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  1. How long did we keep Le'Raven Clark on the team? Would Leno AND Fisher be a smart move?
  2. Seems he would be reluctant to take second place to Fisher. Not cool.
  3. I love it how fans like to prognosticate a team's future performance based on very limited information - and they are often very, very wrong. OK, maybe love is the wrong word. Unexplainable would be better.
  4. On one level, yes it is. On all the other levels, it can be a challenge. Work the plan.
  5. If I had a plan for a perceived weakness (like the Colt's LT position), I wouldn't mention those plans to anyone. I just get 'er done.
  6. Sure. Bring reason into the discussion. You've missed the spirit of a fan forum where wild emotion and gut feelings rule the day.
  7. Focusing only on the draft, and not the Wentz trade, I gave it a C (actually C+). I may be too harsh because several players may perform very well. I guess we'll see.
  8. John "The Wadd" Holmes. Do try to keep up.
  9. Or the only hole that's left is the left tackle? There are lots of options. I hope we find the right one.
  10. I couldn't believe in Ballard's luck that Paye was available at 21. It will be a while (but not too long) until the coaches discover how he fits into the puzzle. This should be fun.
  11. If everyone wants to trade down, that presents a good opportunity to trade up for Kwity Paye (who probably won't fall to 21).
  12. Move 'em to New York and call them the Tammany Haulers.
  13. The Colts have made some stinkers in their trades, for sure. But Fredd Young ... WOW!
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