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  1. He met with Art Rooney and they both agreed it's time to move on. I think that's concrete enough to think that AB will not play for them.
  2. Hell of a football player but I'm glad he won't be with the Steelers anymore. He always torched us.
  3. pgt_rob

    NFL vs Colin K settled

    Apparently he did. He's probably laughing his butt off as he's staring at his bank account. I'd be curious to see if he still pushes the same ideas or if he's going to drop it all together now.
  4. pgt_rob

    NFL vs Colin K settled

    So does Kaep's thoughts on people of color being oppressed still stand now that he took 60-80 million from the NFL in a settlement? Or did the money make that go away?
  5. pgt_rob

    Former Colts in AAF

    Quite a bit of past Colts players in the AAF. More than what I thought.
  6. pgt_rob

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    Honestly, CB is just as much of a concern as safety.
  7. We definitely hit on a lot of picks. Some of the picks are question marks that may do well next year (Cain, Lewis, Wilkins).
  8. pgt_rob

    TJ Hockenson anyone?

    If he's the best player left on the board round 2, snag him. Possibly Doyle or Ebron replacement after a few seasons.
  9. pgt_rob

    TE Group

    Does anyone know how Jack Doyle is doing, currently?
  10. pgt_rob

    Joe Flacco to be traded to the Broncos

    Better QB than what the Broncos have on their roster. It was a good move without looking at the money situation.
  11. I want Inman back. I think he's a great fit on our offense and already has worked with 4 guys on the staff for years. Hopefully Ballard gets it done. He could potentially replace Chester Rogers or even move to a #2 guy if he can get there. As far as Andrew Luck not being a "vocal" leader. I think that's just how you view things. Luck, from what I can tell is very level headed. I'm sure he demands a lot out of the guys and can be very dry at times but I think it can be better this way rather than to be yelling or angry constantly every Sunday. Players will get burnt out with you. I think Luck is a vocal leader in his own way and it's working. I'm sure there's plenty behind the scenes that we don't see or hear about as well.
  12. pgt_rob End of Year Draft Grades

    When was the last time we nailed the draft? Can't remember. We definitely had a pretty good haul. Turay and Lewis are still somewhat of a question mark in my opinion though.
  13. pgt_rob

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    LOL. You gotta love Andrew Luck. The nod and walk away was pure comedy.
  14. pgt_rob

    Why do Colts screen plays not work so well?

    Need a player like Ahmad Bradshaw again to catch the screens and dump offs for 8+ yards.
  15. pgt_rob

    Quenton Nelson, The Baller....

    Big Q with the behind the back pass like it was nothing.