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  1. We have depth now, it's somewhat crazy to think about. I could possibly see Jack Doyle, Chester Rogers, Joe Haeg, or Nate Hairston being traded. I trust Ballard in making whatever decisions necessary.
  2. Melvin wasn't anything super special and averaged 3.5-ish yards per carry up until this past season. I'd say he's probably earned a decent contract of $10M per year but not $12M+.
  3. Do they get rid of their best offensive weapon or sign him to a huge contract? Tough one for me. However, most GMs will always say to keep your own guys so I think he's earned the extension. But wow, that's crazy money.
  4. I'm hearing news that he will be fine. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but very lucky it wasn't worse.
  5. Pretty sure it's Fox 55 that will air the games for Fort Wayne.
  6. This is just on Reddit? Anyone can post of those just like here, so how does one calculate this survey. Could be a fan, could be an opposing fan.
  7. I thought he retired, right? He wants to play again? He was decent depth but no way starting caliber.
  8. Who actually thought Luck would play in the 1st preseason game anyway?
  9. I think Reich is being very cautious with Luck and a lingering calf injury. Very Kevin Durant-esk, don't need to put him out there if not 100% healthy.
  10. He will probably get them into better shape than what they have been. It's early still.
  11. How can anyone hate this guy? Seriously, I want to just hang out with him. He seems like a 100% genuine person.
  12. This is practice, just having fun for the fans and camera.
  13. He could be right, who knows? Does his opinion really matter? Nope.
  14. Just a FYI for training camp. The defense usually looks awful in my opinion. But it makes sense, they don't play at full go. So it makes things seem a little off balance. But it's a fun time. I love going to training camp!
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