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  1. Last year we all had the Colts losing at K.C. and winning at home vs the raiders and dolphins. Realistically this year barring major injuries they should be 5-1 going into the bye. 10-6 should win the division. This year coming up you know they will lose a game they should win and win a game they should lose ( hopefully at Pitt )
  2. The colts are favored by 8 points on the road week 1. WOW
  3. Early on Brady was a good qb not great. Adam Vinietari vs Mike vanderjact. Vinietari made every clutch kick vanderjact misses every clutch kick. Brady fumbled the game vs the raiders, then gets hurt in the first half half vs Pitt. Throws for 147 vs rams gets mvp 3-0 in playoffs when should be 0-1. Football is a team game. It brady was the Colts qb they would never have won. Peyton would have taken any team to the playoffs. Look at a guy like Terry Bradshaw. Put him on any other team they are below average, then put a guy from that era on the Steelers they still win 4 if not more. Bert Jones, Dan fouts, Archie manning win probably 6 with Pittsburgh. Brady was in the perfect situation with the best coach ever. And remember Brady cheated.
  4. Peyton Manning was referred to the GOAT when he retired much more than Brady was at the time. Also name 1 rb, wr, te that left the Colts / broncos that had better stats after they left. Tight ends alone collard, dilger, Dallas Clark, Julius Thomas, after they did not have Peyton anymore became common players. Edge, addai , commons. The only player that did good was faulk, and had he stayed would put up similar numbers ( terrible trade) could have drafted champ Bailey ( different discussion).
  5. Tom Brady missed a season the patriots went 11-5. Peyton missed a season the Colts went 2-14. That alone should tell you how much more valuable Peyton was than Brady. Also Brady was suspended and the patriots went 3-1 beating 2 playoff teams and at Arizona with gronk as well. Peyton retires the next season the Broncos with the same players dont even make the playoffs.
  6. coltsorioles


    What is also lost is the play before the hail mary Harbaugh scrambled and had his facemask pulled which was never called. Instead of 1 play from the 30 they would have had 2-3 plays from the 15 with 1 timeout.
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