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  1. It comes with the territory for players in that position ..once cut or even passed in pecking order have to have things ready. Seattle wanted him before we even cut him, I posted on that a couple weeks back so Im sure he had an inkling move to there could possibly happen. In Seattle he has a road to playing because Geno isnt great and jake Luton is well... Jake Luton so until Russell is ready a chance is there IF he can learn their playbook which is simpler than Indys but still needs to be learned.
  2. Not sure I ever got the feel Eason had a big ego, always seemed low key and matter of fact. I never had a dog in the Eason/Sam battle that went on here. Wanted the better player to win out and they brought different things. Never been a Hundley fan because seen him be very bad in the past and hoping Sam passes him in the pecking order again. I think if Wentz becomes unavailable and we are still in playoff hunt they will turn to Hundley though right now, if we are out of playoff hunt the will let Sam have a chance to show something.
  3. As for Boston, he played almost 1,100 defensive snaps in 2020 with a pretty equal amount (429) played at free safety to in the box (424), per ProFootballFocus.com (PFF). “He’s not a guy who is going to be lauded for his run defense, but Boston has shown some of the best zone coverage instincts in the NFL at free safety. Over the past three seasons, his 94.7 coverage grade ranks second at the position.“ He's been a Free Safety almost his entire career, is capable of playing Strong if needed like carolina did last year and very versatile but is a Free Safety and it is where he plays the best.
  4. Tre Boston..he brings experience (48 games started), leadership and stays healthy (Played 96% of snaps or more last 4 seasons). He is only 29 can be around for another couple seasons.....
  5. Anyone who wants to continue playing, Colts could be in first place within 10 days and AFC wildcard way open as well..if we were in week 12-13 and eliminated a different story.
  6. Shift Bo Pete back there ? He obviously cant play Corner at all...just saying
  7. Josh Jones just signed but also a Strong Safety not a Free Safety so not sure he will know playback and even if so how good he will be out of position.
  8. If Blackmon's Achilles injury suffered today in practice is major thats a huge blow. We dont know if Sendejo will be ready and even if so out of position for him. Odum may have to play and a lot which is scary.
  9. Khalil Davis I think the thought all along was practice squad for him but since he was claimed on waivers had to be on regular roster 3 weeks.....it is approaching, we waive him and reclaim for p.s. if he clears and develop him.
  10. Lucas and Tell both went on it yesterday, these are their replacements.
  11. And...there it is official, zero surprise saw that one coming.
  12. Team site hadnt updated in awhile which is typical , Wikipedia site actually updates much faster for what it is worth. Already has Sam's elevation and Eason's cut https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indianapolis_Colts
  13. https://www.colts.com/news/antwaun-woods-practice-squad-active-roster-defensive-tackle-transactionse Made public 2 minutes ago, guess I should have waited and not let cat out of the bag....
  14. He has bounced on and off , nothing like Phillip (now P.J.) Walker a few years back who was on and off 12 times.
  15. On May 11, 2021, Woods signed with the Indianapolis Colts.[16] He was released on September 6, 2021 and re-signed to the practice squad.[17] He was promoted to the active roster on September 24, 2021.[18] He was released on October 11, 2021 and re-signed to the practice squad. And now is being signed to active roster
  16. Antwuan Woods, guess he will be taking Williams spot on the line. Still seems like one DT too many with Davis signed
  17. Hearing Woods being brought up to active roster as well per his agent
  18. Both Tell and Jordan Lucas to ir today, explains why Tell was never called up lingering injury and Lucas must have got hurt in Sunday's game. Leaves us very very thin at Safety as I Campbell was put on ir recently we need Sendejo back or head into Sunday night with only 3 Safetys available and Odum only in desperation. Saw the Williams cut coming once Stallworth's snaps went up and his didnt. Davis is our 4th DT going forward.
  19. I believe today is the last day Ehlinger can be activated on goes to i.r. for the rest of the season...bears watching tonite
  20. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/standings/ I use CBS, know ESPN and Yahoo have their as well and would like to see their numbers, CBS is bullish on our chances to make the playoffs they see Clev and Cinn falling off and Raiders staying afloat. Browns injury woes have them in some trouble. 1)Buff- 99.8 % chance 2)Balt -98.3 3)LAC- 79 4)Tenn-68 5)KC-60.7 6)L.V.- 59.6 7)Indy-57.7 8)Cinn-44.7 9)Clev-34.8 10)Pitt- 34.5 11)Den-31.3 12)N.E-27.8 13)Mia-2.5 14)NYJ- < 1.0 15)Hou- < 1.0 16)Jax <1.0
  21. Clev with no Mayfield,Hunt nor Chubb going forward should be faded behind Indy and Cinn. for sure (Case Kennum anyone ?). Raiders with a coaching switch also should be faded Im surprised they werent lower honestly, easy game this week vs Philly Im sure helped them but the locker room is in shock could bring them together could go south quick. AFC is a mess up top right now, wide open. NFC not as much as ARi,TB,Dall.GB,Rams all distancing themselves.
  22. I usually rely on CBS sports over ESPN....they have Clev higher yesterday before the news of the injury to Hunt and Mayfield broke putting them on the sidelines not sure if ESPN adjusted on that news or not.
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