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  1. 'Reading the tea leaves' is a poor way of predicting the future. The complexity of Ballard's job requires a lot of flexibility to deal with all the uncertainties in the NFL, and a lot of information, too.
  2. He fell into the digital analytics trap. Many newbies to the field do, too. I've been in the mod/sim/vis field using advanced AI for over 20 years. Rule #1: If one model fits the data, there may be others that are better that fit the data. Don't go with the first model you find. Rule #2: Context matters.
  3. Analytics doesn't make decisions for you, it gives information about past trends and probabilities. The main problem is that, in the same way people don't understand science and AI, they don't understand how missing context information affects analytics.
  4. Re: Taylor; We expect perfection otherwise cut him into small pieces then burn them. Rabid Colts Fans
  5. A rookie playing in his first NFL playoff? Give the guy a break!
  6. You know, I really like the player personnel we have on the Colts. No team is perfect, but we are very, very good!
  7. In the world of possibilities there are a lot of options. Some folks deal with uncertainty better than others. I suspect Chris Ballard is pretty comfortable with that.
  8. I generally agree with this assessment (I don't want to fire Frank Reich). There are areas of coaching in which he excels. At present, play-calling is not one of those areas. It may be that he can learn to understand the proper place of plays in the context of a game plan - that each play needs to build upon the others in order to forward the objectives of the game plan. But it is also possible that he will never 'see' that. This is the difference between a very good chess player and an amateur. Unpredictability is not random but a planned series of events. As for the unfortunate m
  9. Reich should have learned to play chess. He would have learned more about strategy, flow and continuity of play - things he obviously doesn't understand. Otherwise, he may be a good coach. Who knows?
  10. Sure can't understand the play calling today. Maybe someone can explain it to me?
  11. I think Reich realizes that he could be a much better coach than he is. He can be too dogmatic in his beliefs.
  12. CR91 must be hooked on OPM (other people's money).
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