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  1. As a team, we live and die by the choices we make. Sometimes the best coaches are not always popular or easy to get along with.
  2. All wins and losses matter. A team has to learn to 'win'. It's a whole lot more than X's and O's.
  3. It's not Eason's arm I want to see. I have great confidence in that. It's his ability to read and react to NFL defenses. The game moves too fast to 'think' your way through a progression. I don't want a Jacoby Brissett 2.0.
  4. From old coach Paul Masson "We will start no quarterback before his time".
  5. There are lessons to be learned from today's loss. I hope we have the smarts to do so. Whining and blaming others won't do it!
  6. Are you saying we should start resting our team for the playoffs? Maybe we could bring Jim Caldwell back as an interim coach?
  7. You're asking a lot from us Colts fans.
  8. Please don't. I'd hate to see a loyal fan homeless.
  9. They played well, but they can still improve. When (if) it all comes together, this team will be scary!
  10. I watched it again, and the outcome was the same. I wish we would learn from our mistakes.
  11. I think the major 'adjustment' is in attitude, and maybe focus. This would explain our notorious slow starts.
  12. Nah, it comes with the job position. Blame away!
  13. It's hard enough playing against other good teams without having to play against ourselves.
  14. Not sure if that is possible.
  15. Should have HC call a time-out to settle everyone down, and review responsibilities.
  16. That's the most PATHETIC O-line coaching I've ever seen!
  17. Didn't we replace our offensive line coach? Now, people are complaining that the O-line performance has fallen off? I think the coaching staff would be the first place I would look for problems.
  18. There is a litany of really bad coaching for the Colts. Frank is just the most recent example. The Colts organization doesn't seem to be able to evaluate what a good coach looks like.
  19. "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time" - Donald Rumsfeld.
  20. I could be worse. Look at Tampa Bay against the Saints. Sometimes, the wheels just fall off.
  21. I'm not sure that the Colts have overrated the talent of the individual players, but they certainly have not optimized and integrate the talent we have toward winning games. Most fans focus on the talent of individual players. That can be very misleading. Network optimization, like those found in Artificial Intelligence, can be deceptive when people think they 'know' what the solution(s) should look like.
  22. There is a human tendency, when lacking any real information, to make up stories. I read a definition of (bullfeathers to avoid editing): A story told as if it was true without having any idea if it is true or not. In that case, it is different from a lie.
  23. Yeah. This is not a complaint, just an observation.
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