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  1. KB

    Top 11 Colts of All-Time (NFL.com)

    I noticed they were all during two eras. Either during Peyton's time or Johnny's. Just thought that was interesting. Art and Gino being there before Johnny though if only for a bit.
  2. KB

    Q. Nelson, R. Kelly, B. Smith

    32" arms. If he cant get a hand on the rusher he will be eaten alive by longer arm rushers. Guard is his spot. Even if he has to sit behind Mewhort until needed. Smith will be the starting RG by the end of the season.
  3. Pierre Desir, Quincy Wilson, Nate Hairston... wait that's three.
  4. KB

    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    Why would Mewhort be a backup? He is better than Smith at this point and on a one year prove it deal. If he can stay healthy, Mewhort will hold his spot on the line.
  5. With all the injuries we get at guard this is great depth. If he can start at RT then great but his arms are a little short.
  6. I hope Mewhort goes back to LG. That's where he has played his best football. Nelson should be fine at RG since he is a generational talent. Only question is RT.
  7. Seattle hasn't had much luck with drafting RBs lately. Didnt they take three or four a year or two ago and only one stuck (I guess barely). Seahawks are going back to their old ways fast.
  8. If Mewhort Kelly and Good can stay healthy we have a pretty good o line now. Well done Ballard.
  9. What turns me away from Jones is the 275 touches he had last season. That's a lot of carries, and with his "smaller" frame I see him getting injured within his first year. I don't hope it for him but yeah.
  10. KB

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    When Cooks wakes up from that hit, he is in for a surprise.
  11. KB

    Hankins Released

    Maybe Hankins wanted out. One if the things he liked about here last year was he was going back to a 3-4. He said he liked it there. That's when he was gonna be the NT too so maybe not.
  12. Their roster managment will be their downfall. I give it a 3 years and they'll be perennial top 5 pickers again.
  13. I think he is off to a good start.
  14. KB

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Who are the choices now?