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  1. There is a "mentality" for lack of a better word that Grigson and Pagano were horrible even though they took a 2-14 team to 3 straight playoff appearances and an AFC Title Game followed by 2 non-losing seasons, and that it is just having Luck (figuratively and literally) that masked their ineptness. Is it possible that the degree to which Luck masked their ineptness is exaggerated? I was thinking about that today while watching Watson basically pick apart our whole top 10 defense almost singlehandedly for the second frickin' time. I about drooled when I saw his numbers
  2. Grunch Those who are saying Rivers wouldn't be a huge upgrade over Brissett are kidding themselves. Rivers threw 20 picks to Brissett's 6 - that's the ONLY area where Brissett was better. Period. Their completion percentages and sack totals were similar. Rivers averaged 90 more passing yards per game, had 12 completions of 40+ yards to Brissett's 3 and had 57 completions of 20+ yards to Brissett's 32. Rivers had 217 first downs by passing to Brissett's 143. I know stats don't tell the whole story, but it's pretty clear Rivers is far
  3. Any team that can run the ball and stop the run is a threat to any other team in the NFL. ANY other team in the NFL. If this Colts team sneaks into the playoffs and gets healthy, NOBODY is going to want to play them.
  4. This one might surprise a lot of people: The Colts have given up the 6th-fewest sacks in the league. They've thrown the 13th-fewest passes in the league. They give up a sack once every 17.8 dropbacks which 8th-best in the league.
  5. The Colts are #10 in the NFL in rushing yards per game and time of possession. 25% of the colts' rushes result in a first down. That's #6 in the league.
  6. Here's another worthless stat: The Colts defense has been on the field for the seventh-fewest plays per game in the league.
  7. The 2019 Colts are 3-1 in games where the offense fails to generate 20 points. 2018 Colts: 0-2 2017 Colts: 0-10 2016 Colts: 0-3 2015 Colts: 2-4 2014 Colts: 1-1 2013 Colts: 0-3 2012 Colts: 2-3 2011 Colts: 1-10 2010 Colts: 1-1 The 2009 Colts were 3-0 in such games until the last two weeks when they rested their starters.
  8. Of course, they gifted us 3 points with the interception on the first drive that IMHO Juju should have caught.
  9. A stupid penalty at the end of the half gifts them 3 points. A stupid fumble on a safety punt gifts them ANOTHER 3 points. A missed extra point leads to a failed 2 point attempt, then a missed last-second FG - 5 points (In case anyone's wondering, I'm giving the Steelers the pick 6. I consider that more a great play by them than a bad one by us). No Hilton, Funchess, Brissett, Kelly, Desir, Campbell for all or part of the game, we GIFT them 11 points, and we still only lose by 2 in Pittsburgh. Can you imagine how dangerous this team could be if we
  10. 29 rushes for 139 yards is nothing to sneeze at against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Kudos to the coaching staff for keeping the playcalling balanced as well.
  11. The AFC South is the only division without a team with a losing record. The AFC South's 18 total wins is #3 in the NFL behind the NFC North (19) and NFC West (21).
  12. He *was*, however, the colts' 4th *pick*, just not a 4th *round* pick. And he was VERY close to the end of the 3rd round. So you were far more correct than incorrect. (I have to admit I have also thought of him as a 4th-round pick the whole time he's been in the NFL). I find it funny that Robert Turbin was drafted 14 picks later, but I'm weird.
  13. Saw this pic on nfl.com labelled "Mind-boggling stats - Luck's career". It looks like Harbaugh to me, but players didn't start wearing those patches until 2007:
  14. I hate this stat. It's one of the most worthless, overrated stats in the books. If the REASON his team is BEHIND in the 4th quarter is because the QB has been comically inept for the first 3, and FINALLY gets off his behind and puts a good drive together, he still gets credit for the comeback. If he puts together a so-called game-winning drive with, say, 5 minutes on the clock and the defense doesn't let the other team score, he still gets credit for the comeback. If he puts together a so-called game-winning drive with, say, 3 minutes on the clock and the defense DOES
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