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  1. Funchess is the about same age as the Colts young guys, 24, vs. Krishawn Hogan, Daurice Fountain and Steve Ishmael at 23, Zach Pascal at 24, and Chester Rogers at 25. Why not see what young Funchess can do with defenses focusing on Hilton and Ebron, and A. Luck throwing him the ball.
  2. https://www.colts.com/news/spotrac-colts-have-most-valuable-2018-free-agent-class The Indianapolis Colts aren’t reliant on free agency to build their team, but they do use it to supplement the weak spots on their roster. According to Spotrac, the Colts did a better job than any team this offseason in doing just that. On Friday, Spotrac put out their grades for notable free agent signings by each team this year by identifying "all free agent contracts of at least $2M from each team, assessing a ‘Value Level’ for each based on $ vs. production." Again, the Colts aren’t one to make splashy free agent signings — unless for the right price and circumstance — but the moves that they do execute, they tend to make them count. Per Spotrac: “By far one of the most successful free agent classes in the league, the Colts took a few low-risk moves on bringing in (Eric) Ebron & (Ryan) Grant to add weapons for (Andrew) Luck, and both have been effective. Denico Autry has been one of the more productive edge defenders in the game, and Matt Slauson has been another positive piece to a finally improved offensive line.”
  3. Last 10 years? The Colts traded Marshall Faulk in April 1999.
  4. Oh wow, 20 years in power lifting. I'm so sorry. I had no idea. Are you more of a Hans or a Franz? I bet you are way more buff than all of the medical and football training staff fellas who work with Costanzo and the other Colts. In Anthony's 7 years in the NFL, he has played 16 games five times, 13 games once and 12 games once. If only he was a tough guy like you, he'd get back out on that field Sunday and do some real damage to that hamstring.
  5. It seems to me that after Costanzo twice re-injuring his hamstring, which is an injury known to linger and re-occur, we ought to hope he takes the necessary time to heal completely this time. Maybe we should hope we don't see him on the field for a while.
  6. He twice tried to come back too early and suffered re-injury. How is that hard to understand? And how does it make any sense for you to compare your body, athletic activities, injuries and recovery to Anthony Costanzo's? Do you think we could put you at starting LT Sunday and you would complete the game uninjured (regardless of how much you were paid to do so)? It is hilarious that: 1. You wear compression pants, and 2. You compare a recovery for your own no-doubt epic athletic activities with a recovery to play the most critical offensive line position in the NFL against the players Anthony Costanzo faces each Sunday and every day in practice.
  7. The Colts should hire your low level butt for their training staff tomorrow. I bet they'd never have a player miss a game again. They'd just deep freeze whatever injuries they have and get their crap together. They'd be the only uninjured team in the NFL. Cupped, massaged, frozen, and bounced back. It would be amazing
  8. Yes, that's how he finished first in PFF tight end blocking ratings for the NFL this week. Soft! Also, Margus Hunt is short.
  9. How does it work that Woods' overall grade is so much lower than his pass rush and run defense grades? Al Woods - 61.4 overall grade - #63 DI 62.8 pass rush - #34 DI 70.7 run defense - #36 DI
  10. Colts Place T J’Marcus Webb On IR https://www.colts.com/news/roster-moves-colts-sign-cb-lenzy-pipkins-to-active-roster-place-t-j-marcus-webb-
  11. I agree with all of this. With Walker back and I hope he can stay healthy, I wonder if we'll see Moore primarily on obvious passing situations.
  12. I don't think it is a straw man. CrazyColt's argument is that unless you are with the players every day, and at training camp and at practices, there's no way you can judge what players should be cut. I didn't create a different argument, a straw man. I gave a more extreme example of the same argument. There are many ways you could potentially judge which players should be cut without being with them every day. You might have watched some of them throughout their careers leading up to this camp, might be a former or current coach or player who is a really good observer of preseason games, or maybe you just have a good sense from studying a number of sources; you just might have great insight about a starter on the team or about a bubble player. Of course, you may be very wrong, as well. I just don't accept the argument, though, that the only people allowed to have a valid or reasoned position on who should be cut are those who are with the players every day. Because GMs and coaches turn out to wrong some times, while fans and other educated followers sometimes turn out to be right.
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