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  1. I still recall the stunned look on Stafford’s face after Luck took the team in for the winning score - back when.
  2. Can’t think of a better way for Brees to go out.
  3. Sounds like you just described a young QB already on the team roster... :^)
  4. Agreed, sir. Doesn't change the growth-stunting effect Brissett has on younger, faster and better throwing QB's...mainly because he's a great teammate? Times they are a-changin'.
  5. Eason will never get a chance to develop so long as he is blocked out by Brissett - the perennial super guy, locker room leader, untouchable.
  6. IMO, don’t move Smith or Nelson. Seems to me, that compounds the issue.
  7. Right with you ... until you brought up “crab legs.”
  8. Good luck in retirement, sir. And, thanks for being a true professional by letting the team know at a reasonable point in the off-season.
  9. Does it matter who the playcaller is if every decision is dictated by "Analytics?"
  10. He likely believed all the media hype.
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