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  1. We were a game away from winning the division. Could have had a top 2-3 seed if we were able to score in the second half of the Steelers game + win the Titans game. I agree that we could have done more with some more dynamic QB play. But what really hurt us is inability to get stops against good QBs. The long TD drive at the end of the half against the Bills is a prime example.
  2. In other words, it's an arbitrary range of time. That's fine. Just seemed at first like your point was 'the Colts have only won 1 playoff game in six years, Chris Ballard needs to do a better job,' and maybe that's not what you meant. Like you, I think we need to see serious results this season. Ballard walked into a pretty good situation, but was then hit with a bunch of unforeseen obstacles, most notably the retirement of Andrew Luck. But we're past those obstacles now, for the most part, and he and his staff have to show the ability to build a perennial contender. I like Ballard
  3. Don't know why you think I'm bothered by your comment. I'm wondering why you're talking about what's happened over the last six years, specifically, because it seems like an arbitrary range of time on which to focus.
  4. Not to get into a thing here, but how long has Ballard been the GM?
  5. Because contract details are generally leaked by agents, who like to present the details in the best light possible.
  6. He responded already, but the key is $67m in "new money," divided by four additional years = $16.75m average. That's how these contracts get reported and ranked, even though it doesn't work that way on the cap.
  7. I think Brandt might be using the Colts rollover from a previous season. Either way, he's not accurate in this case.
  8. My only nitpick is that the Colts don't like big signing bonuses. That makes it hard to do a big money deal with a low Year 1 cap hit.
  9. I'm not worried about Von Miller in a 4-3 at all, he'd be fine. The only question is whether he can stay healthy. I think Okwara is more likely to get big money than Miller.
  10. To the bolded, the point of having cap room and draft picks is to add good players. I don't think good roster management necessitates getting rid of good players when their contracts come up, not when you have the resources to keep them. Especially not if you're a good team, with contention in reach. I think some overstate how "close" the Colts are, but I do think we're closer to being a contender than we are to being a team that should be stocking up picks to reshape the roster. And that's why 'forward-thinking Ballard' has been rolling forward tens of millions of cap every year.
  11. We could watch the Colts another 20 years and not see a pass rusher like those two guys, honestly. They were all-timers.
  12. That's how we got Rhodes, right? And Michael Bidwell just voiced that same thought today. He said he expects a lot of talent to change teams this season, primarily due to a bunch of teams needing to get under the cap. I'm not that concerned with WR, personally. I'd take Allen Robinson, but I don't think that's where I want to spend cap this year.
  13. What about re-signing Houston, signing Von Miller, re-signing Rhodes, and maybe adding another vet corner (Peterson, Bouye)? Then on offense, keep Hilton, draft a LT, and get this thing going.
  14. No thanks on Leonard Williams. He would play Buckner's position, and Buckner is much better. And Stewart is a really good complement for Buckner.
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