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  1. Sadly, when someone says a player is a "run first qb" or a "running qb", they never surmise that from their style of play.
  2. The only thing about the Titans that worries me is their interior DL. Simmons and Sweat are going to be a problem.
  3. Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn... I got excited thinking he was coming back. Lol
  4. One of the issues seen with Mitchell is that he takes plays off when he isn't getting the ball. If he is to take Pierces role outright, he will need to run those deep routes every time like he is. Pierce didn't just have to most snaps he also ran the most yards. Mitchell will need to do that and run every route like the play is meant to get him the ball. I think Pierce is safe to be a starter for at least the beginning portion of the season just due to his experience in the system and NFL. We have a good problem at WR tho.
  5. No on a 5th year option. Yes to an extension after this year. I just don't think $13 million annually is the right number for a great run defender.
  6. After getting one in my younger days, I'm glad to see someone else with one lol.
  7. I'd say FS, CB, and RB are about the only 3 needs this team currently has in any shape. Need a starter at FS, experienced competition at CB, and a backup RB. I'm sure bargain bin shopping for a RB will be enough.
  8. I'd say that FS is the position of greater need and the biggest hole on the roster. While our young CBs made some mistakes last year, the bulk of the explosive plays were from mistakes at the FS position (most of the explosive plays from CBs were Baker Jr). We also didn't do enough to improve the position to leave it as is. Our options at the moment are the ones you listed. Cross has shown to be better as a strong safety. Thomas was good his first year, but terrible his second. So bad I'm not sure if he should get a third with us. Maybe he turns around. I won't say Simpson sucks or anything like that, but he was a 5th round pick in a weak safety draft. He can't be handed the position. A Thomas vs Simpson camp battle for the position is a weak battle. I'd also say that an experienced FS would also help in the grooming of our young CBs. When Mike Adams was here the CBs here would talk about how much his experience at safety helped them on and off the field. I believe the biggest was tape study. I believe if we only took one position before the season, FS would be the more important. To take and experienced CB but nobody at free safety would bring minimal results due to allowing explosive plays. If we only brought in say Diggs or Simmons tho, those plays would be mitigated even with our young CBs. Hopefully we grab experience at both and show Baker Jr the door. Really just get rid of Baker and we might win a few more games.
  9. Nfl.com says he might be a candidate to move to lb.
  10. This rounds out the receiver room nicely. Nice developmental depth and can play on special teams in the mean time.
  11. I watched some of the Pitt vs WV game from a few years ago. I like this guy at guard but not tackle. He played RT and had trouble kicking out when he needed to. Other than that he blocked well. One play that stood out was when a LB went outside and then stunted inside once the TE got out wide right to block. He almost got the sack but Gonclaves did a great job of handing the DE he was originally blocking off to the TE and had just enough time to get and arm on the LB to slow him down. It was enough for the qb to scramble upfield for a positive gain. I think he could develop as a phone booth type RG.
  12. Our trenches are stacked! We will be letting some decent players go when final cuts are said and done. It's a good thing tho.
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