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  1. Good. Still tied for first and best of all the Rookies are getting some quality playing time that will help later on in the year Bad. We have gone 2 games now without a sack or pressure on QB and now the injuries are starting to mount up. Thank goodness we have a bye week soon to heal up.
  2. Going up against Falcons DBs, Time for Frank to unleash the Cain & Campbell show and give TY some help
  3. And shows that he can be just as good or better than 12, with the offense line that he has now and defense and running game. Last time I looked 12 didn't win any super bowls in 7 seasons that he played. And that is what is all about right?
  4. Been a Colt fan 50 plus years not going anywhere
  5. I think it has set this team back 5 plus years,
  6. That is what is next. Glad i never bought a 12 jersey close though
  7. Should have never fired the OLINE coach we had, Luck is in for a long season if he survives
  8. Do you think it was the referee crew? If so hope they never do the Colts game again
  9. Should have not fired the OLINE coach who set the record for only giving up 18 sacks? Who came from New England who is always in the top tier of OLINE protection.
  10. Luck is going on IR for 8 weeks that is a bummer,
  11. Just a thought the Colts fired there offensive line coach. Who did a pretty good job last year. and is now with Miami. Granted it is only preseason. time will tell
  12. Bummer he is not going to get the timing with the new WR.
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