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  1. mirobi48

    Little confused

    Love the attacks. Oh that is right Denvers OL was the best in the NFL last year
  2. mirobi48

    Little confused

    Didn't Riech send a letter out with a explanation out why he let go of our best OL coach the Colts have had in the last 10 years. Right Because it wasn't my guy per Riech? Then he hires a Ol coach that has no ties whats so ever with Riech
  3. mirobi48

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    Defensive scheme and players, Look at Baltimore every year they have a top defense that keeps them in games
  4. When training camp starts the goal is to preform and make the team. Right? OL coach is to get his OL and make them perform to there best. Right? We had one of the best OL in the league and coach still gets fired. Go figure that one even though its not my guy per Reich That would be like Ballard firing Reich because that was not my guy Josh was. even though he led them to the playoffs Colts fans would have went crazy if that happened. Been a Colts fan for over 50 years
  5. mirobi48

    Our DEF, OFF coordinators

    Stay with us one more year to complete the mission of a Super Bowl Champs or we win it this year, The Colts could have told them to take a hike after what Josh did last year, It would show a lot of loyalty if they both stayed. I know they want to coach their own team. But complete the mission
  6. Hopefully he decides not to leave. Reason being is that Colts could have let hime go due to the Josh mess, instead staying loyal for a couple of years and building a championship team
  7. We lost ok. Yet though every snap every play was contested no blown coverage. I know they are a good defense but really? Did we give them our play book?
  8. mirobi48

    Didn't Ballard hire a

    guru for the team so we won't have so many injuries?
  9. mirobi48

    Dear NFL

    Please send me the info on who is paying the REFS off in Colts games please! or the Bookies? either way I want in on the action. There is no way you can allow a clock to expire and not call it? or the 8 holding calls on the Colts or where Texans had 1 or 2 holding calls. or when the Colts get a penalties its always at a crucial time? Last week was the same thing.
  10. mirobi48

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    Move the game to Indy
  11. mirobi48

    Scouting Department

    I know it is early one week into training camp. For what you have seen from the players so far what early grade would you give the Scouting Department? and why barring any injuries A+ Nelson Leonard Cain Hines Wilkins
  12. mirobi48

    Ed Dodds named Assistant General Manager

    Great move,
  13. Should be interesting this weekend when we get a chance to see all players and the new defensive scheme
  14. mirobi48

    Colts select NC State RB Nyheim Hines

    It will be interesting to see the scouting dept how well they did or did not
  15. We are going to find out soon how good our scouts are grading players