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  1. Which would prolly prompt Frank to always run on 2nd we should kill that tendency
  2. I’ve watched Frank call plays for 4 yrs now… the last 3 yrs ( post Andrew era) I’ve noticed EVERY 2nd down call is an inside zone to the left either from the gun or single back… now that’s me noticing this from cbs/fox broadcast.. I know opposing DCs are keying in on this with even more detail. This is why we stall out so much in the course of a game. We are and have been extremely predictable on the first 2 downs which kills our 3rd down efficiency. This i believe will open up our offense considerably.. this was not a problem with Andrew was here which is why offense was the way it was.. let’s give Carson the same strategy and I’m sure we see a totally different offense
  3. Carson has to be way more accurate on that one… pitt had embarrassed his guy.. should’ve been 7
  4. Annnd that is why they shipped him ahhh… he played a great game tho other than that bonehead shovel pass
  5. This question is quite insulting to the player Cam is… in that case is Wentz better than Eason?? Do you see how wierd that sounds…. cam is head and shoulders above Eason!! If you wanna judge him based off last yr then we’re in big trouble considering our current QB1 had a worse yr… lol
  6. It’s literally the same clip.. they met at the QB
  7. Kwitty is a beast! Let’s not ignore turay eating Sewell’s lunch
  8. This actually very possible honestly.. somehow we never seem to be all the way focused in the beginning of the yr not to mention the past 3 yrs we’ve seen different qb1 with little to no prep… we can’t afford to be figuring things out in our first 5 we surely will lose
  9. Roll tide!! I wonder why he’s a free agent.. he V was a stud at Bama
  10. Sooo… this bone survived 4 yrs of NDSU and 4 yrs in Philli and gives out the 2nd day of an unpadded practice in training camp with us.. that’s crazy smh
  11. Jj is the homie from Birmingham we played high school all star game together… he’s probably the fastest player on our team not named Isaiah Rogers
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