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  1. Like starting the season slowly every year, the Colts first quarter against the Bengals lacked focus and intensity. Being prepared for a game involves mental attitude and not being distracted by other concerns. If they can correct this, they should be a very competitive team. Big if!
  2. I'm just here for the snarky comments.
  3. I refer you to Tarik Glenn, a very good tackle for the Colts who spent much of his life off-side. I think you are a victim of selective memory.
  4. Coachspeak and platitudes add nothing to performance and achievement. It is even a detriment, implying the coach doesn't give a darn. It is merely a way to fill time.
  5. Intensity and high expectation does not require yelling and screaming, threats or tantrums. I wonder why some people assume that it does? The main feature of coaching - whether in business, sports ... or anything - is helping people achieve more than they ever could by themselves, including things they never thought they could achieve. There are many ways this can be accomplished. One size doesn't fit all.
  6. I'm certainly not a Reich hater. But I've been in management enough to know that clear and concise communication of expectations is important to performance. People tend to rise to meet expectations. The rewards they get for achievement of high expectations can be worth more than money.
  7. Look at Jon Gruden, Pete Carroll, even Andy Reid (of all people). They express their intensity in different ways, but they each communicate their intensity in clear and compelling ways. This shows in their play calling, and in the confidence they exude in their players. Sometimes, it shows in playing to win, not playing not to lose.
  8. The Colts seem to hire HCs with a mild, if not meek, demeanor - Dungy, Caldwell, Pagano and now Reich. Could it be that the team tends to take on the demeanor of the coaching? Maybe we need a coach with more 'fire-in-the-belly', or at least more demanding of performance given potential talent level?
  9. Rivers doesn't deserve hate. It takes time to gel with a team. The Colts are playing more like a crowd of individuals than a team - a casualty of COVID-19.
  10. Dak's ankle looked nasty! I hate to see those kinds of injuries happen to good, talented players.
  11. With this coaching staff, I'm not sure Rivers matters much. The game plans underperform our talent level. It is what it is.
  12. The Colts have a long history of uninspired, low-energy coaching. I'm done.
  13. It's just one week loss, but it was one weak loss. We'll see.
  14. Seattle flexed out of a basic Cover-3 most of the time. Pay attention from what, to what.
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