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  1. The article specifically states that, "...Sheard has had an MRI."
  2. The Chiefs' supposedly mediocre defense tied (w/ Steelers) for the league lead in sacks, with 52, compared to the Colts' No. 19 ranking/38 sacks. So even though the Colts' O-line was good, they were dealing with the number-1 pass rush. They were basically out-played by a good opponent. When you shut down Luck with pressure, you basically make the offense one-dimensional.
  3. That train doesn't look like it needs brakes. ;-)
  4. The list was intended as the top-5 ENTERING the 2019 season. So multiple great years doesn't apply so much.
  5. I think the Colts are this year's fashionable pick, like the Jags were heading into the 2018 season. Unlike the Jags, however, I'm not expecting a 5-11 record for the Colts. I fully expect them to at least match the 10 wins of 2018--but it won't come easy, considering they're playing the Chiefs, Chargers, Steelers and Saints.
  6. All of the press I've read on him says that dropping passes was something that happened EARLY in his college career, as he was a former RB learning a new position. This article, for example, says, "Campbell dealt with drop issues during his first few seasons in Columbus, but with more experience was able to become one of the most consistent receivers the Buckeyes have had in recent memory and led the team with 90 receptions this past season — a new program record. But after he gets the ball in his hands, good luck bringing him down." You don't make 90 receptions if you can't catch the ball. Personally, if I could pick just one player from this year's Colts draft that I'm MOST excited about, it would be Parris Campbell. This guy is fast as hell and hard to bring down. Hilton is fast, but I've seen players catch up with him from behind to make the tackle. There is no catching up with Parris Campbell. If you're behind him, it's too late. It's probably too early to prognosticate, but this guy has NFL star receiver written all over him, IMO.
  7. The new catchphrase after every interception: "The Rock is stone cold." Edit: Or..."Rock be stone cold."
  8. I read in the news that his heart condition was misdiagnosed. But OK.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. If there's one thing the Colts need, it's pass rush. And here you have a player whose pre-draft measurables were off the charts, who shined at the Senior Bowl, who put up good stats in the regular college football season, and who fits the mold to-a-tee of what you're looking for in a 4-3 defensive end, and yet you pass on him? There's a point at which 'more' (picks) isn't always better. Quality matters too. I understand it's a crap shoot when it comes to drafting any player, even high first-rounders. But the same is true of second-rounders. So all things equal, why not take a chance on a defensive end who's arguably the very embodiment of what you're looking for in a 4-3 defense predicated on speed and athleticism?
  10. Well, I'd call 137 total tackles (100 solo), 2 interceptions, and 10 tackles for loss in 17 games pretty good, if that helps you feel better about him. That basically extrapolates to a full season of production. There are many cases where a good player just doesn't get a chance to shine for various reasons, such as poor talent evaluation, team politics, being loaded at the position, etc.
  11. If I had to guess at his production, I'd say conservatively, look for him to be at least AS EFFECTIVE as Jabaal Sheard. Realistically, he's more of a pure rusher than Sheard, and so I wouldn't be surprised if he got 10 sacks easily, considering he'll be switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3.
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