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  1. pgt_rob

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

  2. pgt_rob

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    We'll see how it goes this Sunday. If Mariota makes our DBs look silly then I'm sure a change will be made the following week if he's in football ready shape by then.
  3. pgt_rob

    Coming in For TN

    It's just north of Indianapolis in Fishers area. Haven't been there but have driven by it. It's right off the highway. Looks pretty cool though. It was packed last weekend. Have fun at the Colts and Titans game, should be a good one!
  4. pgt_rob

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    I didn't want to ruin everyone's party about Big Q yelling. But, Big Q says he wasn't yelling on the play that pancaked Church. Colts video production staff doctored up the video. If anyone cared, doesn't take anything away on how awesome Nelson is. lol
  5. pgt_rob

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    I couldn't tell if Castanzo felt annoyed or not. I'd assume not but you never know. They're all doing great.
  6. pgt_rob

    How do we beat the titans

    Nice one John Madden.
  7. pgt_rob

    Sackless streak 5th longest in..

    I love how Q always runs to the receiver to make sure they're congratulated for making a play. Good stuff.
  8. pgt_rob

    Big game at home next week, Tennesee!

    This will be another test for sure. The AFC South has spent some time rebuilding their defense and we're the weak link defensively when in comparison. I hope we can manage to keep Luck upright and continue to have no sacks allowed. That would be HUGE after playing Jacksonville and now Tennessee. We always seem to fair well against the Titans but this time could be tougher. I'm ready for this and I hope our defense can bounce back onto their feet after a sluggish game against Jacksonville.
  9. pgt_rob

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    AC is playing great. As a whole unit, they're all playing great. Lets just pray and hope to the football Gods that nobody gets injured so we can keep this going!
  10. pgt_rob

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    "That man has a family for Christ's sake." Just heard that comment about Big Q's pancake hit.
  11. pgt_rob

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    The defense isn't great. It is a step up from Pagano years, though. It does seem like any QB can pass on our defense. We don't have any top tier players on defense at all except for maybe Leonard. We don't have a pass rush and we don't have a shutdown CB. That's a recipe for getting thrown on and allowing wide open receivers.
  12. In the 5th round? Sure why not?
  13. pgt_rob

    Twitter mocking brady on Un-athleticism

    Hahaha, that was great!
  14. pgt_rob

    Kudos to the Jags run defense

    I agree. Not a pretty second half but their defense is very good. I knew we would eventually be tested and it showed. Props to the Jacksonville defense in that regard.
  15. pgt_rob

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    You can't not love Quenton. Thank you Ballard for drafting him.