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  1. Just, "a pretty good quarterback"? Not "great", or "phenomenal", or "elite"? Sounds like a pretty lukewarm endorsement to me.
  2. Based on what evidence?
  3. He was a good man and the players were loyal to him, but no, he wasn't a great coach. Grigson was partly to blame. But Pagano didn't have what it takes 'upstairs' to be a good coach. He exhibited poor judgement. The infamous 'fake punt' is the prime example. No coach in his right mind should have ever allowed that play to take place. There's no excuse. And then there were all the other things, like preparation, play-calling and clock management. Frank Reich is a definite upgrade.
  4. If only. But I doubt the Colts will stink enough next year to get the No. 1 draft pick.
  5. I see the forum theme/layout has changed. Just wondering how to tell if I have feedback (quotes, likes, etc.). I used to see a number in red. Now I don't see that. Please advise. Thanks.

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      Your notifications show as a count next to your inbox icon.  Notifications are a little 'bell'

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