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  1. I thought we would have needed to be within the top 10 to get Love? It's going to be interesting to see how the QBs fall with the exception of Burrow. He 100% is going to Cincinnati in my opinion.
  2. This is an interesting signing. Instantly thought of him being a Colt in 2013 but chose Werner instead, got a little deja vu for a second. I really hope he bounces back this season. Does anyone for sure know if he’s been battling injuries through last season?
  3. Damn. I kinda like Brandon Aiyuk. Reminds me of Reggie Wayne. Mims is a good jump ball threat WR. I’d be happy with either
  4. Father Time always catches up. I think the Colts valued Rivers more because he is younger. I’m anxious to see how the Bucs do especially with having 2 amazing WRs there.
  5. Im also hoping that they consider changing the helmet at the center of the field. It’s time to update that in my opinion!
  6. Damn, I was hoping we could re-sign him to a different contract.
  7. He seems to be doing very well as a father. Great stuff!
  8. I wonder if we can re-sign him if he doesn’t get any offers? He would still be nice to have because we seem to have some injury concern with our DBs and Wilson seems to be far down the depth chart still.
  9. Best of luck to Ebron.
  10. I doubt they would have the #1 pick but anything could happen. Having a top defense is enough to get you to win a few games. Losing Brady and plugging in someone else, they should be okay to win but probably not Super Bowl again.
  11. I think Ballard has already made his big splashes. Doubt he goes after Gurley with his injury history.
  12. Most likely. Pretty sad in my opinion. I wanted to see him kick the record as a Colt.
  13. Not bad. My question is, do we have enough time to draft a QB and let him sit for 2 years? I can understand 1, maybe.
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