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  1. KB

    Swoope Waived Again

    Best of luck Swoope. Was a joy watching him grow into a football player.
  2. "I'll sit on em. This is gator country!"
  3. Since he is a RFA and we have very little depth, he will most likely be tendered. He is our only punt returner and shows flashes here and there. He has failed to show out with the opportunities given to him. Should realistically be our WR4.
  4. KB

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    Pagano was fired after two non playoff seasons. His first three we progressed further into the playoffs each time.
  5. The trolls have been waiting for weeks to do their thing after a loss.
  6. KB

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    I dont want it you take it. No it's all good you can have it. Well if you insist.
  7. KB

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Ok Frank. Nice play but you need to calm down.
  8. KB

    Colts and actors who could play them

    Quenton Nelson - Chris Farley Now picture that screaming block in the jags game (I know it was fake but still) lol.
  9. With what was said about Christian Wilkins he would fit perfectly in our line. They said all through training camp that they want their lineman to shoot up field and make the play. Maybe he can fall to our first second round pick.
  10. The big guys will be interesting. I dont think the good ones will fall to our late second if we make the playoffs, but if we do make the playoffs then our first would be the perfect area for Dexter Lawrence or Derrick Brown. I think Christian Wilkins would also be good because he can play both DT sports IMO. Slide him to NT on pass downs and 3tech on run downs with Stewart at NT. The ones I'm finding interesting for us are Rashaan Gary and Zach Allen types. They can play DE or 3 tech at a high level. Autry and Hunt show me that is their kind of guy. If they do play DE it will be on the strong side where they dont need as much bend and can excel in run support. Kick them inside for obvious passing downs. The pure 3 tech are the ones I expect to fall once we get past Jeffery Simmons. The question is how far though.
  11. That pick from the Jets could be very beneficial for getting a second top Dlineman. With such an abundance of talent this year, someone is bound to fall a bit and we could get another. I think if we get a 3 tech in the first we could draft DE Jaylon Ferguson with our early second. Many other possibilities. Now on the flip side. If there is a run for the Dlineman before that pick some other talent must fall in the process. Then I would wait for the later picks when the talent is near bpa.
  12. DJ Killings to IR and Maullet was waived. They also signed a backup C/G.
  13. I'd say Wilkens. He isn't doing bad but we have seen who he is and his limitations. We need to see what William's has. Also, the Dolphins run D is suspect so having some power in there could be a great game plan against them.
  14. KB

    Top 5 graded colts vs the titans

    That pitch play has been great for him the past two games. Against the Jags that was his only run for 53 yards I think. Next time he touched the ball it was to the other side and a td.