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  1. Are Stewart or Moore worth potentially paying at the top five of their position (non-exclusive tag) or the top 10 (transition tag) for the past five years if you tag them? That's $22,102,000 (non-exclusive) and $19,802,000 (transition) for Stewart and $19,802,000 (non-exclusive) or $17,215,000 (transition) for Moore? Seems like too much for either one of them to me.
  2. I heard a college football coach talking the other day about one of his new recruits. He was talking about how the recruit really knows how to play quarterback, knows what to do in a split second in every situation, and how important that is. It seems obvious, but also seems lost sometimes in all the comparisons of arm talent and other physical abilities.
  3. I think if Ballard doesn't add talent, it can be fairly interpreted as if Ballard doesn't add enough talent. The NFL Draft kinda forces every GM to add talent, doesn't it? Aren't you the guy who thought that at that end of last offseason Ballard had left such obvious holes in the roster that it was apparent the team was tanking?
  4. To me, the idea that fans would riot after getting the news that a player retires says a lot more about the fans than it does about the media. I think there was almost zero danger of a riot from Schefter reporting this news. But if there was any danger, to me, that would say that fans suck, not the media. The guy was reporting that a player decided not to play football anymore. Let's keep a player's early and unexpected retirement in a bit of perspective in regard to bigger problems that individuals, families, and communities face every day.
  5. If they tag Pittman, it means he has to be paid at the average of the top five wide receivers in the league, right? Am I understandng that correctly? If so, he'll be paid similarly to guys like Cooper Kupp and AJ Brown. How would be that a good deal for the Colts? The tag salary for receivers in 2023 was over $23 million and will be higher next year.
  6. Yes. The Colts defense suffered during the Manning era because the team focused so much of its payroll on offense with Manning, James, Harrison, Wayne, Dilger and others, plus a top offensive line featuring Tarik Glenn. To have such a strong defense this year, the Chiefs were lacking in offensive weapons but Mahomes made it work.
  7. I never understand your use of Homer in laughing at others. Isn't the character of Homer Simpson intended to be a relatable but incredibly stupid person?
  8. They're down to 5th now. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/most-wins-by-a-nfl-team-since-2000
  9. The fascination that is Anthony Richardson can be summed up pretty well by listening to Chris Ballard’s most trusted lieutenants. Initially, Ed Dodds was really skeptical. Whereas, Morocco Brown was blown away. The uncertainty with Dodds revolves so much around the unique profile of Richardson, centered around the quarterback’s lack of experience. .” https://1075thefan.com/92965/colts-scouts-take-anthony-richardson/
  10. Alec Pierce - 73 receptions, 1107 yards first two seasons Donte Moncrief - 96 receptions, 1177 yards first two seasons Zach Pascal - 68 receptions, 875 yards first two seasons Why are people always saying Pierce may develop like Reggie Wayne but don't say he may develop like Donte Moncrief or Zach Pascal? 😆
  11. Irsay is ranked seventh among current NFL owners in winning pct. - 247-182-1 (.576) - and the Colts have a 13-15 playoff record during his tenure. Much of his success can be attributed to Peyton Manning. "Irsay’s record is 141-67 (.678) when Peyton Manning starts at quarterback and 106-115-1 (.480) the rest of the time, which is how the league usually works." https://theathletic.com/5115078/2023/12/08/nfl-owners-ranking-32-teams/
  12. Irsay has talked about his issues with painkillers starting after back surgery in 2014. Did he have back surgery again recently? I haven't seen anything about that.
  13. People here are emphasizing that Irsay was seen attending the Steelers game on 12/16. Did he miss the Falcons game on 12/24, the Raiders game on 12/31 and the Texans game on 1/6? I'm hoping for the best, but this situation is very concerning.
  14. Where in the Colts statement does it say the illness began around Jan. 9?
  15. But it seems he was likely ill well before Jan. 9.
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