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  1. Two more drafts,huh? Green Bay missed the playoffs last year, had 2 first round draft picks(Rashan Gary and Darnell Savage) who they have gotten sub par contributions based on draft position. They did sign Smith from the ravens, and change their coach. But the packers roster at the end of last season was nowhere near this Colt roster. Another team I'll throw out there that missed the playoffs last year and is poised for a playoff appearance this year is that God awful steeler team. Wow, that is borderline joke. Talk about bad drafting, take a look at their recievers, you'll see Dion Cain. Do we need to talk qb? Undrafted rookie free agent from d3 Samford. The Colts definitely don't need 2 more drafts to contend for the sb!
  2. My first bold prediction for next season is Brissett will not be on the team. He got his shot this year and just like 2017 it wasn't good. Brissett has gotten 2 shots already in this league, I think Kelly deserves one now.
  3. How many games did Hilton miss last year and how many has he missed this year? I think it still falls on Brissett, teams can defend us a lot easier than they could last year with Luck. Upgrade at qb is needed. Since 1972 we've had 4 qb's with multible playoff appearences(Jones,3; Harbaugh,2; Peyton,11; Luck 4). So in 47 years that's not many. We are NOT the steelers we can't put a drastically talentless team on the field with an undrafted rookie free agent at qb and make the playoffs.
  4. I can't believe all the negative comments about this roster. This roster is light years ahead of the steelers and yet the steelers are now 8-5. That's right 8-5. Some of you who think this team lacks talent watch the steelers and tell me where there is any talent at all on that roster. And that is a team playing an undrafted rookie free agent at qb. This team lacks one thing, well maybe 2. First a qb, second the defensive game plans have really sucked lately for some odd inexplicable reason(s). One blow out win, one blowout loss and 11 games decided by 7 points or fewer and people whine about this team, give me a break. Someone explain to me how that loaded Texan team got blown out at home by the Broncos?????????????? There's lots of experts on here so I want to know how that happened. Do the Texans need to fire their entire coaching staff now?
  5. Well the steelers are making a playoff push with a qb from d3 Samford(Hodges). So this anti Kelly talk is actually nonsense. The steelers also play Banner on oline at times, their rb situation is in shambles, wr is in the same situation, last sunday they beat the browns with 2 wr's on the field they had just signed from other teams practice squads(Cain and Jones). And to top it off other than Minkah, their secondary is one of the absolute worst in the nfl. I will take this roster over the steelers any day. It's a joke we lost to the steelers and they are headed to the playoffs and we will be sitting at home. Come on, man
  6. I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere else on this forum but regarding Kelly and others, Reich and Ballard are always harping on competition and position battles to build a stronger team. It seems to me the 2 weakest areas on this team are the 2 they haven't allowed any competition, qb and kicker. Just an observation. I can't complain about being 6-6, I thought we'd go 11-5 or 10-6, just couldn't get it done in key moments of some games(the qb and kicker really let us down at times). It's not over yet though, if we can win out we still have a chance at the post season.
  7. What's incredible is how good this defense is playing, a few too many breakdowns the past 2 games. (but that *ic 3 man pass rush against the Texans is on the coaches). We lost to 3 horrible offensive teams while the defense stoned them(raiders,steelers, dolphins). We really could be 9-3 or better, this team does not have many holes or weaknesses.
  8. I like how some on here are complaining about the Colts recievers. Take a look at the steeler recievers. I'll take our recievers all day every day. And not only that the steelers started an undrafted rookie from a d3 college again yesterday and won. This is a team game and the Colts have found different ways to lose 6 games this year that they could have just as easily won. It is what it is but I do hope we have an open competition at qb next year to determine a starter. Whether it is Brissett, Kelly or a draft pick.
  9. How about 1978's stand-in for Bert Jones, Bill Troup. Jack Trudeau was a lot better than most people give him credit for. The Colts were very good in '87,'88, and '89. We should have never drafted Chandler or George.
  10. I agree, I don't see a qb in this draft I would take and think he could be better than who we have right now. I think Fromm is the best qb this upcoming draft,and we will have to move up to get anyone(unless we lose out) and if we do make the playoffs we don't need to draft a qb. Just draft oline and dline.
  11. The truth is the Colts are very very good. Look how bad the ravens muddled through the past 6-7 years with a qb who had mediocre stats, a coach who was on the "hot seat", they lose their 2 best defensive players to free agency(Mosely went to the jest, Smith went to the Packers), they trade their "average" qb to Denver, insert a qb who never came close to winning a national title in college and presto-changeo they are dominant in one season. I'd say we are not that far away people, stranger things have happened. And our oline is light years ahead of the Ravens oline. This is a very solid team.
  12. Not everybody is blaming Brissett for all the losses. It's pretty amazing how there have different factors in so many games. Veniteri, the oline has had 2 bad games, the defensive game plan against Houston was mind numbing(3 man pass rush????) Ebron's dropped passes against Oakland(I lost count and a lot of them were on 3rd down). The list goes on and on. But the qb decision making and play has to considered also. We are still alive, we are not done yet.
  13. But you have to throw the ball downfirld for a shot at a "chunk play". Cain had a 35 yard catch for the steelers against Cincinnati and also had long gain on a pass interference penalty. James Washington had a 79 yard td against the bengals. The Colt recievers are every bit as good as those 2 guys. We need to throw the ball downfield. We are 6-5 without a top qb, and that's right we were 6-5 after 11 games last year, we are still in this, this team is very talented and fast, just like last year so we can make the playoffs. I still think it's incredible we have lost to 3 of the worst teams in the afc(raiders, steelers, and dolphins), but, then again, last year we lost to the bengals, jest, and jags. Keep battling, that's all you can do. Go Colts!
  14. What I find incredible is the steelers play a division 3 guy(Devlin Hodges from Samford) and he has won them 3 games this year Including todays where he had a nice 37 yard downfield completion to Deon Cain(remember him). And yet there are many people on here who think Chad Kelly does not deserve a shot to qb one of the most anemic passing attacks in the league this year. Huh? I'm not sure how the coaching staff can justify not playing Kelly at this point. But I'm just a fan with an opinion.
  15. Lot's of qb discussion here. In my opinion any team that is running the ball through the opponents the way the Colts have this season any nfl caliber qb should be able to throw for 275 yards a game easily, where's Brissett 160 or so. And it's not the recievers and backs and tight ends, they are the same ones we had last year!!!! Lot's of bizzare factors had a hand in Thursdays loss. Oh,well on to the next game.
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