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  1. Now everyone can breathe easy ... or is there more suspense to follow?
  2. I think Bradshaw ate his Wonderlic Test booklet.
  3. I wonder about the effects of fan alienation for the sport. I haven't watched a baseball game on TV (and only attended one I was asked to go to live) since the 1981 strike. I totally gave up on a sport I loved. Hey, there is always soccer and lacrosse.
  4. No one comes to mind.
  5. I was referring to hurt feelings by Hooker.
  6. I don't expect any GM to hit on 100% of his draft decisions, even if the statistics indicate a good fit. This doesn't mean Hooker isn't a good football player - he is. He's just not what Ballard and Reich want for that position. No need for a lot of hurt feelings.
  7. The only position that needs strengthening is OT, but we are not in bad shape even here unless we have an injury. Otherwise, I've not seen a roster this complete.
  8. Myles, you need to get into the spirit of the draft! Start complaining early and often.
  9. Is it too early to start complaining about the Colt's picks?
  10. These go great together!
  11. All heroes have potential fatal flaws. The question is: Can he overcome them, or will he succumb to them? No one, probably not even Chad Kelly, knows this for sure.
  12. "At this point we need ..." the NFL draft to be over to see what holes we need to fill.
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