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  1. I'm not sure I'd call 12-4 "mediocre".
  2. I suspect the reason he hasn't won a starting job has to do with character/maturity concerns more than pure QB skills.
  3. I totally agree...with the exact opposite of what you just said. I totally agree...with the exact opposite of what you just said. I totally agree...with the exact opposite of what you just said.
  4. There were lots of people who believed in Trent Richardson too. I'm not saying Jacobi is bad. But I don't really see him as a franchise QB. 'Serviceable' would be the word.
  5. I doubt it, but if they do, I see a first round exit. IMO, the Colts just aren't a dominant team. They haven't really looked playoff caliber in any of their wins, unless you count beating KC by 3 points in week 5.
  6. But he contributed to the loss. Whenever you are in position to score, such as a field goal or extra point attempt, and you miss, that directly contributes to the final outcome. As has been pointed out, if he makes the extra point, then the Colts can tie the score with a FG, rather than needing a touchdown. That is significant.
  7. Yes, and the same was true of Tom Brady when he was a backup to Drew Bledsoe. And of Aaron Rodgers when he was a backup to Brett Farvre. I'm not saying CK is the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers--just making a point that every QB who's ever gone on to be good, or even great, initially lacked regular season experience. Personally, I'd rather roll the dice on a QB with a high upside and let the chips fall where they may, than to start a QB with a 10-year track record of being just "OK".
  8. That's not a bad assessment. As far as the "clown" aspect goes, what I would say is that everyone matures at their own pace. When I look back at things I said and did when I was younger, I'm amazed at what a different person I was then compared to now. Just because Chad Kelly was an imbecile when he was younger, doesn't mean he hasn't matured, or learned lessons. As far as I can tell, no-one has ever said that he lacked QB skills. The knock was always on his maturity and character. Oh, and it's my feeling that he possesses a much higher ceiling than Brissett.
  9. I never said Hoyer was the reason the Colts lost. You inferred this. I never said I knew more than Ballard or Reich. You inferred this. I never told you what you can post. These are facts.
  10. I think Kelly has far superior QB skills (arm strength, accuracy, mechanics, instincts, mobility, etc.) and just needs time as as starter to prove it. Whereas, Hoyer's had plenty of time to prove it.
  11. The fact that you use the words "Get a grip" in your response, I think, shows that you care a little too much about this. Anyway, I don't think one game suddenly transforms Brian Hoyer into anything other than the QB he's always been for the last 10 years.
  12. I'll make this short and sweet. I wasn't a fan of signing mediocre Hoyer. And yes, put me on the Chad Kelly enthusiast list. I think Kelly should be given an opportunity to shine in JB's absence.
  13. Dude misses a kick practically every game. Odds of him making the kick are basically the same as a coin flip.
  14. Then I guess you're done, because he will be. Count on it. But I agree--he's washed up.
  15. IMO, characterizing Luck's decision to retire as an 'abandonment' or "quitting on the team" isn't really fair. This isn't the same as deserting one's brother's in arms on the battlefield, or abandoning one's family, or any other conceivable situation in which there is a moral obligation to sacrifice one's personal well being for a greater moral good. The NFL is nothing more than a business enterprise which exists solely for entertainment value. I think of all the NFL players of yesteryear who were encouraged to sacrifice their bodies and minds for the sake of "the team", who now suffer from cognitive decline, chronic pain, etc. due to concussions, injuries, etc. Luck made a personal and professional decision, which he felt was in his best interests, and I don't feel that anyone is in a position to judge it as wrong, unethical, selfish, etc. It's HIS life. I can understand how his decision is greatly disappointing for fans. But let's keep things in perspective. Life is bigger than football.
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