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  1. Just because you were right about 35 TDs and making the playoffs does not preclude you from being crazy.
  2. No matter how good you are, someone will come along and beat you, eventually. You'll hurt your ankle and your ego will be bruised, but you will survive.
  3. Predictions about what will happen in the future are only loosely connected to what actually happens in the future (if at all). The only way to see what actually happens is to stick around and find out.
  4. Credibility and trust are so difficult to earn and so easy to lose. Once lost, it is very difficult to restore. I don't know what the problem is, but the Colts very definitely have a problem between Luck, the medical and training staff, and the front office -- and now the fan base.
  5. In consultation with the Colts medical staff ...
  6. As long as "heck" does not mean "air". That got Tom Brady and the Patriots in all sorts of trouble IIRC.
  7. So, are you saying that Irsay's characterization of "having a small little bone" is not a precise medical diagnosis? I cringe when I hear Luck "has a calf" or so-and-so "has a knee". Most football players do.
  8. I get the impression that day-in day-out practice is not too important to the Colts coaching staff. The time of two-a-days is past. I guess we'll see how this plays out during the first part of the regular season.
  9. Actually, a bone bruise is usually associated with "micro-fractures". Causes fluid build up and some discomfort.
  10. Let's have a garage sale for our extra football players (smh). Keep in mind that we're talking about people and their professional lives here.
  11. Could be a bone bruise which would have shown up on an MRI. With what Luck is doing to heal, this sounds like the most probable injury. These take some time, but its not the end of the world.
  12. Ehhh, NO! Too much of a gamble.
  13. Preseason games are not irrelevant. Winning or losing them is irrelevant. A group of individuals learning to play together as a team is the real challenge. We have a way to go for that to happen.
  14. I found it hard to evaluate individual performance in the context of "uncoordinated" team play on both sides of the ball. Some overplayed, some underplayed their positions. Communication didn't seem very good. I suppose that was to be expected for a first preseason game, but still ...
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