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  1. Agreed, completely. No question that the offense is better because of Rivers. And that's without the really effective run game we enjoyed last season.
  2. When did I get offended? And what's self righteous about calling out someone's incorrect assumptions about me and my viewpoint?
  3. Nice speech. Now why don't you scroll up and read the other posts in this thread? Then maybe you'll see how nonsensical this post was.
  4. Yeah, I'm not suggesting Rivers' contribution is mediocre the way JB's was. Just saying that a team having a good record doesn't mean they have good QB play. Seems like an innocuous statement, but I guess not. Last year, our point differential through seven games was +7 (which basically equates to a .500 record). We're +68 this year, 5th best. Being 5-2 with a toothless offense and harmless defense last year made us a statistical outlier. That normalized as you would expect over the second half of the season.
  5. Someone should put all the relevant offensive stats on plot graphs, where we can see a visible representation of where the Colts offense stands in comparison to the rest of the league, statistically.
  6. Like I said earlier, that's the crux of my disagreement. It suggests that team success is necessarily credited to the QB. And as much as that's the norm, I think it's wrong. It's an oversimplification of what it takes to win football games, and it's used to judge QB play without acknowledging the QB's role on the team. This is "QB wins," and I will disagree with that concept for the rest of my natural life. And I said the same thing last year when the team was 5-2. The prevailing argument was that JB must be pretty good because the team was winning. Not remotely.
  7. Referring to someone who wants to talk about stats as 'so called stat guys' is pretty self righteous, if you ask me. But let's talk about Rivers. 1) Best option for us? Probably. Of the veterans, he made the most sense. I have never argued that, and will not start now. 2) He's been pretty good the last two weeks. He wasn't good against Baltimore. He was good against the Lions and the Bengals. When have I disputed any of that? You act like I'm complaining about Rivers. I'm not even being critical of him. I'm saying that the main catalyst
  8. Because we're 100 yards away from being 8th in total yardage. Don't know if you knew that...
  9. Fine. I will drop my meaningless objection to CC1's classification of Rivers being basically equal to Rodgers on Sunday. Again, it was immaterial.
  10. Good heavens... First, you know full well that yards/game is not a meaningful statistical analysis. Second, "average" can refer to a statistical expression, or it can refer to the quality of an object. "He's an average RB" doesn't mean he's statistically league average, it means he does not stand out from the ordinary, positively or negatively. Our offense is average. That does not mean are the statistical average in yards/game. It means our offense does not stand out from the ordinary. And rather than debating the difference between average and
  11. Because I watched the game, and Rodgers played better. How many of our third and fourth downs was Rivers not even on the field for? Statistically it was pretty much equal. I think Rodgers had a better individual game. That's garbage. It's an intentional misrepresentation of my point.
  12. Uhh, it's simple. Remove points scored by the defense, and our points scored per game goes down. Remove points scored directly off offensive turnovers, and our points allowed per game goes down. Ordinarily this is a statistical wash. But the 2020 Colts lead the league in non-offensive TDs. So points/game needs to be discussed with that in mind.
  13. This is completely false. I did not dislike the Rivers signing. He's playing about as well as I anticipated he would. I feared Rivers would completely fall off, as a worst case scenario. My expectation was that he'd be better than JB, maybe better than he was in 2019 because of better OL play, but not suddenly be revived to his 2018 level of play. And I expected that with Rivers, we'd be good enough to compete for a playoff spot. I'll pull up the receipts if you want. (By the way, I'm tired of being misrepresented on this. On one hand, posters are accusin
  14. He didn't equal Rodgers for that game. Rodgers was better than Rivers on Sunday. Again, this was a throwaway comment, and not relevant to the discussion. No I'm not. I'm talking about whether Rivers deserves the amount of credit you're giving him. I don't think he does.
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