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  1. I think a lot of us are still talking about him. We see what he can do on the field but the injury bug stuck to him. I'm rooting for him to show off this season.
  2. Yikes, that list is all sorts of crazy.
  3. You should have seen the metric ton of Luck jerseys for sale at circle center mall last year. Hopefully they were able to recoup some of the cash from all those jerseys before turning them into wash rags or something.
  4. That would be one hell of a conspiracy story. Frankly, it sounds like it could be easily possible too. If so, it would be top headlines for weeks. I personally don't see it, but hey, anything is possible in this crazy world.
  5. Fan forums are used by members with opinions. You can agree with the opinion or choose not to agree. Either way, it's fine. But to think one's opinion is lesser than yours can get upsetting. There is no correct call here. These players are doing what they think is right for them and their families. The team hurts a bit but in the end, it's just football. This year is going to be wacky no matter what.
  6. The Colts own his rights so he would have to be traded to play for someone else.
  7. Nobody knows anything about Eason and may never will this season.
  8. He throws the football like a skipping stone.
  9. Devin Funchess missing another season. He's going to be out of shape in another year. lol
  10. I don't think he will play for the Colts especially since he's still rehabbing. He is selling his home in Carmel but isn't moving too far away and staying in Indiana.
  11. pgt_rob

    AV moving

    At least AV isn't moving too far. But I'm thinking his time may be done as a Colt.
  12. Yeah... I don't see this working out very well in my opinion.
  13. We all know that both are going to get P-A-I-D but I hope we can keep both if Ballard stays smart with money and contract negotiations.
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