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  1. Superman

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    How about base it on merit? I'm still waiting for an argument against giving both teams a possession. You haven't even tried to offer one.
  2. Deebo Samuel is basically Denard Robinson, right? Offensive weapon, not a particularly skilled receiver, more of a glorified RB. He can catch, but he doesn't run any routes, and there are few contested catches. He's more likely to try to run through a tackle than make a defender miss. He's not the droid I'm looking for.
  3. Superman

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    How about you just determine the winner based on the blood type of the fan sitting closest to the visitor's tunnel entrance? Or just have the team captains guess a number between 1 and a million?
  4. Superman

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    I can't imagine a more nonsensical statement. Just give both teams a loss if that's the case. Wanna try again with a real argument for not giving both teams a possession? After all, both teams are in OT because both teams failed to win in regulation, but you're okay with the game being determined by a random coin toss, which neither team earned in any way. Nonsense.
  5. Superman

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    What exactly is the argument for NOT giving both teams a possession in OT?
  6. They can tag him then trade him. Khalil Mack was still one year away from being tagged, but was on his fifth year option.
  7. One guy I remember putting on a show like that at the Senior Bowl was Tyler Lockett. Another one was Braxton Miller, so buyer beware, but Miller was converting to receiver so it's a different story.
  8. Superman

    Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

    Everybody is going to make this about the AFCCG, but the Chiefs have struggled on defense, especially situationally, a lot over the years.
  9. Found this on Reddit. An absolute gold mine.
  10. Good heavens, guy... Feel entitled all you want, but sports doesn't work that way. You're not entitled to anything. I agree, but no one making decisions should be thinking about that when making decisions. Just build a good roster and manage your resources well. I don't care about Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. Everyone is beatable.
  11. That viewpoint reflects a certain amount of entitlement from fans. Even if the Colts underperformed in Years 4-6, they overperformed in Years 1-3. More entitlement. No team has a guaranteed road to the SB. And I don't think Luck is holding the Colts back, in any way. He doesn't need to learn to win the big game, the team needs to learn to win the big game. From top to bottom, not just the QB. Which is why this year, including the playoff loss, can prove to be so valuable to the team moving forward. It's part of the process. Teams go from bad to the playoffs every year. But no one goes from bad to winning the SB in one season. There are steps that have to be taken in between, and I think the Colts just took a very big step toward SB contention. The next step is the hardest. We've stalled out here before, but hopefully this staff can clear the big hurdle. And I don't think they're afraid of Brady, Mahomes, or anyone else. A well structured team with a top ten QB can contend every year.
  12. Why does it matter that any team hasn't gone out of their way to say 'we're not going to sign Player X'? I'm not into to this demand for definitive statements. It's annoying to me. If I were a GM, even if I had ruled out signing a player, I don't think I'd say it publicly.
  13. Yup. This pervasive myth that a first round pick has to be a starter in Year 1 is problematic, IMO. But I would still like my first rounder to have a high ceiling, like defjamz says. That applies to anyone I'm drafting in the first two days, to be honest.