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  1. Well at 5-0 I will try to improve my season record to 6-0. The only way to look at this game is if we lose this game to a rookie very unimpressive qb who struggles with just about everything it will be a very, very bad joke and no one will be laughing. BUT, if we use the completely ineffective triple vanilla, retreat and surrender defense it could very well happen. The game that comes to mind is the jest game in Darnolds rookie year when we let him throw uncontested passes(short, intermediate, long) all game and we lost to them when we should have won by 4 touchdowns. But we can't let that happen in this game against the texans as we are a minimum 3 touchdowns better. So I will go with a Colt win in this game.
  2. I disagree with the all the talk about how this defense has no talent. That couldn't be any farther from the truth. No defense will look good if they always stay in a triple vanilla, retreat and surrender scheme. Lamar Jackson is so prone to mistakes it's comical and we didn't even attempt to put any pressure on him or disguise coverages, or confuse him, or even attempt to play an nfl style defense. Just soft zone, deep drops by linebackers, even deeper drops by corners, it was sickening and resulted in a loss in a game we should have EASILY won.
  3. I love Mr. Irsays' enthusiasm but after watching the same pathetic "no defense" performance Monday night that we have all seen way to often these past 48 years I don't see any chance for a sb victory over the next 10 years. And look at it this way, we had the best qb to ever play the game for 14 years and only won 1! The fan base is growing tired and weary of these ridiculous performances by the defense. Stop playing triple vanilla retreat and surrender defense. I thin k that was the worst defensive performance I have ever seen by a Colt team over these past 25 years or so. That was way worse than MJD's 300 yard rushing game for the jags a few years back. I could not believe how time and time again the Colts left someone, be it a back, te, or receiver so open there wasn't Colt in the picture. High schools play better defense. What is it about the nfl that we always play so bad against certain teams or players??
  4. We will struggle to win any games as long as we continue to play triple vanilla, soft zone, retreat and surrender defense. You have to mix up the coverages and stop dropping linebackers 15 yards downfield from the line of scrimmage. The Colts made it so easy for the ravens last night it was shameful. No other way to describe it.
  5. I have been complaining g about this very problem since I first was on this forum in 2004. Everything changes, gm, coaches, players but we play the exact same ineffective, pathetic, surrender defense year after year after year. We have made so many average and mediocre players look like hall of famers these past 25 years or so it's borderline insane. Quite frankly I feel like a Lions or Bengals or Jets fan this morning, you just know you are not going to ever win a sb!!!
  6. Hey Indyfan4life, I just thought that was a fun comment to make, sorry you took it personally and made an offhanded attack on myself. No hard feelings on this end.
  7. Wow oh wow, this was the first Colt game I saw live this season as I am always working on Sunday afternoon because I have a job and go to work unlike so many others in this Biden catastrophe . So let me start by saying I am now 5-0 in my weekly predictions and in this weeks prediction I stated we would lose because of "critical, crucial errors and mistakes at the worst times possible". Two missed xtra points and two missed field goals fit that criteria. BUT, that was not the main reason we lost. The number one reason for the loss was something we have seen way to often over the past 48 years. A pathetic, ridiculous defensive strategy where the players backup as fast as they can and give 10-15 yard chunk plays to WIDE OPEN receivers, backs, and tight ends. So the end result was another loss to a young dynamic, uber athletic qb 0-2 this season as we couldn't handle Wilson in week one. Blowing a 25-9 lead against a team that media people ALWAYS state is not built to comeback from deficits, let alone a 16 point deficit is inexcusable and downright pathetic. So much speed and talent on defense and all they do is backup, retreat and surrender. Another prediction here, I have no idea who the gm, coach, or players will be over the next 10 years but there will no sb championships. History will continue to repeat itself over and over. Owners win, fans lose and as a Colt fan for over 50 years I most definitely am used to it. Fourteen years with Peyton Manning at qb and 1 championship, that speaks for itself, and along with last nights game is the reality of the nfl. Never cause for celebrations as Colt fans. Sad, but true, oh well, on to next weeks game!
  8. What does reserve corners have to do with linebackers retreating 12-15 yards EVERY play so Jackson just flips them the balll for 10 easy yards?????????? This defense was designed to lose. retreat retreat retreat soft zone soft zone soft zone. Just like the Manning years.
  9. Not to pat myself on the back but in my prediction of a Colt loss I said we would make"critical, crucial errors at the worst possible time and blow the game, A missed extra point and a blocked field goal, Well, at least the young dynamic, uber athletic Jackson got to shine on Monday night football courtesy of a team that refused to play defense.It's like the game was scripted by Vince McMahon. How many of you called that miss????????????? I've seen enough, take it away Lamar in overtime, and be sure to thank the Colts for the gift.
  10. Can the Colt defense back up any faster??????????????????? This is a joke, a defense designed to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This is high school defense designed to let the ravens score you can't let backs out of the backfield and get 12 yards before contact. This is too easy and ridiculously pathetic.
  12. Why are we giving them 10 free yards on every play. Why are the linebackers dropping so deep all Jackson has to do is flip nice easy tosses to someone wide open in the MIDDLE of the field??? We can still lose this, and it will be an epic collapse.
  13. OK, now let's play some defense, I picked the Colts to lose this game and it isn't over the way we are letting the ravens go up and down the field with NO RESISTANCE. C'mon play DEFENSE!
  14. Yep the refs are earning their money tonight there is no way that was forward. But, it doesn't matter if we don't stop playing all that soft zone, soft zone, soft zone, soft zone, nonsense defense. what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Well, I am 4-0 so far this year in predictions so I'll try to go 5-0. I remember back to last years game against the ravens when we outgained them by 200 yards but managed to lose by 2 touchdowns because we could not contain the young dynamic,uber athletic, dominant qb Lamar Jackson at critical and crucial moments in the game. So I have to predict more of the same this year also. A ravens win, though in reality the Colts probably are 10-14 points better.
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