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  1. It's so obvious that Taylor is improving - as most people predicted - that there is no possibility of denying it. Nickster has been gradually revising his view of Taylor in recent weeks, while denying how adamantly negative and wrong he was about him early in the season.
  2. Or something quite different could happen thanks for the insights though they are a hoot
  3. I had the opinion that it was wat too early to take away any negatives from his first game, especially when he wasn't expected to play so much before Mack's injury. That seemed like an OBVIOUS take. Here's another doozy from you in that thread.
  4. I think I'm being very accurate about what you said from the beginning. You've changed your negative take from week to week as it falls apart, but let's not forget comments like this one, among many:
  5. Oh, c'mon. You're not giving yourself enough credit for how strong and bold your take on Taylor was. You posted again and again and again about how unimpressive he is. When people told you that you needed to give him more time, you told us more about his deficiencies, about how he can't fit the Colts' offense and how Wisconsin running backs are all busts. When people told you that you were wrong about Taylor and were judging him too soon, you said it was an opinion so it couldn't be wrong.
  6. Oh, you are right. I read his stats wrong. They look a little strange when you have a quarterback who was in the league three seasons and doesn't have any passing attempts. It threw me off.
  7. At almost 27 years of age, Kelly has a career total of -1 yards passing. I wonder if he'll ever surpass that. Who's the turkey here? “We are in the process of getting all the facts and talking to Chad, and then we’ll figure out exactly which direction we’re going to go,” Elway said on his weekly radio show on Orange & Blue 760. “When the team has a get-together, (it) is always a good thing. You like when they get together and the camaraderie that goes along with being a team. But when you have one person that kind of puts a dent in the whole process, it’s very dis
  8. That will be easier if the Colts can avoid their slow starts. If you have a first half where the defense struggles and you emphasize running on offense but that also struggles, starting the second half with a deficit can make running the ball and the clock a less attractive strategy.
  9. I'm not saying that you're entirely wrong, but here's a report on Ryan from just last Sunday. I'm not seeing how he'd be an upgrade for the Colts at this point in his career. https://bloggingdirty.com/2020/12/14/matt-ryan-grade-falcons-losing-patience/
  10. Rivers was 22nd in QBR last year. So low, but not as low as Ryan (26th) so far this year.
  11. He's currently #26 in the NFL QB ratings. About half of the guys near the bottom of the list have been on some of the Colts' fans wish lists this season. I'm wondering if we can get some of these other guys into the conversation so we can have the bottom of the list fully covered. 26 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons QB 89.3 27 Nick Mullens San Francisco 49ers QB85.7 28 Andy Dalton Dallas Cowboys QB 83.9 29 Nick Foles Chicago Bears QB 81.0 30 Alex Smith Washington Football Team QB 79.0 31 Cam Newton New England Patriots QB 78.9 32 Daniel Jones New York Giants
  12. And here's an article with Boomstick's take on Wentz: "It's like $25 million next year ... $30 million ... something like that. Nah. Nah. Nah. We don't need Carson Wentz out here. No. No. We didn't need to play ... Humpty Dumpty or Mr. Potato Head. We don't need to be the team that coddles you and just puts you back together, okay. We got a team over here." When it comes to Wentz, McAfee said the Colts should have no part of it and the mere idea makes him cringe. "I don't like that the Colts are being the name offered up like, 'Oh. Carson Wentz can go learn
  13. Of course, Roethlisberger was the #11 overall pick coming out of college and Eason was the #122 pick.
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