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  1. We're fans. We always want our team to look and play well...that's our way. Coaches have a different way and means in the preseason. They wanted (and got) to see how certain players perform...or don't. From their perspective, the first preseason game went exactly as intended. On to LA. In a bit.
  2. So long as he doesn't make some of the inexcusable penalty mistakes he made last year.
  3. So...an Allpro isn't good enough to make the top 100??
  4. Someone needs to turn in their Colts gear, and stock up on KC swag.
  5. Colts loss to KC can be summed up in one play - 1st possession - 3rd down drop by Ebron. Game over.
  6. If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding...
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