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  1. Could done the same with Jones-Drew back in the day
  2. As a Blankenship, imma get me a jersey even if he dosnt make the team. Probably the closest imma get lol.
  3. KB

    2017 Draft Class

    3 starters and a good rotational piece is a good draft
  4. We should see if Hugh Thorton is available. Guy was a lion on the line
  5. KB

    Eric Ebron

    Not a great player if you need a great QB to be relevant.
  6. Anthony Walker. Had a good feeling about him when I read his scouting reports. Was probably too excited that we chose him.
  7. He is going to throw rivers the ball like he did Luck a couple years ago lol.
  8. Would be quality depth at minimum. No way the line stays healthy all year, like last. Would still need a tackle for depth and development.
  9. I would imagine that these players see no chance for them to start. Clark lost likely knows where he stands. Time tomdraft soem quality depth.
  10. What would be y'alls dollar cut off? It's been reported that seattle offered $18.5 M.
  11. So he shut down Hopkins for 2/3 games played against them that season. He also had a game or two he did well against him while in Cleveland. How many CBs have been able to say they shut him down for even a game? Injured or not. Shutting down a top rated WR is definatly something to be celebrated.
  12. Seattle should pick him up. Hopkins kryptonite.
  13. Hopefully they restructure the deal
  14. Glad for Joe. Best of luck to him. Does anyone know if he will equate to a late round comp pick?
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