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  1. Brown did win, only non positive result for Colts but lost OBJ for the season in the process so that could alter things quite a bit.
  2. I think Cowboys start Garrett Gilbert former AAF star for Orlando, Texas and SMU QB whom the recently got from the Browns. It would figure he would give them a better shot than DiNucci short term, guy can actually make all the throws but again behind that all backup O Line he will be under pressure all day long.
  3. Rarely do we see a team score a late td when stopping short of goal line secures a win and it happened back to back days unbelievable.... Penn State actually was up 1 with ball so a knee ends game they score and Indiana comes back with 8 points to force ot and win, then we see Gurley's mistake...unreal.
  4. Tennessee will fight until the end BUT without Lewan arent the same team....def a difference
  5. Especially now that Dalton is out maybe multiple weeks due to former Colts Jon Bostic hit to his head.
  6. Tennessee schedule becomes very tough, Indy twice who always seems to have their number Ravens, 1 loss Bears and quickly improving Bengals..maybe 1-4 in those....ouch
  7. Cowboys whole O line is missing playing with all backups
  8. La'mical Perine Jets looking good running the ball with N.Y. ahead, his cousin Samaje has Bengals up over Browns trying an upset of his own.
  9. Teddy playing VS Saints not for them...
  10. It truly changes their whole offense, they are in major trouble.
  11. Tennessee without their starting LT suck...they are done seriously
  12. Ravens, think Jackson gets in done in playoffs, KC will be right there, Colts wont be a tough playoff out by any means either, Buffalo a year away imo. Bears their D gives everyone problems, Robinson having another very good year at WR (Maybe top WR no one really talks about much) already beat the Bucs and their schedule is easy down the stretch also which will allow a fresh roster into the playoffs. Seattle has looked impressive and a lot of depth, Tampa wont go down easy and Drew looking to cap career in N.O. with one last run.
  13. I like to play the %'s every loss by a team going for the same spot we are is a feather in our cap......anything can happen any week bad bounces,bad calls,etc...root NFC over AFC
  14. As much as I hate to see Brady win a Raiders loss helps our wildcard chances if we have to take that road to the playoffs.
  15. I had him listed as my surprise breakout as well, we have some nice DE pieces with Houston,Autry,AQM,Lewis and Turay coming back, starting to worry if Bangou needs to be shifted back to LB like he played often in college maybe take some of Franklin's snaps ?
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