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  1. This is a matter of experience and knowledge. Brissett is looking for "what is there". He needs to be aware of what possibilities will be "there" before the ball is snapped, and look to see which one (of maybe three) actually happens.
  2. I think he's better suited for UT than NT. Seems he's playing out of position for his skillset.
  3. As a referee in another sport, which is worse - missing a call, or getting a call wrong and doing nothing about it? No matter how hard I try, there are times when I miss a call. If I don't see it, I can't call it. In my sport, I'm usually the only official. But in the NFL, there are many eyes. If I make a call wrong, I know it and I can correct it. If I don't correct it, that would be the worse case scenario. That is inexcusable.
  4. Are you telling me that WWE wrestling is fake!!? Say it isn't so! DWS (dripping with sarcasm).
  5. New York is watching this. For the sake of the game, they should be able to stop play and overturn any obvious errors, especially game changing errors like the two hands-to-the-face errors last night. Being an official or ref is hard and errors will be made. But obvious game changing errors diminish the game and conspiracy rumors will take it down.
  6. Re: "... if Kelly really had that kind of talent he’d be on someone’s roster right now", that is a faulty premise - an over-generalized assumption that may not be true.
  7. Between Brissett and Kelly, we only have theoreticals, but not enough actual data to make sound decisions. Trying to compare them now is like comparing a theoretical orange to a theoretical apple - which is fruitless. The Colts front office is more patient than the fans in this regard - and that's a very good thing.
  8. OK, after reading this forum for years, proper English seems to be an elusive skill. Using 'then' for 'than', ambiguous pronouns, improper verb tense, bad spelling. Yet somehow the message gets through … sometimes.
  9. At least he wasn't suspended by the neck ...
  10. Didn't Jason Witten retire from the Cowboys and came back the same year? Edit: I guess he was out 'almost' one year - May 2018 - Feb 2019.
  11. While we may never know all the reasons for Luck's sudden retirement, one thing is certain - the 'Luck Brand' has been damaged by quitting at the last minute. Even if those reasons were valid and necessary, quitting and leaving the team in a lurch will not bode well for trusting Luck in any future endeavor. Being thought a quitter is unfortunate.
  12. I think the Colts learned something about themselves. While they played very well, they can play so much better - especially the defense. When they master hybridizing man coverage out of a zone base (look), they'll keep even great offenses guessing. We have the skilled players, but not the experience, yet.
  13. How about "The Participation Ribbon"?
  14. Seahawk's Tyler Lockett's catch last night from Wilson for a touchdown was pretty amazing.
  15. After reading topics in this fan forum for the past month there are certain fans that we should either cut or trade. There is far too much petty bickering and uninformed opinion. The free agent market for fans is pretty thin, so apparently we need to go out and draft some reasonable, knowledgeable fans that better fit the team scheme. Who are the Colts fan scouts?
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