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  1. I'm hoping the Chiefs win again. But if Brady and the bucs win, I hope someone tells Brady that he has to try to do it again on a different team. lol
  2. This thread makes me cry. Can we set it ablaze?
  3. Watson is definitely 100% off the table to anyone in the afc south. I can see Stafford being a Colt.
  4. Lance needs a bit of work. Plus it’s most likely gonna cost 3 1st round picks to move up that far. Would be terrible if he didn’t pan out.
  5. He plays for the Lions, a completely crap team but he’s a good QB. I would definitely think about trading the 21st pick for him. Because I think he might be our only option unless you don’t mind giving up 2-3 1st round picks to move up within the top 8 of the draft. There’s not going to be much option at QB, maybe you like Jacoby Brissett?
  6. I would definitely trade our #21 pick for Stafford. Do it Ballard! Otherwise, may take 2-3 first round picks to move within the top 8 of the draft to draft a rookie QB. Our options are slim unless you’re happy with Brissett under center again.
  7. Stafford for a 3rd round pick would be the greatest steal of a trade in the NFL. I think they are going to want a 1st round pick and maybe even another 1st round or 2nd round pick on top of it. Stafford is good. But he's on a crap team.
  8. Man, that would be a * move if Nick did that.
  9. Give me Matthew Stafford. I like him the best. Do it Ballard!
  10. Put Leonard and Buckner up there Mr. Irsay! But yeah, I don't really see it as cryptic or anything just yet.
  11. Wow, didn't see that coming. Definitely thought he would be back one more year. Best of luck to Rivers in retirement, I enjoyed this season. Ballard, you have your work cut out for you next year. Not many choices, going to be interesting.
  12. Do not want Wentz. I think we're going to give Rivers another shot.
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