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  1. And I read that their decimated offensive line got mauled by Washington Sunday. Six sacks. The opposing pass rush would give Swag the opportunity to showcase that speed he brags about. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/cowboys/2020/10/25/the-cowboys-feared-their-o-line-would-get-bullied-but-somehow-the-results-were-even-worse/
  2. Or getting them into position for the #1 overall draft pick.
  3. I see that not Brissett, but Chad Kelly, got mentioned in one media story about the Cowboys' situation. https://www.sportscasting.com/how-can-the-dallas-cowboys-replace-dak-prescott-and-andy-dalton-at-qb/
  4. He's a pretty bad passer. cam-newton-has-thrown-the-highest-of-uncatchable-balls-so-far/ https://foxsportsradio.iheart.com/content/2019-09-13-the-nfl-has-moved-away-from-inaccurate-quarterbacks-like-cam-newton/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/patriots/2020/10/25/cam-newton-benched-new-england-patriots-san-francisco-niners-score/6035979002/?fbclid=IwAR3TxmVE80WUto-ZDnIt4bUXB_RReyLa2WoYNQ1NCrPLXUx3Y-5aJu3XULw
  5. Darnold doesn't seem like an immediate answer with his bad start to 2020 (4 picks, 3 TDs, rating of 70.7 in four games). I'm not arguing for Brissett as a solution certainly, but Darnold, although younger, hasn't been notably better than Jacoby so far in his career. Career G-Comp%-Y/A--TD-INT-Rating Darnold 30--59%---6.7---39--32---79.5 Brissett 40--60%---6.6---31--13---84.5
  6. Jacoby - before he got hurt and before the Colts receivers and tight ends were decimated by injuries - wasn't great, but he was better than the JB haters understand. I'm surprised that people who watched the games last year didn't recognize or won't acknowledge that not just his mobility, but his passing accuracy, was clearly impacted after he came back from the knee injury. If you could take last year's running game and Jacoby's play early in the season and combine it with this year's improved, if overrated, defense and a relatively healthy receiver corps, that wouldn't be a bad team.
  7. But math does doesn't give any indication of causality in this situation. Where is your evidence that the Colts split carries too much because, as you said, Reich lacks the "stones" to give more carries to Taylor? Isn't more likely because of a general philosophy, such as Mack was injury prone so they limited his usage sometimes or Taylor is a rookie who's still learning so they've limited his carries or they just like to use multiple backs? In any case, I can't agree that the Colts gave a "negligible %" of carries to Mack in the games he was healthy last season. You can look at th
  8. The thing the coaching staff can't see that we as fans are right on top off is that Eason is ready to go. Sure, most of us have never seen him play a single snap, but that's why we're so perceptive in knowing that it's in his and the team's best interest to get him on the field ASAP. Okay, despite all his tools and physical potential, he wasn't that great in college - didn't make even honorable mention all-conference - but we have seen - with our own eyes - some media reports that coaches are pleased with his progress in practice, which means we know he should be ahead of Brissett now, even if
  9. If only Reich had the stones to play the reserves that the coaching staff doesn't think are ready to play, but certain fans believe that they are, based on nothing at all. And if only he had the stones to give fewer carries to running backs he has previously given zero carries to in multiple games. Yes, stones are the problem.
  10. Other players will play. They will exceed expectations -- or they won't. It may go badly -- but it may not. What's so unwatchable? I don't get it. I'm fearing a Browns win with the Colts injuries, but won't it be exciting if that isn't what happens?
  11. But you do seem to be arguing against science. Why is the effectiveness of masks unconfirmable? You can talk about medical experts on both sides of the coin, but there's a growing collection of evidence by credible experts on one side of that coin that is lacking on the other side.
  12. I don't think this is true at all. People say over and over and over that masks reduce the likelihood, particularly of spreading to others, not eliminate it. Think you're mostly wrong here.
  13. If only Kelly could be another Tebow! Player - G-Y/A-TD-INT-Rating Tebow--35-6.7-17--9--75.3 Brissett-40-6.6-31-13--84.5
  14. Hey, lookee what I just found: https://forums.colts.com/ignore/
  15. The range for Jacoby seems pretty accurate in these rankings. Somewhere between the 4th-best and 11th-best backup QB in the league. I'd say closer to 4th than 11th. 4th-best backup QB: https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-backup-quarterback-rankings-where-do-rookies-slot-in 5th-best: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-backup-qb-power-rankings-from-1-32-andy-dalton-gives-cowboys-elite-option-behind-dak-prescott/ 11th-best: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-all-32-backup-quarterbacks-going-into-the-2020-nfl-season
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