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  1. Seems a bit of an odd/pot-stirring question, given the positive work by Steichen. Folks liked Saturday - largely due to his Colts history, and his sunny disposition during the turmoil of the lost season - after the dour/downcast Reich. No one is, today, asking for Saturday to return. That chapter is closed. No need to revisit it.
  2. ‘Cept i’s in nawth cackalacky
  3. I was tryna, but dint figger it was ne good
  4. Pierce - the punching bag.
  5. Stay right over there, Mr. Flacco.
  6. Great explanation, Supe!
  7. It is, at face value. Injuries may have an effect.
  8. Could be. My thoughts are probably clouded by my inexplicable dislike for him. The extended press interview he had yesterday - thirty minutes during the middle of the second round - with none of the on course action being broadcast, gave him a unique chance to appear contrite and humble - as he should have been after being charged with a felony. Was surely orchestrated by the PGA and intended to influence opinion. I have no doubt all charges will be dropped and the player meekly apologized to.
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