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  1. I appreciate this detailed information. Makes a visit here well worthwhile.
  2. Fields dropped in the draft in part because teams became aware in the pre-draft process that he has epilepsy. This appears to have been revealed in April, while the Colts trade for Wentz was in mid-March. How could Ballard have known?
  3. I don't disagree with you, but also think the job of a sports columnist like Doyel is to produce conjecture, speculation and opinion. And if he doesn't stir things up pretty frequently, he'll be seen as boring or a homer.
  4. This should be the headline - The play of Wentz next season will determine whether the Colts got better or worse this off-season.
  5. Their career statistics are almost identical for quarterback rating, completion percentage, touchdown percentage and interceptions percentage. Wentz may be higher risk after the poor season last year (I think he'll rebound in a better situation in Indy), but he may also be higher reward at age 28, compared to Stafford at age 33.
  6. I think you could add that Peyton Manning was very average when he won Super Bowl 50 during his final season, 2015. He threw nine TD passes that year and 17 interceptions. Had a QB rating of 67.9, compared to his career average of 96.5.
  7. Chad Kelly. People don't realize that he's going to beat out Carson Wentz. The fact that he's not on the roster will make this, I would say, doubly impressive. If this doesn't work out, I want Chad at left tackle. I would also take Chad if given a choice of Ballard vs. Grigson vs. Chad.
  8. A serious injury would be the exception. That clause is for injury protection, not some moronic plan to bench the starting QB for some period of time.
  9. I think you're getting carried away. Wentz has about the same salary cap hit as Rivers did, $25 million, doesn't he? Why does he have to be better and light up the field every game? I hope he is better, but I'm not looking at it like he has to singlehandedly elevate the Colts to a better record. I'm expecting him to fit into to a team that already has lots of great pieces around him.
  10. It's from five years ago, but the personal characteristics from a scouting report for Wentz coming out of college were all good. I'm not buying into the negative rumors without substantiation. https://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2016cwentz.php Strengths Intelligent Leadership Football I.Q. Winner; championship pedigree Good character Work ethic Humble, eager to learn
  11. These are good points. People seem to forget, too, that Luck struggled at times when his offensive line was particularly poor and/or injured. Quarterbacks (even Peyton, remember his happy feet when facing a heavy pass rush?) play a lot better when they're not running for their life. That's obvious, yet some fans put too much of the blame on the quarterback's struggles when a whole offense is broken. The unbroken Colts' offense is going to help Wentz a lot as he works on the issues you mention. I sure hope they succeed in getting a good left tackle.
  12. After having a strong offensive line the previous five seasons, the Eagles line was plagued by injuries in 2020, starting 14 different combinations. They gave up a league-high 65 sacks. Wentz's sack percentage jumped from 5.7% in 2019 to 10.3% in 2020. I don't really know what to expect from Wentz in 2021, but I'm optimistic about the possibilities and think the Colts' pass blocking could help him quite a bit (a lot of QBs look kind of broken when their line sucks). Everybody talks about how bad he was this season, but not that long ago, the discussion was about how well he finish
  13. How do you see that season unfolding for Ballard, Reich and Eason -- where they have an otherwise talented team, but the quarterback chosen to be the starter, Eason, clearly isn't ready and perhaps even loses his job during the season, and they head into the following off-season with same unsolved quarterback questions they have now? That's going to be a plus for Ballard and Reich in their careers and their efforts to move the Colts' forward? The Colts' team has some holes to fill, but it's still too good to tank next season to find out what they have in a fourth-round drafted qua
  14. Here's an interesting post-season analysis of Trubisky, which includes a statistical comparison to Wentz and Darnold. It shows Trubisky is effective at short passes and very ineffective at intermediate and long passes. https://www.windycitygridiron.com/2021/1/8/22213809/chicago-bears-extend-mitchell-trubisky-2021-nfl-playoffs-free-agency-data-analytics-nfl-tape-study
  15. Watson is so good. When the Colts have played Houston the past couple of years, it made me wish Indy had a better QB because theirs wasn't nearly as good as Watson. For the other guy who said Watson will inevitably get hurt and can't read defenses, that sounds like a very unfortunate stereotype to use that doesn't fit Watson at all.
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