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  1. Teams cannot have more than five players rushing at a time. On defense, no more than five players may rush on passing plays. No defensive player may rush from a position of more than two yards outside the widest offensive lineman and more than five yards from the line of scrimmage. The exceptions would be play-action or run-pass option plays and if the ball leaves the tackle box.
  2. Kitt O'Brien looked solid opening holes for Trent Richardson for the Iron (Though Trent sometimes couldnt find them, not shocking really.) Christian Hackenburg is bad like beyond bad so how bad is former Titan starting QB Zach Mettenberger to be behind Christian (Actually Zach is 3rd string even behind Brandon Silvers) for Memphis ? John Wolford former Wake Forest QB looked very solid for Arizona, he went undrafted last season was picked up by the Jets late in preseason, 3 days before final game but played 3 quarters in that game. He has an arm,can read defenses and is mobile. Im very interested to see if he can put a few games like this together in a row. I find it interesting several teams started different QBs then most experts expected in the days leading up to opening week (Based on QB draft made sense experts would lean that way but only 3 top qb picks started) Wolford over Trevor Knight in Arizona Matt Simms over Aaron Murray for Atlanta Logan Woodside over Dustin Vaughn for San Antonio After opening week Orlando and Arizona seem to be the teams to beat, Birmingham and San Antonio right behind. Salt Lake has an offense no D, SD has a D no O, Memphis has a mess on their hands and Atlanta is in need of a miracle.
  3. Was at the Orlando game over 20,000 in crowd on a rainy night. Orlando club is fast....Earl Okine had a sack, D'John Smith didnt start or play much and was a projected starter. Former preseason Colt and Olympic sprinter Marvin Bracy Williams flashed speed on routes. LB Terence Garvin was best player on the field he has 75 NFL games under his belt including 3 starts for Seattle in 2017. Atlanta looked awful somehow Matt Simms beat out Aaron Murray for the starting QB spot but was missing all night long,couldnt read defense still. I expect Murray to unseat him starting next week. Seantavius Jones whom some remember was in a race fro our final WR spot this preseason showed some flashes, Bug Howard who was in a battle for a final wr spot in 2017 actually had a nice game. Denard Shoelace Robinson former jags starting rb didnt impress.
  4. Best during they years played for Colts or best player to wear a colts uniform ? If later Andre Johnson has to be in the discussion, possible HOF candidate , if former most top ones have been mentioned. Ray Butler had a real good sophmore year in 81 with 9 tds never progressed, Sean Dawkins showed flashes, Glenn Doughty was a nice running mate with Roger Carr.
  5. Im headed to the Apollos game next weekend in Orlando (I live about 35 miles away), had season tickets to the XFL Orlando Rage and UFL's Florida Tuskers. The media is really behind this league more than others, Billboards, live radio coverage, totally different feel. I expect this league to flourish and think more than a handful will stand out and make it to NFL squads and starting spots next season. As for the Apollos quite a few former Colts on this squad .Surprised Stephen Morris who was the co favorite to winning the starting QB job along with gale Gilbert who left to play for the Carolina Panthers late this season but returned unlike SD Fleet QB Josh Johnson who stayed with the Redskins. Earl Okine projected to be a starting DE for the squad and D'John Smith starting Cornerback. I expect Aaaron Murray to have a great season for Atlanta and make an NFL team, no clue how Trent Richardson will do but if he has a great year it will get a ton of publicity. Maybe Colts find a viable WR or DT from this league, sometimes all it takes is the opportunity as Tommy Maddox proved in the XFL after being a bust with Broncos, it propelled him to Steelers starting QB.
  6. holeymoley99

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    I think Antonio Garcia may work his way into the backup rotation next season. Highly regarded coming out of college #85 pick in 2017 draft, major health issues (Blood clot in lungs) have derailed him but he seems to be moving past those and regaining strength and size (lost 40 lbs at one point). He is way off everyone radar at this point but so was Glowinski this time last year.