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  1. Does seem like a childish move to delete all of his Colts related posts. But that's on him, the Colts will be just fine without him if we're parting ways. Hopefully he can get his head on straight and find a new team.
  2. The Colt's art department spent a lot of time making recovery hype videos for Cain to only be playing for a different team a few short weeks later. lol
  3. C'mon Ballard, sign the man. If not, maybe we can get some forum members to play some ball for a fraction of the cost. lol
  4. I would pass on Foles. He's on the downfall of his career and I think he could serve as a back up only. Not elite talent.
  5. If QB wasn't on the list. I'd feel pretty confident about the holes in the roster. Probably the least amount of holes that we've had in a long time. Right now, it's a bit shakey because Brissett can win you about 7-8 games I think which will put us middle of the road / maybe missing playoffs each year. Ballard and Reich seem committed to Brissett too since they signed him to the 2 year extension. Hopefully they are smart and draft a young QB in the draft and have him learn the offense next year. See how that plays out. Just like Mahommes.
  6. Goodness. That really sucks for Rogers. I hope he makes a full recovery, best of luck to him. I'm thinking Inman looks pretty good right about now. I think we're going to HAVE to sign a receiver now. Hopefully Ballard gets a few in to check out this week. So what are our priorities in the draft and free agency? Sign a couple receivers, draft a couple. Hope for the best.
  7. Optimism is good. But we don't deserve to be in the playoffs.
  8. There were some chants at the end of today’s game. I couldn’t exactly tell what they were saying. Anyone there today?
  9. I think they fired the trainers before in the pagano era.
  10. Henry will probably bust a couple long runs. We're decent at stopping the run but we let a few slip.
  11. I doubt TY will have more receiving yards this year than he did his rookie year (861 yds). Kinda sucks.
  12. Good thing the Colts have an abundance of cash to spend this coming off season. Ballard may want to think about trading some draft picks to possibly move up in the draft to pick a QB. I know that's usually not his motto, but he may have to trade up this time around.
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