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  1. Why do so many on here talk about how great tennesse is? They have to be the luckiest 5-0 team in history. The vikings should have beat them, The "we haven't played anyone narrative" pessimisim is laughable. The titans, steelers, ravens, packers being "elite" is ridiculous. Just because highly paid talking jacks on tv say how great some teams are while ignoring most other teams(do the Colts get any coverage at all?) doesn't mean it's true. This team is as good as any of those "elite" teams out there. Yes, we will lose to the steelers because we always do, we will play as bad as we have to jus
  2. Brissett would have had 171 yards passing and taken 5 sacks yesterday, and never once through downfield to Johnson. He just doesn't air it out, he holds the ball and looks confused as the play breaks down around him. We saw it for two seasons. Rivers has been solid.
  3. I don't think any of our defensive backs look very good when they are playing stand around zone defense. The more aggressive they play the better they are(Kenny Moore especially). We actually have a pretty solid group of db's.
  4. What I saw yesterday was a repeat of a 2018 game where we were playing a team with a rookie qb who was the number 3 overall pick starting his 4th game or something like that and we sat back in a very soft very loose zone defense and got picked apart up and down the field as the rookie qb stared down his receivers just like Burrow did. What did this coaching staff learn from that game in 2018 that they thought would work this year??????? Really, how can anyone even explain that defensive game plan yesterday? So many easy pitch and catch on slant routes. At least as the game went on they did pla
  5. Maybe I should just stay off this forum because it is so confusing. Many on here want to bring Darnold in for as much as a 2nd round draft pick. Using the logic that he is just being "ruined" by an inept organization in New York. Huh? So let's bring him here for a fresh start so he can be under the guidance of Ballard and Reich two guys who get roasted on here daily because they don't know what they are doing. How is that a "fresh start"??? Darnold struggles in New York because he sucks, I'm sure both Ballard and Reich see that, so I will predict again that Darnold will never be a Colt, not ev
  6. Bill Parcells always said, "in the nfl 2 or 3 plays a game will beat you." Really, how true is that? How many times did Marvin and Reggie bail out Peyton and or Andrew with amazing routes and catches at critical moments? Not just in the 4th quarter but throughout the entire game? And, I'm sorry folks, but you just don't draft that caliber of wr's every year or every decade for that matter. This is a solid playoff caliber team that wasn't going to go 16-0. We can still go 12-4, 11-5, 10-6, all three of which will get us into the playoffs. And I'm still predicting we will win the afc south!
  7. What has Darnold done in his career as a jet that makes anyone think he can be an nfl qb? I haven't seen anything. I'll bet the Colts aren't even considering acquiring Darnold as that would be completely pathetic.
  8. I disagree, when Brissett qb'd last year I felt we had little to no chance to win, the games were close and competitive but Brissett could not get the job done in the final 4 minutes. Isn't it something like 80% of nfl games come down to one possesion (8 points or less difference in the final 4 minutes). That, by the way, I think is an incredible stat, but it keeps the fans glued to their tv's. Any way, with Rivers, we have a good chance to win. He has won 3 games and blown 2 with interceptions. I don't know if you are old enough to remember Vinnie Testeverde, but he threw so many game clinchi
  9. I find it absolutely laughable that there are people on this forum clamoring for Brissett. He has had two shots both times were abysmal failures. A highly paid media clown says we should go with Brissett, that in itself says no way. Even in his mop up duty this year he looked confused, indecisive, and unable to handle the job of an nfl qb. This Brissett talk needs to end. Maybe he is a great guy, great teammate, excellent human being, impeccable character, but, we have no better chance of winning with him at qb as we do when Clark is playing left tackle.
  10. Rivers looks as good as those 40 something qbs in Tampa and New Orleans, who, by the way, both teams are also 3-2. We completely dominated a Viking team that hung with the Packers and should have beaten the seahawks(a team many on here can't stop saying how great they are)(what a crock of crap). We crushed the Bears, took care of the jest like we should of, somehow lost to the jags even though statistically dominated them. And lost to the browns with out the best defensive player in the game or our left tackle or our starting rb, and down two young recievers in a year there were no preseason g
  11. We still have a shot at 13-3 because we have that automatic loss against the Steelers in week16. And we probably can't beat that powerful Raider team so that drops us to 12-4. All other games are very winnable(hopefully Costanzo gets back immediately). This defense is outstanding, still need to tighten up the pass d however. Had Leonard played yesterday we probably would have held the browns to under 20 points, Leonard is that good!!!!!
  12. Two seasons ago weren't we something like 1-6 with Costanzo out, and we still go with Clark as reserve left tackle? Ballard is a great gm and has done a masterful job of building this team, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, anytime Clark has to play we are in deep #%^!
  13. I'm not going to be as negative as some people are on this forum and I'm going to say the first quarter of the season has been very impressive. Solid wins over the Vikings(did you guys see how they hammered the Texans yesterday, a team many people on here say is so much better than the Colts, and they have a 40 million dollar qb!) and the Bears. Glad the defense is playing up to it's talent level. Leonard is still the leading canidate for dpoy. Okereke played really well in Leonards absence yesterday. The front seven has been outstanding as a whole. Mohammed has really been solid, Hope Turay p
  14. But the Vikings also didn't have any trouble moving the ball or scoring on the Packers or those vaunted Titans. So maybe there is something to be said for this defense. Just another way to look at it.
  15. I'm going to say yes and also cast another vote, now after 3 weeks, for Darious Leonard for defensive player of the year. I think we play too much soft zone and don't blitz enough but with that said those guys have been pretty good thus far.
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