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  1. It was a good season. Something to build on. It'll be an interesting off-season. The team could be totally different next year with so many expiring player contracts.
  2. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/11/28/nfl-colts-news-grover-stewart-contract-extension/ Well deserved
  3. Colts 24 titans 13 Our offense should be able to move the ball on their defense. If our D can limit Henry then we can win it.
  4. I gave him crap last week but I'll happily eat crow with a game like that. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  5. Great game by River's. Hopefully he can string a few games like this together.
  6. That is a problem. Especially for an experienced QB.
  7. Maybe not 100% but he deserves the bulk. The defense kept hope in the game. Aside from the one special teams play that are what gave me hope when all was lost. Rivers was the one that kept giving them momentum and made most fans lose hope on the game with the picks and safety. The defence gave up points but Rivers sure didn't give any.
  8. An experienced QB like him wpuld of done the right thing like throw it out of bounds. Maybe even throw it low to a check down. It should of been a run play (on the coaching staff), but I t wasn't and he should of handled it accordingly.
  9. Today. He gave up 9 points. We lost by 9 points. If the plays he messed up had gone the other way then yes we could of won, but if the other plays went our way then we still probably would of lost. Those inerceptions and safety were the deciding factor. I wasn't excited about the acquisition, but was hopeful. He ended up being the total opposite of Brissett. Willing to go for the big play but not being safe with the ball.
  10. KB


    I agree. Let Eason show he isnt worth it.
  11. KB


    So... outside of Lawrence, what qb can we obtain next year that will put us over the top thats better than Eason?
  12. You'll take a win if it's a win no matter what. Name one game this year that we won because of Rivers. I'll wait.
  13. I would say the #1 was just cool to say because when has a Colts fan been able to say that anytime. I would still say we're a top defense in the league even with the injuries. While the first half was rough to watch/listen to, the second half was good D (outside of those runs).
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