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  1. same. I bet he plays a lot more than we hope. I’m unsure about this signing right now. Hope some good news gets released about his surgery/rehab soon.
  2. Right. I think the Colts are wanting to kick the tires and check him out. I personally don't see us signing him but yes my opinion of course. I'd be shocked if we signed him and he played more than 3/4 of the season.
  3. Unsure about this one. I don't think he would be ready to play.
  4. Man, I’d be really worried about signing Fisher to big money. Hopefully they take a good look at Leno as well.
  5. Not going to lie. I sent him a message yesterday and he read and liked it. lol. He should probably pack a bag and start driving to Indianapolis sometime this week.
  6. Well, duh! I think we all understand that. I was just wondering if we are for sure going to be checking out Leno and other FA LT's or if we're just planning to roll with Tevi. The poster that I was responding to made it seem like it's silly to ask that question and of course they will bring in someone else. But who really knows for sure? Nobody until there's factual news about it.
  7. Well, we all thought we were going to grab one in the draft in round 1 or 2 and we didn't. Then Irsay says the Colts believe Tevi can play good football at Left Tackle for us. So it's hard to say what they're thinking right now.
  8. I heard Bears fans say they liked him and expected him to continue playing and Jenkins to play RT. I wonder if Ballard will kick the tires.
  9. What LT did you want? They were all gone.
  10. 1. Paye 2. Dayo Operation murder Trevor Lawrence in effect.
  11. Alejandro Villanueva Is available. Could sign him for a 1 or 2 year deal.
  12. I honestly couldn't believe he was still there. There was a couple draft choices that went before him that were head scratchers. Those definitely helped push Paye to our pick.
  13. Would have been cool to hear about it earlier so Colts could have had a swing at him. Oh well. I can see some teams giving up everything for him.
  14. I don't see Ballard picking an offensive weapon early. Might use that as leverage though for teams really interested in a 1st round WR. But honestly, Ballard will either pick a Edge with #21 and OT in the 2nd. Or trade back to pick up a 3rd round pick. Because after our 2nd round pick #54, we're off the board for a long time until 4th round #127.
  15. If Paye is there at #21 Ballard better have someone run that card up immediately. Lol. I personally think he won’t be there when we pick. But Jenkins might. However I’d be interested in seeing which Edge guys are there first before picking a OT. If Ballard can scoop up Paye in the 1st and a OT in the 2nd, whew going to be a good draft
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