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  1. Coley and Davis give us some beef, wouldnt mind seeing Ray brought in if Bangou isnt showing improvement (Branch either not big on Vanderdoes). Guess they feel Gerri Green isnt ready yet, figured he would be brought up last week. We need to maul Texans weak O line which is now down a starting RT Tytus Howard. Starting to fear Hunt isnt in a slump but is regressing as a player, hope I am wrong.
  2. If Brady didnt have his footballs deflated they couldnt have beat us in the AFC title game because they would not have made it that far. The Ravens would have beat them in the AFC semis, as it was Pats barely won 35-31 so any argument that Pats still would have won the AFc title falls on deaf ears and many forget how close a call that game was and John Harbaugh knew the balls were deflated for that game. I like the Colts chances over the Ravens in that game.
  3. I'm old school but Otto Graham's winning record makes everyone including Brady look pedestrian. 10 straight championship games winning 7 world titles (81% winning pct tops all time) , highest yards per pass attempt 8.63 which somehow still stands. The game was so much different like comparing apples to oranges almost as far as td/int and pass yards per game. 5 x MVP, QB of NFL's 75 anniversary team. Manning,Unitas,Montana,Brady,Brees, Favre all in top 10 discussion. Not sure Elway even is in the same breath.
  4. Houston has beat the bad teams : Jags are awful, Chargers one of the biggest dissapointments in the league and Falcons cant buy a win and lost to the good teams in Saints and Panthers (I consider Carolina good because Christian Mc having a possible mvp season). This week they face a very good team that just got rocked by us in KC. Hard to see them winning this week.
  5. I read somewhere Luck isnt eligible to play this year no matter what so jacoby inury would have no effect what so ever..
  6. Travis remains unsigned which means team didnt see him as a fit if Bunting was signed as TE P.S depth
  7. I think we are dinking and dunking to not try and score too fast, long sustained drives allowing our O line to grind and wear down opposing D lines so by late 3rd and 4th quarter the D's will is broken.
  8. Actually it may not be a bad thing for Houston to win this game, we can jump KC in the AFC standings and can take the 2 seed for ourselves. The North doesnt have a capable team as Pitts is done, Cleveland isn't impressing as many thought and Balt lost to Clev. Im looking at more than AFC South I want that 2 seed and first round bye and home field in AFC semis....
  9. Jihad signed by the Ravens and Hentges by the Redskins. Shows how much depth and talent our club has.
  10. Drawing the long P.I. penalties is something we really should try and do more often as mentioned above. Cain is beating his defenders on those and shaking defenders when Brisett doesnt see him. Kid appears legit, the sideline grabbed dragging the foot was a thing of beauty. Brissett will get better speeding up his progressions and that will also help Cain out as he often isnt option 1 nor 2 at this stage. Was obvious he was a hidden gem all along and is now showing it.
  11. Different types of players, McLaurin had been on fire though for the Skins, missed last week and didnt do much this week.
  12. Gerri Green getting the call up from P.S to help Banogu, lets see what the rookie draft picks bring on passing downs.
  13. I just like my change of pace back that can actually run it AND catches passes out of the backfield. Hines hasnt shown me he can run like a kamara or Chris Thompson.
  14. We need to shift Hines to wr like he was most of his college career, have him play slot. It isnt working so far as an NFL rb. Give Wilkins some carries when Mack is healthy, start him when mack is banged up. Jo.Williams either needs to get healthy or needs to get cut. He has offered us nothing since he has been here. Let's elevate the rookie Bruce Anderson see what he can do, 2,500 yards and 27 tds last 2 years at ND State and 7.5 yds a carry last season.
  15. Always thought he played his heart out for the Colts teams on the '70s. Undersized LB known for sticking his nose in there and taking care of business..... https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/nfl/nonsense-sp-baltimore-colts-linebacker-ed-simonini-obituary-20191002-bpphbj7fhrc37g4v5r2gsydwpi-story.html
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