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  1. TY, Pittman, Pascal, Campbell,Dulin, and then John Brown if he's cut in Buffalo.
  2. This is a great plan, though I would take Pitt de Patrick Jones in the 2nd round even though that means we would miss out on a te. Great job overall.
  3. I'm ok with this trade, I've been a Wentz fan since his college days. The fact that we got him and kept both our 1st and 2nd round picks this year is almost unbelievable. Great job Ballard. Reich will be able to get him back on track. And also, I believe he was by far the best remaining option available. Within reason of course.
  4. 1) Draft Darisaw in round 1. 2) Patrick Jones in round 2. 3) bring in a reliable wr such as Agular or Robinson and hope they don't get hurt. 4) sign another o-lineman we need more depth. And on a side note, I don't understand all the gushing about juju the people in Pittsburgh can't get him out of town fast enough.
  5. I've done what I think is some interesting research. And it could be meaningless and inconsequential but none the less based on history I found it peculiar. In 2019 the Bucs were the most penalized team in the nfl. In 2020 they were the 4th fewest penalized team. Pretty much same coaching staff and players just somehow didn't commit a plethora of penalties this year as in 2019. And it even gets better. During their 4 game win streak at the end of the season and the 4 post season games the Bucs were penalized 33 times for 257 while their opponents got hit 45 times for 513, that I think is astou
  6. Yes, need a left tackle because Costanzo retired, need more help at wr. I think this defense is outstanding when we are aggressive and don't play "stand around and watch" the opponent complete easy pitch and catch slants(see Cincinnati and Pittsburgh games for 2 obvious examples). Qb will be a problem, we should go with Eason or a reliable veteran like Wentz, but I would not trade our 1st rounder for him, so there would have to be other options. And we also need to stop making critical errors at crucial moments of a game. That has happened way to often these past 25 years or so.
  7. And yet they just won the sb???? Our roster is more than good enough to compete. So we haven't won the division in 6 years? When was the last time Tampa won their division??? The answer is laughable. Tampa must not have had a 3-5 year plan Arians has only been there 2(that's less than Reich here). I just don't understand all the negativity, obviously there are more factors at work to winning in the nfl than roster building.
  8. Hey NewColtsFan, I wish I didn't have to use the words "never" and "always" but with 48 years of disappointments it's hard not to. Harbaugh came in in '94 and we went 8-8, then 9-7 the next year and got absolutely reamed in the afc championship game in Pittsburgh(since when are you allowed to step out of bounds in the end zone and then catch a td pass, with just 6 seconds remaining in the half no less????) Oh well it's nonsense like that that true Colt fans can be all that optimistic. I was very pleased with Rivers this year, this team has loads of talent and any above average qb will get us t
  9. I would take Stafford without hesitation, but we also need a lt. Stafford would come here and win 12 games with this roster. Playoffs, probably a one and done that happens way to often here with the Colts. But atleast we would win and be optimistic instead of "knowing" we were going nowhere such as the 2019 season.
  10. Not only is Leonard the man on the field he is the man off the field. Glad he is a Colt. We need to pay him. The Colts have let too many good players leave over the years. Ray Buchanon, and Mike Peterson to name 2.
  11. Elevating Brady to oc was an excellent move on various levels. It was an "inhouse" move. He is familiar with the organization and coaches already. He is well respected. And I think also he has helped build a very strong foundation for the players over these past 3 years under coach Reich. We need a strong foundation here with the Colts because we will never be a franchise that can bring in a qb, no matter who it is, and have gigantic success immediately, such as the steelers(Roethlesberger), the Broncoes(Manning), or most recently Tampa(cry baby). That just isn't going to happen here, history
  12. Though I haven't done much "scouting" yet, I like this draft. Two linemen early, pass rusher, and no qb. And I'll also add I do not like Dupree. Riley Cole would be a steal in the 4th round, I don't think he would be there.
  13. Feiler is no better than Clarke, Feiler had trouble beating out Zach Banner, remember him? got cut as a rookie in camp. Got hurt early this year with the steelers and placed on i.r. Could be the only reason Feiler stuck with the steelers this year. I say no to any castoff o linemen from the steelers.
  14. Smoke317, I honestly don't know why we play just bad enough to lose so many critical games over the past 48 years. And it does happen over and over, time and again. It is super frustrating. But the fact Manning only got us to 2 sb's in 14 years, I think, says it all. I'm not sold on Fields. I think it's going to be Rivers next year or we are going to go with the young guy Eason. This years steeler game was a prime example, the steelers really are bad we should have beaten them 45-10, no contest, but as soon as we kicked that field goal to go up 24-7, I knew it was over, and it was a typical"w
  15. You think this Colt team is underachieving because of Frank? Well here's another way to look at it. The combined post season record of Dungy and Caldwell was .500 and they were the head coaches of Colt teams quarterbacked by the greatest qb to ever play the game. Manning revolutionalized the way the position is played. Frank has a 28-20 record and one of his three seasons Brissett was the qb. When Dungy was in Tampa his teams played great defense, he comes to Indy and his teams played very little defense, did he forget how to coach defense? Yes, Caldwell is obviously a better head coach than P
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