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  1. Andy Reid gets so much flack for that so-called "choke in the playoffs", but how many coaches have ever won a game in which they lost 6 starters, at least 3 of whom were probowlers or probowl calibre, DURING THE GAME???
  2. If you're referring to the 1995 victory over the niners, it was Belser who played helmet bowling.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I give the Texans full credit for having a great defense and making some effective halftime adjustments (particularly blitzing more), but no defense in the league should be able to keep us of the scoreboard for an entire 30 minutes. You know the Chiefs, *s, Ravens and Chargers are going to be studying the snot out of the second-half game film to see how the Texans did it. Then again, teams have had multiple weeks to study how the Jaguars kept us off the scoreboard for ***60*** minutes and we see what that got them. Seriously, what happened in the second half?
  4. grunch take the 2018 Colts and make the following replacements: - Luck with a Brissett who joined the team a week before the first game - Nelson with Vujanovich How many games do the 2018 Colts win?
  5. My mind isn't working right now - help me out please - can someone make a list of ALL of the times we went for it on 4th down, and for each, what the situation was (i.e. tie game, way ahead, behind and trying to catch up etc.) and whether or not we made it? The reason I ask is it's important to recognize when it WORKS as well as when it fails - what if there were 2 or 3 games we'd have lost without going for it?
  6. How can you not be sure? What could a Colts fan POSSIBLY want more than a chance to one-and-done the *s right out of the playoffs in front of their home crowd in the stinkin WILD CARD round?
  7. You know, there are scenarios involving the Colts and Dolphins winning out and the Steelers, Ravens, Pats and Texans choking down the stretch that would actually put the Colts at #3 and the Pats at #6. I'm not sure what would be more fun, one-and-doneing them out of the playoffs in the wild card round in front of THEIR fans, or OURS.
  8. grunch I want New England to end up with the 3rd seed. As far as I can tell, if NE loses 1 more and Houston wins out, Houston gets the #2 seed. What could POSSIBLY be better than one-and-doneing the *s right out of the playoffs in their own hometown in the WILD CARD round? So, - go Steelers, or Bills, or Jets, I don't care which one as long as it's only one of them, - go Houston against Cle, Philly and Jax, and - go either the Saints over the Steelers or the Chargers or the Ravens That will set up Indy@NE in the wild-card round!
  9. I don't understand how anybody can think otherwise - do these people never watch playoff football like ever? Do I even need to LIST the 7-9, 8-8 and 9-7 teams who made noise in the playoffs and even won Super Bowls? Seriously? "We won't make any noise in the playoffs anyway" ---sheesh. You people aren't real sports fans, I'm sorry to be so blunt, but it's true. Check yourselves, seriously.
  10. grunch Harrison disappeared in the playoffs, Hilton doesn't. It's Hilton and it's not even close.
  11. Last night I was watching The Informant and when Scott Bakula came out I was like what is Frank Reich doing there? Terry Crews could play Robert Mathis. Any other actors who could play current or former colts players or coaches?
  12. It's close IMHO - my first instinct was to pick the Giants, because they have the weapons (OBJ, Barkley) who can just go nuts on anybody, but that game is in Indy. I'm only slightly less afraid of Dallas because of how well they've been playing on defense. Elliott can go off on anybody, but I'm not nearly as afraid of Cooper as I am of OBJ. Again, though, that game is in Indy. Jacksonville and Tennessee are both capable of beating us in their houses, but Houston has the best offensive *and* defensive weapons of the 3 teams, and they'll be in a major dogfight for the #2 seed. We get their strongest punch. If we only lose one more game the rest of the year, most likely it's going to be @Hou. EDIT: I considered changing my pick to @Jax. For the simple reason that a lot of NFL teams would look past an opponent they should be able to beat easily when a major game is next on the docket. But, I don't think *this* coaching staff will allow this team to take Ramsey, Bouye, Campbell, and all of the other talent they have on that D lightly. Reich and Co will make sure the Jags get just as potent a punch as the Texans.
  13. The Colts for all practical purposes control their playoff destiny. It's true that the Colts, Bengals and Ravens could all end up at 11-5 in which case the Ravens would win the tiebreaker, but the Ravens still have to play the Chiefs and Chargers, and the Bengals have to play the Chargers and Steelers. I know the Steelers game is the last game of the season, but they are in a dogfight with the Pats and Texans for the #2 seed - highly improbable they sit their starters. Don't automatically pencil in the Chargers for the #5 seed either. They still have games @KC, @Den, @Pit, Cincy and Balt. A late-season slide is not out of the question for them by any means. If the Colts end up at 10-6, though, they're going to need TONS of help, especially if the loss is @Ten.
  14. On one hand, BOTH teams made mistakes - Jacksonville could easily say, "What if we came out thinking the Colts might actually throw to the tight ends in the first half?" or "What if that receiver had held on to that last pass instead of fumbling it?" On the other hand, though, there are some mistakes that simply shouldn't happen - period. You can't drop a ball that hits you right in the hands. You just can't do that. SOME of the credit has to go to the Colts D for that fumble for example, and SOME of the credit for the Jags defensive confusion in the first half has to go to the Colts O for having so many weapons it's impossible to shut them all down. But those two drops are 100% on Hines and Cox - they HAVE to catch those balls, it's not negotiable.
  15. There are times when an NFL team fails to produce jack squat in the run game and you have to blame the line, the playcalling, the back yada yada yada, but I thought all day that the Jags D just came to play. Some may question the wisdom of stopping the Colts running game and daring Andrew Luck to beat you (because he usually will), but by shutting down a running game that had beaten a good defense like the Bills, you take away the effectiveness of the Colts' play-action game, you take away the ability of the Colts to chew the clock once they have the lead, and you increase the number of times Luck has to drop back, giving your Sacksonville D that many more chances to go after him. Another reason to load up to stop the run is if you don't believe the other team's receivers can beat your D in one-on-one coverage, and outside of Hilton, they're not necessarily wrong, they just underrated our pass-catching TEs (I thought I heard someone say that Jalen Ramsey was actually covering Ebron - was that true? If so, for how much of the game?). Yes, Wilkins was able to rip off that one huge run, but Hines and Mack did NOTHING running the ball all day, and I give 100% of the credit for that to the Jags D. Some MONSTER athletes on that team. As a side note, some may have been disappointed with the playcalling and/or execution by the Colts O in the second half *coughdropscough* but you gotta give SOME of the credit to the Jags coaches who did a good job of getting them playing better in the second half. The bottom line is that records be darned, two darned good football teams went at it yesterday, and in the end the Colts literally just made one more play than the Jaguars did.
  16. I swear on my horseshoe I thought he said "outsource"!
  17. The other thing to keep in mind is that 3 of those TDs came in major pressure situtations - the first two while we're down 7 and showing absolutely no signs of being able to stop the Raiders O, knowing that if we don't score the game could get out of control, the third right after the D forced a 3 and out - you HAVE to reward the D by at LEAST getting a few first downs after they do such a great job, and to be able to march it down the field and score was HUGE. And, of course, kudos for punching it into the endzone after the fumble. That's what you call complementary football.
  18. The 2003 Denver and KC playoff games come to mind. Not EXACTLY what you're looking for but they came to mind nonetheless.
  19. You never like to see your D get gashed for 4 long touchdown drives EVER, ESPECIALLY not against a team without its #1RB, #1WR (traded to Cowboys) and missing some OL too. MAJOR kudos to the offense for so consistently competing under constant pressure and keeping the game close so Maniac could close it out for us. What happened to the D today? I know the Colts gave up a lot of points to the Jets, Patriots, Texans too, but the offense put the D in a ton of terrible spots in those games. This game the O was lights-out. So what was it? To me it felt like a complete lack of pressure on Carr and good coaching by the Raiders to take advantage of it.
  20. Issue seemed to resolve itself by the 4th quarter of the Colts game. Was still annoying as heck.
  21. I'm watching the Bears game with my dad and all of a sudden it's telling me I need to purchase it. Is anyone else seeing the same thing or is it just me? I'm on hold with DirecTV support but they say they're experiencing high call volumes.
  22. FWIW KC and NE are likely to be the #1 and #2 seeds, so for the AFC South victor to get to play one of them they'd have to beat the top wild-card team to get there (probably Baltimore, the Chargers or the Steelers). I personally find it difficult to call any season that includes a playoff win a total failure.
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