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  1. Even with Peyton's, he had a running game and defence for indys one, and an elite defence in Denver.
  2. There was a run play where Mack went the right behind Braden. Braden had three defenders stacked on the block and was moving them. Our line is a beast.
  3. I'm ok with rolling the dice on a developmental tackle. He will probably sit the bench until Castanzo is done. I honestly dont like the idea of moving up for anyone less than a generation talent or the one piece needed for a complete team. I still say BPA. If it gets to our pick and theres a lockdown corner there, that is better than the next d-lineman, then pick the corner. I dont look into prospect much until march so I cant even guess at how the board will look.
  4. The best player available. Interior defensive line, backup tackle, safety depth, high ceiling WR, and a power running back are what I'm looking at. Cant pigeon hole a pick to a position tho.
  5. Colts pull off the upset with jordan wilkens commanding it on the ground.
  6. Derrick Brown is my preferred prospect atm. Big boy that can clog up the line and still get to the qb here and there.
  7. JJ Watt might want to retire. I dont see this defence being to good even with him.
  8. Leonard is what I'm leaning towards. Going with blue this time around to. The white jerseys look so good until that first stain happens. Almost makes you not want to wear it again.
  9. At least Andrew didnt say "go patriots" afterwards.
  10. Even with all those roster deficiencies, he looked pretty good that year. We are in good hands with him at the helm of this team.
  11. This makes it far more intriguing. Way better to watch a team over perform than underperform. If we get a playoff win this year I'll be happy with the progress of the roster. If we didnt get to the AFC championship with Luck, it would of been a dissapointing season.
  12. 9-7 and a wildcard playoff berth.
  13. I dont see the total doom and gloom. No, JB is not Luck and never will be. He is still a good quarter back. We were in most games in 2017 with him as the QB. If I remember right, it was agreed upon on here that none of the losses were directly his fault. I'm excited to see him play. Dude has a cannon and he was able to pass the ball into some tight windows.
  14. If there was a time limit, it surely got extended. Before he goes swinging for a homerun QB he needs to make sure the roster is almost golden.
  15. I really thought we played them around mid season. Here is to hoping for the play offs.
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