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  1. Bob sanders Antoine bethea mike doss chad cota Melvin bullit lmao!!! seriously Bob sanders Sean Taylor ed Reed Troy Brian dawkins
  2. Bright side.... I’m not mad at Isaiah Rogers getting more reps on the perimeter at corner
  3. Say what you want... I like that call!... if executed that 7... I can live with that
  4. Get Demichael Harris back involved in the game plan!!! Imagine nyheim in wildcat with JT and D12 coming in motion... also get him going on the screen and crossing routes... that will open up so much more opportunities for TY, Pitt, pascal and the TEs
  5. Am I the only one overly impressed with the fact that JV pulled the eagle wings out in time to avoid holding which would’ve canceled that amazing run and crushed that drive as well as our souls lmao!!!
  6. It was maybe wk 5 I made a post starting we had a Derrick Henry level talent at RB whenever he settles into his self... and boy was I right!! Way to go JT and Go horse !!!!
  7. Refs: holding offense.. #17 *me instantly throwing the TV* like really! we get nfl... If y’all don’t want us in the playoffs just say that
  8. Rock is a huge liability and he showed why he was benched.... every QB sees 26 and instantly knows to throw his way
  9. I’m more concerned with that last no call against TY.. if that was us they would’ve loved to throw that flag and put Pitt at the 3 yd line
  10. Is it a coincidence that as soon as rock gets on the field they score?
  11. Hand it to JT at the very least he gets 2 yds there horrible play call!!! But it’s still a three possession game soo go Horse!!!!
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