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  1. Agree, I think Luck is better than a lot of people give him credit for. Again, I am very excited for this upcoming season. Hopefully nothing bizarre will derail it.
  2. This team only wins four games last year without Luck. Don't underestimate the confidence the other 52 players have with Luck on the field vs Brisset. Not a knock on Brisset, he just doesn,t compare to Luck in leadership and the ability to lift teammates level of play. This team has no limitations with Luck on the field(I know, bold prediction, open for ridicule) But I am confident going into this season we will be competitive and successful. Ballard is doing a tremendous job, and don't underestimate Frank Reich either.
  3. I have Milton making the team this year on special teams play only. He really isn't a good corner at all. So unless one of the new guys(Tell, Peters, Taylor,etc.) becomes a st demon Milton will have his roster spot again.
  4. Willis also reminds me of Mike Minter. I think your grading is pretty accurate. But, I disagree with your grade on Green, I really like that pick, and Tell, I am not to confident with that pick. Hope Tell proves me wrong.
  5. I don't like to refer to guys as busts,but I call it "not living up to position drafted". This year I will say Jones, Haskins, Gary, and Howard.
  6. I think Milton makes the team because of his special teams play. He is by far our best cover man on punts. I also agree on Odum, I think he makes the team and will really step up this year like Kenny Moore did last year in his 2nd season. If Peters or Taylor come in and dominate in training camp the corner position final cutdown will be very interesting.
  7. I 've said many times on this forum it doesn't matter who is in your secondary if the front 7 can't stop the run or rush the passer. And I still think that is one of the true axioms of football. In his 14 years of leading the Colts Polian, agreat gm over 3 decades with 3 different teams only drafted 2 dl and 3 lb in rounds 1 and 2 with the Colts. Freeney, Hughes, Peterson, Morris, and Washington. And guess what, the defense was never very good. Coincidence, I don't know, but I think it had a lot to do with all those poor defensive teams.
  8. That's pretty close to how I think it will be. But, I have Milton at cb because he has been our best special teams cover guy the last 2 years. And I also keep Odum and not Kindred. And Franklin at lb with Speed on the ps.
  9. Wow Jamal Peters must not have done anything to get ready for the combine. He hurt his ankle in the 3rd qtr of their bowl game against Iowa and missed the rest of the game. I wonder if the injury prevented him from preparing? If anyone gets a chance to watch that game keep your eye on #4- that's Gerri Green he was very good in that game, right there with Sweat and Simmons.
  10. I said in my draft grade I thought Okereke will start over Walker and I like Walker. The depth and athletic ability of this linebacking crew is going to very good. And, just as important, they are all great football players. I also think Adams will start over Banogu. Banogu is extremely fast and that's a good thing.
  11. I know it's early but I expect Roc, Okereke, and Campbell to all start week one at the Chargers. And get contributions from Willis, Green, and undrafted rookie, Peters also.
  12. I'll say no way Adams gets cut, maybe Franklin. Leonard, Okereke, Adams start, Banogu, Walker, Franklin, Moore, Speed, and Thomas battle for backup position.
  13. And to answer the question I would rather have Banogu and that 2nd round pick next year because I expect it to fall between 34-39. (Miami will probably have pick 33)
  14. I watched the first half of the TCU-Ohio State game yesterday. Banogu was not very effective as a rush end. He did have 2 tfl. He is much better suited for SAM which I believe is why we drafted him. On a side note LJ Collier was not very impressive(Seahawk first round pick). I also watched Mississippi St. versus Iowa. Sweat, Simmons, and Green were all pretty good. Abram was real good. Peters hurt his ankle. I know it was only one game for each team but I've seen almost all Ohio St. games from the last 3 seasons and Campbell is the real deal.
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