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  1. Believe me I've been in Wilsons group of supporters since we drafted him but something seems off with him this summer. Desir, Moore, Rock, Hairston,and I look for Tell to make it over Wilson. Then Hooker, Geathers, Odum, and Willis at safety. Then we keep Milton for his special teams ability. I know he isn't a very good corner, but his special teams play is excellent.
  2. Sorry to ruffle your feathers dude, I've always been a fan of Haeg, and think he is under appreciated. Just my opinion.
  3. Oooops, I meant to say convert him from safety.
  4. I just put on another topic Wilson looks really bad, like he doesn't even want to play. I think Tell makes the team, Collins won't. And Odum stays over Farley
  5. Another thought from last weeks game, I was very impressed with Tell, he was the one draft pick this year who I thought had no chance of making the team(especially since they are trying to convert him to safety), but since Wilson looks completely disinterested Tell will make the team and Wilson, I think, is gone.
  6. Glowinski did play well last year, I just think Haeg is better and should be starting.
  7. The most puzzling thing to me about this team so far this year is who on the Colt coaching staff thinks either Andrews or Glowinski is better than Haeg? I realize Haeg plays every position along the line and is a valuable backup, but he should be starting at rg.
  8. I haven't seen any of training camp, but is it possible the oline has struggled and looked bad because La Raven Clark and J'marcuss Webb are on the field too much? Can Brissett recognize anything? When the qb is hesitant and confused the oline doesn't look good either.
  9. After not playing well at all in the first half I thought Leonard started asserting himself in the second half. That forced fumble and recovery that had the Colts set up at around the 25 yard line of the Chiefs should have turned the game. But I believe it was Ford who beat Smith and knocked the ball out of Lucks hand and kc recovered. Any game Hooker, Leonard, or Walker missed last year the defense was not as good. That speaks volumes for the talent of those 3 guys.
  10. That is awesome, not only is Kenny a very good football player, no, great football player he is an even better man. And, thankfully, we as Colt fans can say that about a lot of our players over the years. God Bless Kenny Moore.
  11. I didn't read many of the posts here but I'm just going to say good for Kenny. There weren't many of us on here last offseason praising Kenny for his play as a rookie, but he stepped up and proved he belongs in the nfl. Congratulations Kenny, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you play this season and years to come.
  12. I put on her a couple months ago, How good is Andrew Luck? Because according to national media the Colts had the 32nd ranked team in the league(last) going into last season. Many reasons(apparently), no running back, no recievers outside of Hilton, no offensive line blah, blah, blah, the list goes on and on. Yet , the Colts won 10 games and made the playoffs. Seriously, it was probably 75% Andrew Luck. Youngest roster in the league, first time head coach, first time dc, rookies everywhere. The media really can't have it both ways, if the Colts really are so devoid of talent Andrew Luck has to be the best qb in the league by far. My opinion is that he is. Even though I say the Colts easily have a top 10 roster right now, Andrew Luck makes it all go. You can have a top 10 roster and not have a qb and go 7-9. Colts are fortunate, top 10 roster and a great qb, good combination!
  13. Athlon season preview that I will say I put no credibility in what so ever, had their top players by position rankings and Hooker was not in the top 20 safeties(what a laugh) and it gets even better. Their top 30 corners they had Desir at 22(don't know about that), but Kenny Moore II was not listed(huh) Kenny is better than over half the guys they had in the top 30. Oh well, that's the way it goes.
  14. What is still incredible to me that I haven't seen anyone mention here is we lost 3 games last year to teams with double digit losses! Bengals, Jets, and Jags. That is mind numbing. And,yes, I know the Bengals and Jet games were early, but still I can't imagine losing those kind of games this year. But on the flip side we almost lost to the Dolphins and Giants, 2 clearly vastly inferior teams. We need to be ready to play from day one this year, and I'm sure we will be. Go Colts!
  15. Agree, I think Luck is better than a lot of people give him credit for. Again, I am very excited for this upcoming season. Hopefully nothing bizarre will derail it.
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