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  1. that are consistent year after year, Seahawks Pats Saints Colts
  2. I think zero, i may be wrong though i just can't remember him leading our team back
  3. He was the only Colt defender not to have a grass stain, Hmmm
  4. Analytics, maybe there is a test where they can test bone density on each player before drafting him, or just don't draft anyone from Ohio State, just look at the players coming out that the colts drafted, Cambell, Gonzalez, the OL can't remember his name and i am sure there are a few more
  5. Why not we can see how he is
  6. This season is over. And we are not going to playoffs just not good enough. to many key injuries.
  7. Not bad played 3/4 of a game and made 10 million.
  8. We need to have our defense to play lights out like last year against Dallas
  9. Seems like every year injuries through out all the positions, i know it is the game until you look at some other teams that don't have that same problem, PATS,RAVENS, etc I wonder if it is the turf?
  10. They NFL wants Watson in the playoffs not JB.
  11. Colts De got taken to ground and no flag and TD texans. look at replay
  12. Curious where we compare to other teams with injuries? Remember they hired a nutritionist and other folks so we won't have as many injuries,
  13. Malik Hooker we were told, still waiting for him to make some plays like, you know like Minkah Fitzpatrick who came to a team with no training camp and has turned there defense around
  14. Online coach for dolphins? You guessed it the guy who Frank fired
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