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  1. Isn't that a personal decision? If a player decides not to practice and play, at the risk of not being paid, why does that decision need to be judged?
  2. Do you recognize that people and businesses renegotiate contracts all the time?
  3. Five years, $64m, $35.5m guaranteed (initial reports). At $12.8m/year, he would be the fifth highest paid off-ball LB in the NFL. Still well behind Bobby Wagner and CJ Mosley (at $18m/year and $17m/year, respectively). Once the details come out, this will probably look like a six year, $66m contract, overall. He has just three years service, and couldn't even play in Year 1. The Cowboys also paid La'el Collins after just two years, which is what he wanted once he dropped out of the first round. It's an interesting dynamic with the Cowboys. They'll play hardball, but they'll also pay players several years early when they think it makes sense.
  4. I'm still undecided. I also did a very brief search for tailgating yesterday, and didn't find anything. Please share!
  5. That's possible. But I think his workout on Saturday was planned and staged for the purpose of telling people that he expects to be able to play in Week 1. He chose to do a a workout featuring lateral movement, at nearly full speed, in view of the NFL Network cameras for a game that was being broadcast in a solo TV slot. This is a few days after the GM said 'he needs to be able to move laterally,' and two days after Peyton Manning said 'I feel good about him playing.' Luck and the Colts had to know that this would get a ton of attention, and be scrutinized to the nth degree. I think he and they were sending a message. Without saying anything outright, so they can stick to their 'we don't know when he'll be ready' message, they were saying 'we expect him to play Week 1.' That's just my read on it. Reich said he'd give an update tomorrow (I think?), so we'll see if there's any update.
  6. I don't necessarily support Zeke, but I don't support the team, either. I see both sides, and I would probably be handling it just like it's being handled, whether I was the player or the team (with the exception of going to Cancun for Zeke, and talking about it to the media for the team). Overall, I don't think we acknowledge how common contract disputes are, outside of sports. Business people, professionals and their agents all negotiate and dispute contracts of various kinds, regularly. And fans take it personal when a contract dispute affects "their team," because we get invested in the decisions our teams make. There's also some envy of famous athletes who get paid millions to play a game that we love to watch. I'm fascinated by NFL contracts, but I usually understand both sides of the debate. Players have a limited shelf life and want as much as they can get before their window closes; teams don't want to undermine the strength of the contracts to which players have agreed, which would encourage more contract disputes. And a few times a year, out of the 2,000 players in the league, there's a protracted standoff, which results in fans taking sides. Thing is, reports suggest he's been offered a new deal. He probably has a decent offer on the table. But he doesn't have the leverage to get a top of the market deal. Which is another wrinkle. The Rams got out ahead of the RB contract issue by extending Gurley well before they really needed to. It's looking questionable now because his knee issues are popping back up, but in theory, paying him early allowed them to reset the market for him and pay out his guaranteed money while he's still in his prime. They can think about releasing him after 2020, but even if he plays out his contract (which he won't), he's a free agent going into his age 30 season. They bought out his prime years, pushed some guaranteed money a couple years into the future, and probably will still release him before he finishes his contract. If you're going to spend a high first on a RB, I would think you'd be ready to pay him a couple years early to buy out his prime.
  7. Keenan Allen is out for preseason, might not be cleared for Week 1.
  8. There's a way to handle it, though, and I don't think the Cowboys are doing a good job. They're negotiating through the media, commenting about it, etc. I'd prefer my team to just say 'we're not going to talk about player contracts, and we're not going to discuss players who aren't here besides to say we miss them and hope they come back soon,' and then move on. Hold the line, don't bring it up, don't joke about it.
  9. Two things. First, I'm not suggesting that he sit out the year. But I do understand him skipping training camp and not playing preseason, especially at such a high usage position. Second, this is not like LeVeon. I don't think he'll sit out. But if he did, he's not walking away from $14m, he'd be losing ~$4m. Very different, and he'd most likely make that back if he reached free agency. And that's a different story as well, because he's far from free agency, assuming the Cowboys want to keep him. If recent reports are somewhat accurate, then Elliott probably gets a multi year deal at around $12-13m/year, at some point before the season starts. Otherwise, he shows up at some point in the next two weeks and plays. But I get why he has stayed away. It's the only leverage he has, even if it's not much. Melvin Gordon is different, still. I get the impression the Chargers have no intention of re-signing him, his money is lower than Zeke's, and I think his demands are less. And they still won't talk to him. They want to run him and then let him walk -- not that I blame them, I wouldn't be re-signing him either. I think both of them will show up and play out the season, if necessary. I can't imagine either of them sitting out the year.
  10. I'm not a fan of holdouts, but Zeke is trying to protect his earning potential. The playbook for teams dealing with RBs on rookie contracts is to run them into the ground, then let them walk in free agency. And I get that approach from the team standpoint, but from the player standpoint, it's not ideal. His only leverage -- even though it's not much -- comes from holding out. It also protects him from potential injury in meaningless games. I don't know what will happen, it doesn't seem like the Cowboys are interested in meeting his contract demands so I figure he'll show up and play out this last year of his contract. But it does him no good to show up in good faith if he doesn't believe the Cowboys are serious about giving him a contract that comes close to his asking price.
  11. I don't think they'll ever call this on him again.
  12. He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
  13. I am opinionated. And so what? Are you making a point? It's ironic that you'd say I'm going out of my way to defend Luck. I'm not defending him, because he doesn't need defending. I'm simply calling out your ridiculous take, because I'm tired of seeing it spammed in every thread. You're not tougher than Andrew Luck because you bowled a 220 with a sore back, or because you played hockey, or because you rushed for four TDs for Polk High in the city championship game. It doesn't matter what injuries you've endured or played through, because you are not in the NFL. What you appear to be is resentful of professional athletes who make a bunch of money, driven by biases and unreasonable expectations. You appear to be the kind of poster who shows up and states a bunch of baseless and unfounded nonsense when things look rough, then disappears when you're proven wrong. You appear to be trolling, posting outrageous drivel, then slinking away when it blows up in your face. You're becoming (have become?) a caricature, a typical naysayer who points fingers when the team loses, then disappears when the team wins. Be better. You have knowledge, but you dismiss anything that doesn't support your already determined viewpoint, and you refuse to acknowledge when you're wrong, even when it's painfully obvious to everyone else. So yes, I am opinionated, and in my opinion, your way of posting lowers the quality of this board. And that's a shame because you could very easily be way more credible than you are, and with your supposed experience and background, that would be a great asset to this place (especially on this topic). Instead, you're obsessed with taking potshots and harping on everything the team does that you disagree with. And it's beyond tiresome at this point. Again, be better.
  14. How many times are you going to post this same sorry take?
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