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  1. The announcers on the radio were livid. They said it was similar to what they called on Willis earlier in the game. I almost want to say that the refs wanted them to win. Oh well.
  2. I think we were in it more with Seattle, but we were definitely out of it earlier than the other. Seattle game I can say was definitely on Reich's situational play calling. For the titans, I'll say the defense was getting those stops. Two interceptions and the fumble near the goal line were wins for them. By the forth quarter though they were definitely gassed. The offense wasn't sustaining drives and giving them time off the field like they should have. No we wernt getting good pressure on the qb, and our secondary is more than a little suspect, but the defence is making plays. Like last year, if the offense could step up more then, I feel at least, the defense would look alot better than it does.
  3. The team isn't as bad as the whiners and trolls are making it out to be. We've been in all three games with the ball not bouncing our way. The outcome could of been much different if they would of called for the pass interference on Pascal in the 4 quarter. It happens. The defense isn't as terrible as everyone makes out either. They're making the plays. The offense just isn't capitalizing with TDs. People are even saying DL isn't playing well when he has made plays every game this year. Everyone knew this team had deficiencies. Don't know what everyone is acting like the sky is falling or Ballard and Reich should have their heads on pikes.
  4. Good move for us but bad move for Keke. How is he going to have a good game if he isn't able to play against the colts?
  5. Week 1 against the seahawks. Just moved to Atlanta, GA but lived in the Seattle area for the past 8 years. Alot of my family is seahawks fans. My mom even converted over to them from the colts. Yes I'm bitter about it.
  6. Harris. We have plenty of better talent for the role Patmon can play. Harris is the only one who can somewhat replace the Campbell role. We can probably store Patmon on the PS another year.
  7. Every time like clockwork lol
  8. Aside from Bucker and Nelson, all of them had injury concerns prior to their time with the colts. Wentz's foot injury was said to of been dated back to high school (saw it on a tweet found in a training camp thread. Not gonna search for it.) Irsay has done research into the turf multiple times and has found it not to be the problem. He could be wrong. He could be right. Every team has injury concerns. We just have s**t luck with it being top players.
  9. He deserves it. Wish he would take a hometown discount but he has earned that money. Going to be hard to build a roster with so many positions being paid top dollar. The again, if you don't pay the ones who deserve it, why would players want to play well for us.
  10. Good post. Gives me hope that he can have a good year (and hopefully remainder of his career) with the shoe. P.S.- I will never not find it funny that Braden Smith's initials are always censored.
  11. This is gonna be the Titans version of us picking up Andre Johnson.
  12. Once WFT took Sami, we should of jumped in front of the titans. Kind of foolish to let them take the last decent tackle from under our noses. Maybe CB tried and nobody bit. Maybe not. Who knows.
  13. I gave it a C. Missed opportunities to solidify the LT position. The players that were chosen seem to all be boom or bust and hardly any in-between room. Paye has a high floor as a run stopper, has the intangibles for a pass rush, but has to develop that part of his game. Dayo could be a great pick up if he maintains his explosiveness. The problem for those two is they both seem better at the left DE spot.
  14. He should be available about the time that Turray goes down
  15. It was a good season. Something to build on. It'll be an interesting off-season. The team could be totally different next year with so many expiring player contracts.
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