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  1. If the nfl changes to a 17 game schedule the colts extra game would be vs Tampa in Indy
  2. Last week brees was terrible, but if you watched the whole game brady was not much better. The difference was the saints dropped every interception brady should have thrown and the bucs caught all of brees bad passes.
  3. In my opinion the Colts are actually built for bad weather games, and the Bills are not. Run and stop the run. The Bills have not played a bad weather game all year.
  4. If Colts win and Tennessee lose. Colts home vs Baltimore. Cleveland at Pittsburgh. Tennessee at buffalo. If both colts and Tennessee win. Then Tennessee at home vs Baltimore. Cleveland at Pittsburgh and Colts at Buffalo. If Colts lose today then the rest dont matter
  5. Before this year only 2 11-5 teams did not make the playoffs since the nfl expanded to 16 games. 1985 Broncos. When only 5 teams made it, and 2008 patriots when 6 teams made it. For 7 teams to make it and go 11-5 and not make it is almost statistically impossible but it's happening today. I wonder how many 10-6 teams would have missed the playoffs if there was 7 teams.
  6. Buffalo loss they play Cleveland, buffalo wins they play the Colts assuming the titans win. Once again the Texans are the Colts best chance.
  7. Miami -3 now. Bills pull their starters early and often
  8. Miami is now favored. The writing is on the wall. Bills, Steelers will lose. Final playoff seeding. #1 k.c. #2 buffalo. #3 Pittsburgh. #4 Tennessee. #5 Miami. #6 Baltimore. #7 Cleveland. Colts best chance is if Houston beats Tennessee. Then the Colts are the #4 seed and play Miami
  9. The bills will pull their starters early. The line is 1 1/2 as I write this. Normally they would be favored by at least 7
  10. Reich is not going anywhere. However if they did fire him I want Jim Harbaugh. Has the experience and if anyone can talk Andrew Luck out of retirement why not his former college coach. Automatic super bowl contenders
  11. As long as Miami wins they are the #5 seed. Pittsburgh will play Baltimore
  12. Dolphins bills line now pick. If bills were playing starters the whole game they would be favored by at least 7. 11-5 is missing the playoffs, but 6-10 giants might get in at host a game.
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