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  1. 1) I understand that your proposition isn't about Hilton vs. Fountain. But that was the original premise, right? And since this a Saturday morning move, trading Hilton isn't really on the table. The original premise was 'we should have gotten rid of Hilton rather than Fountain,' so the responses about Hilton vs. Fountain aren't really directed at you. At least, mine were not. 2a) You're one of the most emotional posters on this site. So the first bolded is rich. 2b) The second bolded is dead wrong. And I like a lot of our young guys. (I don't want to argue this. We can
  2. You can keep this crap. My comment about agreeing with you was tongue in cheek, because we almost never agree. You acting like my ego is important is a truly garbage take though.
  3. You guys are making me agree with Doug, that's how dumb this proposition is. The question of whether we should move Hilton might be valid. If we were struggling to compete in the division or conference, it would be worth serious consideration. I brought it up earlier this season. But getting rid of Hilton, to preserve a spot for Reece Fountain? This shouldn't be a thing. First, Fountain will probably be right back on the PS. Second, he has done nothing to warrant this kind of attention. This move is a footnote, because Fountain is a footnote. Meanwhile, H
  4. I don't think the Packers are giving up a 4th rounder for a 30 year old WR on an expiring contract. And going back to the crux of the matter, there's no reason for the Colts to bail on this season right now.
  5. First, define "good draft pick," then explain what team is eager to give up said pick for Hilton. Second, we're not 1-5 and out of the running. We're one game out of first place in the division, and two games behind the Steelers.
  6. What would it take to get Harry?
  7. For the first time in a long time, the defense looks good. I don't think they're a top five defense, let's see what they look like after the next few games.
  8. Ryan Matthews played six games in 2014; after that it was Branden Oliver and Donald Brown. Melvin Gordon was a rookie, and not very effective, in 2015. Reich was gone after that. Chicken or egg... but they didn't have productive backs in either of Reich's two seasons as the play caller. I don't see Reich or Sirianni as products of Whisenhunt. Reich in particular has been with a bunch of different offensive coaches, with varied offensive philosophies. Tom Moore, Whisenhunt, Pederson... there's some overlap in areas, but those guys are all very different. He was with Whisenhunt for a
  9. When Reich was the Chargers OC, they had no RBs, a bad OL, and a prime Rivers. Reich's play calling was often questioned, and without really watching them I don't have an opinion on the quality of his play calling, but it's obvious the circumstances influenced the decision to be pass happy. I think they tended to fall behind in games back then, also. But I definitely question his flow and rhythm at times. For the most part, I thought he was really good in 2018, with a couple struggles here and there. That late season loss to the Jags was an F, the first six weeks of the season were
  10. He's been here three years, and has had three different QBs, who all have very different styles, strengths and weaknesses. We don't know what Reich is, or wants to be. Maybe he wants to be a run first guy, but the way he coached Luck says otherwise. You get him a talented, five tool QB, and suddenly he's more willing to open up the offense. Funny how that works...
  11. The stats don't reveal whether TY was open on plays on which he was not targeted, so that's somewhat fallacious. Same is true for other receivers. Just because they weren't targeted doesn't mean they weren't open.
  12. Sure. I don't know how to do it, but a more complete statistical analysis would show average separation for all receivers at the time of the throw, whether the receiver is targeted or not. Or combine that with average max separation along the route for every receiver. But bottom line is watching the coaches film and doing some charting is the only way to really know what's happening on the back end of the play. Otherwise, people conclude that if the QB isn't throwing the ball, it must mean no one is getting open. That was often the narrative last season, and it wasn't true. JB just
  13. It's a statistical representation that JB wouldn't throw the ball unless the receiver was clearly open. This is cool info, but it's incomplete and has very limited value, IMO.
  14. I don't think this is ever gonna happen. But as it turns out, Trey Burton himself was a swiss army knife for the Gators in college. He played option QB (which is why he was the trigger man in the Philly Special), and lined up all over the place as a playmaker, including as a wide receiver. Coming out, he was 6'2, 224 pounds, 4.6 forty, 22 reps on the bench... I liked him and wanted the Colts to sign him as a UDFA. Patmon's measurables and workout numbers aren't far off of from Burton's. He's bigger, longer, faster, more explosive, which is why he plays WR and not TE. He
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