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  1. Same, we agree. I think PFF is great, but people should acknowledge that their grading has certain limitations. Following up on what stitches said earlier, we don't know how the determine a contested catch, or if there's any variance in these determinations from one play to the next. I wouldn't really expect to know, that's proprietary information, but it introduces some questions about what they do and how they do it. And this is just grading. Some of these questions exist with charting, but they aren't as important when you're dealing with raw stats that can easily be
  2. That's kind of my point. It's a subjective process, it's going to be subject to bias. That doesn't mean it's significantly flawed, but that bias should be acknowledged.
  3. Your example is a good one. Another might be believing that a certain technique should be played a specific way, but a player was coached to play it differently. QB throws inside, WR looks outside. If it's a veteran QB to a young WR, maybe the veteran gets the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Just the fact that they're human, making subjective judgments of other humans. I doubt that explicit bias is a problem, but there are other biases that could influence their grades, in a number of ways.
  5. The problem for me is we don't have the answers to those questions. We don't know that PFF applies these standards consistently, and because of the human element, there's definitely room for bias. Ultimately, that's PFF's info, which they won't share, and that's fine. But those questions remain, for me.
  6. Yeah, same. As good as Luck looked at times in 2018, we all expected him to be even better the next year. That's what I'm thinking with Wentz. I think he has a high enough floor in 2021 that he shouldn't hold us back in any way (assuming he's not a shot fighter, and I don't think he is), but he should just get better moving forward. I've also allowed for some excuses for Reich, due to the QB situation. But Wentz should be the guy for him. He can do it all, he knows the playbook, they have chemistry, and there should be nothing holding Reich back from being at his best, specifically
  7. I'm not one that's worried about Reich's decision making in those situations. For every situation like you just described, there's another where you lose a game by 4 because you kicked the FG instead of going for a TD. As long as his process is sound and consistent, I'm good with the decisions. But there is a history of good coaches who make questionable game management decisions in pressure situations. Just off the top of my head, Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid, etc. My biggest concern is whether he's a good enough play caller to keep the offense in rhyt
  8. Yup. Thanks for finding that.
  9. Sure does. Is that language you quoted from the new CBA?
  10. Ballard: 'They have to plaaayyy. These young guys have to play. That's the only way they'll get better.' Eventually you have to move on from average older guys, and if your drafting isn't good enough to replace those players, that's a different problem. But don't just hold on to the guys who made up your mediocre pass rush because you're afraid the young guys aren't ready. I'm totally okay with how they handled Autry and Houston. I'm torn on Leno/Fisher, but that's because I think the team is okay with Te'vi being the starter for a couple months (or Davenport, or someo
  11. That's definitely how a lot of people seem to feel: "STAY THE SAME!!!" The same is not good enough.
  12. I missed the 2022 $4m salary part. But the math doesn't work out to $12.38m in 2022. It's most likely just a voidable year, and the $4m salary is a placeholder needed to satisfy league rules, but won't be paid because the contract voids. That's how OTC and Spotrac are interpreting it, and that seems to be what makes sense. Maybe Aaron Wilson will clarify, or another report will come out that offers more detail. We don't necessarily need to, but it saves a little cap space in 2021 by doing a voidable year. Not a huge amount, but he'll come in significantly lo
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