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  1. We haven't fallen behind anyone. People think we haven't passed the steelers??? HaHa, Their offensive line sucked last year and they've lost 3 starters(Pouncey, Villanueava, and Feiler). And yet people think our line is in shambles? Where is the logic? The pessimism on this forum is astounding, nothing short of pathetic. Thank you for letting me rant! I saw on bspn this morning they had a discussion topic of "which quarterback will be the best in the afc east in 5 years?" What a joke, the real topic for discussion should have been "which of the 4 qb's in the afc east will be out of football in
  2. I would keep Dulin over Patmon and Harris because Dulin and Odum are demons on special teams.
  3. My favorite pick is Davis, I've said I'm not sold on Paye, I also think Butler and Jackson will make the team from the udfa class. If Dayo fully recovers from his achilles injury he will be a steal at pick 54.
  4. And if I remember correctly they gave them a "D" last year also. I think Pittman, Taylor and Blackmon proved them wrong. And Glasgow and Rodgers contributed very well on special teams.
  5. Keith Taylor, Chris Rumph, or Jack Anderson(guard from Texas Tech).
  6. Quite frankly, we probably got the best de/olb available when we picked at 21. You never know. One thing I'll say though, at 6 foot 3 and 277 Paye shouldn't get pushed around.
  7. Yes,Paye is extremely athletic and fast and an extremely hard worker, but he sure needs to step up his productivity. I never imagined we would go de with pick 21!
  8. Well I will say my bold prediction of Ballard not picking a de before round 5 was way off base. I'm not a fan of Paye, but then again I wasn't a fan of Freeney when we picked him either and we see how that turned out.
  9. Trade down and take ot in the early 2nd round(Cosmi, Eichenberg, Leatherwood, Jenkins, Radunz) there will be very good offensive tackles who are capable of playing left tackle available in picks 33-45. My bold prediction for this draft is Ballard will not take a de before round 5.
  10. I don't see the Colts moving up at all in the first round this year. I think the opposite will happen, a trade down so Ballard can get back a 3rd round pick.
  11. If you look at last years draft 7 of the 9 picks were made via trades. Mostly trading down, but we did trade up in the 2nd round to draft Taylor.(great move by the way!) There is nothing wrong with maneuvering around throughout the draft for more picks and better positioning, Ballard is actually pretty good at it.
  12. Kieth Taylor is a corner from University of Washington.
  13. Every bad trade has been mentioned, my vote goes to Fredd Young, Two first round picks for a special teams player who really even sucked at that.
  14. Kieth Taylor jr. Unhearlded, but he will be a solid nfl corner for years, hope we get him. Another favorite of mine is South Alabama linebacker Riley Cole, hope we get him also!
  15. Here's one, Ballard makes three trades before making his first pick and with one of the 3 2nd round picks he has at his disposal he takes Dylan Moses.
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