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  1. Keep hearing Winston to Colts in media but not buying it...even PFF has jumped on board now https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/14/nfl-colts-bud-dupree-jamies-winston-free-agency-p
  2. Texans were always a house of Cards...trading Hopkins was the wind that blew the house down. They may be in line for top pick in 2022 draft
  3. NFC 1 seed lost to AFC bottom seed despite numerous favorable calls, think Green bay much safer in a Conference where 7-9 makes the playoffs. Just an observation.
  4. Butker looked shaky left 4 points off the board, been a rough post season for many kickers. He will need to be better next week if Henne is in there.
  5. Browns wasted 2 timeouts, 1 a terrible challenge they obviously didnt get a look at and then mass confusion. Could def come into play.
  6. They were out gained by 240 yards...your QB can play bad and you can keep games somewhat close, if people want to blame the thumb they have the right to do it but also a fact his throws were way off most of the afternoon and those were short throws to be missing that bad. They were low, they didnt give his wr's the ability to do anything after the catch. If we want to rely just on stats and not what is really occurring than Jacoby Brissett and Tyrod Taylor should be starting and coveted by everyone because stats say they are #1 and #2 all time with lowest int % in NFL History at 1
  7. Watched the whole game, his throws were off, his receivers were catching at their feet and diving to make catches often zero yards after catches even on short throws. It was bad, very bad. In pres conference McVay when asked is Goff the qb going forward stated "he's the qb right now".....he saw it most the season and once again. Will be interesting who they turn to.
  8. Goff was terrible, completing 5 yard outs to receivers feet when not getting sacked. They stood no chance with him back there, wasnt close at all.
  9. They care because they realize there is a salary cap so money spent in a non effective way is money that can be spent making the club better. If we had no salary cap the % of people complaining would be much less (Some would complain anyway however).
  10. He is going to Miami, the question is if Tua is involved. If so Texans draft O Line help likely if not they go QB and Tua goes somewhere for something. Tua is playing scared and doesnt look fully recovered from the hip (Both physically and even more mentally he doesnt want to get hit).
  11. Browns were so beat up by end of Pitt game they were playing walk ons...it could get ugly and fast. Wolford ruled out for Rams so Goff starts and Blake Bortles comes in likely by 2nd quarter, their D can keep it close only so long, They say its hard to beat a team 3 times in a season BUT Saints 38-3 November 8th showed difference between 2 squads, terrible matchup for Shaky Bucs D...if you make XFL backup Taylor henicke look like an all pro how in the world do you contain Brees ? You dont and wont, N.O. by double digets once again. Buff vs Balt game of the w
  12. Has disaster all over it, over under 1.5 seasons before he walks away. "Circle Of Trust" wont fly in the NFL
  13. Wonder if any other Colts were infected and it showed post game ? Sucks for J.V. hope he plays in NFC title game or Super Bowl
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