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  1. Lol. I’ve hear it’s the preferred mood-altering agent of the snow-board crowd.
  2. Snowboarding is an expensive recreational activity - weed is costly.
  3. Don't care to see him or that beard again.
  4. I'm quite stunned that you, of all forum members, would make such an obvious troll attempt, sir.
  5. They had to make into some sort of half-butted music video.
  6. Not just "an" offensive guard...but I get it. Forever, it seems, some opined about the lack of attention paid to the trenches...
  7. The best OG in the league. The reason the Colt's O-Line has gone from soft to "nasty." And some here question his value. Good lord.
  8. He didn't want to come back. Let it go.
  9. Ballard and Reich already know what the team has in JB. He's a serviceable backup - nothing more. If, Heaven forbid, the team has to go to a backup QB - who is excited to to see him back in as the starter? My fan response is 'no one' - except CC1 and JB's family members. I believe the opposite is true should CK or JE get the nod.
  10. Insufficient data is as bad as none at all.
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