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  1. Makes sense for both teams. The patriots dont need him anymore. The colts need a receiver who can catch. I know it won't happen, but trading brisett to get anyone at this point makes sense
  2. coltsorioles

    Not going for 2

    I knew it was a mistake when they got up by 12 and did not go for 2. If they make it at the end you only need a field goal. It's simple mathematics, 3rd quarter you go for 2 in that situation
  3. coltsorioles

    Trade for le'veon bell

    Would the Colts be smart or foolish to trade for le'veon bell ? And what would it take ?
  4. coltsorioles

    Colts favored week 1

    Just got back from Vegas The Colts are favored -2 week 1. They are 65-1 to win the super bowl. 9/2 to win the division. If Luck is back I think they can win the division.
  5. coltsorioles

    Manning Dominates!

    Here is the reason why manning is better than Brady. When Brady missed a season the patriots were 11-5. When manning missed a season the Colts were 2-14. Brady suspended for 4 games the patriots go 3-1. Manning retires from winning the super bowl , the Broncos dont even make the playoffs. It's a team game, Brady has always had the better team and coaching.
  6. They have are at New England and at Philadelphia. If Josh McDaniels is the coach then I think they will definitely be playing.
  7. Manning made all those guys great. When edge, and Dallas Clark left the Colts they were nothing. Marvin could not get a job anywhere. Reggie and Joseph addai both tried out for the patriots and could not even cut it.
  8. Here is a simple fact to end the manning brady debate. Manning missed a season the Colts went 2-14. Brady missed a season the patriots went 11-5.. Manning left after winning the super bowl the Broncos did not even make the playoffs the following year. Brady is suspended 4 games the patriots go 3-1 beating 2 playoff teams and winning in Arizona without gronk as well. Brady has always had better teams
  9. coltsorioles

    Nfl draft order tiebreaker question

    Finish 4th in the division Colts play Denver, Cleveland, Finish 3rd Cincinnati, Oakland
  10. If the Colts beat the Texans next week they will both be 4-12 ( assuming they lose to Pitt) . The colts would then finish 3rd in the division , however would they still pick higher then the Texans or lower???? I know it's based on strength of schedule
  11. As we all know the Colts are 3-7 . What would their record be right now if Luck played from week 1 assuming he did not get hurt throughout the season. They would not have beaten the Rams, the only other game that was not close was the Jags. I think at WORST 6-4, best 8-2 . With Seattle, Tennessee , and maybe Pittsburgh being the difference. Figure minimum 1 win of the 3. They for sure beat Arizona, Cincinnati. And of course win the 3 that they won.
  12. coltsorioles

    2011 again

    This is the same as 2011 . When is/ was manning/ luck going to play? Do not be surprised if they don't win another game
  13. coltsorioles

    Postgage reactions, Jags -- merge

    Obviously they were not going to win, but the fumble out of bounds was not challenged, WHY ???? Clear touchback. And why not right before half try for hail Mary??? I rather have Andrew Luck at 25% then jacoby, heck I will take a retired peyton manning over him right now. Look for Jim harbaugh to be named new coach. Enough venting
  14. Manning is hands down better than Brady because, When peyton missed a year the Colts went 2-14. Brady missed a year the patriots went 11-5. This past year manning retires and the super bowl winning broncos don't even make the playoffs, the patriots go 3-1 without brady beating 2 playoff teams and win at Arizona without gronk as well. The patriots have always has way better coaching and overall better teams