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  1. danlhart87

    2019 NFL Division Winners

    Los Angeles Chargers Houston Texans New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Falcons Philadelphia Eagles Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Packers
  2. Name one team that missed playoffs that will make it 2019 and one that made playoffs and will miss it in 2019 Arizona Cardinals New Orleans Saints
  3. danlhart87

    Quenton Nelson

    Bump I was wrong about Mewhort though
  4. I stumbled across it by accident searching another thread on Google
  5. I kinda meant overall not just the Colts
  6. some of my predictions were wrong but i was spot on with Hopkins he was one of the best that year. I was upset when Texans got him
  7. In the unlikely scenario that happens who do you take?
  8. Wow if they have 1 again I feel awful for their fans
  9. The __________ selects __________ Miami Dolphins select Ed Oliver DT
  10. danlhart87

    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    We got 5
  11. I'm unfamiliar with Braden but Leonard was good pick
  12. Keep it up Ballard build the trenches
  13. Good selection Ballard
  14. danlhart87

    Colts Draft News

    Just thought of something If we draft Guice Addai will announce What's odd about that you ask? Both played for LSU and were RBs
  15. danlhart87

    Day 2 Predictions

    Let's say we trade down at 36 or 37 to mid 40s what are we most likely to get?