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  1. If I were Ballard, I would definitely try and get Mack re-signed. I know Mack will probably want to stay behind our line that he knows best and he hopefully knows he has injury concerns. I think we should get something done with him because his running and pass catching is undeniable, he’s got great talent and helps this team win when we’re a run first team.
  2. Why the hell would we want Darnold? Pass.
  3. I agree but it seems lame to be like, Hey look at us and how positive we are... **This was brought to you by Kays** /end advertisement
  4. Kinda alarming but doesn't quite make sense in that particular way. Does that mean people thought Brissett was going to throw it down field more then? I think the stats proved that Rivers has thrown down field more.
  5. Probably would take multiple years of 1st round picks. I'd pass but maybe try and grab someone else within the top 10.
  6. I think it's tacky to come up with a plan to monetize your engagement through advertising. It doesn't really seem 100% genuine and more of a commercial/watermark slap on it all. That's my opinion though.
  7. Yeah. I guess I wouldn't have went that route for an engagement but it seems like they care very much so about their youtube reputation. That wouldn't be me but not knocking what they do.
  8. true. It seemed kinda like an advertisement for Kay Jewelers with the Kay Jewelers tag at the top of the pictures. I hope it wasn’t but you never know.
  9. Yep I know exactly what okay it was. He caught the ball and Franklin came up from behind/side of him and got a good hit on him. He crawled off the field but I didn't think it was broken ribs, definitely thought it was the wind knocked out of him too. That sucks though.
  10. Would be killer to have Julio! Not totally sure how that would be possible though but would be nice! JuJu would be interesting though, I’d give it a look.
  11. Pittman should be back which should help. Still hoping TY Hilton can show up soon. Would be nice if Campbell wasn’t injured but him back would be great.
  12. I think some of you forget the Greg Toler days...
  13. I was going to post this same thread about Johnson. He always had a knack for catching some deep balls and a few contested catches every now and then. I was glad to see him back. I hope he sticks around, very underrated player.
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