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  1. coltsorioles

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    The colts without peyton manning won 2 games. The patriots without brady won 11. When Brady was suspended they went 3-1. When manning retired the Broncos missed the playoffs after winning the super bowl. Take Brady off the patriots they are still a good team just not great. Take manning off the colts and they go from a great team to terrible
  2. coltsorioles

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    Did it ever occur he has more 4th quarter comebacks because he has screwed up earlier in the game to get them behind. Just look at all the times early on in his career a field goal won it for Brady. 2001 vs raiders and rams. 2003 vs Carolina. Vanderjact misses vs Miami in 2000 and Pitt in 2005. As Rob Parker says Brady is the LOAT. Luckiest of all time. Weather it be the field goals, the obvious fumble, or the int to end the game twice chargers 2005, k.c. on Sunday only to have it turn the other way. He is blessed. And one other thing no one has mentioned is that Brady always has has a running game in the playoffs were peyton has not.
  3. Let's look at most of the playoff loses . 2000 vanderjact misses field goal to win it ( did vinietari ever miss and for Brady) . And Jerome pathon dropped easy td pass. 2005 Nick Harper cutting back inside when he should have scored vs steelers jumbo package, no one was going to catch him, then vanderjact ( purposely ? ) misses another field goal. 2007 throws for over 400 yards 4 td, has 2int both off receivers hands, Reggie wayne in the red zone area and Kenton Keith at the goal line. Defense could not stop Billy Cole's. 2008 12-4 Indy at 8-8 chargers need I say more , and never touched the ball in overtime. 2009 vs saints 8 possessions the whole game. Field goal, td, Pierre garcon drops wide open pass ( he might still be running 12 years later) start from 1, 3 straight run plays. 2nd half td, missed field goal, the int, then turnover on downs. If Sean Payton was the colts coach and Jim Caldwell was the saints coach the colts probably blow out the saints. 2010 takes the lead with 30 seconds to go only to have special teams give up big kick return and Jim Caldwell call stupid time out. 2012 Denver has the game won , they allow Joe flacco to pass the ball 60 yards to beat them. I did not even mention the 2003, 2004 loses because the colts should have won both regular season games. Return with no time left before half in 2003, then vanderjact misses another field in 2004. If the colts had won they would have played new England in Indy. Stuff like that never happens to Brady. The only one close is David tyree catch, and they were undefeated it should never have been that close.
  4. coltsorioles

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    Let's not forget about vanderjact missing 2 crucial field goals , where as vinietari made every important kick.
  5. coltsorioles

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    Remember Brady's team won the super bowls not just brady. Football is the ultimate team game. And this is why Peyton is not only better than Brady but much better. Peyton misses the season colts go 2-14. Brady misses the season and the patriots go 11-5. Denver wins the super bowl with Peyton , he retires and they dont even make the playoffs. Brady is suspected 4 games they go 3-1 beat 2 playoff teams and at Arizona without gronk as well. Brady has always had the better team with the best coach ever and reliable kicking and special teams
  6. coltsorioles

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    He throws the game ending interception and the * for k.c. lines up offside. He ends the game with 3 int. Look at just his playoff history. Fumble vs Oakland. Game ending interception vs chargers and the guy fumbles. Ravens miss easy field goal. Seattle passes. Atlanta passes and Edelman makes miracle catch. He gets so much credit when it's coaching and a complete team game. First super bowl his team goes 3-0. I mentioned the fumble , then vs Pitt he gets hurt and Bledsoe wins the game. Super bowl he throws for 147 for the whole game and gets mvp. 2003 vs colts gets inside the Colts 25 7 times and comes away with 1 td 1 int and 5 field goals. 2004 they had the best team. 2005 throws a 99 yard int to lose the game. 2006 has a chance to win vs the colts and throws game ending int. 2007 undefeated with best offense and loses. 2008 gets hurt and the team goes 11-5 without him. 2009 plays terrible vs the ravens. 2010. Again plays bad vs the jets. 2011 big favorite does not play good vs giants. 2012 loses at home to ravens and does not play well. 2013 plays bad vs denver missed a lot of passes. 2014 throws 2 int vs Seattle and throws all drink and dunk and gets the win. 2015 terrible coaching by Atlanta . 2016 actually played great vs Philly, but got many calls vs Jax. And this latest game, once again throws int to end it and the guy lines up offside. Give Peyton manning Bill B. And a reliable kicker and he wins at least 7 super bowls.
  7. coltsorioles

    K.C. -5

    K.C. -5 point favorite
  8. coltsorioles

    2019 Indianapolis Colts schedule

    Good chance they could play the first Thursday night. At Kansas city, at the saints...... or maybe at home
  9. coltsorioles

    Colts favored by 2 1/2

    For anyone that cares . The colts are favored by 2 1/2 points over the titans.
  10. coltsorioles

    Will 10-6 even make the playoffs ?

    If Baltimore and Pittsburgh win out then the colts miss the playoffs assuming the patriots and Texans win 1. I think both the ravens and Steelers lose next week, but it would be really disappointing if they both win. When you play teams really does matter because if the colts played the Bengals, jets or eagles now they probably would beat them.
  11. coltsorioles

    NFL Playoff Machine

    According to espn playoff projection if both the colts and Texans finish 10-6 the Texans win the division unless one of the losses is to the jaguars. Is that correct?
  12. coltsorioles

    Colts texans tiebreaker question

    If they both end up 10-6 with the same division record who gets in
  13. Makes sense for both teams. The patriots dont need him anymore. The colts need a receiver who can catch. I know it won't happen, but trading brisett to get anyone at this point makes sense
  14. coltsorioles

    Not going for 2

    I knew it was a mistake when they got up by 12 and did not go for 2. If they make it at the end you only need a field goal. It's simple mathematics, 3rd quarter you go for 2 in that situation
  15. coltsorioles

    Trade for le'veon bell

    Would the Colts be smart or foolish to trade for le'veon bell ? And what would it take ?