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  1. For me it is Mike Peterson, second round of the '99 draft. I bought a Peterson jersey in August of '99 before he had even played a game. Polians biggest gaffe here was letting Peterson go after 4 years. Still don't understand that move!
  2. I just watched that game on nfl network the other night. The one thing that stood out to me was how bad the left tackle was(#79) he couldn't block anyone at any time. Remember in 2018 when Clark played left tackle before Costanzo got back on the field and we went 1-3 in those 4 games? And even though I am not a fan of Clark at all he is much better than #79 of the Chargers.
  3. Prior to the 2018 season Carrie signed a 4 year 31 million dollar contract with the Browns so his release could have been a cost cutting move along the lines of Desir. Maybe he has some good football left. There are probably 2 corner spots up for grabs behind Moore, Rock, Tell, and Rhodes.
  4. If the draft fell this way Isiah Wilson would be a great pick at 34 but I really expect Ballard to trade down. Thomas and Wilson just crushed people at Georgia last year. Chaison is considered one of the best edge rusher in this draft and he got stoned by those 2 all game in the sec championship game.
  5. I didn't even say he sucks or is horrible, I only pointed out his bad plays far outnumbered his good plays last year(as in 2017). The easiest way to go 7-9 or 8-8 next seaon would be to leave Brissett at qb. We brought in Rivers with the idea of getting to 11-5 or 12-4 or maybe even better. If Ballard or Reich thought Brissett could get us to 11-5 Rivers would not be here.
  6. One great play in and amongst 100's of bad ones. The end.
  7. People think we don't have depth at wr, but they don't consider the fact it was our qb who made them look bad last year. Overall our receivers were more solid last year than in 2018 when our qb threw for well over 4000 yards. Hence, in March of 2020 we brought in a significant upgrade at qb.
  8. With the draft fast approaching here is my one and only mock. I incorporated some trades in my mock this year because Ballard always seems to trade and I also think he will try to acquire more picks. My trades are reasonable and provide value.( I think) Round 2: trade pick 34 to Browns for pick 41 and 115, select Denzel Mims, wr Baylor. Round 2: trade pick 44 to Falcons for pick 47 and 119, select A.J. Terrell, cb Clemson. Round 3: pick 75, Brycen Hopkins, te Purdue. Round 4: pick 115, Calvin Throckmorton, ol Oregon. Round 4: pick 119, Akeem Davis-Gaither, lb Appalachian St. Round 4: pick 122, Trevis Gipson, de, Tulsa. Round 5: pick 160, Parnell Motley, cb Oklahoma. Round 6: pick 193, Terrell Burgess, s, Utah Round 6: pick 197, Steven Gonzales, og, Penn St. Well, what do you think, I know the glaring omission in my draft is qb, but I just can't see spending a draft pick on a player, regardless of who he may be, that doesn't have anymore potential than Chad Kelly. Lots of defense in my draft, and 2 o-linemen to try to soften the loss of Haeg. My favorite pick would be Motley, the dude can flat out play.
  9. I am going to repeat my bold prediction from last December right after the season ended. Brissett will not be on the team come opening day this season. I just don't see him here. We just gave 25 million to Rivers, that's like telling Brissett "you just can't get the job done" see ya.
  10. This Buckner trade reminds me of 1987 when Bill Polian, then gm of the buffalo bills gave up his 1988 first round draft pick for holdout Colt draft pick Cornielous Bennett. Polian said at the time there would be no one near the player of Bennetts caliber where that 1988 first round pick would fall. I think Ballard is using the same logic here. No one in this years draft would provide the value at 13 that Ballard got with Buckner. He got a proven all pro who goes 110% on every play. I was watching the second half of 49ers-chiefs last night and watched Buckner on every snap he was on the field in the 3rd and 4th qtr he was double teamed every play except 1. His impact on this Colt defense will be quadruple what either Kinlaw or Brown could have provided. This was a double a plus move by Ballard. I thought it was too steep of a price when the trade was made but now I feel it was a steal. Great move Ballard.
  11. Right now I have Mims at 34, Terrell at 44, and Brycen Hopkins at 75. Then Akeem Davis -Gaither in the 4th round. But there is still over 5 weeks to before the draft.
  12. And what does Brady have left? Nothing, he just retire and stop embarrassing himself.
  13. Other than trading for Dalton, Rivers and Kelly are the 2 best options going forward.
  14. I don't think a qb will be picked at all. db, te, wr first 3 picks. And I think there will be some trade downs to acquire more picks in this very deep class of wr, ol, and dbs.
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