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  1. Well 06 was Addia’s rookie yr and he was killing... i still remember the opener in New York’s new stadium Against the giants he was abusing them
  2. Marvel Tell... he might actually be the most athletic DB we have..
  3. Whoa dude is massive!! He makes both our 6’4 WRs look smell.. what is he 6’7??
  4. First... dude has a catapult for an arm... i watched the Utah film and couldn’t hello but notice what possible steak we got in Julian Blackmon
  5. Banogu need to be there with them...
  6. Mehh, our Monday night debacle last yr might have a little to do with that... we looked like pop Warner out there... let’s get to the real prime time games.... PLAYOFFS
  7. The Indianapolis Colts .... it’s been the case the past 2 yrs..
  8. Fromm is trash!! Hurts, Gordon, eason are all better... much better
  9. Rivers was trash last year point blank period... even when he had time in The pocket it looked like he was throwing a medicine ball, but Jacoby wasn’t anything to write home about Either So let’s see how this goes
  10. Turay but plz don’t sleep on Khari I saw a lot of potential in that kid
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