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  1. masterlock

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    Sounds like the Colts want to get even better. I have no problem with this move. Look at what happened versus KC.
  2. masterlock

    Reality check

    Right, but 99.9% of all conversations about "strength of schedule," including the one I was reacting to, aren't talking about in-season strength of schedule, which is why I posted the link.
  3. masterlock

    Reality check

    Strength of schedule is for the most part a worthless calculation:
  4. I was thinking the same thing. The Colts had been so successful moving the chains in 3rd-and-short situations, why now in the playoffs does that suddenly change? Why do we get away from what has worked for the past 11 games?
  5. All Inman did for us this season was make plays.
  6. masterlock


    IMO, Vinatieri is washed up. Time to move on. He's been a great kicker, but his better days are behind him. Head-scratching missed kicks this season and now in the playoffs are a sign he's lost "it".
  7. masterlock

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    I interpret his tweet as saying windy, snowy conditions tend to affect the passing game more than the running game. The Chiefs entire game is predicated on the pass, whereas the Colts are much less dependent on the passing game.
  8. masterlock

    So who wins the “chess match “?

    Maybe, but consider that the Chiefs tied Pittsburgh for most sacks in the league, yet finished the season ranked 31st in defense (passing AND total yards). It just goes to show that pressure is only one part of it. The secondary must also do its job, and that seems to be a weak link in KC.
  9. masterlock

    Reich's approach/gameplan heading into Saturday

    The Chiefs are going to test the Colts' secondary with some big downfield pass attempts. I just hope we don't do them any favors with needless pass interference calls. The secondary must play with discipline and be coached to play the ball and not the receiver.
  10. masterlock

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    Well, the Chiefs allowed a whopping 2,114 total rushing yards and 5 yards/carry average in the regular season, so I definitely think it makes sense to run it at them until they prove they can stop it--which they won't.
  11. masterlock

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    Not a mind reader.
  12. masterlock

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    You can't limit their possessions with long drives, since possessions are alternating. You can only limit their time-of-possession by forcing 3-and-outs, forcing turn-overs, or allowing much shorter drives.
  13. masterlock

    Braden Smith vs Justin Houston

    It was meant to be read as a poem. ;-)
  14. masterlock

    Teambuilding and Tanking: Colts Edition

    Mack was a 4th rounder.
  15. masterlock

    What happened in the second half?

    It was a combination of the Texans D making plays and the Colts offense not executing as well.