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  1. "Things are the way they are because they got that way" (Kenneth Boulding's Backward Basis). Nobody, even the people involved, know all the reasons.
  2. Better, yes. Not great. I get the feeling that the players fall easily into panic mode (trying to give 110%). This is the result of a lack of confidence - like when they fall behind early - which is counter-productive. I think Frank is partially responsible for that.
  3. It would be nice to give Mack a chance to succeed somewhere else, and we could use a good safety.
  4. I have no problems with our players and on field talent level. There is room for improvement in execution, however. I still have head-scratchers about the play calling, but it has improved. I would cut out running Hines up the middle from the playbook. It's a waste of time and talent.
  5. All those corrupt Olympic judges from the 1960s became NFL referees today. That's progress!
  6. Colts home game against Denver, October 31, 1988. I was there. It was fun to watch.
  7. He may be in that ship that already sailed.
  8. C'mon, Jim. Try something from this century. Eluveitie - "Inis Mona" for example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iijKLHCQw5o
  9. Colts 103 Texans 97 Each team loses half of their offensive players due to exhaustion. Both defenses don't break a sweat.
  10. Before we play musical chairs with personnel, maybe we should identify schemes and techniques that better use the people we have? It doesn't help to say the line is playing poorly, but exactly how and why are they getting beat? The first reaction is to blame people. That doesn't help at all.
  11. Hmmm. There's something hinky going on.
  12. It's not enough to say there is a problem. Our record at this point is 1 win and 4 losses - obviously there is a problem. More correctly, there are a lot of complex, interconnected problems that haven't been identified, let alone corrected. All we have are excuses. That will never solve any of the problems.
  13. We seem to hire meek (no pun intended) and mild coaches. You have to play football smart, not necessarily intellectually.
  14. My, the fans are sure grumpy today! Hot Rod was injured, and still better than any other field goal kicker on the team. I would ask why the Colts lost focus and confidence toward the end of the game? I'd also find out why we have so many injuries. Are players trying too hard?
  15. Like teaching an elephant to dance, it takes some time. But it can be done!
  16. I thought Carson did well. All he needs is time and experience with the team. OK, maybe healing his ankles would help, too.
  17. Strachan is a rookie. What do you expect?
  18. Does Frank lack confidence in the team, or just himself? It would be very bad if he lacked confidence in the team, but it would be sad if he lacked confidence in himself.
  19. Strachan is a rookie. What do you expect?
  20. I thought Pryor played well instead of the other guy (Couch, Sofa, or something like that).
  21. It takes a while to learn how to win. If it was easy, everyone would always be winning.
  22. With fans like these, we don't need opponents.
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