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  1. Bridgewater down Walker in
  2. said it before and I will again this guy is a troll just looking for trouble BTW you won't be missed.
  3. https://dailysnark.com/2020/10/29/report-patriots-are-having-a-fire-sale-ahead-of-trade-deadline/
  4. That play to Curtis Samuel was beautiful
  5. They are playing QB carousel right now. It would be like Rivers struggles against Lions and Ravens so they start Brissett then he struggles so they go back to Rivers
  6. Name the ones available in FA or trade and please be realistic
  7. Breaking News into SportsCenter this week: Colts coach Frank Reich will be out several weeks after suffering a concussion. Sources say Trubisky was trying to hit TY Hilton in practice but the ball went about 30 yards to the sideline where Reich and Ballard were discussing dinner plans.
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