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  1. Probably trying to find someone to replace Blackmon if he goes to IR.
  2. Beats reading all the negative stuff on the Colts subreddit about Leonard. People calling him trash and scum because he doesn’t have the vax. Leonard out there making plays. Money well spent!
  3. Campbell hurting himself on his 1 target (although a TD) is not good. I just don't see him being on this team when his contract is over. Need more WR threat on this team. Probably should look for CB help next season too. Fisher should have a better game next week.
  4. We don't know what's said/done that's missed on the field by refs and the cameras. It surprised me seeing Jack do that a bit but then again, there's probably more there than we know and he was capitalizing on it lol
  5. Even though we crapped the bed really bad in the 4th, I was super impressed with our offense. Pittman making some awesome catches and fighting for that TD was what he needed. I’m a huge fan of his, he’s going to be a baller for us and I hope he’s a Colt for a long time.
  6. TY had Houston circled on his calendar lol
  7. I think we win this one. Going bold: 24-7 Colts win.
  8. Tannehill can make some nice throws and run. Plus, division games are always played tougher in my opinion.
  9. Buckner gets doubled up a lot. Muhammad, Turay and Lewis look to be getting hits but not sacks. Paye been injured/missing time. Dayo is a question mark. I almost feel like unless we grab someone in FA that’s established, we’re just going to have to roll with who we have and hope for progression. Or get more DB help to slow things down so the pass rushers get there.
  10. I don’t see Wentz missing game time unless: A. He gets injured again or B. He takes a turn for the worse and throws a bunch of picks and can’t get the team down the field. I think A is more is a possibility if this team keeps piling injuries but the line should be getting healthier now with Nelson and Smith almost back. Wentz was balling out this week so I’m thinking he’s our future QB if he keeps it up.
  11. Wentz balled out for sure! I was very impressed with him and glad to see him getting healthy. His throws had some fire on them, it was pretty eye catching in my opinion. I’m glad he’s here as long as we protect him we should be good. Sucks to see the secondary and the missed kicks let the team down because that would have been a big win for him and the team.
  12. It’s a possibility. I see us losing to Tennessee again, though. But definitely higher chance on building wins now that we’re out of the “gauntlet” games.
  13. I'm not whining, I was just curious on the details and it would be a tough pill to swallow to see it go. With the right due diligence from NFL teams/scouts, a lower pick gives you better chances at possibly drafting better players (AKA: Less players off the board and more players available to you to pick from). That's all.
  14. I'm just worried we are wasting our talent away. We have a great O-Line with some great players. We are starting to see them get injuries and miss games now. We have a great D-Line but we're starting to lose some players in free agency that we may have needed. We have draft capital that is apparently "delayed gratification" but what if it's time for them to shine and they don't? We just need to play better because we finally have a good enough QB back there and we don't want to waste the talent that we do have and have to start over again. Why did it look like a completely different Colts team out there yesterday during the first 3 quarters than what we've seen in a long time? Was it because it's Monday Night Football? Were they just amped up and hungry looking for a win? Why can't they play like that every game (minus the 4th quarter)? Just annoying.
  15. Thank you. Here is what I was trying to find: 1. Wentz plays at least 75 percent of Indianapolis' offensive snaps. or 2. Wentz plays at least 70 percent of Indy's snaps, and the Colts make the playoffs. So it's looking like the Eagles will for sure get our conditional (1st) pick as long as Wentz doesn't miss games. With how difficult our schedule is this year, it's going to be a tough pill to swallow if our pick is top 10.
  16. I know this was a topic a few months back. What are the actual details behind the trade just so myself and others are up to speed on it again? I saw a comment that stood out to me and someone mentioned that we keep the 1st round pick if we miss the playoffs? Or is there a missed game percentage behind that as well?
  17. Yikes… trash depth in the secondary. We’re done. Would be nice to win games at some point.
  18. Not like it even matters. Without Wentz we’re screwed but we can’t even win anyway.
  19. Man, this team can’t win against good opponents. Injuries are a part of the game and you still have to win. The Ravens have a TON of IR’d players and look, they’re winning. We just freaking suck.
  20. I haven't but doesn't surprise me since he's released 4 weeks into the season. I'd still check him out though just to verify.
  21. Colts should look into him! I'd love that, Fort Wayne guy!
  22. Yeah I agree. Sometimes the plays develop weird and he doesn't get much. It would be nice to see him pick up those nice screen chunk plays like Luck did with Ahmad Bradshaw. Eyes down field, receivers covered, chucks ball to Bradshaw and get 10-12 yards each time. That worked well.
  23. pgt_rob


    I really like Pittman. He's turned into a dog for us. You can feel his attitude when he plays on the field. I hope he stays a Colt for a long time.
  24. Same. He was always so hype being a Colt. I think everybody liked him here even though he wasn't perfect, he played okay. He had a lot of fun here and the Colts paid him well so I hope the feeling would be mutual haha. Fans suck.
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