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  1. Favorite- I jumped up and down, he was the one I had my sights on and it rarely happens who i want the club picks but I told my gf at the time (Now my wife) Colts just fixed their leaky O line and I was dead on. Least favorite- Quincy Wilson, never felt he was a true shut down corner, had several red flags on his draft profile such as too antsy, not instinctive, grabs rec a lot which could lead to many P.I. calls....
  2. His measurable s (As listed above by Scott) and college success were very very impressive. I wouldnt say no one cares what round you were drafted in, higher picks still get more chances without previous success than non. I guess time will tell but our system seems like a very good fit for what he does well.
  3. Prayers to Sam and his family, terrible news. Sam Ehlinger was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the sixth round of the NFL draft Saturday. Jake’s face was accidentally shown on the NFL Network where a photo of Sam was supposed to be, and Sam loved it.
  4. Well he is better then Franklin or Adams and a special teams aces so he could stick
  5. So the mistake was ESPN's and the crowd was lead to believe the other Michael Carter was drafted and the Jets coach second guessed himself, but they turned in the correct card. The story hit right away of some sort of confusion but for once wasnt the Jets fault of the confusion.
  6. The New York Jets had one of the most interesting moments of the 2021 NFL Draft, selecting two players with the name of Michael Carter -- both on day three. New York's first selection was North Carolina running back Michael Carter in the fourth round, then Duke defensive back Michael Carter II in the fifth round. Wild, right? When New York selected Carter -- the running back -- a graphic that came up on television profiling the player as the defensive back. Jets head coach Robert Saleh had to make sure they turned in the right draft card. "When we took Michael Carter the running ba
  7. And here's the story ....https://vimeo.com/287709673
  8. Offense-Rb has won this award 3x as many time as any other position though last 6 years divided equally with QB. I think Etienne could put up big numbers in Jacksonville (James Robinson got 1,000 yards for them last year and Travis twice the player James is and has Lawrence to keep teams honest and has much better hands). Defense- Last 15 years Linebacker has won this award the most times-6 followed by Edge-4. Top Linebacker drafted Micah Parsons of Cowboys and he will be starting Day 1 so give him the nod here.
  9. I do like what Dulin brings to special teams and he may find a home elsewhere if he gets cut, but we have several special team aces and Harris is used in sweeps that Dulin can't run so doubt he is the odd man out. Patmon has the size and speed which cant be taught and has been working with Wentz already out west, I expect him to have a role after a basically redshirt Freshman campaign. We have one of the deepest WR core in the league, talented players are going to miss the cut unless injuries strike before the cut down date.
  10. We are so deep at WR going to be hard for a rookie to break through even Strachan. Odds are we keep 6 and try and stash a couple on P.S. TY-lock Pittman-lock Campbell-lock Pascal-lock Patmon-secure Harris-inside track for final spot Strachan- p.s. unless injury occurs Dulin- caught in numbers crunch Nelson- long shot Vaughn- practice squad Black- not enough room Jennings- draft bust though not ours Davis-camp body
  11. He was an All American Left Tackle in high school, played the spot all his life his natural spot, Notre Dame requested he switch positions because Mike McGlinchey was also on the team and was an elite Tackle as well but not versatile enough to play Guard so Nelson moved and learn a new spot.
  12. Except for the fact Smith has never played LT at any level and his arm reach is considered too short for the position, while Nelson played the spot all his life and was an All American at the position which he considered his natural spot, so there is that.
  13. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/4/2/22363208/film-room-chris-ballard-finds-a-gem-in-guard-chris-reed I think many here may not be too familiar with Reed so here is a good write up on him, his strengths and weakness how he is a perfect fit for our offense. Powerful, nasty, great athlete from small school who has improved every season.
  14. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/12/t-j-watt-says-steelers-wanted-to-throw-as-many-fastballs-as-we-could-at-colts-backup-tackles/ Rewrite from Holden's start and he was facing Alex Highsmith a backup who struggled up until this game.....Highsmith had a career game. Ive seen many other mention Holden and saying he didnt play bad, that is kind of the narrative BUT I think because Chaz Green and L Clark had been so atrocious that it made Holden look better than what actually took place.
  15. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/will-holden/11912 83 snaps small sample size but he struggled mightly last season 59.6 grade
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