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  1. 10-6 will definitely make the playoffs in the afc. As we know the Colts are the type of team that can beat and also could lose to anyone. Obviously the saints are the best team they face but they did lose to Atlanta at home. Tampa, Carolina, and Jax are very winnable. The colts lose every tie breaker, because if they win out they go 4-0 vs nfc and have the worst conference record. They only teams they could beat in a tie breaker is Tennessee if Tennessee looses one game to Houston or , Houston if they lose both games to Tennessee. That is based on better division record. That is the first tie breaker amongst division opponents, conference record does not apply unless the division record is the same. As far as the other teams. Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Oakland, not worried about Oakland running the table, so either buffalo has to lose out , they play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England and the jets ( it's possible). Or Pittsburgh has to lose 2 of 4. They play cardinals, bills, jets, ravens. My point is if the Colts win out they should make the playoffs. I know it's a big if, but you never know.
  2. Look at the bills schedule. They might only win 1 more game. I am more worried about Cleveland running the table than the bills getting 10 wins
  3. We all should be rooting for the Patriots and Cowboys this week. 1st look at the wild card teams and their schedules. 10- 6 gets in for sure, probably 9-7 based on tiebreaker. Of course the Colts lose most tiebreaker. There is a very cool site called playoff status. It gives a mathematical sense of all the changes for wildcard and division. If the Colts have any chance of winning the division they have to win this week. If they end up with the same divisional record with the Texans , the Texans would win based on better conference record. If the Colts lose any more games it must be against and nfc team. Then it would go to strength of victory. So losing against Tampa and beating the saints. But the Colts have to win this week
  4. The colts are favored next week. I think the line ends up at 3 if Jacoby plays. If Hoyer plays I think it ends up pickem or even jags by 1. The over under is 44
  5. If Jacoby misses multiple games, do the Colts call Andrew Luck ? Or would Luck even reach out to the Colts ? Hoyer is a statue back there.
  6. This can't be ignored. When Peyton missed a season the Colts were 2-14. Brady missed the patriots were 11-5. Brady was suspended 4 games , the patriots were 3-1 beating 2 playoff teams. Peyton retires the Broncos dont even make the playoffs the following year with basically the same team.
  7. The colts get a huge break for their schedule. By finishing in second place they get Miami and Pittsburgh ( no big Ben). The Texans have to play new England and Baltimore
  8. Makes sense. They need a qb , he has history with Tom Coughlin , and the giants are going nowhere.
  9. Will Andrew luck ever play again and if yes will it be for the colts
  10. If the colts and giants both start out slow dont be surprised if we trade a conditional pick for Eli.
  11. If you look at the schedule the entire afc south is playing very difficult games and are all underdogs. Jax vs k.c. Tennessee at Cleveland . Houston at New Orleans. Colts at San Diego. So if the colts lose its not the end of the world.
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