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  1. If I’m not mistaken... he SMU used himsort of the same way NC state used Hines
  2. ...... Am I the only one that sees huge potential in him or what??... yea running out of bounds when we’re clearly eating clock is a terrible decision but other than that dude seems to be pretty solid for an underrated rookie
  3. So last yr we had an over the hill kicker cost us about 6 games and this yr our over the hill Qb cost us our only 2 losses.... see a pattern?
  4. We’re in bad shape when pascal is our 3rd down target every drive
  5. We are missing our dog on offense.... that is Campbell Ty is a playmaker but Parris is a dog he’s a threat to score anytime
  6. Yooo glasgow is looking a lot more valuable than our last draft pick
  7. Most if not all acl tears happen without contact that’s why I think it might mcl sprain, or possibly hypertension
  8. Blackmon is a DUDE!! He just looks and feels better on the field... like even if he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, he’s still gonna make tons of plays & be around the back and make a play
  9. Well 06 was Addia’s rookie yr and he was killing... i still remember the opener in New York’s new stadium Against the giants he was abusing them
  10. Marvel Tell... he might actually be the most athletic DB we have..
  11. Whoa dude is massive!! He makes both our 6’4 WRs look smell.. what is he 6’7??
  12. First... dude has a catapult for an arm... i watched the Utah film and couldn’t hello but notice what possible steak we got in Julian Blackmon
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