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  1. CoachLite

    Colts fans around the World

    Albuquerque, NM (yes, it's in the USA). NFL Redzone or a rare network broadcast in this zone. I DVR whenever I can.
  2. It all depends on who's available and when on draft day. Polite certainly is interesting.
  3. CoachLite

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    He made a lot of false starts, sometimes at the worst of times.
  4. CoachLite

    Reich's offense

    Adding complexity to the offense is a very good idea. It keeps them guessing. How about increasing the complexity of the defense beyond merely a cover 2 for the same reasons?
  5. "Past performance is no guarantee of future results" - An established investment maxim.
  6. CoachLite

    Dumbest Post SB Issue Raised By The Media Today

    We are in the doldrums of the NFL season. With nothing else to do, wild speculation runs rampant. I'm waiting to hear that Jon Gruden is going to lead the Raiders and their fans in invading and attacking the city of Los Angeles - renaming the city New Oakland and declaring himself king of that principality.
  7. CoachLite

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    The approach taken by some fans looking for general positional support confuses me. If we assume Ballard and Reich take a BPA approach (generally), each individual player that is available will bring certain strengths and weaknesses to a team, and those must be evaluated and integrated into that team (i.e. "the blueprint"). This is far more complex than most people realize. The fan base will never have all the information that the Colts team management will put together, and that will make all the difference to the team.
  8. CoachLite

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    You can't compare them by position, but both were and are delightful to watch. Amazing talents!
  9. CoachLite

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    I'm not sure that the number of viewers equates to the quality of the game. Supply creates its own demand.
  10. CoachLite

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    I don't think it has anything to do with the Pats. With the rules and the way the game is being officiated today, the quality of the game has gone downhill, fast. I would hope the league and the owners take a long, hard look at the game today as compared with games in the past. It's not all safety concerns.
  11. CoachLite

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    Well, Gramz got the joke.
  12. CoachLite

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    Congratulations to Leonard for DPOY. That's great! But can he do it again next year?
  13. CoachLite

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    Watching this game should tell you about what improvements the Colts need to make in the draft and FA. A strong pass rush up the middle and a very crafty route running wide receiver with excellent hands. Everything else would be gravy.
  14. CoachLite

    Little confused

    Sounded to me like we had a motivational Marine drill sergeant and Reich / Ballard wanted more of a coach and technique teacher. It sort of depends on what works best given the nature of the OL personnel.
  15. I'm on the fence about Butler and whether he is a team fit. It depends on how we want to use our tight ends. I'd rather have more versatility in a crafty route runner (like Deebo).