forum having a complete meltdown at the half and a few select posters and myself being calm knowing we could make a comeback
  3. I would gladly take him on Colts.
  4. The rewards of trading up for a QB far outweigh the risk IMO. If CB sees a guy in draft he likes he shouldn't hesitate to trade up.
  5. If they want 2 1s then Stafford can go elsewhere
  6. Hypothetical question Would you be ok with Brady winning a title this year if it meant he was going to retire or would you rather him lose and return to try again?
  7. If Colts get Stafford they aren't getting Godwin Golladay or Robinson I would draft rookie at 21 then get one of the top WRs above
  8. No thanks to Rodgers I'm ok with Stafford as long as we don't give up too much And getting a solid rookie to build around would be a very smart decision especially from a financial standpoint
  9. These next few months are gonna be important for Jones and Lance. Jones from his limited skills set and Lance because he only played 1 game. Lawrence Fields and Wilson will all go top 12
  10. I think one of the reasons they are actively going after Stafford is because there are no guarantees any of the top 4 QBs fall to 21. They could miss out on Stafford then top 4 QBs go before 21 then be totally unprepared. I would think from that standpoint Ballard would be aggressive and trade up. I like Mac Jones who could easily be had in trade down scenario but who knows if Ballard even likes him. I just don't want to roll out with JB again. I am fine with JB as a backup though. I would even throw a player in the deal to get Stafford. Even Le
  11. What top FA WR do you see Colts signing?
  12. You do realize Robinson is most likely getting 18 to 20m
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