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  1. I would say that even tho Glowinski had a down year, we should leave him at right guard until someone beats him for the spot. According to PFF he was 1st in the league in penalties as a guard. That's definitely a spot to improve. He also allowed three sacks, tied for 20th. I do wonder if Smith would be a better guard than him. Braden Smith to me is like Jack Conklin. Both were viewed as great guard but have done well at tackle despite their size. Both are 6"6'. Jack has 10 pounds on him according to google. I say leave him at RT til he shows he cant handle it or someone beats him for the spot. AC has played LT in the nfl since 2011. For him to move to RT would be a mistake because all the muscle memory he has from the left side would have to be relearned. No need for that when he is thinking about retiring, even if its within the next couple years. The best thing they can do for the line is start bringing in quality players that can either beat these three for their spots, or be quality depth for when the inevitable injury happens. We got lucky last year having a healthy oline. I highly doubt we get that lucky again. The moving AC to RT was more of a joke. He has been trashed by fans for years when he was always one of our best players on the line. Dont fix what isnt broken.
  2. Does anyone still want him to move to right tackle? Just wondering. It was a pretty popular opinion not to long ago.
  3. He was really trying to blow through the money he made with the Colts.
  4. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/javon-kinlaw/z6rQc3jCQc Most analysts agree with what he said with the pad level. Shouldn't be surprising. He is 6'5". He is going to get to tall from time to time. DraftTek is the only one who didnt mention pad level as a negative that I've seen. The only thing they said was "if his pad level gets to high the play is a wash" (not an exact quote).
  5. I wouldnt mind Derek Carr, but unless there is an injury, Jacoby is going to be our starting QB next season.
  6. I would replace Sheard for Clowney. He isnt the greatest pass rusher but can hold a good edge. Watching the seattle games last season he was red hot or absolute zero cold.
  7. Say his medical dosnt go well, he makes it out of the first round, and we didnt pick a qb at 13. Would you still take him at 34 and have him sit until fully healthy?
  8. Jeudy seems to be a blue chip talent. If blue chip talent is available with your first pick, you take it. Unless Herbert or somehow Burrow is still available, there is no need on gambling on a qb, wasting a pick possibly, then seeing dude ball out while we have a bust.
  9. Not at all. I would much rather be a GM than a coach.
  10. That is a truely a tough one. I feel that Brown is a sure blue chip prospect, but Herbert there is almost to good to pass up. Showing all the intangibles at the senior bowl. He has issues with pressure but he has our o-line. I dont see him getting past the Raiders in reality though. Probably not making it past the lions or Panthers either. This is going to be a good draft. Sad football season is almost over. Love that its draft season.
  11. If he does come here, and then helps us win the superbowl, would you consider him the GOAT?
  12. It's possible. He could end up being the Leo that we have wanted. Dosnt look like Banagou (is that how you spell it?) Is going to be manning that spot.
  13. Or they value better talent. 2016 draft for instance. Would you rather have Paxton Lynch or Daforrest Buckner, Sheldon Rankins, or Chris Jones.
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