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  1. If you trade Brisset and Luck isnt ready or is and gets banged up who comes in week 1 or 2 ? Phillip Walker ? Cant be Kelly obviously since he is suspended for those games. No way Brissett going anywhere now come trade deadline if Luck is fully healthy and Chad has been staying out of trouble a very real chance Jacoby goes somewhere.
  2. I had high hopes despite it being the most crowded position on defense but it seem every day we see him losing battles vs WRs when the other corners are more than holding their own. I think he really needs a good couple weeks to even have a shot of sticking. Anyone else feeling differently at this point ?
  3. I agree Csmopar...Hilton,Cain,Funchess, Campbell are the locks, Fountain very close to be locked himself. Think Pascal takes final spot, wouldnt be shocked if Hogan or Johnson sticks. Dulin now above Hart in pecking order, hearing good things on Veasey not much on Roger Lewis so far (Had great college stats winning Paul Warfield trophy and semifinalist for Biletikoff) and his pro career hasnt been impressive. I could actually see Rogers get traded because he would bring draft pick in return unlike others and a team starved for WR would be usebale (Giants come to mind).
  4. I wonder if there is a spot for us to get all the info breakdown we want ? Im thinking Ebron's td % of catches and even targets has to be among the best TE numbers in many years. TDs per snaps played maybe even higher on the list. Really would like to see a chart.
  5. Stats are always fun and tell part of a story. Wondering if you have ranking of td % per catch (Huge importance compared to some stats, money catches in the words of the great Bear Bryant) and catch rate/drop rate of potential td catches. Some Colts numbers last season TY 76 catches 6 tds 1 per 12.6 Pascal 27 for 2 tds 1 per 13.5 Rogers 53 for 2 tds 1 per 26.5 Hines 63 for 2 tds 1 per 31.5 Mack 17 for 1 1 per 17 Ebron 66 for 13 1 per 5.1 (Amazing number compared to league avg would wager) Doyle 26 for 2 1 per 13 Grant 35 for 1 1 for 35 Inman 28 for 3 1 per 9.3 Swope 8 for 3 1 per 2.7 Alie- Cox 7 for 2 1 per 3.5 Johnson 6 for 1 1 per 6 Wilkins 16 for 0 -----------
  6. Another USC rookie, Tell, Ware now Langley......
  7. I think Justin Houston makes it, hasnt shown me why he shouldnt barring injury.....
  8. Jake Eldrenkamp, see him slipping into a final OL reserve spot beating out Silberman, Munyer and Boehm
  9. Pascal avged more yards per catch then Rogers (.7 per reception) along with higher % of 1st downs from his catches and much higher td percentage per catch (1 td per 13.5 cathces vs 1 per 26.5). I think good chance neither makes the cut but if had to choose between just those 2 would take Zach, some numbers can be thrown either way to make a case.
  10. Unless Hines gets the yips like he did last season and so far no indication but it is early he should be our p.r. Wr is deep with T.Y.,Funchess,Campbell and Cain locked in spots 1-4 unless injury leaving 1-2 spots for Pascal (Who looked better then Rogers last season) then Fountain (Highest upside) then likely Hogan (If he stays healthy this time). Rogers or Rodgers as some prefer falls in with Johnson,Veasey who is trending up,Dulin, Hart who is trending down,Ishmael who is trending down and Lewis who is a roster body after flaming out with the Giants. I expect 2-3 of these guys to make other rosters, 1-2 may sneak through waivers to make the p.s.
  11. Love this move, they kept Ferguson over him. Have to question this football acumen. Foreman vs Williams for the 4 spot as power back should be a fun battle.
  12. Going to be very interesting if Okereke is what our scouts believe he should overtake Walker sometime but midseason, this isnt a bad thing but a good thing. If he is lesser or takes more time and Walker needs to start longer the sky isnt falling as he is capable BUT I dont think Id single out Walker as one of the top 5 NFL breakout players this season. For that matter not sure I'd have Drake with Kalen Ballage likely to at least share if not get more carries in Miami, nor Aaron Jones (A popular breakout candidate of many though missed 4 games each season due to injury/suspension). I concur Mike Williams of Chargers could and and should become a household name and Harold Landry whom many hoped we would draft seems set to have a great year which wouldnt be great for us with Tenn likely our biggest divisional threat.
  13. I actually think the AAF helped many players get camp invites that may not have otherwise, close to 60 AAF players currently on rosters and of course some may have made it to the 90 anyway but a majority would hav likely been passed over for Rookie free agents. Now the way the league treated the players,coaches etc when it folded it pathetic to say the least. I sure hope the XFL part 2 does a better job because the NFL can certainly use a feeder for those not wanting to head north to the CFL.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obum_Gwacham DE brought in with Jegade on IR now, Chunky Clements cut.
  15. Our Corner depth could be second to none with Kenny,Desir,Quincy,Rock, Jalen, Hairston,Tell (Milton better keep adding to his cover skills because special teams alone wont make the final 53 without multuple injuries). Possible one of these guys gets traded for depth elsewhere (Maybe DT). Nice problem to have.
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