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  1. I agree the lost starters werent top notch starters the best of the bunch was Ebron who flashed and had a great 2018 after an underwhelming career and came back down to earth. Sheard was very serviceable did what he was paid to do but didnt really move the needle much, Geathers was frequently hurt and Willis showed he is likely and upgrade right off the bat.
  2. I'm with the majority with Rico beating out McLaughlin and O'Donnell I think also makes it, Coleman has a shot. Farrod Green hasnt been discussed much but he really showed a lot last year at Miss State and our TE depth is spotty IMO as M.A.C. didnt really improve as much as many thought. Brandon Wellington had a hell of a season last year at UW can he join college teammate Jacob Eason ? Its possible he may have to beat out E.J. Speed,Skai Moore , Zaire Franklin and/or Matthew Adams as I expect Glascow to join Leonard,Okereke,Walker as the top 4 backers.
  3. In Boston as well as the rest of the country most all top sources are citing Hoyer as the man tobeat at the position......Ill take major sources or minor ones but thats just me.... .https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/05/26/patriots-starting-brian-hoyer-over-jarrett-stidham-would-not-be-surprising/
  4. We beat the Jags 33-13 Week 11 while still fighting for the Playoffs I'll take that 100 times out of 100, if that isnt so good not sure what in the world is. The 2nd game was the season finale with both teams long eliminated with zero impact except draft position increasing for the losing squad. Since then one team has improved their talent and the other has lost more than they have gained. Cant see this being anything other than a sweep, especially since the road game in Jacksonville is week 1, even better for the men in Blue and White.
  5. Good read on topic we have discussed here many times, the Colts pipeline to the Jets. Some of us follow former players and hope they do well and with so many there will be pulling for the Jets most weeks........ https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/5/26/21270272/how-the-colts-and-jets-formed-an-unlikely-relationship
  6. Most reports coming out have Hoyer starting over Stidham who isnt ready, as we saw last year Hoyer is done,shot,Curtis Painter level.....who is their go to wr ? Sanu ? M Lee ? N Henry ? Go to rb ? Michel laid an egg last season with 3.7 yards per carry and now D's will load up even more vs their run game . The talent simply is not there, they tank for a season and try and reload with Lawrence and bring in a few Free Agents. Brady isnt there to save this outmatched squad. Go to Vegas and bet the under on wins which is 9.5, they wont reach 10 wins, not even close, easy money trust me. I know a few of you here followed my XFL bets and cashed in with me on over under on the games coming in under consistently..cash in on this one as well.
  7. Easy division for the Colts IMO, club is looking at 12-4 with a swing of a game either way 13-3 to 11-5. Jags are a total train wreck and their best players want out. Minshew isnt a starting caliber QB we will see Mike Glennon before game 4 so that tells us all we need to know, 2-14 year and fight Pats for #1 overall pick. Texans take a huge step back without Hopkins , not sure what they were thinking even if they felt he was a cancer in the locker room as reports say they could have gotten much more in return, 5-11 maybe 6-10. Titans are physical but dont scare anyone because you know what they are going to do week in and week out, I think Tannehill regresses some but not as far as his Miami days. 8-8 maybe 9-7 for them.
  8. Bills win comfortably as other 3 dont even reach .500. Phins brought in a lot of young talent will see results next season, Jets are still the Jets and Pats appear to be tanking for Trevor Lawrence maybe they eek out 4 wins they do play the Jets twice afterall.
  9. Tyquan Lewis, he finally stays healthy and produces at DE his more natural spot.
  10. Taylor tore apart Big 10 defenses with numbers that were better then anyone ever achieved in 3 years of college ball in any conference. No offense to Barkley but totally different numbers, behind this line I expect multiple rushing titles after this season as Mack moves on and Wilkins is the second half of the 1-2 punch.
  11. Can't wait, as soon as the pick came in my college roommate texted me and said you been following this guy for 3 seasons and your club just drafted him how do you feel ? I said words cant describe...., been watching college ball since 1976 ...not sure I seen a better pure rb and he averaged more yards per season than anyone in college football history...stats arent the only thing but this kid is special.......the season better go off as planned....
  12. Very good coach and appeared to be a very good man as well....R.I.P.
  13. The home his family moved to is in the Panhandle of Florida, Fairhope is nestled right next to the Alabama/Florida border so no it isnt far at all and the roads arent congested on the route (I live in Florida only reason i know these things).
  14. One more ex Colt to the Jets....again gonna be hard not to root for this club with so many of our former guys on it.
  15. Did as much as he could with little talent, like someone else posted his college teammate Chad Williams likely wont even make our top 6 and Chester was his lesser side kick. Works hard just no speed, routes or size so making a roster in the league wont be easy on him. Maybe go to the Jets with the rest of our former guys and hope injuries open up a final spot for him...
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