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  1. Per Sharp Football, the defense gave up 50 explosive pass plays, and 41 explosive run plays. I think we had a lot of coverage busts and missed tackles. QBs completed 70% of their pass attempts against us, averaged 7.5 yards/attempt, and had a 98 passer rating. I think the defense has a lot of improvement to make. I like the additions so far, assuming we get something close to Buckner's best, and something more like what Rhodes was doing at his best. I also think guys like Okereke, Willis and Ya-Sin will be better in Year 2. And there's reason for optimism up front, assuming Turay is back, Banogu keeps getting better, etc. I'd like more proven depth in the secondary. Hooker gets hurt every year, Geathers is presumably gone (and an injury risk himself), and like someone else said, we seem to have a rash of injuries in the secondary every year. I figure Wilson either turns into a stud or is gone (I'm pulling for him, but money's on the latter; maybe they plan to move him to SS). I don't know if Tell is any good. I'd like a vet safety to lean on. I thought we'd add Eric Berry, but maybe that will wait until after the draft? And who knows whether he can still play... https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/explosive-play-rankings--def-.html
  2. It's always been a mixed bag, to be honest. Some people were mocking him to the Patriots at the end of the first, some had him in the second round. I think he goes to the Chargers in the first, bu we'll see.
  3. I don't know the money yet, but I'm very intrigued. I've always been a Rhodes fan.
  4. We've been doing more man at times, but I've always assumed it was going to be a zone matching kind of 2013 Seahawks scheme. Guess we still could, both Rhodes and Ya-Sin are tall, long, and good tacklers.
  5. He should have been a Colt all along... I don't know how well he fits the defense, or why he fell off last year. I'll have to dig into what the Vikings were doing with him.
  6. They really stepped up the production this year. This series is amazing.
  7. I was expecting us to keep him. Gotta replace that spot now.
  8. I'm not ruling out drafting a WR. Just saying I don't think it's a FA need. I don't think our WR corps is as bad as most others seem to think. If we keep Funchess, and he's presumably healthy, TY is healthy, and don't give up on Campbell -- plus, Pascal gave us 600 yards and 5 TDs with bad QBing last season -- we have a good foundation. Also, I assume the offense will feature TEs and backs in the passing game, since Reich and Rivers always do both. I see our passing offense being find next year, as long as Rivers is good. I'll take another guy in the draft. I'll take a second or third tier FA (which is where Funchess fits in, IMO). I just don't see it as a major need. A big part of that is I haven't gone sour on Campbell, like everyone else has.
  9. Agreed. I think Funchess and Rivers would go well together, and Funchess can be had at a reasonable price. He already knows the system. And I'm okay with our young guys. I don't see WR as a great need right now. I'd like to give the guys on the roster a chance with some better QBing. Do need CB and OL depth, though. Edit: Also, Keenan Allen is a FA after this season. Interesting...
  10. ?? Maybe it's a moderator function? If so, my bad.
  11. Next to each option, there's the number of people who voted. Click on that number.
  12. It's an open poll. And thanks for the permission to use this message board for group discussion. Not sure what we would have done without you.
  13. It's confusing, because you would think a roster bonus is only paid if the player is still on the roster. But if it's guaranteed in advance, then it doesn't matter whether he's on the roster. For salary cap purposes and yearly cap hits, the CBA treats roster bonuses the same as salary. So consider a roster bonus a salary advance. JB will get about half of his 2020 salary as a bonus in March. And just like you can guarantee salary in advance (which is also counter-intuitive; for us, we only get salary if we're still employed, right?) you can guarantee a roster bonus in advance. So JB's $7m roster bonus, due on the third day of the 2020 league year, was guaranteed on September 6, 2019. It gets paid by whatever team he's on at that time, or whichever team most recently was on. In this case, it will be the Colts, in all likelihood. If they trade him after tomorrow, his roster bonus will already be paid by the Colts, and the new team will have to pay his remaining salary, assuming he stays on their roster through Tuesday of Week 1 of the regular season (whenever that comes).
  14. I think we all know what I picked...
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