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  1. Texans just signed diggs and we just signed the last piece of the same defense that allowed Nico Collins to go crazy with no other receiving threat
  2. Happy for AR… but when Colt players have kids they forget how to play football…or just stop wanting to play.. Andrew luck Braden smith Khari Willis Darius Leonard Matt Gay ( he went from money in the bank to having a relationship with the right goalpost) i exclude Ryan Kelly for obvious reasons
  3. Missing out on a big talent because of Gus scheme is all the reason we should’ve let him go!!!… we started the season with Dj baker for peeps sake !!!… if Nate Wiggins, Terrion, kool aid.. are available we take them… now that only makes our defense more versatile cause now we have guys that play man… guys like Jake browning and t Taylor Heineke won’t go for 400 yds and 3 tds
  4. Our focus this year should be speed, and more speed… take dejean then trade back and grab Xavier worthy… dejean solves a problem at both safety and corner with one pick… and both these guys can really return the ball in special teams… we overlook that heavily… downs is not a return specialist but both of these picks are, the way Isaiah Rogers was
  5. With this hire don’t be surprised if we grab jer’zhan “Jonny “ newton from Illinois… kid looks like a problem
  6. The only real answer to this question is Huntley, and maybe taysom hill
  7. We should hire Al Harris.. cowboys db coach…
  8. Texans raiders jaguars ravens rams falcons bengals titans saints buccaneers
  9. If we’re smart.. we should can Gus…. Hire AL Harris db coach from cowboys as DC
  10. Am I the only one that noticed Will Anderson being 5 inches offside every snap including the last 4th down
  11. Yoo how tf did Dj baker stay on this team all yr???
  12. I find it hard to believe Dj baker is better than lammons!! How is he still on the team honestly
  13. Matt been hitting that same goal post for weeks now…. At this point he’s not reliable in that situation
  14. He’s a beast!!.. but so is Taylor Henike and Jake browning when you give them 7 secs to throw and play 20 yds off receivers
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