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    What is also lost is the play before the hail mary Harbaugh scrambled and had his facemask pulled which was never called. Instead of 1 play from the 30 they would have had 2-3 plays from the 15 with 1 timeout.
  2. Bottom line, a healthy colts team with Andrew Luck is better than the titans team. A healthy colts team with Jacoby, and just average in kicking is equal if not better titans. Remember the titans were 9-7. Colts kickers missed 16 kicks to their opponents 1 missed kick . That is unheard of 16 to 1.
  3. Last year the Colts beat the titans and Texans twice. This year when healthy the Colts beat them both. Ryan tannehill is an average qb at best. If k.c. gets any kind of early lead it will be a blowout.
  4. Last year the Colts beat the titans twice. This year when healthy they beat them. A blocked field goal was the beginning of the end this season. It's frustrating as a colts fan seeing this 9-7 team advance to the afc championship who I know when the Colts at full strength are better. The titans might be the worst team ever in a championship game. Can anyone think of a worse team ??
  5. Brady is the LOAT the luckiest of all time. Brady missed a season patriots went 11-5 . Manning missed a season colts went 2-14. Brady suspended patriots go 3-1. Manning retires the Broncos dont even make the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers hurt the packers are terrible. Andrew luck is hurt / retires the Colts are terrible. Brees gets hurt the saints go 5-0 . Both brees and Brady are very overrated
  6. Peyton Manning 5 mvp ( could have been 7 ) . Brees zero mvp. That alone should end the discussion. Can anyone look up how many meaningless td passes brees threw like when his team was down by 21 with 5 seconds to go. And how many times peyton was held out after 1 series on the last game, or when he came out after such a big lead even in the 3rd quarter. Where as brees would stay in the game until the end. Peyton easily could have had 25 more td passes had he played all the way through. And had brees come out like most qb should have would have about 25 less.
  7. In my opinion had the Colts stayed somewhat healthy they would still be playing. Of course it didn't help that Adam Vinietari was terrible and Jacoby was just average the 2nd half of the season. It's frustrating to see the Texans and titans still playing when I know the Colts are better. The colts beat 3 of the 4 teams left in the afc when healthy ( 2 on the road) and they match up well vs Baltimore. Spy Lamar with Leonard. This is for another topic but I truly believe if Andrew Luck had played they would be the number 2 seed at worse and be one of the favorites to win it all. This team was built and ready to win it all back in the summer. So what is the solution ?? Obviously staying healthy, average field goal kicker. Colts missed 15 kicks, opponents missed 1. And get a consistent starting qb. Jacoby is not the answer. Do we really want rivers, or even Tom Brady. NO. Derek Carr? He checks down a lot. Draft ? Like I said they are ready to win now. If I am Jim irsay, I am doing whatever it takes to get Andrew luck to play again. Of course make sure his heart is still in it with passion, but if it is you just get it done. Explain how the team really needs him and rely on him. Even if it's just for 1 year tell him. Get him back in the built all costs. He is a top 5 qb right now.
  8. Vinietari missed 14 kicks. If he makes just half of the kicks he missed the Colts are 11-5, 12-4. Or if the Colts opponents missed 7 more kicks then it's the same result. Kicking is the reason the Colts are not division champs this year. If Vinietari is just average then they win minimum 11 games.
  9. Heading into the final game the Colts have missed 15 kicks and I believe their opponents have missed 1. Vinietari missed 6 extra points and 8 field goals. Chase missed 1. Early on the titans missed a field goal and that's it if I recall correctly. In the 100 years of the nfl that 15 to 1 ratio has never been close. Just think if he makes half of his misses we are looking at 11-5 at worse. My point is this team is not that bad. Aside from the saints game they could have won every game. Imagine the potential this team had in early August before Andrew Luck retired and the lost their top 4 wr's for most of the season. 15 to 1. If anyone can look up the biggest difference in missed kicks I would be surprised if another team was even at 5 to 1
  10. The Pitt loss costed us the most. Let's say the Colts beat Tampa. Pitt would still get in based on tiebreaker.
  11. The colts would be controlling their own destiny next week had they beaten the Steelers. Controversial call right before half that cost them 3 points. And on last drive on the punt. It's so frustrating seeing possibly the worst offense in the history of football that makes the playoffs in the Steelers
  12. The colts loss to the Steelers was devastating. As I write this before the game Monday night. Now at 7-6 the Colts would have controlled their own destiny, and even with a loss tonight all they would have needed was to win the last 2 and hope Tennessee lost one because the Colts would hold the tie breaker over Tennessee and Pittsburgh. As far as next year they can be a legitimate super bowl contender. They only need 2 things. #1 just have just an average amount of injuries, and #2 and most importantly get Andrew Luck back. If he was here this year and healthy they already would have at least 10 wins
  13. If the Colts lose this week they are officially eliminated, but If the Colts win out they have a 19% chance of making the playoffs.
  14. Will drew brees break peyton manning td record this week. How funny/ ironic/ fixed is it that he throws 5 td last week vs a great defense and happens to be playing the Colts on prime time to put him position to break it. Brady is 5 behind.
  15. If the Colts win out and the titans and Texans split and the saints beat titans and Tampa beats Houston all 3 teams will be 9-7 and the Colts win the tie breaker
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