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  1. What we know about Eason is that the coaching staff clearly thinks he is not good or at least is not ready. We should also know that he dropped to a fourth round pick despite having perhaps the draft's strongest arm because of other deficiencies. It seems that the Colts hoped they could fix those deficiencies but that hasn't worked out so far.
  2. I'm not saying Hundley is good. The point is that some posters seem to think Eason is clearly better, in part because he was a fourth round pick, and I don't see any evidence to support that viewpoint.
  3. What else could he have said in that situation -- we don't think Jacob can read a defense, make good decisions quickly or throw passes with touch, but he's got that strong arm and he's all we've got.
  4. Hundley was a fifth round pick of Green Bay. He set the single season passing yards record at UCLA and is their career record holder in total yards and touchdown passes. It's not like Eason was much more highly regarded coming out of college. Most qbs picked in the fourth or fifth round become backups at best.
  5. The Colts hoped they could develop Eason's quarterback skills - like reading defenses, playing fast and making good decisions - to go along with his big arm. It appears that hasn't worked and you can't succeed in the NFL without those skills.
  6. The backups are really bad. It's easy to understand.
  7. If Irsay wanted to win the first game so badly, he should have talked his GM into signing a competent left tackle who would be available Week 1 and strengthening the back 7 on defense.
  8. Yes! This is why the Colts are bringing in Matt Pryor. They're planning to install him as a starter, bring in Foles as QB competition, and play backup linemen as they lose starters to injuries and COVID. It's evil genius. They're mad at Wentz for not getting vaccinated and are going to replicate the conditions in which he struggled in Philadelphia.
  9. In college, Eason had the same strengths and same weaknesses we're seeing now. I don't think they're going to change.
  10. What I'm interested in seeing is his decision making (particularly under pressure), pass location and touch to receivers, and consistency. He needs to show in game competition that he has the whole package, not just a strong arm. Copied below is one analyst's take on things Jacob needed to work on: Jacob Eason - Analyst's Report Arm Overcompensation: Often times, Eason has over the top confidence in his arm, which results in getting him into trouble because he completely ignores the lower body portion of the throwing process. When doing this, his base/feet are erratic, which ends up in an inconsistent hit/miss rate with his throws. Most passes are fastballs even when targets are short distances away from the launch point. Understanding and having the awareness of when to tone down ball speeds will be needed. Everything is primarily a fastball at 100-mph. Sacrificial Mechanics: Uberly strong arm leads to a lot of lower body repercussions. He has more than enough “oomph” on passes to get them to intended targets based solely off of his arm and core strength. As a result, there will be plenty of unorthodox body positions prior to passes being thrown. To avoid incoming hits, there will be glimpses of falling away, poor footwork, and bad decision-making. When throwing to the left side, he often falls completely off of his throwing platform. Seeing the Entire Picture: Poor eye discipline leads to putting intended targets into disadvantageous situations. Locking onto a single target in hopes of them coming open is a constant problem and leaves him oblivious to underneath threats. Speed through progressions and simply knowing when to proceed to the next option are areas that will need to be coached into him. Projection: With just over two full seasons of experience as a full-time starter, Eason shows positive signs of growth, but it also involved lots of up and down play. While his peaks are ultra-intriguing, there’s a huge mix of bad plays littered in as well. Right now, he’s more of a thrower than a pitcher – meaning that he wants everything to be fastball instead of switching up his pitches to compensate for the certain types of necessities and for who he’s throwing to. His back and forth dilemma with consistency will result in him always facing questions of whether or not he can take the next step in his development. His arm strength and baseline traits will help him eventually become a starter, but it ultimately will come down to his decision making and if he can hone in on the turnovers. If able to do that, he could eventually turn into a starter. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/jacob-eason/egUnuHRv2n
  11. Sure, the left guard can probably help the left tackle with run blocking, but my main concern if the Colts have a subpar left tackle at the start of the season is that it could result in the starting quarterback getting squashed from his blindside.
  12. If a defensive end is lined up wide against an overmatched left tackle and can beat them to the outside, there isn't much the left guard can do.
  13. The sad saga of Chad Kelly continues. Recently got a tryout with Green Bay, which is short on quarterbacks, along with Kurt Benkert, but the Packers signed Benkert instead. They are still looking, though. Reportedly bringing in another free agent QB Donald Hammond III today. https://dairylandexpress.com/2021/05/23/green-bay-packers-reportedly-holding-another-qb-workout/
  14. Has it already been mentioned here that Green Bay, with only two QBs on its roster, brought in two quarterbacks for tryouts, Kurt Benckart and Chad Kelly? Shockingly, they signed Benckart and not Kelly. They've also signed Blake Bortles and are bringing in another free agent QB, Donald Hammond III, for a tryout today. https://dairylandexpress.com/2021/05/23/green-bay-packers-reportedly-holding-another-qb-workout/
  15. Maybe and I hope he has success, but he faces challenging odds of becoming a successful starter if you go by the results of other non-first round QB picks in recent years. https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/lower-round-qbs-face-long-odds-make-nfl-77470686
  16. Curtis Painter was an impressive person and good interview, too.
  17. Your post that I responded to wasn't even about that. It was some made up garbage about everyone knowing that Parris Campbell has a low football IQ and his only attribute is speed. I showed that the pre-draft scouting reports say he has high football intelligence, was a team captain and leader at Ohio State, and an excellent competitor. Instead of changing the subject, why not just admit you were wrong? I'll wait . . .
  18. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/parris-campbell
  19. Agreed. I remember a poster or two here last season suggesting the Colts should dump TY for whatever they could get because he's near the end of his career. I'm very glad the Colts did not do that.
  20. I don't agree. Most services had Wentz rated in the top 10 QBs in the NFL before last season. I think he'll return to that. No. 6: https://www.nfl.com/news/qb-index-week-1-ranking-all-32-starters-entering-2020-nfl-season No. 6: https://sports.nbcsports.com/2020/07/07/top-40-nfl-quarterback-rankings-2020-chris-simms/ No. 6: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/nfl-power-rankings-ranking-all-32-quarterbacks-even-if-no-1-isnt-a-surprise-130010062.html No. 8 https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-2020-qb-power-rankings-patrick-mahomes-lamar-jackson-dak-prescott-crack-top-five-to-begin-season/ No. 8 https://www.complex.com/sports/nfl-starting-quarterbacks-ranked-2020-season
  21. I agree with you that Wentz will improve drastically in his number of sacks, which should coincide with an overall improvement in his play. It's encouraging that Rivers in San Diego was sacked 32 times in 2018 and 34 times in 2019 before getting sacked just 19 times last season with the Colts.
  22. Regarding how years, Fisher has left as a quality starter, I'd say not many, unless he's an exception. I agree with the article quoted below. Anthony Costonzo, done at 32, is more the rule than the exception. https://www.milehighreport.com/2017/2/27/14724674/age-wall-for-offensive-tackles-nfl
  23. It's in the linked story in the first post above at https://www.profootballrumors.com/
  24. That's potentially a big deal. Wonder why it hasn't been more widely reported that way.
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