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  1. That's a blow. Sounded like he was a shoe in for the 53. Hope for a good recovery.
  2. Please go into further detail. I dont see Kenny Moore as a hard hitter like Sanders.
  3. I cant see Pat in front of Aaron just yet. One great season dosnt supersede multiple great years. And is big Ben really much better than Luck or Russell Wilson (I honestly think those two are at the same level)?
  4. I would like to wish him the best of luck, but..... ya know.
  5. Having Campbell and Hines back there on kick returns could be deadly.
  6. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-sign-free-agent-running-back-spencer-ware
  7. I like the picks, but the one thing is I dont see an immediate started out of any of them. We kept all of our starters from last year, and have sifted our roster depth with higher upside depth. That's good for us though. After years of needing multiple starters, we are finally getting players that can learn and grow before being put on the field. Rather than being thrown in the fire and hoping for the best. Good work Ballard. I see S, IDL, and OL depth coming our way today. We will hopefully grab someone who is falling like Butler or Thompson.
  8. The Texans really wanted a left tackle I suppose
  9. Imma say Sweat Taylor or Jacob's for the colts
  10. This is going to be a fun division to watch
  11. If the servers dont crash, like after Ryan Kelly was drafted, then we failed as a forum. Maximum effort.
  12. With the reports of Ballard being in on alot of guys, I wonder if he has been making the prices go up. Make the other teams spend alot more than they should while we still sit pretty on money and picks. Stinks we havnt won the talent but for the cost I'm ok with it.
  13. He had good production in college. Never a double digit sack guy but always between 7-9. He just didn't work out. Cant hit on every pick.
  14. Either Carlie Irsay or Caroline Cann lol
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