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  1. I like Jacoby for his personality, intelligence and potential. But, he has practiced and perfected his bad habits to the point that I don't believe he can overcome them.
  2. People only learn from mistakes when they realize they made mistakes. Once acknowledged, they need to take "pride of ownership" for their mistakes, and critically analyze why the mistakes were made. Most are ashamed of mistakes, and try to sweep them under the carpet, or blame someone else. The worst case scenario is when people are oblivious to their mistakes and think they are doing a great job. I can think of a past coach / GM combination that fits that criteria.
  3. Pokey the Wonder Mule would have been an upgrade. That's not saying much for Frank Reich.
  4. Trust is a two-way street. If Ballard, while learning to trust Kelly, destroys the trust that Kelly has in Ballard and the Colts, all sorts of bad can happen. Football is a game. Manipulating people's lives isn't.
  5. When I read the title, I thought of extending Mack from 6'-0" to 6'-3". My bad.
  6. Gordon in 2nd or 3rd would be smart. I hope Ballard doesn't overplay his "earn my trust" position with Kelly, or the fan base. I've seen these blow up, becoming a nuclear option. It's a very fine line.
  7. Doesn't seem to affect his accuracy and his depth. He's probably not a bomber, tho'.
  8. I've noticed how quick Gordon's reads are, and how quickly he gets the ball out. He can be a little quirky in his motion, tho'.
  9. To save on relabeling costs, they should change the name to "<Insert city name here> Raiders" - maybe written with a marking pen on masking tape.
  10. How hard can it be? We hired Grigson, didn't we. It's not what you know, it's who you know.
  11. IMO, Chad Kelly is in the product development phase - not ready for roll-out, yet. Be patient and see what happens.
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