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  1. pgt_rob

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    My initial knee jerk reaction during/watching the game was that Luck is having an off day or maybe his shoulder is giving him a bit of an issue. Anyone watching could tell that the ball had barely any zip on it. No power causing a few under thrown passes. Maybe the rain had some effect on that too, not sure? But to those talking about Luck telegraphing his throws. This isn't new. You can find a few times during a game for the past few seasons where he's staring down his receiver the whole time. I don't want to be that guy who talks about the refs, but there was some sketchy calls from the refs. Also, a couple dropped passes in the end zone. Tough catches but doable.
  2. Hmm, I spy a few Tackle options. May want to look into that 1st round again if any of them jump off the paper similar to Nelson did.
  3. pgt_rob

    Difference between our current d?

    Movin' on up!
  4. Pats getting desperate. Wonder if Gordon even finishes the rest of the year without getting in trouble.
  5. pgt_rob

    Vontae Davis ... retires?

    He could have finished the game at least. I think that would have been more respectful. Now he's going to be forever known as a guy who quit on his team.
  6. pgt_rob

    Jonathan Hankins finally signed

    Good player. Happy he found a home but definitely very curious about his contract. He was a little pricey for us but I think it could have been worth it for us. Oh well...
  7. pgt_rob

    Quenton Nelson owns Geno Atkins

    Meh, 2 of the rookies were running backs. Besides, the Bengals will be marked as one of the teams we should have beat when it comes down to the end of the season.
  8. pgt_rob

    Quenton Nelson owns Geno Atkins

    Nice. And the Bengals owned us for the win. Sad story.
  9. pgt_rob

    53 Passing Attempts

    Normally I am 100% in disagreement with taking a RB in the 1st round. I would MAYBE consider it within the 2nd round. However, looking at some of these 1st round running backs, most have made a huge impact for their team right away. If we have another 8 win season or something, maybe look into our options. However, it always revolves back to the main issue, protecting Andrew Luck or finding a monster on defense.
  10. pgt_rob

    Injury Report post Colts/Bengals

    I'm surprised Luck didn't have a bad concussion after that helmet to helmet hit.
  11. pgt_rob

    Andrew Luck

    Now all of the Castonzo haters know how a game goes without him. He's much more valuable than some think.
  12. pgt_rob

    Expect massive in-game coaching change

    Haha. I've already noticed how different it is on the sidelines with Reich by watching preseason. When players make bad decisions and come out of the game, Reich never looks pleased. I'm sure he probably holds them accountable more so than Pagano.
  13. pgt_rob

    Several Colts to miss practice Wed.

    My boss calls anything 3 and up as several. Drives me up the wall sometimes. lol
  14. pgt_rob

    Pat McAffee Story in IndyStar

    I've always liked Pat and enjoyed seeing him on the field. However, he is looking a little childish here. I'm sure he's been holding in a lot of details over his time of leaving the Colts and the whole Barstool thing probably made him feel it was okay to elaborate more about his relationship with Grigson. If there's a policy about not taking photos or videos inside Colts facility, why do it anyway and be a smart butt about it when you're questioned about it? Would it have went better if Irsay sat him down instead of Grigson? Maybe. Then to tell Chuck to go F himself. Wow man, Pat needs to cool his jets and rethink his actions. There's a way to "right" yourself when you think you're being disrespected and it's not to be disrespectful back. I think Pat should swallow his ego a little bit and keep going.
  15. pgt_rob

    Captain Andrew Luck

    That is some Peyton Manning type humor or something he would do. haha.