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  1. Brissett may stay on the roster into training camp, when someones starter or backup gets hurt that team may come calling and offer up a 7th rounder for Brissett. But I still predict one way or another Brissett will not be on the roster come week 1.
  2. The list I saw must not have been updated, thanks.
  3. I was looking at the list of undrafted players still available and both Parnell Motley the corner from Oklahoma and Chris Miller the safety from Baylor are still available. Those are 2 of my favorite players in the draft. Motley reminds me of what Buddy Ryan said about Chris Carter when he cut him from the Eagles,"all he does is catch touchdowns". Motley is a playmaker. And Chris Miller is a badass we need to bring those 2 guys in.
  4. I see where some said Eason "had issues in college that's why he lasted until the 4th round". Huh, didn't Kelly "have issues in college"? People are going to find out there isn't much difference between Eason and Kelly, the biggest difference is that Kelly didn't cost us a 4th round draft pick. Eason vs. Kelly for the starting job in 2021 will be interesting, on the field that is, I'm not talking about this forum exploding on a daily basis! I'm fine with Eason, Fromm would have been ok. Someone took a shot at Jack Trudeau earlier in this thread, Trudeau got us to the playoffs in '87 and kept us very competitive for 3-4 years. He was a solid qb. In every generation there are only a handful of truly outstanding qb's you are not going to have one all the time. How many years passed between Bert Jones and Peyton? If you don't like that example how about Johnny Unitas and Peyton? A very talented team without a qb had to play like an expansion team for us to get Luck.
  5. Yea, I'm sure we would have still taken Pittman at 32.
  6. I'll be a little more generous than most of you guys. I give this draft a solid A. Pittman jr. is ok. Taylor outstanding pick. Blackmon will be solid. Eason is ok, but I don't think he will ever be super. 2021 qb battle comes down to Eason vs. Kelly. Pinter, good pick had to have ol. I loved the Windsor pick, Penn State linemen are always technically sound and this guy will not get outworked which is what you need in dlinemen. Patmon, Rodgers, and Glasgow will compete, like most 5-7 round guys. I do wish we would have taken another olineman though. An undrafted rookie free agent is going to have a hard time making the opening day roster this year, the streak may end. Blankenship, the olineman from Canada, or the db from Georgia Southern have the best chance of the guys we've signed so far.
  7. I didn't do to well either. I said repeatedly we would not draft a qb(so glad we did not take Love). I wish we would have taken another OL. Loved the Windsor pick. The dbs will add depth. Taylor will be great, but I believe Mack will not be back in2021. All in all another great draft, Ballard outsmarts me hahaha.
  8. I don't think we will trade Mack, but this probably means he's not getting an extension.
  9. The 2 players I hope we can get out of this draft would be middle round picks Parnell Motley and Akeem Davis-Gaither. And I hope we don't draft a qb at any point in this draft.
  10. I am going to make one change to my draft, I don't see much of a chance that Burgess will be there in the 6th round so I'll change that pick to Chris Miller a safety from Baylor. There are so many different ways to approach this draft it will be interesting to see how wrong I am again this year.
  11. Jordan Love is still there at pick 65. Chargers jump ahead of Dolphins to take Herbert. And finally, Ballard will make at least 6 trades in the 2020 draft.
  12. I put on here somewhere the other day that Wilson id really the only player I would pick at 34 if he's there. The only reason Wilson played right tackle at Georgia is Andrew Thomas played left tackle. Diggs is ok, Claypoole moved up a lot of draft boards when he ran the 40 at the combine. Throckmorton would be a better 5th round pick. No way I take a qb in this years draft. Akeem Davis-Gaither the lb from Appalachian St is my pick in the 4th round. All in all very good mock.
  13. I've said a few times on here already this year and I'll repeat here, other than Burrow and maybe Herbert there isn't a qb in this draft that can outplay Chad Kelly so why pick one? I don't think Ballard is going to. Just my opinion.
  14. Yea, when the offense really struggles and the team has no "confidence" the offense can do anything everything else suffers, defense, special teams, and probably even coaching. I have a friend who is a huge Bears fan and I asked him at the end of the season what happened to the Bear defense(I figured he would blame Pagano), but instead he said:" nothing, the defense played better this year than last year." He said it was all on the offense. Hence, Nick Foles arrives in Chicago, and along the same lines of logic, Philip Rivers comes to Indy. Improved qb play improves your defense, generally speaking.
  15. For me it is Mike Peterson, second round of the '99 draft. I bought a Peterson jersey in August of '99 before he had even played a game. Polians biggest gaffe here was letting Peterson go after 4 years. Still don't understand that move!
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