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  1. Hope some on here went with under today, these covers arent even close, 20 plus points of comfort in the DC/NY game.
  2. Ive always enjoyed the new leagues, has front row season tickets for XFL in 2001 Orlando Rage, was the first fan inside the stadium at first UFL for Florida Tuskers and was 50 yard line last year for the AAF's Orlando Apollos. The XFL this year seems behind talent wise of AAF by quite a bit , original XFL by a lot and on par with AAF. Opening attendance well behind AAF and original XFL but Vince has deep pockets and every game is on National TV AND they have the ability to use NFL draft eligible players from college (Kenny Robinson has college eligibility left and will be picked in NFL draft in a couple of months). I made a ton of money betting on the league this weekend, same with AAF opening weekend last season. Casinos made same mistake setting over/ unders way too high as Offenses need time to mesh while D's are already set (Yesterday's games for example Under covered by 30 points each game) so if anyone plays the books watch to see if week 2 is corrected if not cash in (AAF lines didnt correct until after week 3). Announcers even mentioned it multiple times in telecast.
  3. Daniel Brunskill , guy went from playing for San Diego Fleet in the AAF in Feb. to starting 7 games at T and was brought in last week at LT to replace struggling Justin Skule and likely will get the starting nod. Talk about bottom to the top.....
  4. Okereke for me, he is Leonard 2.0 and while I was impressed with Walker Bobby O needs to be on the field anytime we got 2 linebackers with the extra safety on the field. Good problem to have when we have trouble choosing between so many good young players. Ben Banogu didnt even make the list and he showed glimpses this year he could be very special as well.
  5. And all 4 backs are young, would be nice if Mack improved his pass catching skills, Wilkins ypc was really impressive, Williams shocked me how good he played once healthy and give a shot. Hines should have better yards per catch with all his speed and elusiveness, that number hopefully jumps. Really good situation and our O line obviously deserves a ton of credit.
  6. Eberflus the lone McDanials hire left but dont see him going anywhere for a bit, though Ive been wrong before.
  7. Love the Nelson Jersey, I dont have pics but got a sweet colts ring (Blue with 2 horsehoes on it), stylish tie with strips and horseshoes (Have one with helmet and jersey in locker looks vintage though it isnt) and colts sunglasses. Very happy with addition. Have a 3 foot Colts tree with 15 separate Colts ornaments, colts candy canes and blue and white balls.
  8. I think a very good chance he returns if injuries healed, if they lingered doubt he does. He always wanted a Super Bowl title and also mentioned how much he loved being in a team setting and his closeness to fellow players. Would i trust he wouldnt re retire ? Well think most eveveryone would have those doubts with the way he left.
  9. They beat otherwise unbeaten Baylor twice, the Bears didnt lose to any other squad so makes sense it would be close. It's the close wins that actually works in the Sooners favor as playoff time expect close games in all 3 battles. This year no team has been dominant and without flaws and bad games. LSU gave up 38 to Texas, 38 to Vandy...yes Vandy and 37 to Ole Miss, Oklahoma has much more firepower than any of those squads. Joe Burrow has been amazing without him this is a 7-8 win team. Also Orgeron doesnt inspire confidence. Clemson's struggles have been chronicled all year long 1 pt win over N.C. wasnt exactly inspiring though their D has come on late in the season and Dabo knows how to win big games..... Ohio St probably has most well rounded squad of the 4, Chase Young isa beast and replacing NFL talents like Haskins,Campbell and McLaurin is never easy but they have done it well. Cant remembr lst time a first year head coach won the national title so Day has his work cut out for him. Hurts was SEC offensive player of the year as a Freshman in 2016, lead them to the National title game, took them back to the title game as a Sophmore where they won it all. Last season he bailed Bama out in the SEC title game as Tua looked like a deer lost in headlights vs Georgia, Crimson Tide would have missed playoffs altogether not been in another Title game. Goes to Oklahoma leads them to Big 12 Championship and place in Playoffs. Career of 72/16 td to int and 2.864 rushing yards and 38 more tds. Not sure I can remember another QB with so much success who has gotten so much criticism.
  10. Oklahoma is going to beat LSU and then Ohio St, Hurts going to win it all and bama fans are going to be eating crow.
  11. Chester doesnt have the tools, period. Some on here would defend him no matter what but he never really improved even though was healthy the entire time. I was bashed for saying Pascal would pass him on the depth chart and Zack has done what Chester never will. Also believe Cain before all is said and done will have a much better career than Chester and now that he is healthy is showing well in Pittsburgh. Chester always gave his all though we cant deny that, just isnt talented enough.
  12. He's solid....may be a case of too little too late though.
  13. Pittsburgh isnt letting Cain go anywhere,Johnny Holton has 1 catch on 13 targets for them so Cain is leaping him to be 3/4 behind Washington, Johnson and then Juju (When Juju returns likely week 15). Cain is 2/2 for 40 yards and also drawn a long P.I. for them (He drwe them often in college and also drew a couple for us as well).
  14. He is looking great, hope he continues to improve and we really have one of the NFL's best lb corp. Agree we need an elite DT in first round next year, our biggest hole though Stewart has improved every season and that is encouraging.
  15. Finally, been waiting for his call up for months. Like i posted on another thread so ironic it took his college teammate and understudy Chester Rogers injury for him to finally get his break. High draft pick just 2 seasons ago for Arizona has size,strong hands,speed,athleticism. Routes needed some upgrading
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