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  1. We'll see how the rest of the season goes, but he barely even saw the field a couple games ago. He has 5 targets in the last 4 games. He'll be 32 next year. It seems like they're phasing him out.
  2. Doyle hasn't done a restructure. It was easier with Hilton, though, assuming they just did a voidable year in 2022. Doyle is still under contract in 2022, and is probably a cut candidate after this season.
  3. Certainly. He's a vested veteran, his money was guaranteed as of Week 1.
  4. His contract for 2021 was fully guaranteed.
  5. The roster absolutely needs to be expanded, at least to 60 players. Arguably, by loosening the PS rules, they've made some accommodations, but the PS isn't a good way to keep players you want to develop. Especially if the Covid rules go way. As for the game day roster, it exists for a reason. It equalizes the playing field, given the fact that any team has injury restrictions on any given game day. Take tonight's game, Browns vs Broncos. The Browns have 11 of their 53 players either out or questionable. Let's say those 11 miss the game, they only have 42 active players. (They'll activate 5 PS players to get to 47, which probably isn't making them feel any better.) The Broncos have 5 players out or questionable. They could dress 48 players from their active roster. And there are games where one team doesn't hold any players out due to injury, while the other team has 10 injured players out. So you have a disadvantage. This is why there's a limit on how many players from the active roster can dress on game day. Even if you expand the active roster to 60, there will still be games where Team A is mostly healthy, and Team B is beat up, and that's an advantage for Team A. So you limit the game day roster as an equalizer. I'd like to see 60 and 55, with liberal PS/game day call up rules. And then get rid of the need to waive non vested players to put them on the PS.
  6. Yeah, and I don't think Frank Reich is necessarily embracing this approach. If asked, he would still tout the 'run to set up the pass / play action' line that every coach has been saying for 40 years. I just think the early situations dictated it. The first drive is an example. Successful pass play, first down. Then play action (which I love, I want to see more play action after successful pass plays, even twice in a row), which resulted in a sack because Wentz had nowhere to throw the ball and refused to throw it away. Now it's 2nd and 16, and we know what the situation calls for. I don't think they intended to not call a run play on the first series, they just got behind the chains and couldn't get that second first down. But, maybe analyzing that approach will impress something on Reich's mind, and the early scripts won't have to be run heavy out of a sense of duty to the run game. Just call good plays, execute, and get your offense going. The run game will take care of itself. We have a great RB, and the OL is doing a reasonably good job run blocking (still struggling in short yardage), so we don't have to force it.
  7. It was weird that Taylor didn't get the ball on the first series (four plays, not mind boggling, but still raised an eyebrow), and then Hines got the first touch on the second series. Then Taylor got the ball or targeted three times in a row. Then they scored a 51 yard TD. The Colts were pushing the ball down the field, which is something we've all been hoping to see. Instead of trying to run to set up the pass, they actually passed to set up the run. We should be welcoming Reich to 2021, this was a modern game plan, and it worked. Penalties and bad protection are what caused the offense issues in the first half. After multiple chunk pass plays, they got multiple nice runs in the second half. They ran 48 total offensive plays, and 24 were called run plays (plus two Wentz scrambles). If they hadn't hit big plays so often, they probably would have had the ball for another 12-15 snaps, and JT would have had 20+ touches. Hines had 5 touches, Mack had 5 touches. That's reasonable, and probably less than what the game plan called for.
  8. The defense benefitted from playing a bad QB. He missed several open targets, and we all know JB won't challenge DBs downfield. We couldn't sack him most of the game, and then we gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter, plus some awful penalties. (By the way, on the penalties, at least the defenders were near the receivers when the ball arrived. We weren't in position to even take a PI in the first two games...) If they had at least finished strong, maybe we're look at a high 6 or a 7... On offense, several times we failed to convert in the red zone, despite favorable starting field position. The play calling is still not clicking, and we struggle to make plays when the pressure is on. They were 6/15 on third down, 2-4 in the red zone. We need to score more points when given the opportunities we had in yesterday's game. At least the running game got going, but there were some situations throughout where we could have kept some drives going, and didn't. STs, muffed punt could have been a killer.
  9. Offense - 5 Defense - 5 ST - 5
  10. Mechanics start with footwork. Wentz had a foot surgery during camp, and now has two busted ankles. It's completely undermined his mechanics, which sucks. Even before the ankles, we've seen plenty of throws under pressure where he doesn't use his feet properly, his bottom half is out of sync with his top, etc., which has led to missed throws. Hopefully he continues to tune himself up as the season goes on, but these injuries aren't helping. Unlike last season, he's been careful with the ball, not taking as many chances. Last year through three games he had six interceptions, on pace for 32 for the season. This year, he's on pace for six (probably not a sustainable pace, but obviously much better), and the one pick he has wasn't his fault. He's also holding the ball too long at times, so this isn't entirely great news. He needs to be more decisive. Better play calling would help.
  11. I've always wanted to see the Colts on this kind of series. With the Next Pick sort of scratched the itch, but not quite. I think it's great for exposure, great for fans who want to get to know the team better, etc. I'm looking forward to it. From an operational / preparation standpoint, there is no doubt that it can be a distraction. Players definitely know they're on camera, and it affects how they act, talk, etc. Probably the same for coaches, some of whom have their own personal ambitions, which can be problematic. So I'm torn, always knew it would be that way. But mostly, I'm excited.
  12. He can run a few feet just fine.
  13. Bootlegs, no time at all. It's part of the structure of the play, especially for a team that runs crossing routes like we do. Extending the play? Shouldn't take long either. Scramble drills, work back to the QB and move laterally with him. These are staples of every offense.
  14. I didn't listen to Kelly's comments, just read a brief clip, and the impression I got was that he said Wentz had to be too tough, not that he wasn't ever supposed to move. And in general, if you call a normal dropback and give up pressure, that's a problem. It's not saying you can't call a play that gets the QB on the move by design. And if your gameplan is to keep the QB somewhat stationary, but your protection sucks, you need to adjust. Especially if your QB is doing a fine job of moving to avoid pressure. Bottom line, Reich has to do a better job of working with what he has, and adjusting to the game situation.
  15. Move the QB. Bootleg, sprint outs, etc., with half field reads. It takes pressure off the OL and the QB, and it has a cumulative effect on the DL. Even the read option, good call, bad decision by Wentz, but get the defense moving laterally and watch how many passing windows open up. And there are variations of that same read option play that allow for a late pass, just have to make sure the OL doesn't go down field.
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